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245 Give me a reason.

Many Gray Wings Clan's people quickly appeared where Shi Yan and Yi Cu Bi had just left. After arriving, a group of them looked around from east to west, seeming to search for something. One of them took out a dark green crystal pearl and extracted a drop of blood onto that ball. The crystal pearl slowly emitted a green ray of light. Many beams of Han Long's spirit aura gathered from the scattering ashes in the air and went into the pearl. The face of the guy from the Gray Wings Clan changed dramatically and said, "Han Long is dead." All of Gray Wings Clan's people there crazily roared altogether and quickly scattered to search for the murderer. Behind the Sound Beast Mountain, in the Gray Wings Clan's territory. There were many strange wooden huts on ancient tree trunks. The Gray Wings Clan's people were cultivating inside those huts. Behind a big ancient tree trunk was a ravine overwhelmed with howling winds. Inside that ravine, an elderly man of the Gray Wings Clan whose appearance similar to Han Long's was silently watching an appealing figure who was sitting in the middle of the shrieking winds. His cold eyes sparked lustful look. The figure with the sexy body was full of dense wind aura, and she was wearing a red fire armor. She was sitting in the middle of the ravine. A lot of the wind forces were quickly gathering, becoming the restorative medicine for her Martial Spirit inside of her body. It elated her mind and enlightened her glowing face. "Miss He, you have cultivated very well. The wind forces of the Heaven Wind Valley are adamant. Normally, only I can cultivate it. Now I give it to you." The elderly man of the Gray Wings Clan fixed his torch-lighting eyes on that beautiful body for a long while and mumbled, "You are the gift from Heaven. The Wind Martial Spirit in your body is the best thing for me to cultivate the wind forces successfully. Wait until you gather enough the wind forces, I will take it to improve my cultivation Realm, exceeding the other two guys..." Inside the ravine, the wind forces were wrapping He Qing Man's body. Her beautiful eyes slowly opened, glancing at the elderly man over there, and then closing again right away. Her face displayed a dreary look. "Tinkling tinkling." A strange sound suddenly resounded from the chest of the elderly man. He winced and hauled a dark green crystal pearl from his chest, and then annoyedly asked, "What happened?" "Young Master, young Master is dead." The crystal pearl transmitted a hasty anxious voice. "What?" The elderly man's face suddenly changed with green veins prominently bulging. He looked very furious. He irritatingly shouted, "Say it again?" "Young master is dead; his soul has scattered. Please spare my life, Master. We did not know why it happened." The voice from the crystal pearl was anxiously worried. The elderly man of the Gray Wings Clan could not bear it anymore, he raised his head up to the sky, deliriously shouting. Wailing wind and furious energy gathered all together, going into the crystal pearl. The crystal pearl projected dazzling green rays of light all of a sudden. The green light continually condensed, forming an image. Numerous green fibers sketched out Shi Yan's frigid face in that green image. The more energy that poured in, the clearer Shi Yan's appearance became. "Humankind!" The elderly man shouted out loud. Sharp winds burst strongly, pulling up all the surrounding ancient trees trunks and scattering wooden pieces in the air. He Qing Man could sense his aggressive movements. She couldn't help but open her eyes, seeing Shi Yan's face sketched out by the green lights in the cave. Her eyes flared up an astonished look, and she almost shouted. She quickly closed her eyes, pretending to see nothing. "He Qing Man, do you know this humankind?" The elderly man of the Gray Wings Clan breathed heavily; his bold face turned towards He Qing Man and shouted. Opening her eyes again, He Qing Man attentively gazed at Shi Yan's illusory image appearing in a green light screen for a while before speaking, "He is our target. We have entered the Chasm Battlefield to hunt him down. I don't know where he is now. My group has separated since we have arrived here, and no one knows of one another's location." "I will make him wish to be dead than alive." The elderly man took a deep breath. He now looked like an irritated beast roaring terrifyingly. "How can you survive now ?!" He Qing Man beamed out a miserable smile, slightly shaking her head, starting to worry for Shi Yan's life. "Swoosh swoosh swoosh." A beautiful figure dragging a person along was quickly dashing towards the Giant Ancient Stone City. "Cu Bi!" A great shout suddenly came up from inside of the Giant Ancient Stone City. "Father!" Yi Cu Bi screamed out in surprise. She slowed down her speed, approaching the direction of her father. "Do you feel the strange things of the Sound Beast Mountain?" Yi Tian Mo nodded; his ashy gray eyes flared up a strange light. "Cu Bi, has this little rascal captured any beasts?" "He has killed three Child Devils." Yi Cu Bi said. "What?" Yi Tian Mo's face changed but then quickly turned back to normal. He looked at Yi Cu Bi for a while before asking, "Finally, what has happened?" "His body has the Heaven Flame. He also killed the son of the Gray Wings Clan's leader." Yi Cu Bi said with a miserable smile. The Yi Tian Mo's skinny body slightly shivered. His terrified look was hard to cover up. He helplessly looked at Shi Yan with a shocked face. "The Heaven Flame, Heaven Flame, I can't believe it is the Heaven man..." After mumbling for a moment, Yi Tian Mo suddenly dragged a strange half-smile out of his mouth. "Shi Yan, I can't believe you have the Heaven Flame. That's very good!" "Father!" Yi Cu Bi shouted loudly. "Don't kill him; he has saved my life. Without him, the Child Devils could have killed me." Yi Cu Bi understood her father very well. Yi Tian Mo hadn't said nor smiled earlier, but once he showed that strange smiley face, it meant that he wanted to kill someone. "No need to mention that he has saved your life, even if he saved mine, he still must die." Yi Tian smiled while shaking his head. His ashy gray eyes stared at Shi Yan. "His existence put the entire Demonic Sound Clan into a deadly danger. We have been deported to this place where we don't have any icy secret treasures to defend ourselves. Once he reaches the level where he is not afraid of our soul attacks anymore, he is the genuine danger for the Demonic Sound Clan." "You cannot kill me." Shi Yan vigorously shouted all of a sudden. "What?" Yi Tian Mo's face had a strange cheerful look; his eyes became darkened. "Tell me, what reason do you have that stops me from killing you? I know you are smart, you will not again mention that you have saved my daughter." "I can help you deal with the Sound Beasts." "This reason is not enough. Your existence is more dangerous than the Sound Beasts." "The Sound Beast Mountain has changed, and thus many Sound Beasts might run out of the Sound Beast Mountain, including the Child Devils. They can destroy the Demonic Sound Clan." Shi Yan frowned and said. "If we hide inside the Ancient City, the Sound Beasts can hardly do anything. They will return to the Sound Beast Mountain after a while. You cannot convince me." Yi Tian Mo continued shaking his head; the cheerful face remained unchanged. "The formation technique on the Sound Beast Mountain has weakened. There will be a significant change. This time, the Sound Beasts on the Sound Beast Mountain will be probably more aggressive than before." Yi Cu Bi could not help but scream. "Father, let's wait for a while. Let see the commotions of the Sound Beasts. If we keep him alive, we can have solutions to deal with the Sound Beasts." "This reason is still not enough." Yi Tian Mo continued shaking his head; the cheerful face was still there; the murderous intention wasn't gone yet. "I can help you deal with the other leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan. I have heard that there are another two leaders like you. Think again, if you control me and keep me alive, you will have incredible support to oppress the other two leaders." Shi Yan suddenly became lucid. He immediately opened his mouth just right before Yi Tian Mo took actions. The cheerful look on Yi Tian Mo's face disappeared. His eyes flared up many strange rays of light; he was deep in thought with the somber face, considering the pros and cons. Not long after that, Yi Tian Mo nodded his head and said, "I provisionally shall not kill you, but you cannot let any other people see the Heaven Flame at any cost." "Understood." Shi Yan hastily nodded. "Swoosh." Not far from there, some figures were flying over, breaking the speed barrier in the air. There appeared that many people of the Demonic Sound Clan were approaching the Sound Beast Mountain's direction from the Ancient City. "Cu Bi, you bring him back first, I'll go to the Sound Beast Mountain." Yi Tian Mo knitted his eyebrows while instructing his daughter. Yi Cu Bi nodded, grabbing Shi Yan and quickly walking towards the Ancient City. On the way, Shi Yan quietly observed everywhere and realized that many high-level warriors of the Demonic Sound Clan were advancing towards Sound Beast Mountain. The two flows of soul movements among those warriors were too powerful that even Shi Yan had to be frightened. These two flows of soul movements flashed up and quickly disappeared from Shi Yan's soul consciousness. "The two leaders, Ka Ba and Ya Meng, are also going there." Yi Cu Bi explained to Shi Yan. "They are like my father, the leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan. They are very dangerous. The abnormality of the Sound Beast Mountain has apparently astounded them as well." "Are they running towards the Sound Beast Mountain? Are they not afraid of being attacked by the Sound Beasts?" asked Shi Yan, a bit surprised. "Both Ka Ba and Ya Meng have very high-level cultivation base. Except for the high-level Child Devils, almost none of the Sound Beasts can hurt them. If they want to run, even the Child Devils cannot catch them." Yi Cu Bi replied. "Understood." In the Giant Stone Ancient City. Inside an imposing structural building, Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, Qu Yan Qing, Pan Zhe and other warriors were confined in a secret chamber. Ya Meng's guards regularly came and took a single warrior away each time. Not long afterward, a mournful voice could be heard from a chamber next door. At this moment, Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe, the new outstanding talents of the Endless Sea, were wearing gloomy faces and losing their previous proud look. "Cao Zhi Lan, your Spirit God Martial Spirit can't deactivate the soul formation technique?" A warrior of the Penglai Divine asked Cao Zhi Lan with a hopeless face. Cao Zhi Lan was sitting cross-legged; she slightly shook her head and reluctantly said, "The soul knowledge of this pagan tribe is much more developed than ours. If there is any change in my Spirit God Martial Spirit, they can immediately sense and respond to it. Not to mention that my soul is in confinement, even if it was not, I would not dare to use it." "So, we just wait here to die?" This warrior mumbled. "Currently, I do not have any solutions. However, Shi Yan has not been captured; he might have solutions. Anyway, his body has some special powers; maybe he can survive here?!" "Him?" Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing all surprisingly screamed out with astonished faces.