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Shi Yan was surprised, knitting his brows and thinking. Cu Bi slightly gritted her teeth and then coldly said, "If I let you free, will you find me and take revenge in the future? I have captured you and used your freedom to force you in catching the beasts for me. Will you hate me?" "Hate you?" Shi Yan was astonished. He contemplated for a while before bursting into laughter, shaking his head. "Not that much of hatred. I am only a little discontented. If you treated me friendly at the beginning instead of threatening, I think I would still be happy to help you catch more Sound Beasts." Cu Bi's eyes glowed, staring at Shi Yan without blinking, seemingly wanting to see through his real thought. Shi Yan's eyes beamed out an innocent look; a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Under her gaze, he didn't seem to be startled. He shrugged and calmly said, "If you fraternize with me, we can become friends. Hmm, I am human, and you are pagan of the Demonic Sound Clan. Although it is the pagan race, it is ok for me." "I am Cu Bi, Yi Cu Bi, glad to know you. I hope you can consider me a friend." Cu Bi thought for a while before comfortably stretching her white hand towards Shi Yan and sincerely saying, "Sorry for my rude behavior earlier. I hope that you can forget it. Now, we shall start over again." "Shi Yan." Stretching his big hand and gently holding Yi Cu Bi's jade-like hand, Shi Yan gave out a broad smile. "That is very good." "Thank you." Yi Cu Bi cheerfully said. "Without your help, I think those Child Devils would have devoured me. After a certain time, many Child Devils go out from the Sound Beast Mountain, considering pagans their preys. It is like when we hunt the Sound Beasts down, the Child Devils chase us, devouring us so that they can progress faster and stronger." Shi Yan was frightened. "The Child Devils are the Demonic Sound Clan's natural enemy. The Child Devils have been evolving non-stop, and thus they have become terrifying. They are not afraid of our clan's soul attacks and able to tear our bodies apart into pieces." Yi Cu Bi was still frightened. "Each time the Child Devils go out of the Sound Beast Mountain, the Demonic Sound Clan's people have to stay inside of the castle without daring to take one step outside. My father told me that the Child Devils and we both have been deported to this place. The people expelling us here have sent the Child Devils together with us because they were scared of the Demonic Sound Clan..." "Argh, I did not know anything about the story of your Demonic Sound Clan before, I don't want to judge anything." Shi Yan was silent for a moment before speaking. "But I have no prejudice against the Demonic Sound Clan. I treat everyone the same way, either pagan race or humankind. If people treat me well, I will treat them the same way. If not, I will give them a hard time. It is my most basic human behavior. Hmm, I know you also want to leave this place, that is also my purpose. Thus, I hope we can get along well together in the coming days to find out a way to get out of here". "My father is one of the leaders of the Ancient City. The Demonic Sound Clan's people are very unfriendly with humankind; you probably recognized this already. When you are still here, I will treat you like a servant so that others will not pay attention to you. I hope you understand". Yi Cu Bi said with sincerity. "I understand." Although Shi Yan did not like it, there wasn't anything else that he could do. Thus, he reluctantly nodded his head. "One more thing, I hope that you use just a small part of the Heaven Flame's forces. It is better not to let other people of the Demonic Sound Clan see it; otherwise, I am afraid everyone will disturb you." Yi Cu Bi softly said, "To be honest, I had wanted to kill you earlier. Your ability to emit the Sun power is the Sound Beasts' disaster. It is also the same for our bodies; we cannot bear being burnt by the Sun power..." Shi Yan's body was agitated. "Do you understand how dangerous it is?" Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan nodded his head and said, "I got it. If you do not restrict my soul, you are afraid that I can use the Heaven Flame to kill all of you. Is it right?" Yi Cu Bi smiled agonizingly and nodded. "Yes, it is. So, if you let someone know about this power of yours, they will not hesitate to kill you right away. Because once you progress to the point where you are not afraid of our soul attack, your threat is even more terrible than that of the Wings Race. Anyway, this place does not have any particular icy weapons to prevent the Heaven Flame' attack. It is also the reason we have to return to our Ancestry Land. It has been said that there is a secret weapon in our Ancestry Land that can help the Demonic Sound Clan not be scared of the power of the burning fires nor the Child Devils' carnage". "Hiss hiss hiss." Flows of gray smoke flew out one after one from inside of the Sound Beast Mountain. When the gray aura flooded the area, many strange Sound Beasts stormed out from the mountain. There was variety in the appearances of the beasts. Some were like Apes with two curved horns on their head, some were like Tigons, some were like the Scale Amour Beasts... A bunch of them had different shapes with furious icy auras on their bodies. They should be the Sound Beasts dwelled inside of the Sound Beast Mountain, also excellent resources for the cultivation of the Demonic Sound Clan's people. "My god, so many Sound Beasts are coming out; the formation technique seems to have weakened a lot." Yi Cu Bi fearfully screamed out loud. "Not good! The commotions of those Sound Beasts are too big, and it will disturb the Wings Race for sure. Perhaps they are on the way here. No, I have to go back to inform my father about this." "Those Sound Beasts do not dare to come here." Shi Yan faintly smiled, "Hmm, let me retrieve the Heaven Flame first. If the Heaven Flame's aura is still there, those Sound Beasts will not act recklessly. If we want to hunt more sound beasts, we should pretend a little bit like this so that they will take the bait." Clouds of burning fires turned into many flows of light going into the Blood Vein Ring from every corner and were retrieved by the Earth Flame. The burning fires' power on Shi Yan's body also went back into the Blood Vein Ring. His glowing red body quickly recovered and regained its normal state. Not long after that, there were no burning fires around Shi Yan anymore. A group of the Sound Beasts on the flank of the Sound Beast Mountain was strangely staring at Shi Yan, but they hesitated to move forward and seemed to know that it wasn't easy to bully Shi Yan. Lightning struck down around the Sound Beast Mountain. It was unknown why the lightning appeared to get weaker; the giant-dragon-sized lightning now gradually became as small as an arm. "The formation technique kept getting weaker!" Yi Cu Bi was very astonished. "Abnormal, really strange. Something strange is happening apparently. If not, the Sound Beast Mountain cannot be this weird." "Shriek shriek shriek." A shrieking sound echoed from the left of the Sound Beast Mountain. Not long after that, many black points appeared on the left of the Sound Beast Mountain. "Birdman!" Shi Yan squinted to have a careful look, and he suddenly screamed out in fear, "No, is this the Wings Race that you have described?" A bunch of black points in a distance looked like humankind with wings. The differences between them and the others were the wings growing from their backs and a sturdy body shape. Five guys of the Wings Race had wicked appearances, hooked nose, and cold eyes. They flapped their wings flying out from behind the Sound Beast Mountain towards Shi Yan's place very fast. "They are the Wings Race's people." Yi Cu Bi nodded with her tightly knitted eyebrows. "Perhaps the commotions of the Sound Beasts have disturbed the Wings Race. Hmm, if even they got astounded, I think the people in the Ancient City might also know about this already; perhaps they are on their way to come here." Five men of the Wings Race flapped their gray wings, quickly zooming to Shi Yan 's location. In a short moment, the five men of the Wings Race arrived in front of Shi Yan. They stayed away in the distance, throwing a sharp glance at Shi Yan. Their cold eyes were even more freezing. One of the guys in the lead unfriendly looked at Shi Yan with a bitter smile and said, "Humankind, unexpectedly!" All of these five men of the Wings Race were at the Earth Realm; their gray wings emitted spiritual powers. Their soul competency seemed feeble; even their spiritual power had not formed yet. They apparently couldn't confine Shi Yan's sea of consciousness in just a blink like Demonic Sound Clan had done. However, the brain structure of the Wings Race was very special, and it seemed to be able to prevent the invasion of the spiritual powers like a soul isolator. Shi Yan's soul consciousness could not intrude into their brains. Perhaps the reason that the Wings Race's people encountered difficulties in cultivating their soul power should be related to their particular brain structure. The particular brain structure gave them mighty protection forces that could resist the soul attack of the Demonic Sound Clan, but it also limited them from improving their soul cultivation. "What about the humankind?" Shi Yan looked calm, dragging a smile out of the corner of his mouth. Shi Yan was honestly obedient in front of the Demonic Sound Clan because they could confine and control his soul. However, the Wings Race was nothing to Shi Yan although they had a sturdy body and a strong protection against the soul attack, as well as being the enemy of the Demonic Sound Clan. With the same Earth Realm cultivation base, without using the power of the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame, Shi Yan was confident to be able to defeat those five guys. "I hate humankind!" The man of the Wings Race forced a cold smile and then asked, "Answer me, how did you come here? How many of your fellows are there? If you don't tell me, I will let you know that venturing into the Wings Race's territory is a fearful thing.'' "When did this place become the Wings Race's territory?" Yi Cu Bi coldly shouted. "Hahaha, even the Ancient City of the Demonic Sound Clan belongs to the Wings Race's territory. Obviously, this place is not an exception." The guy looked arrogant. "Are you Cu Bi? You wait and see. The Wings Race will conquer the Demonic Sound Clan soon. Up to this time, you will become my slave. I will favor you. I know the Demonic Sound Clan's body cannot bear such a strong sexual penetration. Don't worry, I will be very gentle with you and will not let you die." Yi Cu Bi's body slightly shivered. She was lividly angry, looking at that guy with full of hatred. "Birdman, your mouth stinks!" Shi Yan coldly shouted. "Damn humankind, what did you call me?" "Birdman!"