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In the middle of the desert, the soul fluctuation spread out everywhere from the giant sword, like surging waves massively rolling towards Pan Zhe and others.

The Sun Flames of the Sun Essence erupted fiercely as soon as the giant sword flew out.

A bunch of burning fires flew out from the Sun Essence. The color of the burning flames was the same with the red sky, making this scorching desert uncomfortably hotter.

Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, Qu Yan Qing were the outstanding talents of the new generation in the Endless Sea. They now looked extremely miserable, staying far away from the Sun Essence, wishing that they would have never come here.

At the farther place, the other warriors didn't dare to get closer to the Sun Essence. Instead, they stayed in the distance, watching the flames engulfing the entire sky, and the cruel spiritual vibration diffusing everywhere. They were scared of out their wits and didn't dare to take any further steps although they still wanted to know what was going on over there.

However, after a while, they couldn't help but watchfully walk to that area as they were so curious.

After only one hundred steps, they saw Cao Zhi Lan quickly approaching with a serious face.

"Run! NOW!" Cao Zhi Lan's face darkened. She shouted without explaining. She urgently passed these fellows and continued dashing forwards.

Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing lagged behind. When they saw other warriors, they also shouted, telling them to leave this place immediately. They didn't allow anyone to linger.

The warriors did not know what was happening. However, seeing their leaders in such miserable situation, they hurriedly followed Pan Zhe's group, leaving this place as fast as they could without overthinking about what was happening.

Close to the Sun Essence, a bunch of fires flew out and covered the entire sky like a group of heavy fire clouds collapsing.

The giant red sword was hovering in the air, emitting devilish soul waves. The blinking red eye on the sword discharged a strange garnet light.

At this moment, the blinking red eye on the giant sword seemed to be staring at a direction.

Below the giant sword, Shi Yan's eyes were congested while his mind was not clear. He raised his head looking at the two-meter-long, half-a-meter-wide giant sword with a bewildered look.

The Blood Vein Ring on his finger bloomed a powerful blood red halo, which was precisely similar to the red halo on the giant sword's handle.

A soon as the blinding deadly light exploded and shot out from the Blood Vein Ring, the power of the Ice Cold Flame was confined.

The moment when the Blood Vein Ring emitted the dazzling bloody light, the giant sword hovering in the sky flew towards Shi Yan. It seemed to either discover a target of interest or be attracted by something.

Shi Yan was confused as he didn't appear to know what had happened. He instinctively lifted up the Bloody Vein Ring on his finger. A strange, beautiful, garnet light emitted from the Blood Vein Ring, covering the entire sky as if blood had dyed the sky with its vivid color.

At the same time, the negative feelings inside Shi Yan's body impetuously rolled into the Blood Vein Ring like surging tides. Receiving those negative emotions, the Blood Vein Ring suddenly spread out a powerful soul fluctuation.

The red Gigantic Sword turned into a sparkling light, flying straight to the Blood Vein Ring. Instantly, it disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring leaving no trace.

Shi Yan's unconscious mind suddenly became clear. Different negative feelings messing around in his Sea of Consciousness instantly disappeared. The Sun power from the Sun Essence continued boiling and rolling into his heart, making his heart sparkling as if there were thousands of stars twinkling at the same time. A ring of fire was bursting bright.

His body was in extreme pain as if the heated flames were burning him. The icy power of the Ice Cold Flame was like a cold-water stream comforting his body, easing off his pain a little bit.

In the middle of the desert, although Shi Yan was standing at the distance of more than one thousand meters from the Sun Essence, he still felt the sun power of the Sun Essence getting more powerful.

Turning his head around and looking at the Sun Essence from afar, Shi Yan could feel that after a short time of the transformation, the scorching sunlight of the Sun Essence from the core of the sun was also gradually dimming.

The sun power and the Sun Flames inside the Sun Essence were drained quickly as Shi Yan and the Earth Flame had consumed them a lot. Their strength had been depleted by more than half just after a short time.

The sunlight discharged from the meteorite was less dazzling.

Shi Yan knitted the brows as he didn't know what was happening.

However, he still vaguely remembered that some people were coming here, and he quickly moved towards them from the location of Sun Essence. He seemed to pursue someone.

Hesitated a little bit, he released his Soul Consciousness to see if there were any strong living fluctuation.

One, two, three people...

Inside his Sea of Consciousness, he could sense more than ten warriors, who were only two miles away from him. They were running away from this place as fast as they could.

Shi Yan was surprised and startled a little bit. He didn't know why those people avoided him, nor did he have the intention of chasing them. After thinking for a while, he turned around and ran towards the Sun Essence.

"Why are we running away?" After a long while, Gu Ling Long halted, turning her head looking at the red sky behind, knitting her eyebrows. "It's only Shi Yan. Do we need to run?"

Cao Zhi Lan shook her head and said, "Shi Yan? We are running away not because of Shi Yan, but it is because of that giant sword. It's why we had to run."

"That giant sword ..."Gu Ling Long didn't seem to understand; her small face was a little odd. "The moment when that Gigantic Sword appeared, my divine swords transmitted a strong warning, urging me to leave. Is that Gigantic Sword dangerous?"

"It's hard to say how dangerous it is." Cao Zhi Lan said in a serious voice. "However, that Gigantic Sword can kill us all. That sword's devilish power alone can crush our souls completely."

Everyone was shocked with their eyes and mouths wide open.

"That dangerous?" Pan Zhe quietly clicked his tongue. "If so, that Gigantic Sword is a Sacred Grade Secret Treasure."

"At least, it is Sacred Grade!" Qu Yan Qing also nodded her head. "The devilish spirit vibration of that Gigantic Sword is frightening. From a far distance, I almost lost my thought of running away. If I did not have the secret treasure from my Master, I would have died there. The eye on the Gigantic Sword has a fascinating power indeed. It also has an evil life."

The faces of Pan Zhe's fellows slightly changed.

Qu Yan Qing's words made them remember the eye on the Gigantic Sword. That eye discharged blood red lights like a bunch of demons. It made people feel extremely dangerous, scared the future masters of the Endless Sea out of their wits, making them not dare to resist.

"What should we do now?" Gu Ling Long asked. "Shi Yan is certainly over there. We can't come closer to him. We don't know whom the Gigantic Sword belongs to. Do you think if we have anybody else in this place?"

"I will use my martial spirit to see if the burning fires are still there or not. When there is no more danger, we can go there. Hmm, Shi Yan cannot frighten us. If he still survives by that time, he is not worthy to be our opponent." Cao Zhi Lan assured her fellows.

Everyone nodded.

Many strange lights flared up in Shi Yan's eyes. He walked to the Sun Essence with a surprise.

"How come a Gigantic Sword appears inside this ring. It is surely a real object. How could the ring keep this evil thing?"

The Ice Cold Flame's message from the Blood Vein Ring came up. "I have taken a look at the structure of this ring. Logically, the place in this ring is not supposed to contain an object. How can it store this peculiar sword?"

"I think this sword's hilt has something related to my ring."

"Why do you say that?"

"I don't know the reason, I hazily supposed it. The Blood Vein Ring's and this sword's auras are very similar. Especially strange blood symbols on the sword are very similar to the ones on the ring. Maybe the ring and that sword have been created by the same person." Shi Yan soothed the Blood Vein Ring with a strange face.

He sent his soul into the Blood Vein Ring. He saw an open space inside the ring. The sword was silently hovering in this devilish blood red space without any auras.

The earth-shaking wicked soul fluctuation of the Gigantic Sword had disappeared, leaving no traces.

Relaxing his mind, Shi Yan tried to sense the energy fluctuation of this sword but got nothing. He couldn't find anything on the sword no matter how hard he worked to connect with it.

If he hadn't seen the strange power of this sword, he would have felt it was just an ordinary sword, and nothing could be miraculous.

It was hard to neither connect with the Gigantic Sword nor sense any soul fluctuation. This Gigantic Sword seemed to get stuck in the Blood Vein Ring. It had withdrawn all dazzling lights. It turned from a divine sword to an ordinary sword, losing its earth-shaking power.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

A strange hiss came up from the Sun Essence.

Shi Yan halted, observing the Sun Essence from ten meters away, feeling the sun power inside it.

The sun powers massively emitted out from the Sun Essence, absorbing into his body and then running to his heart.

It was unknown why and how his body seemed to gradually adapt to the scorching sun powers after that earth-shaking transformation.

When the sun powers poured into his body, his body no longer generated the Sun Flames or the fires that burned his body burn.

It seemed his body had been transformed to adapt to the Sun Flames and blend well with the Star Martial Spirit.