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241 The Sound Beast Mountain

"Your people? The demeanor on the old man's face did not change. He seriously sat still, slightly knitting his eyebrows, curiously looking at Shi Yan. "Have those people come here together with you?" Shi Yan shook his head and said, "Not with me, but I know them. They are my enemies, and they have been chasing me here since I was in the outside world. Hmm, I'm their target." "Is their hatred of you that much?" Cu Bi was curious. "Hundreds of warriors have been chasing after you here to kill you. After all, what did you do?" Shi Yan forced a miserable smile, "Nothing..." "No matter what their target was, everyone had to act moderately in the Demonic Sound Clan's territory." The old man frowned and said, "Yi Feng, go arrest them now. Bring some people with you. Don't let them escape." A skinny guy at the Nirvana Realm nodded his head indicating his obedience and quickly left. "OK, let's continue where we left off." The old man calmly took one sip of tea. "The outside world, what is the situation now? What is the name of your area? Is there anything special there?" "The outside world?" "Uh." "I came here from the Endless Sea through the Heaven gate at the Sky Sea. At the Endless Sea, many different forces of humankind warriors have been competing to dominate the areas with full of resources." After contemplating for a while, Shi Yan explained the senior man of the Demonic Sound Clan a little of what he knew about the Endless Sea. The old man listened to Shi Yan without saying anything. "Father, the Endless Sea doesn't seem to be our ancient land?" After thinking for a while, she couldn't help but speak up. "No, it is not our ancient land. But don't worry. When we reach the outside world, we will find our ancient land." The elder nodded his head. "If those humankind warriors can come here, it means that the formation technique has recently eased off a little bit. Hmm, it's time to talk to the Wings Race." "The Wings Race has always been looking for a way to get out of here, but they are not friendly with us. They even have attacked us recently. Father, you want to make contact with the Wings Race?" Cu Bi didn't seem to agree with him. "The Wings Race has evil intentions; they want to get out of here and conquer the outside world. Once they leave this place, it would not be a good thing for the outside world." "After a few years of recuperating, the Wings Race's strength has improved a lot. The reason we have been deported here is that we had cooperated with the Wings Race. I know the Wings Race's bad ambition, but with the Demonic Sound Clan's ability alone, I am afraid we cannot leave here." The senior man convinced the girl. "Only if the two tribes can cooperate can we get out of here. Otherwise, we may be trapped here forever. Don't worry. Before talking to the Wings Race, I will ask other leaders for more information. If everything is fine, I will contact the Wings Race." Shi Yan still kept silent but was surprised. According to the conversation between the old man and the girl named Cu Bi, he knew that besides the Demonic Sound Clan, there was also another tribe called the Wings Race. These two big tribes might have been from the Neolithic Age, and no one knew the reason that had led to their deportation and confinement here. The Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race should have belonged to the Grace Mainland before. Moreover, the ability of these two tribes should be very mighty. Although they had been deported here for many years, they still preserve the intention of breaking out to go back to the Grace Mainland, their ancient land. As the formation technique in the soul consciousness had been deactivated, Shi Yan could inaudibly observe around now, realizing that inside of the hall, there were more than ten Nirvana Realm and the Sky Realm warriors. The senior man's cultivation base should be at the God Realm. The senior man seemed to be one of the leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan. According to him, there were also other leaders. If they also had the same cultivation base as he did, the Demonic Sound Clan's strength could easily defeat any forces of the Endless Sea. The Demonic Sound Clan was terrifying already, but they seemed to be very cautious when talking about the Wings Race. The Wings Race's strength appeared to be even stronger than the Demonic Sound Clan's. If this was the truth, once the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race cooperated to escape from this place, going to the Endless Sea, he couldn't imagine what problem they would bring to the Endless Sea. "You want to go back to the Grace Mainland?" As different thoughts kept popping up in his mind, Shi Yan suddenly came up with an idea and spoke up. "That is right. We don't want to live here. We hope to go back to our Ancestry Land. It has been almost ten thousand years since we had been deported. We want to know how our Ancestry Land looks like; we don't originally belong to this place." Cu Bi's eyes were clear and anxious. "Our Ancestry Land, we miss our Ancestry Land. There were the three Gods of the Sun, the Moon, and the Star, big oceans, the scenes that we have never seen before." "The Endless Sea is not peaceful at this time. It may be not a good time to go back there now." Shi Yan said with a low voice. "Tell me more?" The old man said with a serious face. "Because the Demon Dwellers of the Fourth Demon Area and the Dark Dwellers of the Netherworld may invade the Endless Sea. Once they arrive the Endless Sea, it should be a disaster for all the tribes living there. If you go back this time, you will face the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers." After thinking for a while, Shi Yan decided to tell them about the current situation. He didn't know anything about the Demonic Sound Clan or the Wings Race, nor was he sure that if the return of these two tribes to the Endless Sea was a good or bad thing for the Endless Sea. Telling them about the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers. She Yan wanted to see their attitude. "The Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers..." When the old man heard of these two pagan tribes, his face changed dramatically. He suddenly said after a while, "No worries. We only want to go back to our Ancestry Land. We will not stay in the Endless Sea for long, nor will we get into any troubles with them." "The Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers. Father, what is the origin of these two pagan tribes?" Cu Bi asked with curiosity. "I will tell you later." The old man shook his head and explained nothing more. However, his ashy-gray eyes flared up the complicated light; it seemed that the names of Demon Dwellers and Dark Dwellers had called up something. A subtle smile beamed out from the corner of his mouth; his face looked very strange. As the old man stopped asking questions, Shi Yan also kept silent and secretly released his soul consciousness to observe outside the hall, wanting to leave this place. However, the lava stone in this hall seemed to have the mighty power that prevented his soul consciousness from going through it. His soul consciousness encountered a big hindrance when it was on the way flying out. Shi Yan reluctantly gave up and quietly looked at the old man. Yi Feng came back after having left for a while. After kowtowing, he respectfully said, "Great Master, we were a little bit late. Ya Meng has arrested all of the human warriors." "Ya Meng." The senior man raised his eyebrows and calmly said, "I am afraid those people are done. Several human warriors came here and killed Ya Meng's son a few years ago. Although he tortured those guys for long periods, his animosity against human warriors never ends. As he has arrested many warriors this time, he might have enough to play with for a long time." A strange light flared up and instantly disappeared in Shi Yan's eyes. "You should be jubilant because Ya Meng has arrested your enemies while you are here." He coldly looked at Shi Yan. "Our prejudice towards the humankind is not as profound as Ya Meng's. I will not treat you bad as long as you honestly cooperate with me. Not only can I let you free but also give you some things that you cannot find from the outside world." "I will do my best." Shi Yan smiled and said. "I don't want to die; I only want to live well. However, my strength is limited; I am not sure if I can be much of help." "There is an intense burning fires' movement inside your body. Can you use that burning fire power?" The senior man suddenly said. "The burning fires has tempered my body, and that is how I have the power of the burning fires. I think I can use a part of it, but I am not confident it will be as much as you expect." "Cu Bi, you and he go to the Sound Beast Mountain to see if you can catch more of the Sound Beasts' heads with the burning fires' power in his body." After thinking for a while, the old man looked at his daughter and assigned a mission for her. "As Ka Ba's people often wandered around the Sound Beast Mountain recently, the Sound Beasts do not dare to take risks to expose themselves. I don't know if we can get more of them." Cu Bi mumbled to herself, and then slowly walked towards Shi Yan, throwing a sharp glance at him, speaking, "Outsider, follow me. If you can help me catch some Sound Beasts' heads, maybe I will feel better and let you free." Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows. Under the scrutinized look of the old man, he said nothing, bowing his head and following Cu Bi to go outside. After crossing a very long corridor, Shi Yan saw the bright sky again eventually. He was standing on a pile of stones near a five-hundred-meter-high architectural building. In his view, there were many other ten-meter-high ancient stone structures nearby. In a further distance, another two mighty five-hundred-meter-high imposing ancient structures like the immeasurably magnificent and splendid mountains in the sky that could stir people's eyesight. This place was a Great Ancient Stone City. Among these structures, the lowest one was tens of meters high, covering thousands of square meters; the biggest one was similar to the one he was standing on, which was hundreds of meters high and covered about tens of thousands square meters. It was even bigger than the biggest one he had seen in the outside world, and it was unknown how it had been built. In this Giant Stone Ancient City, everyone in the Demonic Sound Clan looked very pale with their miasmatic spirits and unusual physical strength. They seemed to be very light and not to be restricted by the limit of Realms. Even the Earth Realm or the Nirvana Realm warriors could freely fly around in the city. It was very strange. A dense mist gray-white fog covered the entire Ancient City. There should be some formation technique inside that mist to protect the City. The dense sky and earth spiritual aura overflow every corner of the City. Although the Sky and Earth aura here was not as good as the one in the Immortal Island, it was still superb compared with other places of the Endless Sea and enough for the warriors to use for their cultivation. "Shi Yan." A voice suddenly came up from a distance. That was Cao Zhi Lan's voice. Shi Yan's face slightly changed. He looked toward the direction where the voice resounded. In the distance, he saw a big wooden cage being pulled up to the sky by some strange beasts' heads. These beasts had small thin wings like a layer of flesh. Their bodies had adamant miasmatic power which was somehow similar to that of the Demonic Sound Clan's pagans. The beasts spread their five or six-meter-wide wings like Falcons; their entire bodies were turquoise and had moving lights. The top of the wooden cage, which had pulled up by the beasts, was fully covered by creepers. Those vines like spiritual snakes wrapped around the wooden cage, radiating a green ray of light and creating a miraculous constraint binding the wooden cage. Inside the wooden cage, Cao Zhi Lan, Qu Yan Qing, Gu Ling Long, Pan Zhe, and a flock of other warriors were all restricted by a formation technique. They all looked like slaves with dark faces in a cage. They seemed to suffer a lot of torture that they became honestly obedient without daring to resist. Some guys with gloomy, pale faces in dark green armors were riding those beasts, gathering and discussing with each other in a low tone. Some of them turned their heads around, coldly glancing at Cao Zhi Lan when they heard her scream. She looked towards Shi Yan's direction with a slight happiness in her eyes. Those guys pulled up the wooden cage away, seemingly wanting to change the direction. Cao Zhi Lan's Spirit God Martial Spirit was unique; it was not affected by the formation technique and thus quickly realized the living vibration from Shi Yan's body as soon as he had gone out of the imposing architectural structure. That was why she couldn't help but scream. In a distance of one hundred meters, Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows, looking at Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, Qu Yan Qing, and other warriors who were being confined like livestock. He couldn't help but release a sigh, feeling pity for them. Although Cao Zhi Lan and the others were his opponents, they all came here from the outside world. However, Ya Meng has captured and confined them like livestock and would soon torture them to death. He could not feel good looking at them. "Cu Bi, you have captured this human being?" A guy of the Demonic Sound Clan who was in the lead suddenly raised his hand signaling the beasts to stop. He then gently flew over, hovering about in the air while coldly looking at Shi Yan. Cu Bi slightly frowned and then calmly said, "Ya Ji, you are quick. You have captured those outsiders just in a short while. Hmm, if I knew that there were more than one person, you wouldn't have been able to reap such a big spoil." The guy dragged a strange smile out of his mouth and said, "I was just lucky. While I was wandering outside, I detected these outsiders and easily captured them. Hahaha, the cultivation base of some of them are not bad, but their souls are too weak compared to mine." "Ah." Cu Bi quickly said, "Regarding souls, the Demonic Sound Clan has the God-given advantage. Those aliens obviously cannot be compared to us. If you have already captured them, you should leave soon. Why do you need to waste your time with me?" "How can talking to you be a waste of time?" Ya Ji smiled. As seeing no reaction from Cu Bi, he pointed to Shi Yan and said, "I am also interested in that guy. Cu Bi, say a price, I pay her to take him. What do you think?" While Ya Ji was talking, his strange eyes fixed on Shi Yan's body. A flow of miraculous soul vibration like a thin fiber of soul explored and went into Shi Yan's head, intruding his sea of consciousness, taking the secret life in his mind. Shi Yan's face changed dramatically. When he was about to gather his forces to resist this soul vibration, another flow of soul vibration like a cold wind zoomed over, quickly covering his head. Ya Ji's soul power was instantly wiped out completely, disappearing from his head without leaving a trace. "This guy belongs to me. Without my consent, no one can touch his soul." Cu Bi's clear, cold voice rose up; she displeasingly stared at Ya Ji. "You can torture those in the cage however you want, but you are not allowed to touch mine. Otherwise, don't blame me for treating you badly." "I can bargain." Ya Ji forced a smile. "I will pay you a very good price for this guy. Is it ok?" "You have already captured many warriors, why do you still want him?" Cu Bi felt a bit strange when listening to what he said. "You already have many, why him?" "Hahaha, I see it's useful." Ya Ji thought for a while and said. "Cu Bi, if you are interested in humankind warriors, we can exchange. Hmm, those warriors over there, except the three ladies, I can trade anyone of the rest, even two of them. What do you think?" "Why must you have him?" Cu Bi was surprised, confusingly looking at Ya Ji and then at Shi Yan. "Is he special?" "Very special." Ya Ji nodded his head. "So, do you want to exchange or not?" "No!" Cu Bi harrumphed. She thought for a while before grabbing Shi Yan's shoulder, flying away and speaking at the same time, "This guy is useful, I do not want to give him to you now. Wait until I feel that he is not useful anymore, then I might sell him to you". "Cu Bi, be careful, he is very dangerous." Ya Ji warned her from a distance. "Dangerous?" Cu Bi uttered a word with despise, coldly glancing at Shi Yan. She continued, "You should better be honestly obedient. Otherwise, I will make your soul disappear in a second. Maybe you don't know yet, but it's not hard for the Demonic Sound Clan to ruin your humankind." "Yeah, I know your soul competency went beyond that of the human warriors." Shi Yan's face remained unchanged. "Your physical strength is very unusual, and the brain is also peculiar. They are very suitable for soul cultivation. Hmm, your soul is very powerful, it can be compared with the one of the Sky Realm warrior, but your body, on the contrary, is not as strong as a human Sky Realm warrior. However, you still can use your powerful soul to dominate and easily destroy my sea of consciousness. Isn't that so?" Shi Yan didn't say anything since he got out of the Ancient City with Yi Cu Bi, but it didn't mean that he knew nothing. He had been quietly observing the Demonic Sound Clan for a while, realizing that all of the Demonic Sound Clan's people were very powerful. Regarding soul cultivation, the Demonic Sound Clan's people were much stronger than many of the humankind warriors. Their knowledge of soul was much more profound than that of the humankind warriors. However, because of their particular physical structure, they looked very feeble. Not to mention Shi Yan's body, their bodies were much weaker than those of the ordinary humankind warriors. Not only this, the profound Qi in their bodies were also peculiar. Their Profound Qi did not converge in one place; it spread out everywhere inside the body. The nerves and veins were also fragile and narrow, preventing them from receiving too much of the profound Qi. After observing in silence for a while, Shi Yan realized that the intensity of the woman's soul had reached the Sky Realm, and her subtle body contained a lot of profound Qi. However, her Profound Qi could not be more than his because of her weak body and narrow veins. Her body strength should also be limited. If she did not rely on the God-given soul advantage, she might have been unable to defeat an ordinary Earth Realm warrior. Thanks to the strong strength of the sea of consciousness, Shi Yan gradually understood everything. "You, you can see through many things in such a short time?" Cu Bi was terrified; a shocking look appeared on her face. She gazed at Shi Yan for a moment and then said, "I should have placed more soul formation techniques on you." "Don't; I am very savvy. I know that your soul power is very vigorous. If I do something wrong, you can easily recognize it in this short distance. You can use your soul to kill me easily before I can do anything. Therefore, I will not do anything stupid, so you should not waste too much of your power. Don't worry; I will try my best for you." Shi Yan quickly shouted. "You have such a sweet mouth." Cu Bi's beautiful eyes stared at Shi Yan and firmly nodded her head. "You are very smart, smarter than many of the Demonic Sound Clan's people. Moreover, although you are only at Earth Realm, you've already possessed the sea of consciousness. You are not bad at all. You should have some secrets; otherwise, Ya Ji shouldn't be interested in you like this." After taking a big breath of air, Cu Bi said, "Maybe, I should analyze your soul, seizing everything inside of your head to know everything hidden there. There is nothing you can hide; I will know all your secrets. Although this might get me seriously injured, I am still really excited about doing it." Shi Yan slightly shivered; his eyes shot out a cold ray of light. He seemed to be ready to risk his life. "I already knew that you are very cunning. Hmm, don't think you can take anything from me. Right now, I just don't want to kill you yet. If you dare to do anything stupid, you will know the consequence." Cu Bi's face coldly darkened, but a hesitating look appeared on her face. "If you can help me catch the sound beasts at the fifth or sixth level, I will set you free. Otherwise, I will detain you and give you to Ya Ji." "Sound Beasts? Aren't they beasts?" "The Sound Beasts are one kind of beasts. They only live in the Sound Beast Mountain where the miasmatic aura is incredibly dense. The Sound Beasts are made from Yin; their Demons Crystal Pearls also have the icy yin trait. They are very useful for us. Our cultivation will be prosperous if we can have these Demons Crystal Pearls. The Sound Beast Mountain has the "Ancient Thunder Formation" which discharged lightning. The Sound Beasts do not have any big problem if being hit by lightning. The Demonic Sound Clan, on the other hand, is naturally afraid of lightning so we cannot go any further into the Sound Beast Mountain, except that we can only stay outside the mountain and catch the Sound Beasts that venture out." "How is it useful with my help?" "The Sound Beasts' trait is icy Yin, and their souls are also unique. It is not easy for the Demonic Sound Clan to use our soul advantage to deal with them. To catch them, we also need to make use of the direct attacking weapons. However, once the Sound Beasts cannot win, they will quickly retrieve and hide inside of the Sound Beast Mountain. Thus, we cannot do anything. The Sound Beasts had one weakness, they are afraid of the burning fires. If you can use the burning fires, it is easier to catch them. Of course, we have to see if your burning fires are useful or not. Weak burning fires cannot affect the Sound Beasts." "Ok, I understand. I will help you arrest the Sound Beasts. Hmm, our deal is ten of the fifth or sixth level Sound Beasts. Is it ok?" "If you can help me capture ten of the fifth or sixth level sound beasts, I will set you free. If you can capture more, I can buy them at a reasonable price. Hmm, the Demons Crystal Pearls of the Sound Beasts are very treasurable. You can use them to exchange for any essential things that you want." "Can I exchange for slaves?" "Anything." "Good, maybe I will use some Demons Crystal Pearls of the Sound Beasts to exchange for some female slaves." Shi Yan thought about Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing, the three ladies who were being confined by Ya Ji. "Rotten." Seeing the lust in Shi Yan's eyes, Cu Bi couldn't help but curse. "Human beings, no one is good indeed! My father was right." "I assume that the Demonic Sound Clan's people have a strong prejudice against human beings?" "Humankind is cruel. If it were not because of humankind, we wouldn't have been deported to this place. Hmm, because of you, we all could not return to our Ancestry Land, being forced to stay here forever where there aren't the three Gods of the Sun, the Moon, and the Star." Cu Bi coldly said. "Why were you deported to this place? They wouldn't do it without any reasons." "Shut up!" Cu Bi jangled. Her beautiful face suddenly sharpened. Shi Yan got surprised and said no more. He was afraid that Cu Bi would not be able to control herself and take actions with him. After having got out of the Giant Stone Ancient City and crossing the extensive forest for a long time, a mighty, ten-thousand-meter high mountain struck his eyes. The mighty imposing mountain dominated the skyline; masses of white clouds hovered around in the middle of the mountain flank. The mountain peak pierced straight up into the sky. Each striking lightning like a giant dragon minced around the giant mountain, discharging powerful electric streams. On the giant mountain, ancient trees and deep black caves intensely scattered around the mountain cliffs. Many big Sound Beasts appeared, howling from the inside of the caves. The howls had a strange, powerful energy that terrified people. When these howls reverberated, the vibrations churned up in Shi Yan's sea of consciousness; his soul consciousness was not stable either. "The Sky and Earth aura gathered and created the Sound Beasts. Their soul is also very particular. Thus, their howls can badly hurt the ordinary warriors. However, you don't seem to be affected by the howls; you are no an ordinary person indeed. Hmm, so I don't need to worry too much. Sending the soul protection forces to your head has decreased my energy." Cu Bi soon relaxed her vigilance. She and Shi Yan were standing shoulder-to-shoulder on a big long branch of an ancient tree. He raised her head looking toward the Sound Beast Mountain in front of them and asked, "What is the level of the strongest Sound Beast of the Sound Beast Mountain?" Shi Yan looked ahead. As his sea of consciousness was agitated, and he couldn't release soul consciousness, it was hard for him to recognize the real strength of all the Sound Beasts in the Sound Beast Mountain. "The strongest Sound Beast..." Cu Bi shook her head. "Because of lightning, the Demonic Sound Clan cannot intrude inside, so we don't know what is the level of the strongest Sound Beast is. Hmm, the Wings Race used to invade the Sound Beast Mountain, but none of them have ever got out alive." "You and the Wings Race have always been fighting?" "Almost. The Wings Race people live just behind the Sound Beast Mountain. They consider themselves to be the true lords of this land; they want to rule the Demonic Sound Clan. In recent years, the Wings Race' strength has been stronger than ours. If it isn't because that the Wings Race people have conflicts with each other, we should have become their slaves." Cu Bi dispiritedly replied. "The Wings Race!" Shi Yan thought for a moment. "You have God-given soul advantages, and you can easily destroy our souls, but you cannot deal with the Wings Race?" "The Wings Race is more dangerous than humankind. No human being can compare with their solid physical body. Although the Wings Race's soul is not as good as the humankind's, they still have many ways to protect their soul from being violated. Humankind absolutely cannot compare with them." Cu Bi coldly said. "Oa oa, Boohoo boohoo" A strange noise like a baby crying came out from one cave on the Sound Beast Mountain. When that peculiar crying resounded, inside of that crave instantly emitted many flows of the gray yin aura. This gray miasmatic aura spread out violently and quickly, covering the entire small area in just a blink. A bunch of large figures was dancing in the middle of the gray aura, coming down the Sound Beast Mountain together with the gray aura, walking towards an icy lake in the distance. "Child Devil." Cu Bi's face changed dramatically. Her subtle body slightly shivered while she was staring at the place where the gray aura gathered. She said in fear, "This thing shouldn't appear at this time of the year. Is the defensive formation weakening? Irrational, really irrational! No, we might have to cancel our plan now." Turning around, Cu Bi hold Shi Yan with one hand and hurriedly said, "We should leave now. Forget this time; I have to inform my clan about the Child Devil!" "Are you sure we will be able to escape." Shi Yan's eyes slightly changed while he pointed toward something ahead. "That thing seems to have detected us already. They started changing the direction?!" "What?" Cu Bi shouted in panic; her white face got chalky.