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240 Demonic Sound Clan

In the darkness where nothing could be seen, Shi Yan gradually woke up. After opening his eyes, he released his soul consciousness to observe around. However, as soon as his soul consciousness flickered, there appeared an extreme pain in the sea of consciousness. This pain outbursted so strongly in his sea of consciousness that he almost fainted again. His face slightly changed while he tried to control the pain, hastily holding his breath and retrieving his soul consciousness. After that, the pain disappeared. His eyes flared up in the dark, but he was still unable to see anything. While groping in the dark, he realized that surrounding him was all icy lava rocks. These lava rocks were very hard, robust and rough; he did not know what kind of rocks they were. A formation technique seemed to have been placed in his soul consciousness. If he released the soul consciousness again, that formation technique would instantly spread out, causing him a splitting headache. Putting more effort to look around carefully, he still could not see anything. He then stood up to warm up a little bit. When he tried to urge the forces inside his body, he realized that his Profound Qi had been confined as well. He could not activate his power no matter how hard he tried. When the profound Qi and the sea of consciousness were both in confinement, it was like an ordinary warrior's life was captured without being able to use any force. However, Shi Yan was different. Although his profound Qi and the sea of consciousness were being confined, he could still use the negative powers inside his meridians which had gone through a lot of training for a long time. It was just that he did not know how to get out of this place. Because he couldn't use his soul consciousness, and even his spirit was restricted, it was hard for him to communicate with the Blood Vein Ring nor receive the messages of the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame. The stone chamber was pitch black. Shi Yan was sitting still, waiting in silence. He knew that the one who had captured him and still let him alive would appear sooner or later. As he didn't know this place, he had to be careful, not urging the negative forces to destroy the stone chamber. He should just wait in silence. "From where has Miss Yi Cu Bi captured him? There have been no human beings in our place for a very long time. It is unknown where that guy came from." "Hmm, humankind rarely appears in our place. Miss Yi Cu Bi has gone out and brought that guy back this time, but she just detains him instead of killing him right away. We don't know what she wants." "Whatever, bring that guy to Miss Yi Cu Bi." Shi Yan could hear the two miasmatic male voices outside of the stone chamber. Not long after that, a creaking sound reverberated in this airtight stone chamber. The dim light from the outside sneaked in, and two sickly miasmatic guys appeared from there. In the dim light, Shi Yan focused and realized that their faces were pale, and their bodies were very skinny. They emitted a faint icy miasmal aura and didn't seem to have a temperature. It was devilish indeed. "Stand up, follow us. Our Lady wants to see you." One of the two guys coldly said. Shi Yan lifted his eyebrows but didn't say anything. He did as he had been told. "You should obey us. I am not afraid to teach you some rules." The guy threw a sharp glance at Shi Yan and then went ahead to lead. "Follow us." Shi Yan said nothing, quickly going out of the stone chamber and silently observing around. It was a big and long corridor; both sides were stone walls where there were many drawings of beasts as well as some luminesced stones to light up the hallway. Those luminescent stones were not bright; they were a little bit dim actually. In that faint glow, Shi Yan could not realize what kind of the beasts drawn on the walls. The two guys with the cold miasmatic bodies looked quite good-looking. While they were leading, they often turned their head back, watchfully glancing at Shi Yan. As the sea of consciousness was in confinement, Shi Yan wasn't able to release his soul consciousness. Thus, he had no idea about those two guys' ability. However, from the miasmatic movements spreading out from their bodies, Shi Yan could guess that their level was not high. If his strength recovered, he could easily kill these two guys. However, in the situation where he did not know what was going on, Shi Yan did not dare to do anything recklessly. Being capable of avoiding his soul consciousness and effortlessly capturing him, that lady with the clear, cold voice apparently had a profound Realm. Facing such a high-class master like that, he would surely have a horrible consequence if he recklessly took any actions. After having followed the two guys through a long corridor, Shi Yan entered a huge hall. This large hall had a round-shape; several big stone columns situated inside of the hall. Many miasmatic guys and girls were standing, seeming to wait for something or someone. They all had miasmatic aura with a slender body shape and the pale skin as if they rarely exposed themselves under the sunlight. There was a senior man with long, regular breaths, a goatee, and ashy-gray pupils inside the great hall. He was sitting alone in the center of the hall. Other guys and girls were all standing at the side; they were obviously his servants and guards. Next to him was an exceptional lady wearing a royal dress. Her eyelashes were picturesque and incredibly beautiful. At this moment, her deep crystal clear eyes were looking at Shi Yan from a distance. She coldly said, "Father, this is the human being that I have captured." The elder stroke his beard and slightly nodded his head. His two ashy-gray eyes looked at Shi Yan neglectfully. Shi Yan stood at one spot but recognized that a flow of miasmatic aura seeped into his pores, silently moving in his body, seemingly exploring everything inside of his body. "Humankind, where are you from?" After looking at Shi Yan for a while, the old man moderately asked with a voice which was unexpectedly pleasant to hear. "Who are you guys?" Shi Yan asked without replying the man's question. "Inside this Chasm Battlefield, there were no warriors even in the legends. This place was the warriors' battlefield in the ancient time. The Sky and Earth aura here is extremely diluted. Why do you stay here? Who are you after all? Is this place the Chasm Battlefield?" "Sass." The beautiful girl frowned and coldly said. "Answer my father's question. Don't sputter any rubbish." A flow of the sharp spiritual soul like a sword stabbed through Shi Yan's head. The formation technique in Shi Yan's sea of consciousness suddenly spread out as if there were billions of worms nibbling him from the inside, causing him a splitting headache. He nearly couldn't help but scream out loud. Gritting his teeth, Shi Yan displayed the fierceness on his face but didn't utter a sound, only staring at that woman. "It's ok, Yi Cu Bi." The senior man waved his hand signaling Yi Cu Bi to stop destroying Shi Yan's sea of consciousness. He curiously looked at Shi Yan and said, "You are not bad. Although being hit by the Devouring Thousand Souls of the Demonic Sound Clan, you did not groan a word. If I am not wrong, your cultivation base is only at the Earth Realm." "Ah? Father, it can't be." The beautiful woman Yi Cu Bi couldn't stand by but scream out loud. "He had formed the sea of consciousness. Only the Nirvana Realm warriors can do it. How come an Earth Realm warrior can also do it?" "You are right. My cultivation base is only at the Earth Realm." Shi Yan slowly nodded. "I have come here from the outside world; I don't belong to the Chasm Battlefield. Because of some unknown reasons have I arrived here. I was in an scorching desert earlier, and come here through the Transfer Formation." "Are you truly ranked at the Earth Realm?" Her beautiful, lucid eyes astonished, looking at Shi Yan with curiosity. "You should have experienced some enlightenment. If not, you are not able to form the sea of consciousness at the Earth Realm. Hmm, not bad, you are not just an ordinary warrior". The senior man stared at Shi Yan, nodding slowly. He was silent for a while and then said, "You told me you are from the outside world. Have you heard about the Demonic Sound Clan?" Shi Yan shook his head. The elder's face looked gloomy; his eyes showed the loneliness. He said, "We left that place a long time ago, so long that the humankind does not even remember the Demonic Sound Clan. Such a regret that we cannot leave this place. I want to know how the humankind has turned out." "Father, isn't our life in here very good? Why do you still want to go to the outside world?" Yi Cu Bi confusingly asked. "You don't understand." The senior man sighed, he did not say anything more. Shi Yan was surprised. After Yi Cu Bi had stirred up his sea of consciousness, he was much more obedient. Although he still had some doubts, he did not dare to ask more. "I have some questions, and I hope you answer them honestly. If your answers please me, I can let you go wherever you want. However, if your answers do not satisfy me, your life will be in danger. I will make you completely disappear." The senior man bowed his head before lifting it up and speaking to Shi Yan. At the same time, a flow of strange vibrations suddenly came out from that elder. The formation technique inside Shi Yan's body was deactivated in a blink. His sea of consciousness recovered, his profound Qi started to move again. Releasing the soul consciousness, Shi Yan silently watched the senior man in front of him and his daughter Yi Cu Bi. His soul consciousness approached that elder but seemed to be prevented by an invisible power. On the contrary, it wasn't hindered too much when it came closer to Yi Cu Bi. The Sky Realm. Shi Yan displayed terrible fear on his face and almost screamed out after his soul consciousness circled Yi Cu Bi one round. This woman was still very young, but she was already at the Sky Realm. If her cultivation base was the Sky Realm, what about the senior man? "Don't think too much, you will not be able to escape from here." The old man said with an indifferent face. "First, tell me how you came here? Before entering the desert, where did you go? Can you go back through the old route? If you can do it, I will not make it hard on you and will spare your life." "I can't find the way to go back. Sorry. Although I also want to leave, there is no way indeed." Shi Yan shook his head reluctantly. The old man raised his eyebrows and seemed to consider something. However, at this moment, a guy hurriedly came in the hall. After kowtowing, he respectfully said, "Great Master, we have just discovered other warriors, but the number is almost one hundred this time." Shi Yan's pupil instantly shrank. He knew for sure that they were Cao Zhi Lan and her fellow warriors.