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247 He is very special

"Roam Roam." Outside the Giant Stone Ancient City, grunts and growls of the Sound Beasts regularly reverberated from a thick and immense forest. A bunch of the Demonic Sound Clan's people stayed inside of the city without daring to leave the City because they were afraid of being attacked by the beasts outside. In the past few days, the Sound Beasts had been fleeing away from the Sound Beast Mountain because the formation technique had been weakened, messing everything up. There were also the sixth or seventh level Child Devils among those Sound Beasts. The Child Devil was the natural enemy of the Demonic Sound Clan. The Child Devil's existence deliriously frightened the Demonic Sound Clan's pagans. Once hearing the bitter cries of a Child Devil, they instantly felt scared out of their wits. In the Giant Stone Ancient city, the old dark gray lava rock wall was full of different Beasts drawings. Luminescent stones were encrusted into the wall, emitting sparkling light. A powerful flow of energy engulfed the entire City. This flow of energy always existed like big surging waves that impetuously intimidated the Sound Beasts. The Defensive Formation technique covered the Ancient City, preventing all the Sound Beasts from intruding from the outside. They could only stay outside the City howling without daring to invade the Ancient City. On the Ancient Stone City's Wall, Yi Tian Mo was standing straight in a blue tunic; his face was somber. He, together with the other two leaders Ya Meng and Ka Ba of the Demonic Sound Clan, were looking far away. Yi Cu Bi and Ya Ji were behind the three leaders, also looking out toward the same direction with a serious manner. Outside the city, the Sound Beast were flying around, their growls and shrieks reverberated nonstop. Yin aura was hovering about without dispersing. All kinds of Sound Beasts surrounded the Ancient City, seeming to wait for something. The three leaders were standing on the City's Wall, discussing with each other in a low tone. They didn't seem optimistic. "Cu Bi, where is the human warrior you have captured?" Ya Ji asked while holding some green orbs in his hands. There were faint vibrating souls inside those pearls. The pearls collided with one another in his hand and constantly flashed out a little of strange spirit aura. "How is this related to you?" Yi Cu Bi slightly knitted her eyebrows as she didn't seem pleased to answer him. She turned around, glancing at another girl nearby and asking her, "Xue Fei, your father is very familiar with the Sound Beast Mountain as your people often go there. Do you know why the formation technique of the mountain has been weakening?" Xue Fei was the sole daughter of the leader Ka Ba. She had glowing snow-white skin, picturesque eyelashes, and deep eyes. She was also an exceptionally beautiful girl of the Demonic Sound Clan. "I don't know. The formation technique keeps getting weaker incomprehensibly. It is strange this time. Many of the Child Devils have run out of the Sound Beast Mountain, surrounding this place for many days already. They don't seem to leave here soon. What do they want to do afterward?" Xue Fei shook her head, indicating that she did not know about it. "Cu Bi, that human warrior is dangerous. You should trade him." The pearls in Ya Ji's hand collided continually; the weak spirit vibration circulated inside of the pearls. "I have taken the captured human warriors' souls and used a secret technique to create and refine these Yin Pearls. They are very useful for our soul cultivation. If you me that guy, these Yin Pearls are yours." "Ya Ji, since when did you become so generous?" Xue Fei was curious, looking at Ya Ji and asking with surprise. "You are willing to exchange these pearls just because of one human warrior. Is he very special?" "The warriors that I have captured have been hunting that guy down. Unexpectedly, he is not scared of them; it appeared that his body has some secrets. Hmm, I think he is a little special." Xue Fei noticed that Cu Bi still didn't want to exchange, and thus she guessed that Cu Bi might also know something special about Shi Yan. She wanted to clarify more. "Is it true, Cu Bi? As you have captured him for long, you should have realized something special about him?" "There is nothing to discover." Yi Cu Bi coldly said. Ya Ji smiled and apparently didn't believe her. "Let's do this. You come to my place, and I can let you choose five human warriors. I will use those five warriors to exchange for that guy. What do you think?" "Ya Ji, you are so annoying." Yi Cu Bi's face was uncomfortable. Ya Ji coldly snorted; his eyes beamed out a cold and displeased ray of light. "Roam Roam." At this moment, the angry howls of the Sound Beasts resounded from far deep inside of the forest outside the ancient city. "Swoosh swoosh." The Sound Beasts were besieging a Birdman with five or six-meter long gray wings. It shrieked and flapped his wings flying away in fear. Under the violent attack of the Sound Beasts, the elderly man of the Gray Wings Clan was not scared at all. His body projected dazzling wind blades, making made the Sound Beasts ward off. He daringly stormed into the Ancient City of the Demonic Sound Clan and arrogantly walked on the walls of the City. The defensive formation technique on Ancient City's walls of Demonic Sound Clan strangely shrank a little bit when his figure appeared, letting him freely enter the Ancient City. "Duo Long ge, what brings you here?" Ya Meng raised his head with full of white hair laughing out loud and then clasped his hands towards the patriarch of the Gray Wings Clan from a distance. "We are discussing if we should visit the Gray Wings Clan. It is unexpected that Duo Long-ge already came here first. That is very good." Yi Tian Mo's ashy gray eyes flashed up a stream of worry. He secretly exchanged a glanced with Yi Cu Bi. Yi Cu Bi was talking to Ya Ji, Xue Fei. As soon as she saw her father's signal, her faces slightly changed. She secretly nodded without letting anyone notice and then spoke to Xue Fei and Ya Ji, "I have something to do, I am leaving now." Upon her words, without waiting for Ya Ji's and Xue Fei's reaction, she instantly leaped up, and her slender body disappeared in a blink. Duo Long, the patriarch of the Gray Wings Clan, was staring at Ya Meng, Yi Tian Mo, and Ka Ba with murderous eyes. He shouted, "I've heard that you have captured some human beings?" "That's right." Ya Meng's face looked astonished. "Some human beings have appeared in the forest near here earlier without any known reasons. We have captured and confined them. Why do you concern about these human beings? Does your Gray Wings Clan also want to use humankind's souls to refine something?" "Bring out all those warriors; I am looking for someone." Duo Long's eyes like ferocious poisonous snakes shot out the malignant light. "Han Long my son, has been killed by a human being. I want to crush his bones to ashes, making him suffer all sorts of painful tortures." "What?" Ya Meng, Ka Ba, and Yi Tian Mo couldn't help but yell; their faces looked terrified. "Ok, I know what to do." Ya Meng nodded, understanding that this matter was serious. He turned to Ya Ji and ordered, "Bring all human warriors here." Ya Ji bent his body and left quickly. "Yi Tian Mo, I have heard that you've also captured one human warrior. Should you also...?". Ya Meng looked at Yi Tian Mo. "Yi Feng, you go back and bring that human here." Yi Tian Mo didn't say much; he commanded a young man who was standing not far away from him. Yi Feng also quickly left. "Duo Long ge, is it true that many Sound Beasts were invading into the Gray Wings Clan' territory?" Ka Ba suddenly asked. "Only your area is in danger. Not many Sound Beasts appeared in our area; it is easy to wipe them out." Duo Long's face was cold when he replied. It seemed that he didn't want to talk about anything before taking his revenge. Ka Ba wanted to ask something, but when seeing Duo Long's cold face, he smirked and stopped asking. Ya Meng and Yi Tian Mo did not say anything more either; they all wore a strange face while waiting in silence. Not long after that, Ya Ji and other men of the Demonic Sound Clan used several beasts to pull the big cage imprisoning Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, and the other warriors. Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, Pan Zhe, and Qi Yang Qing were sitting at a corner of the cage. Their faces kept changing while they were quietly observing the Demonic Sound Clan and Duo Long of the Gray Wings Clan. In the past few days, their servants had been taken away one by one and disappeared completely. They understood that Ya Ji's people had already killed those men who had been taken away. Although Cao Zhi Lan did not dare to use her Spirit God Martial Spirit, she still vaguely knew those men's souls had been extracted from their bodies and refined into a special cultivation medicine for the Demonic Sound Clan. After Cao Zhi Lan had disclosed what she had detected, all of those alive were immersed in despair, starting to feel regretful, thinking that they shouldn't have entered the Chasm Battlefield to hunt Ying Mu and Shi Yan down. They should have let go of it. Resentment flooded in Duo Long's eyes. He cast his eyes on those captured warriors over and over, shaking his head nonstop. A dark green crystal orb suddenly emerged in Duo Long's palm. When he slightly flipped his hand, each green circle of light irradiated from the crystal orb. In the middle of the green light, Shi Yan's appearance like an illusion upside down in the water gradually appeared. "Shi Yan." Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing, those who were kept inside of the cage, all shouted with fear in their eyes; their spirits were agitated. They immediately knew who Duo Long was looking for; that was the one who put them into this desperate situation. "That's him!" Ya Ji also shouted. "Who?" Duo Long clenched his teeth. "The guy who has been captured by Cu Bi. I used to meet him before". Facing Duo Long's cold eyes, Ya Ji did not dare to lie but quickly said, "He is a little special. Those people I have captured came to this place to hunt him down. However, they couldn't kill him although there are many of them." "Yi Tian Mo!" Duo Long's body suddenly emitted a tremendous aura. He angrily shouted and screamed out loud. "Bring that guy to me, quick!" Ashy gray ray of light emerged in Yi Tian Mo's ashy gray eyes. A strange flow of soul exploded in his head; the profound Qi quickly gathered in his body and rapidly ran through his veins. He was ready to take risks with Duo Long. "I have already told Yi Feng to bring him out." Yi Tien Mo was in alerting mode; he said with a cold face, "He will bring that guy here shortly. Duo Long, you should not be too agitated." "Ok, I hope your man can bring that guy here. Otherwise, don't blame me for not having mercy." Duo Long slowly nodded his head while glaring at Yi Tian Mo.