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242 Everything has its conqueror

Each long skinny figure zoomed through the gray miasmatic aura, quickly descending as if they wanted to wrap and tie Shi Yan and Cu Bi up tightly. Many long thin figures appeared more and more clearly inside that fuzzy aura. They were a particular kind of beasts with a human child face, a dreary pale look, and a mouth full of fangs. This creature was three meters tall with a sturdy body, a white child-like face, and long fangs. It looked terribly scary. The Child Devil's body projected a powerful miasmatic yin aura. The soul of this creature was unique. There seemed to have a particular layer of flesh in their brain to prevent any soul attacks. Their movement was very fast. With a slight sway, they were in the air plunging more than ten zhangs already (1 zhang is equivalent to 3.33 meters). Three Child Devils appeared in a short moment, showing their fangs and claws, closely approaching Shi Yan and Cu Bi below. Although Cu Bi's soul could be as powerful as a Sky Realm warrior's, it was still hard for her to release the soul attacks when facing with the Child Devils. Thus, she could do nothing but grab Shi Yan, hurriedly leaving this place. "We cannot leave. Your speed is fast but apparently not as fast as those strange beasts." Shi Yan stood motionlessly, seeming to be unexpectedly conscious. According to him, although those Child Devils were powerful, they still had their weaknesses. Although the icy yin aura on their bodies was very mighty, and their living power was very powerful, they should be at the fifth or sixth level at most, just equivalent to the Earth Realm or Nirvana Realm warriors. Shi Yan was not afraid of the beasts at the level. "Boohoooooo." The three Child Devils cried out like babies. Their white fangs quickly became sharper and longer; red blood flowed out from the corners of their mouths. That looked terribly horrible. "Child Devils are not afraid of the Demonic Sound Clan's souls. They are our mortal enemy. When they are out, we have to hide inside of the Ancient City." Cu Bi's face was not rubicund but turning to white pale. The three Child Devils had already been not far from him, separating and besieging Shi Yan and Cu Bi. The Child Devils were flying around, dragging flows of bleary smoke. Their speed was extremely fast, even Shi Yan's eyes could not follow their figures. He could only rely on his soul consciousness to identify their direction. Perhaps because the three demon children could have realized the strong burning fires inside Shi Yan, they hadn't killed Shi Yan and Cu Bi yet, only besieging them and seeming to wait for something. Cu Bi was scared of the gaze of the deep blue eyes of the three Child Devils; her beautiful face was full of fear. Her behavior now was entirely different from the way she had treated Shi Yan earlier. She started being terrified. "Don't worry. Have you forgotten why you and I come here? These three Child Devils should be the Sound Beasts at the fifth level. The Demonic Sound Clan cannot deal with them, but I can." Shi Yan's eyes were cold. He didn't seem to be frightened when facing these three Child Devils. "Leave them to me." "Shriek shriek." Three Child Devils kept shrieking and crying nonstop. Some responding sounds sometimes reverberated from a cave somewhere on the Sound Beast Mountain not far from their current place. "They are calling for more Sound Beasts to come." Cu Bi suddenly felt unsafe. "The defensive formation around the Sound Beast Mountain is decreasing. I feel that a major upheaval is going to happen. No, we have to go back to the Ancient City immediately. The city has all kinds of the defensive formations that can prevent the Sound Beasts from intruding." "I want to finish my promise earlier." Shi Yan frowned. "Don't use any soul attacks on me. I take actions now." Upon these words, Shi Yan immediately communicated with the Earth Flame in the Blood Vein Ring. Many flows of the burning fires quickly spread out from the Blood Vein Ring and instantly rolled into Shi Yan's body. After a moment, Shi Yan's body became blazing red; inflaming formidably. As the Earth Flame had devoured the sun power of the Sun Refined Spirit, it had quickly evolved. Its intelligence had recently increased, its burning fires were stronger than what Shi Yan had expected. It had almost gained enough power to be able to compete with the icy power of the Ice Cold Flame. Having been burnt by the sun flames, Shi Yan's body had miraculously transformed, being able to receive more power of the Earth Flame. All the nerves and veins in his body completely absorbed this power from the Earth Flame. He felt warmer and less painful than when his system had been burnt. His consciousness slightly flickered. Flames suddenly flew out from Shi Yan's body, instantly gathering and turning into fire clouds expanding next to Shi Yan. Each group of fire clouds contained Shi Yan's consciousness, quickly dashing toward the three Child Devils and wrapping them. "Screech screech screech." Three Child Devils made strange ear-piercing shrieks. Seeing the burning fires coming, they hastily ran away with fear in their dark blue eyes. "Stay." Shi Yan shouted while his spirits had some transformations again. The fire clouds abruptly exploded, turning into countless fire points of light covering the entire area. The fire points of light were intense and dense like drizzling rain, covering every corner of this area. After the explosion, the number of the fire points of light had compensated for their moderate power, leaving the three Child Devils with no place to hide. "Sizzle sizzle sizzle." White smoke instantly rose up as soon as the fire points of light hit the three Child Devils' bodies. The fire points of light were like the strongest acid in the world, rotting their bodies in a blink because their bodies were made of the icy miasmatic aura. As soon as the fire points of light touched the Child Devils, they eroded the Child Devils' bodies creating big holes immediately. Those fire points of light of the Earth Flame conquered these Child Devils' bodies. The fire points of light scattered everywhere in the sky. The three Child Devils cried out terribly while their bodies smoked. Thus, their movements were also getting much slower. "The Demons Crystal Pearls of these three Child Devils are robust enough?" Shi Yan turned his head towards Cu Bi and asked. She avoided his look and moved further away from him. She nodded and responded him with the shock remaining on her face. "They are all solid!" The Heaven Flame! That is the forces of the Heaven Flame! Confusion waves surged up in Cu Bi's mind; her clear eyes looked fearful. She started to be scared of Shi Yan. She knew how dangerous the Child Devils were. Although they were one kind of the Sound Beasts, they were immune from the burning fires. As they were not scared of being hit by the ordinary burning fires, they kept attacking and slaughtering the Demonic Sound Clan's people. However, Shi Yan's fire points of light could erode the Child Devils' bodies once the fires touched them and almost crushed them to ashes. What kind of forces was this? Only the nemesis of the Sound Beasts in the legend, the power of the Heaven Flame, was capable of destroying them. Cu Bi had never seen the Heaven Flame. She learned from her father the legend about the Heaven Flame conquering the Sound Beasts. The scorching Heaven Flame was the genuine terrifying conqueror of the Sound Beasts. To the Demonic Sound Clan, wasn't this the most frightening thing? The Demonic Sound Clan's physical bodies had the icy miasmatic trait. Although their souls were very powerful, once the scorching Heaven Flame touched them, the result was not better than what the Sound Beasts had to suffer. In other words, if the fire points of light from Shi Yan's body hit on her body, she would quickly erode like those Child Devils. The miasmatic aura on the Demonic Sound Clan's body could not prevent it from being burnt by the Heaven Flame. If the Demonic Sound Clan did not have the God-given advantage of souls, and if Shi Yan was not afraid of the Demonic Sound Clan's confinement, he alone, together with that Heaven Flame's power in his body, could lay down the law and rule the root in the Ancient City. He could even take advantage of the Heaven Flame's power to slaughter the whole Demonic Sound Clan. Except if the Demonic Sound Clan had an icy secret treasure, they could use it to resist the Heaven Flame's attack. Other than that, their bodies would evaporate like steam under the Heaven Flame's power. Cu Bi felt chilled to the bone. When Yi Cu Bi saw Shi Yan control the power of the Earth Flame to burn the three Child Devils, making them shrieking terribly, her eyes flared up a strange ray of light. A thought came up in her mind. Should she kill him right now? Her eyes kept flickering. She felt that killing Shi Yan now was the best decision. Otherwise, if Shi Yan could find out a way to not be afraid of the Demonic Sound Clan's soul attacks, his existence would be a nightmare for the Demonic Sound Clan. "Very simple." When her mind was still in chaos with many thoughts, Shi Yan had already handled the three Child Devils; three Blue Demons Crystal Pearls were hovering about in the air. His Profound Qi then quickly pulled down the three Demons Crystal Pearls into his hand. "Here, three Demons Crystal Pearls for you. Hmm, don't worry. I will find enough Demons Crystal Pearls." Shi Yan forced a smile. When he saw Cu Bi's panic face, he said, "This world is very mysterious. The Demonic Sound Clan with the profound soul competency can easily kill me, but the Child Devils are your nemesis who can easily tear you down into pieces. Meanwhile, I am the nemesis of the Child Devils, using the burning fires' power to kill them quickly. Everything has its conqueror. Isn't that the law of nature?" Cu Bi's face was confused. She stretched out her hand to take the three Blue Demons Crystal Pearls and said, "These three Demons Crystal Pearls of the Child Devils are more valuable than the ones of the other Sound Beasts. The Child Devils contain miasmatic yin aura and spirits which are very useful for our cultivation. If relying only on the Demonic Sound Clan's strength alone, there is no way to collect the Demons Crystal Pearls. Only the Wings Race can hunt the Child Devils down. They will use the Demons Crystal Pearls of the Child Devils to exchange for some valuable things of the Demonic Sound Clan..." "I will find enough Demons Crystal Pearls for you." Shi Yan slightly knitted his eyebrows. "You only need to keep your promise. Hmm, being confined is not something fun and comfortable, but I am a man of my words." "Do you hate us?" Cu Bi quickly asked.