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246 Five Devils Condensation Refining

In a big stone chamber with dim light. Shi Yan held his breath and meditated. His eyes sparked a subtle electric light which looked splendidly bright in the dark stone room. When his fingers gently fondled the Blood Vein Ring, his spirit was immersed in it. The world inside there gradually appeared within his mind. As he spread out his mind, he felt that the Blood Vein Ring seemed endless, quiet, empty, and immense. In this strange space, there were three particular areas; one was so cold that it could freeze one's marrow, one was sweltering and dazzling while the rest was unpredictably extraordinary. The Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the giant Fire Crystal Sword stayed in three separate areas, being tied up by the Blood Vein Ring inside of its anomalous space. Dubious gray hazes surrounded the Ice Cold Flame, preventing it from releasing the ice powers. Even when Shi Yan's spirit called for it, the Ice Cold Flame had no strange reaction. Opposite to the scorching dazzling light, the miraculous soul appeared clearer. After having obtained the sun power of the Sun Refined Spirit, the Earth Flame was going through a fast transformation; its soul gradually formed and had a self-controlled consciousness. When Shi Yan's spirit concentrated on the other area, and his consciousness went through many layers of obstacles, he realized that the Earth Flame's area was full of burning fires and flooded with light and terrifying heat. If it wasn't because of the Sun power that had tempered his body and soul nor the scorching Sun power inside his consciousness, his soul consciousness could have been burnt to ashes already. The burning fires burst up, radiating dazzling light and releasing great heat as if it had to burn everything down completely. "You... you come here..." Suddenly, a fragile stream of consciousness slowly went into Shi Yan's spirit from those fires. In the dark stone chamber, Shi Yan's eyes shot out the electric light; his body slightly shivered. The Earth Flame sent out a complete message for the first time. It meant that its form would be shaped for real in a short period. It also meant that from now, it was able to communicate conveniently with him like the Ice Cold Flame. "You, finally you can send out a clear message. That's superb. No need to rush; continue cultivating. You and I can have a real conservation soon." Shi Yan beamed out a smile from the corner of his mouth and gently fondled the Blood Vein Ring, sending out his message. "I... I will quickly, can quickly transform to be like it..." The Earth Flame's voice was like a baby practicing to speak. Although it was not fluent, Shi Yan still could understand it. "Good, I am waiting for that day." Inside the Blood Vein Ring, the Earth Flame's spirit violently vibrated in the middle of the burning fires. When Shi Yan's spirit observed inside of the Blood Vein Ring, he could see each thin stream of burning fires twisted and condensed, weaving into a mysterious magnetic field. Burning fire fibers like human brain nerves became the life source of the Earth Flame. After having received Shi Yan's consciousness, the life of the Earth Flame twisted and refined faster through some miraculous ways. Each thread of the fire stream of souls was like a lively animal, dancing inside of the magnetic field and emitting firepower that made people's souls trembled. Shi Yan's mood was very good while he slowly retrieved his consciousness. Although he could not communicate with the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame's transformation made him very happy. With the current transforming speed, the Earth Flame would have a complete form in no time, turning into the Heaven Flame like the Ice Cold Flame. After finishing this step, the Earth Flame would be considered the genuine Heaven Flame. Absorbing the sun power of the Sun Refined Spirit had apparently helped its transformation. Inside the dark stone chamber, Shi Yan was sitting cross-legged and breathing regularly. He was in deep thought. A moment later, he sent his spirit into the Blood Vein Ring again to observe the huge sword's hilt in the Blood Vein Ring. The gigantic sword was like a brilliant fire crystal. There were many closing evil eyes on the sword. The sword hilt had lost all its former splendid power since it had entered the Blood Vein Ring. It did not release any special powers; the former attacking power that easily destroyed the others' souls also completely disappeared. The gigantic sword hovered about in the Blood Vein Ring. It seemed to have turned to a regular big sword. Shi Yan's spirit observed for a while but still could not find anything special. His consciousness could hardly connect with the sword. He wanted to take the gigantic sword's hilt out of the Blood Vein Ring to observe it carefully, but he realized that he could not do so. Although he had worn the Blood Vein Ring on his finger, he still did not have a profound understanding about this ring nor command the Blood Vein Ring until now. He realized that he was always in a passive mode with the Blood Vein Ring and let the Blood Vein Ring lead him around by the nose. He didn't like this feeling but could do nothing. A ray of light flashed up from a corner of the Blood Vein Ring. The light was not dazzling nor as glowing as the Earth Flame's light. Shi Yan had wanted to retrieve his spirit out of the Blood Vein Ring before detecting the existence of the light as well as layer upon layer of forces of the formation technique from that light. While being shocked, Shi Yan suddenly remembered that after having entered the Earth Realm, he hadn't continued to break the protection wall of the Blood Vein Ring. Inside of the Blood Vein Ring had a peculiar memory soul. Both the Rampage Martial Technique and the Life and Death Seal came from the Blood Vein Ring. Every time the forces in his body increased to a specific level, he would receive a beneficial martial technique from the Blood Vein Ring. After contemplating for a while, Shi Yan retrieved the spirit from the Blood Vein Ring. In the stone chamber, Shi Yan quietly hauled out the Refine Pill, swallowed it, and started to restore his profound Qi. After regulating for a long time, until he felt his energy peaked, he suddenly launched powers. The massive profound Qi like a flood breaking dikes poured into the Blood Vein Ring aggressively and became a powerful light beam. With its highest speed, it went straight to the hard protection wall inside of the Blood Vein Ring. "Thud." An echoing sound from inside of the Blood Vein Ring came out; the solid protection wall shattered into pieces all of a sudden. A wave of memory with different symbols dispersed out from behind that protection wall like a surging tide, jumping into Shi Yan's sea of consciousness and becoming a memory engraving on his brain without being removed easily. A bunch of strange symbols in his head congregated and formed a strange Heaven Formation. This formation could gather the negative feelings which were the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind. The sea of consciousness churned up. These strange symbols slowly flew up in there, causing some abnormal changes. At the same time, Shi Yan's body slightly trembled. The negative feelings from the meridians of his entire body started to be uncontrollable, spreading out vigorously and assembling in the sea of consciousness. The soul consciousness gathering in the sea of consciousness was stirred up. Strange symbols from the Blood Vein Ring started to absorb the soul consciousness' forces in the sea of consciousness and engraved on Shi Yan's spirit. Gradually, those symbols turned to be five tiny transparent figures whose appearances were exactly identical to Shi Yan's. Each of those dwarves was immersed in the sea of consciousness, absorbing the power in the sea of consciousness. Shi Yan's living aura gradually developed inside of the transparent dwarves as if they were given some Life Seal. Inside the dark stone chamber, Shi Yan's eyes were sparkling like twinkling stars in the sky. Different uncontrollable negative feelings spread out and then flew towards the sea of consciousness very fast. Those flows of negative emotions rolled into the five transparent dwarves. Despair, fear, bloodshed, greed, and resentment were five different kinds of feelings. Once they poured into the sea of consciousness, they immediately dispersed. The five feelings divided into five flows which were like separated long fibers going into each different transparent dwarf. Shi Yan was sitting motionlessly and suffering everything passively. After the five feelings of Despair, Fear, Bloodshed, Greed, and Resentment poured into these five transparent dwarves, the dwarves' appearances gradually transformed. The skin of the dwarf with Despair became dark blue; his shoulders started to be covered with Pangolin' scales; two extra arms grew from underneath of his two original arms. The dwarf absorbing Fear grew a peculiar sharp horn. His two eyes became a strange silver white. The dwarf with Bloodshed had blazing red eyes, an angry face, and a long thin fang growing out from the two corners of his mouth. The dwarf absorbing Greed closed his two legs while a tail grew behind him at his waist. The eyes of the Resentment dwarf became deep blue and cold. The black veins wrapped its entire body; its nails were like sharp knives. Different uncontrollable emotions flooded into the sea of consciousness and poured into the five dwarves. After that, the five dwarves slowly transformed, becoming more and more devilish with full of the wicked aura covering their bodies, making others' spirits frightened and panic. Shi Yan did not know what had happened; he just could passively accept everything. He then gradually realized that although his living energy had been instilled into the five dwarves in the sea of consciousness, they became more and more different from him and almost identical with the phantom which he had condensed and refined by making use of the negative forces. Shi Yan was frightened. Devil of Despair, Devil of fear, Devil of bloodshed, Devil of greed, and the Devil of resentment. The five dwarves' appearances became more and more ferocious. From each flow of his bobbing consciousness in the sea of consciousness, the ancient symbols appeared again, went into the five dwarves' bodies flaring up and then disappearing right away. It seemed to check and identify these five dwarves. Those Devils were condensed and refined by the negative feelings. Shi Yan's body was agitated. A stream of spirit light appeared in his head. For a moment, different kinds of profound Upanishads related to the formation technique of the Five Devils in the Sea of Mind started to respond from the five Dwarves. These Upanishads also poured into Shi Yan's head, becoming a part of his memory. In a blink, Shi Yan seemed to master everything about these five Dwarves. He had found a way to control them and figured out exactly how to use them. All kinds of negative feelings kept flowing out non-stop from inside the and quickly pouring into the five dwarves. After they had received the feelings of Despair, Bloodshed, Fear, Greed, and Resentment, the ferocious auras on their bodies were getting stronger and stronger that could violently intimidate others' spirits. "Get out!" Shi Yan shouted out loud. The five dwarves in the sea of consciousness instantly disappeared. Right after that, five illusory ten-meter-tall Devil images reappeared behind Shi Yan. These were the five Devils of Despair, Bloodshed, Fear, Greed, and Resentment in his sea of consciousness.