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255 Desire wealth in danger.

After falling on the ground, Shi Yan warmed up his arms and legs a little bit before turning towards Di Shan and others and revealing a faint smile. He then gave a look at Cao Zhi Lan's group who were held in the cage. Right at the moment Shi Yan appeared, Cao Zhi Lan, Qu Yan Qing, and Gu Ling Long felt as if their world just collapsed. Before having entered the Chasm Battlefield, they had gone through a long pursuing way from the Sky Sea to here. In the combat with the Yang family, they had suffered many losses to step into the Chasm Battlefield. Inside that crumbled palace, they again had suffered severe losses because of Shi Yan's sudden outbreak. Thinking carefully over and over, Cao Zhi Lan realized that since their initial confrontations with Shi Yan, their luck had kept decreasing, they could never have obtained anything from Shi Yan's body. Currently, they were being detained in this damn place. Shi Yan, on the contrary, became the distinguished guest of these pagan races. Not only could he comfortably laugh and talk with the pagan leader Di Shan but he also received many rewards including the people of Cao Zhi Lan's group. What happened? They were all human beings, why was there such a big difference between them and Shi Yan? Not only Cao Zhi Lan and the others were so angry that they wanted to vomit blood, but Ya Ji was outraged as well. He wanted to ask something, but Ya Meng just shut him up. Thus, Ya Ji couldn't do anything except for restraining his resentment. "Shi, Shi Yan...". Yi Cu Bi was in a daze. Her beautiful face turned red. "Hey, these three women are for you?" The faces of Cao Zhi Lan and the others slightly changed while each of them resentfully gritted their teeth. Shi Yan coldly looked at Cao Zhi Lan and smilingly nodded, "You didn't expect this could ever happen, did you?" "You will not have an easy death sooner or later." Gu Ling Lung's graceful body shivered a little. The angriness and panic glinted in her eyes. "If you dare to disgrace us, even being a ghost, I will never forgive you." "Being a ghost?" Shi Yan burst into laughter. "I am afraid that you will not even have a chance to be a ghost. If I wanted to kill you, I definitely would have made both your soul and spirit perish and never transmigrate. Thus, even being a ghost, you cannot and will not take revenge on me." When those words came out, Shi Yan's expression glowed with joy as if crushing people to ashes and perishing people's souls and spirits were just his natural pleasures. Di Shan raised his eyebrows and nodded his head, "Little rascal, you are very cruel. No wonder why you have so many pursuers but are still alive." "That is obvious. If not, he wouldn't have the Heaven Flame." The patriarch of the Black Wings Clan slowly stepped towards the cage where Cao Zhi Lan and the others were held. He then swung his arm, and different streams of silver light like a chain of clouds went into the cage and then alternately crept into the bodies of Cao Zhi Lan, Qu Yan Qing, and Gu Ling Long. The three of them were terrified. "Boom." The cage cracked open leaving a hole. Cao Zhi Lan and the other two felt as if they were being grabbed by an invisible hand, floated out of the cage towards Shi Yan, and slowly descended in front of him. The three women stood up. Their charming bodies slightly trembled; the brightness in their eyes faded gradually. Their entire body's energies were also sealed. "Currently, these three women have no more powers to use and are no more than ordinary people, and thus they cannot harm you." Yu Rou smiled, gently looked at Shi Yan. "From now on, you can freely violate them as you wish. Hahaha, for the future of our two races, sacrificing these three women was still a very good bargain." Ya Meng's expression was stern. A God light flashed up from the point between his eyebrows. Three strange soul flows flew out and then seeped into the point between the eyebrows of the three women. Cao Zhi Lan's and the other two girls' faces showed pain. They couldn't help but hold their heads and groan. "I have put the Death Binding Thought into their heads. If they have suicidal intentions, that seal will spread out, and their bodies will be unable to move." Ya Meng spoke to Shi Yan with a wicked smile. "You can be comfortable in using their bodies freely without having to worry about them committing suicide." Shi Yan was surprised and then nodded with a smile, "Thank you!" "Rotter!" Cao Zhi Lan and other two girls simultaneously shouted. Their eyes were flooded with hatred; they resented Shi Yan to the bone. If they could have gotten out of the constraint, they would perhaps have risked their lives in killing Shi Yan. "No need. You just need to do your job well for our two races. Not to mention these three women, even the Demonic Sound Clan's girls can also be yours as easily as flipping your hand." Ya Meng harrumphed coldly. "But if you cannot help our two races, hahaha, I will make you feel it is better to die than to live!" "Don't waste more time." Di Shan frowned showing his impatience. "This little rascal's cultivation progress is related closely to the future of our two races. I will stay here to watch for his progress temporarily." The matriarch of the White Wings Clan beamed out a gentle smile. "I think everyone should try a little harder. I remember that our two races have some useful things in improving the Realm of human warriors. For everyone's benefit, I think we should be more generous." Shi Yan slightly laughed out loud with an excited face. Di Shan, Ka Ba, and the others looked at one another; everyone had a freakish face while their eyes kept moving. "The White Wings Clan owns the White Jade Spirit Fruit which has a big effect on stabilizing one's mind. The White Jade Spirit Fruit have been refined for more than a thousand years and produced only three fruits at a single time. I have commanded my people to bring one here. For the welfare of our two races, we've already given our fortune." Yu Rou smiled and said. Upon her words, the faces of Di Shan and the others drastically changed. "White Jade Spirit Fruit!" Ya Ji, Di Cu Bi, Xue Fei, and the new generation's youths of the Demonic Sound Clan could not stand but scream. Ya Ji's eyes showed a trace of conspicuous greed. The White Jade Spirit Fruit was the pagan treasure of the White Wings Clan. It could only be produced in the abandoned area where there were no three gods of the Sun, Moon, and Star. Each of the White Jade Spirit Fruit was extremely precious. It was highly useful for stabilizing and nourishing the soul. Even though the Wings Race had difficulty in soul cultivation, using one of the White Jade Spirit Fruit could make a significant breakthrough in one's soul mind. For the people of the Demonic Sound Clan, the White Jade Spirit Fruit was even more precious. They were true experts in soul cultivation; thus, after using one White Jade Spirit Fruit, their soul accomplishment would grow tremendously. After a baby of the Demonic Sound Clan was born and took one White Jade Spirit Fruit, that child's soul would be remodeled and directly reached the strength of a Disaster Realm warrior. It was a miraculous treasure which could make a soul mutate. In this abandoned land, the White Jade Spirit Fruit of the White Wings Clan was an extremely precious treasure which had a great attraction to either the Wings Race or the Demonic Sound Clan. Yu Rou had gone insane? She dared to give out one White Jade Spirit Fruit just because of one human guy?! Was she public-spirited and selfless like this? She devoted a fortune for the future of the two races. Ya Ji gasped for breaths. His face turned purple with rage. He threw an abnormally furious glance at Shi Yan, regretting that he could not put Shi Yan in his mouth and devoured him. Such a waste of a heavenly gift. Such a disgrace to a divine gift. What qualifications does that little human rascal have? How come he can have a White Jade Spirit Fruit? What is it that the matriarch of the White Wings Clan wants to do? Can it be that she has a crush on this little rascal? Hasn't it been said that the matriarch of the White Wings Clan should always be pure, that she could not be married her entire life? With many thoughts flashing across his mind, Ya Ji angrily gritted his teeth and said to himself that if he had a White Jade Spirit Fruit, he would efficiently make the most use of this fruit to increase his power to become one level higher. What a pity! "Matriarch Yu Rou, you are not kidding?" Ka Ba's face was odd with goggling eyes. "This little human brat is worth enough for you to use one of the White Wings Clan's treasures?" Ya Meng, Yi Tian Mo and Di Shan were also in a daze looking at Yu Rou. At first, Shi Yan hadn't known about the wonder of this White Jade Spirit Fruit. However, after carefully observing Ya Ji, Ka Ba, and the others, he understood that the White Jade Spirit Fruit was a fabulous treasure. Otherwise, these people would not have been that surprised with such freakish faces. What did Yu Rou want to do? "Is it true that she already has a big crush on me even though I have played with her just a little bit? Do I have such a big lustful attraction like that?" Shi Yan thought to himself but kept back all his astonished feelings with a stony face, pretending not to know anything about the White Jade Spirit Fruit. "Didn't you see the unusual change of the Sound Beast Mountain?" Yu Rou's eyes got stern; she spoke with a dark face. "The formation technique outside the Sound Beast Mountain has been bigger and bigger. The Formation Technique inside of it has also been getting stronger and stronger. Do you not think of anything? Shouldn't the ancestors of the two races have already shared the same thoughts about this anomaly?" Di Shan, Ya Meng, Yi Tian Mo, and Ka Ba were shocked, seeming to realize something all of a sudden. Their eyes were now full of fear. "You are saying...?" Di Shan wanted to say something but then stopped, glancing at the others nearby. He eventually didn't say anything further. "I think this should be it." Yu Rou forced a miserable smile. "This is our only chance but maybe also a route towards our utter destruction. What to do specifically, I think everyone already had your plans." "I will go back to the Black Wings Clan. In five days max, I will come back with a Black Head Lotus. I hope he will not disappoint me." Di Shan displayed a trace of uncertainty on his face while staring at Shi Yan. He then swung his arm and left. The huge black wings had flapped a couple of times before his shadow disappeared out of sight. "Black, black Head Lotus." Ya Ji felt cotton mouth and swallowed consistently. His eyes sparked peculiar beams of light; his facial expression was half smiling and half crying. On the Wall of the Ancient City, the youths of the Demonic Sound Clan including Xue Fei and Yi Cu Bi were in shock; they dazedly looked at Shi Yan. Their faces looked fierce as if they wanted to devour him. "Di Shan, stop by Duo Long and convince him to offer a bottle of the Heaven Fountain Concentrated Water." Yu Rou looked towards Di Shan's leaving direction and hastily spoke to him. Di Shan had disappeared out of sight, but his voice came up from afar. "OK." "What?" Ya Ji, Xue Fei, and Yi Cu Bi could not stand anymore; they boisterously screamed out as if they saw ghosts in the daytime. When they looked towards Shi Yan, their faces could not be any weirder. "This, this is really..." The youths of the Demonic Sound Clan mumbled in a daze and seemed to be terribly convulsive. "Khoff khoff, we..." Yi Tian Mo expressed a little bit of shame. He awkwardly turned towards Yu Rou and said, "As you have known, all of the good areas in this abandoned land have all been conquered by the Wings Race. The three of us have nothing to offer. It is not that we don't want to participate, but only, only..." Ya Meng and Ka Ba were also slightly embarrassed, constantly smiled miserably, showing their indigent gesture. "I know, I know. You are a little poor indeed. All the good things here accurately do not belong to you, but..." Ya Meng and the other two were silent, listening to Yu Rou's words with a humble manner. "The Demonic Sound Clan's knowledge of soul is much better than that of the Wings Race." Yu Rou smiled and deliberately said. "Regarding soul cultivation, the Demonic Sound Clan has many supreme Comprehensions. To the Wings Race, they are useless, but to this little rascal, they are very useful. What I mean is that the three of you should open up the Secret Scripture sources for this little rascal to study. You have already known that the Realm progress cannot lack the soul comprehension, haven't you?" The three leaders' faces changed. They all uttered at the same time, "This..., how can it be?" "The Soul Comprehension of Demonic Sound Clan is our tribe's essence, how could we let a human being learn about it?" Ya Meng was in shock for a while before suddenly jumping up. "If he studies the secrets of the Demonic Sound Clan and once he progresses, doesn't it mean that he will become our tribe's danger?" Yi Cu Bi and Xue Fei were also confused and frightened. These two girls knew the Demonic Sound Clan's advantage. Although the Demonic Sound Clan was in an unfavorable position, thanks to the soul competency, they were still a deadly threat to humankind who naturally had feeble souls. Their soul secrets could easily deprive the ability to resist of human warriors at the same level. The Heaven Flame on Shi Yan's body was genuinely the nemesis of the Demonic Sound Clan. Once he knew about the secrets of the Demonic Sound Clan, it would become tough for them if and when they wanted to use those soul secrets to control and kill him. If one day Shi Yan could reach the Sky Realm, there would not be any masters of the Demonic Sound Clan who was able to defeat him. If that day came, Shi Yan could rely on his ability to enslave the entire Demonic Sound Clan. This was a terrifying thing. "If he doesn't quickly progress, death will come even faster to the Demonic Sound Clan. It is not necessary to wait for him to reach the Realm that you are scared of, the Demonic Sound Clan should have perished before that." Yu Rou coldly snorted; her eyes suddenly became furious. "Stupid little rascal, when we are talking, you better shut up!" Ya Ji was terrified, quickly shut up, and bowed his head without daring to look at Yu Rou. "What did you say?" The matriarch of White Wings Clan was cheerful again, looked at Yi Tian Mo and said, "You can understand the situation, don't you?" "Ok, I will open my soul secret source for him." Yi Tian Mo hesitated a little before being the first one to agree. Ya Meng and Ka Ba were not willing to do it; however, thinking about the unusual change of the Sound Beast Mountain gave them a bone-chilling feeling. They eventually followed Yi Tian Mo's decision, reluctantly agreeing to sacrifice their secret scriptures. The expression of Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing were stunned. These consecutive upheavals made them feel as lost as the mists around them. They did not know what Shi Yan had done for these two races that made them voluntarily sacrifice their belongings. They not only fulfilled whatever he wanted but also offered him their most valuable treasures. In these pagan tribes' eyes, Shi Yan was even more attached to them than their biological fathers. On the contrary, the three women became their prisoners although they were also from the outside world. They had not been killed yet, but they were to be offered to Shi Yan and became tools for him to give vent sexually and to do whatever he pleased to his heart's content. Comparing between the two different conditions, Cao Zhi Lan felt so distressed that she wanted to vomit blood several times and silently cursed that God was unfair. "That's it; this matter can be easily solved." Yu Rou was deliberate. "Let it be like that. The three of you arrange a house for this little rascal to stay. I will choose and pick up the secret scriptures from your scripture sources. Of course, I will not peep at your secret scriptures; you will be with me when I select them. Is it ok?" Ya Meng, Ka Ba, and Yi Tian Mo did not want it at all, a thousand times over, but they could not do anything else but to agree. "There is a house at the center of the area where the three of us are staying. It is not far from our places. We will arrange for him to stay there." Yi Tian Mo thought for a while before talking to Yi Cu Bi. "You bring Matriarch Yu Rou and Shi Yan to that house. Let's arrange for him first; then we will see what to do next." "Yes, Father." Yi Cu Bi nodded her head with a confused face. No matter how she could imagine, she would have never expected that not only had Shi Yan not been killed by Duo Long but he had also been escorted back by Yu Rou and Di Shan. Furthermore, the behavior of the patriarch and matriarch of the Wings Race, Di Shan, and Yu Rou, towards Shi Yan was unusual. They did not even regret the treasures that they gave to Shi Yan. What was it all about? Cu Bi felt her head get heavy. She thought about the time when Shi Yan had timorously looked around in the forest without enabling to do anything as he had been under the control of her soul secret skill. However, when looking at all the treats for him now, she did not know what was the best to say instantly. "Little girl, you lead the way." The matriarch of the White Wings Clan pressed her lips and faintly smiled. When she raised her hand pointing to Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing, a long colored ribbon flew out of her sleeve and tied up those three women. Yu Rou pulled the ribbon on one hand as if she was walking her pets and brought these three women flying up to the sky; her other hand grabbed Shi Yan's arm. It seemed that she even comfortably joked with Shi Yan in a low tone when they were gliding in the sky. "Little rascal, it is not that I am helping you, I am helping our two races. If you don't put effort, don't blame Di Shan and us for tearing your skin apart." "Aida, whatever, I have to thank you. Hahaha, it was so unexpected of you that you could have earned such a big benefit. Hahaha, don't worry, I will be nice to you." "Be nice to me? Little rascal, you don't care about life or death. If you are not useful anymore now, I will instantly make you wish to die than to live." "Don't be so serious. I know you treat me well. Hahaha, don't worry, because of you, I will try to break through soon to have stronger forces to control the Heaven Flame, and thus help you break the Formation Technique of the Sound Beast Mountain." "I hope you have that kind of power. If not, no one can protect you." Not long after that, a mighty fifty-meter-high stone castle appeared in front of Shi Yan. Yi Cu Bi was leading the way. After descending the castle, she waved towards Yu Rou. Yu Rou followed Yi Cu Bi's signal and landed on the highest story of the castle, dragging Shi Yan and the three women along. Yi Cu Bi was standing in the middle of a big stone hall which had the size of a basketball court, pointing to each of the tightly closed stone doors nearby, introducing to Yu Rou and Shi Yan, "There are nine rooms here, there are places for bathrooms, for..." "It's alright." Yu Rou swung her arm stopping Cu Bi and threw the three women down without caring about them falling dizzily on the ground. "You, go back to your father. I need to arrange here a little bit, and then I will see your father to check on the submission of the soul secrets. Now go and tell your father in advance." "Yes." Yi Cu Bi did not dare to say more. She nodded while confusingly looked at Shi Yan. She then slightly sighed and quickly left. "Oh. Little rascal, you are good. That girl seems to pay special attention to you. Have you also done something to Yi Tian Mo's daughter already?" "Who?" Shi Yan pretended innocently. "Hihihi." Yu Rou chuckled. She swayed her white jade-like hand, the colored ribbons that were wrapping around the three women sneaked back into her sleeve like a snake. While flipping up the sleeve, the matriarch of the White Wings Clan indifferently said, "I know your sea of consciousness is temporarily not unusual, it is just indeed special. The five strange flows of souls were always restless and possibly caused any upheavals. I leave these three women to you. If they are not enough, I will have a solution to find more. I will also go to get the secret soul-scriptures of the Demonic Sound Clan for you. I will get you everything that you need; you will not be short of anything. I just hope that your Realm can progress as soon as possible. We can't wait for so long." "Is it possible that the Sound Beast Mountain will have a major incident?" Shi Yan asked. Yu Rou nodded and said, "I will not hide from you. Currently, the Sound Beast Mountain is very special indeed. It is highly possible to have a major change there. Once that change occurs, our two races can perish. Hmm, to be exact, once the Sound Beast Mountain has an upheaval, this abandoned land will not exist anymore. It means that you will hardly avoid the death as well." Shi Yan was surprised and paused for a while. After inhaling a deep breath, he said, "Finally, I know why Di Shan and the others were so generous." "Uh, I want you to know that your Realm progress is related not only to the safety of the two races but also your safety. Therefore, because of your life, you should put more effort in doing it; otherwise, even if we want you to be alive, we do not have the ability to do so." Yu Rou seriously said. "I know." Shi Yan nodded his head. "Ok, I won't talk more. These three women don't have any more strength to resist. While cultivating, if there is anything unusual, you can give vent to them at any time. Hmm, you can even do it until they die, as long as you are ok with it. And if they do die, I can find other girls for you. You only need to break through quickly." Yu Rou looked straight to the three Cao Zhi Lan and the other two. Her words were very cold-hearted. In her eyes, those three women were merely tools. The three future leaders of the Endless Sea all had glum faces after hearing of Yu Rou's words. Their charming bodies slightly trembled, but there were not any reactions. "You ought to take care of yourself." Yu Rou flapped her wings, her body gently swayed and slowly flew away. "This place is very quiet and also very safe. You don't need to be worried at all, just focus on your cultivation..." Yu Rou's voice slowly came out while her figure had already been gone. In the vast stone hall, Shi Yan was standing inside the huge stone hall. He seemed to be deep in thoughts with a somber face. At the distance of five meters away, the three women of Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing were anxious with a feeling of insecurity. While sitting on a stone surface, they could see the fear in each other's eyes. Time passed. Shi Yan still did not talk. Cao Zhi Lan's toneless eyes quietly looked at Shi Yan. After waiting for quite a long time, she impatiently cleared her throat as Shi Yan still did not show any intentions in talking. Being awake from the meditation, Shi Yan frowned, coldly looked at the three women, and then said, "Your luck sucks." "I know that you just luckily stepped in some dog shit." Gu Ling Long clenched her teeth and resentfully looked at him. "I can't believe you are such a rotter. Not only did you cooperate with the pagan tribes but you also want to help those crazy pagan people get out of here. Do you know what you are doing?" "Making me angry is not a wise thing to do." Shi Yan revealed a wicked smile. His figure zoomed over and landed in front of Gu Ling Long. He stretched his hand rubbing Gu Ling Long's soft white chin with a lusty look and said, "You know, I can always disgrace you here. No one here can say a word." Gu Ling Long's face slightly changed. She suddenly threw a punch towards Shi Yan but forgot that her energy had been lost. As soon as her small punch dashed out, she felt very painful. "Uh, very unruly. I hope that when I play with you, you are also crazy like this." Shi Yan coldly smiled while boldly squeezing Gu Ling Long's soft breasts for a while. "Uh, small but very resilient. It indeed matches your name, Ling Long." "Ah!" Gu Ling Long could not stand the pain and moved backward. Tears flooded in her eyes; she stared at Shi Yan resentfully. "I will kill you; I will kill you." "Maybe your family can still have a chance, but you don't." Shi Yan's expression was cold-hearted. His figure quickly leaped up and appeared right behind Gu Ling Long's back. His big hand slapped one of her round butt cheeks and coolly said. "Butts are big. Not bad. I will take good care of you." "Enough! Bully a girl who cannot even tie up a chicken, what kind of man are you?" Qu Yan Qing's eyes were full of anger; she couldn't help but shout. "Oh?" Shi Yan burst into laughing. "At the beginning, nearly one hundred guys have pursued us. Hasn't it been courageous? Is it Qu Yan Qing? Holy Maiden of the Heaven Lake Divine Land. Do you remember how you treated Xin Yan and me in the Menluo Island? At that time, in your eyes, we were nothing, like an ant that could easily be crushed to death?" Qu Yan Qing's eyes slightly changed. She obviously remembered what had happened in the Menluo Island. In the beginning, she had not known about the status of Shi Yan and Xia XinYan. To get the secret of the Ice Cold Flame, she had put Shi Yan and Xia XinYan to death. She eventually let Shi Yan fall into a deep icy abyss which had irritated the Yang family. The Heaven Lake Divine Land then had to suffer a great loss because of it. Because of her wrong anticipation which had led to this major loss of the Heaven Lake Divine Land, many elders of the Heaven Lake Divine Land had been very disappointed with her and had almost abolished her status of Holy Maiden. She resented Shi Yan to the bone for it. This time, when the Yang family was on edge, she was the first one who had volunteered to join the battle in the Sky Sea to take revenge on Shi Yan. Just as life was unpredictable, many of the top-class warriors had entered the Chasm Battlefield, but not only could they not kill Shi Yan but also had the same consequence as they were having right now. "So, you cannot say?" Shi Yan coldly smiled. He then leaped and quickly appeared in front of Qu Yan Qing. Her scream resounded when Shi Yan boldly stretched his arm to fondle her face several times, and then pulled her fine mask like a thin wing of a mite off her face. Her eyebrows were high like a mountain; her face was a delicate picture with no makeup but incredibly charming. She was indeed an exquisitely beautiful girl, not inferior to Cao Zhi Lan. It seemed that it was also the first time that Cao Zhi Lan and Gu Ling Long saw Qu Yan Qing's real face. The moment that her face was revealed, her graceful body slightly trembled, and she could not help but start screaming. Women always tended to compare their appearances to each other no matter what. Even in the constraining situation like this, Gu Ling Long and Cao Zhi Lan still secretly compared themselves to her. After Cao Zhi Lan compared for a moment, she slightly smiled and realized that in all aspects, Qu Yan Qing was not inferior to her. She was quite surprised. Gu Ling Long seemed to be sad and fretful; her facial expression was not good. She knew she was inferior one level to Qu Yan Qing and could not be happy. Shi Yan was startled a little, stared at Qu Yan Qing for a while, and suddenly burst into laughter, "It is quite obvious. The Heaven Lake Divine Land could not select an ugly girl to be Holy Maiden. Hahaha, such a beautiful body, that's even better. When I play with you, it will be less boring." Qu Yan Ying knew even if she resisted, it was useless. Under the lusty observance of Shi Yan's eyes, she coldly looked at him with furious eyes and said, "Although the Yang family people are perverse and ambitious, they have no kind of hero who bullies feeble girls. It looks like you are an exception." "That's right." Shi Yan laughed loudly, flirtingly soothed Qu Yan Qing's chin. "I think in the Endless Sea, no one was able to see you or to soothe you like this. I can't believe I have such a good luck here. In this damn place, my luckiness in love keeps coming; I can deliberately enjoy it." "Shi Yan, can we discuss this together?" Cao Zhi Lan was always in a deep thought from the beginning, and now she suddenly spoke up. She was much calmer than Gu Ling Long and Qu Yan Qing. She was still composed with a smile and said, "In the current situation, although you are respected, you are still not treated differently from any of us." Shi Yan harrumphed coldly, momentarily left Qu Yan Qing, and frigidly looked at the woman who was boasting. He beamed out a disdain smiled and mocked her. "Not differently? Why didn't I realize it? I know these pagan tribes. To win my heart, they voluntarily devote the races' treasures to me. I know that these pagan people brought you here for me to enjoy! And you, what do you have? You are just a tool, a tool for me to give vent. Besides that, I don't know what other values that you have." "Shi Yan, you should practice a little charity, ok?" Qu Yan Qing coldly shouted; her face displayed unbearable tiredness. If she still had some strength, she would have been the first one to tear Shi Yan's mouth apart. Gu Ling Long's charming body slightly shivered, she also gritted her teeth in rage. However, she had just suffered his misbehaviors, so she did not dare to provoke him again. Shi Yan was impudent and perverse, and she had experienced it already. When two sensitive places on her body had been violated, Gu Ling Long's arrogance was torn down. She understood her situation. In this damn place, when the body's strength was imprisoned, risking to provoke Shi Yan was just burning her fingers. "Practice charity?" Shi Yan's expression was weird. "You also practice charity? You are just a courtesan. Please stop pretending to be a Goddess." The beautiful face of Qu Yan Qing suddenly turned white like paper; her delicate body trembled. She tightly clenched her teeth, seeming to restrain herself from risking her life with Shi Yan. Cao Zhi Lan forced a miserable smile and said, "We are all nails in those pagan tribes' eyes. I know that you, Shi Yan are a little different from us, so what? Currently, you are still useful. But when your advantages are no more, your outcome will perhaps be even worse than ours. By that time, the way that the pagan tribes treat you will obviously be more brutal than the way they treat us." Shrugging his shoulders, Shi Yan indifferently said, "Have you finished?" Cao Zhi Lan helplessly nodded. "Regardless how my future is, at least I do not get any harm right now and also leisurely enjoy everything of the pagan tribes, and you are one of them." Shi Yan coldly smiled. "Cao Zhi Lan, I know what you want to say. You want you and me to conjoin to save you guys and deal with these pagan tribes together. Is it right?" Cao Zhi Lan nodded. "With you guys?" Shi Yan didn't give a damn for it. "Even if I saved you, you think you could help me? Only one pagan of the Demonic Sound Clan alone could easily capture you all and confine your souls. So, how can you fight with them? For Ka Ba and Ya Meng, although those people have weak bodies, their soul competencies have reached the Spirit Realm. They just need to trigger their consciousness, and your souls will instantly explode. You are so stupid to think that you can be of a benefit to me?" The expressions of Gu Ling Long and Qu Yan Qing were like ashes. On the contrary, Cao Zhi Lan had no reaction. She hesitated a little bit and then said, "You said it right. We don't have a solution in resisting these pagan tribes. But if you can recover our strengths and give me one night to prepare, I can contact the Cao family. I just need to send out the information, and I think our families will have a solution." "Contact with the outsiders?" Shi Yan was a little bit agitated. "That's right. I just need to have enough time to prepare so that I can make contact with the Cao family." Cao Zhi Lan assured and said, "Once I send out the information, with the intelligence of our top-class warriors in the Endless Sea, we can quickly know these pagan tribes' origin and find a way to deal with them." "Oh!" Shi Yan nodded, rubbed his chin, and carelessly said, "Your ways are not bad. But so sorry, I don't accept it. Not only that, but I will also watch you carefully to prevent you from contacting with the outsiders." After those words had come out, the beautiful faces of Gu Ling Long and Qu Yan Qing changed. They both resentfully looked at Shi Yan. "Shi Yan!" Cao Zhi Lan insisted. "I am begging you to think about it. The Demonic Sound Clan have the God-given advantage to deal with us. Their particular souls can help them destroy us easily. There are also the other three leaders of the Wings Race; each of them has wicked intentions as well as extraordinary powers. Once they enter the Endless Sea, it will be a nightmare for all the warriors of the Endless Sea. Many ordinary people will die. Even though you don't like us, you should see the big picture." "The issues regarding your life and death does not matter to me." Shi Yan's expression was indifferent. "I know all of you will not forgive the Yang family and surely will not forgive me. I am not that great man. Damn you, don't manipulate me." "You!" Gu Ling Long could not stand it anymore. "Do you still have a good sense or not? You know how much loss when these two races entering the Endless Sea will cause? How many people will die because of your decisions?" "What?" Shi Yan coldly smiled. "You cooperated with the people of the Fourth Demon Area, was it a good sense? Because of you, the Fourth Demon Area and the Underworld could massively invade into the Endless Sea. Perhaps, people in the Endless Sea have already been in misery. Adding these two pagan tribes will be nothing, or these two pagan tribes can probably control the Fourth Demon Area and the Underworld." "What?" Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing simultaneously shouted with astonished faces. "The Fourth Demon Area and the Underworld have possibly conjoined. The Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers have united with each other. First, they killed all of the Yang family, destroyed the defenses where the Heaven Gate linked with the Demon Area. Not long after that, the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers will enter the Endless Sea together. As of now, the Endless Sea perhaps has belonged to the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers already. Even if you send out information, it is f*cking useless." Shi Yan revealed a cold smile and said. The three girls were stunned with confused eyes. They felt cold and hopeless within their hearts for the first time.