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A large lozenge meteorite was plunged into the desert generating beautiful rays of light. The whole object was glowing red, emitting terrifying Sun burning flames. The sunlight was too robust and dazzling that people could hardly open their eyes.

The meteorite was like a small mountain. A big part of it was buried deep inside the dune, leaving only one-third exposed.

Blinding red light was discharging from the meteorite, and its scorching firepower engulfed the entire area, which evaporated water inside living bodies rapidly.

If an ordinary person came here, he would be burnt and quickly become a desiccated corpse in about one hour’s time.

Although Shi Yan had gone through the annealing process by the Earth Flame many times, he still could feel the severe pressure which made him hardly breathe facing this horrible heating power of the meteorite.

There was a mysterious soul fluctuation coming out from the meteorite. While watching the meteorite from a distance, Shi Yan immediately felt his Sea of Consciousness was agitated nonstop. As he was affected by the strange power from the meteorite, he was nearly unable to control himself, heading into that meteorite.

Shi Yan believed that once he came closer to the meteorite, as soon as his body touched the burning fires around the meteorite, he would immediately turn into ashes.

Not to mention the Earth Realm warriors, even the body of a God Realm expert was not sure to remain intact under that meteorite's burning fires.

Shi Yan did not dare to take risks as he just silently watched the huge meteorite from a distance.

The Thousand Year Earth Flame had soon flown out. When he was still startled, the Earth Flame had headed towards the meteorite and disappeared into it.

Shi Yan was surprised. When he tried to contact with the Earth Flame, he realized that once he released his Soul Consciousness, the meteorite instantly emitted a terrifying power that stirred up his Sea of Consciousness, forcing him to retreat.

"How come?" The Ice Cold Flame's message reached him from the Blood Vein Ring. It had been a long time since the Ice Cold Flame had communicated with him. As soon as it appeared, it released waves of cold energy.

The icy power quickly rose in Shi Yan's body, spreading out to every corner. Under the effect of the icy power, Shi Yan's emotion and reckless body were soon stabilized. "Oh? You can use your powers?"

"Yeah, this devilish ring knows you are in trouble, so it has loosened its restraint a little bit." The Ice Cold Flame replied and kept silent again. It seemed the flame was releasing its spiritual power to survey the area.

Not long after that, the Ice Cold Flame sent him a surprising feeling. "The Sun Essence."

"What?" Shi Yan was astonished. "What did you say?"

"That red meteorite is the Sun Essence from the core of the Sun. It is the precious Heat of the universe", The Ice Cold Flame explained. "The Sun Essence can only be found in the core of the Sun. It is the core firepower of the Sun. For people who cultivate the special flaming techniques, if they have the Sun Essence, their power will increase immensely."

"Is it useful for the Thousand Year Earth Flame?"

"Not only useful! This Sun Essence is enough for it to have a quick breakthrough. Its soul would complete quickly. Moreover, it could have strong firepower which is not less than mine. Once the Earth Flame absorbs the Sun Flame in the Sun Essence and fuses with its burning fires, its living form will immediately change."

Shi Yan was panicked.

"What? Anything else?"

The Ice Cold Flame hesitated a bit before continuing. "There seems to be something hidden inside the Sun Essence. That item has an extreme energy fluctuation, as strong as the powerful soul attack of a God Realm expert."

"Something inside?" Shi Yan got surprised with his eyes and mouth wide opened. "The Sun Essence is obviously from the Sun in the sky. How come there is something inside? Would it come from the Sun?"

"It is not always from the Sun." The Ice Cold Flame contemplated for a while. "According to legend, warriors who reach the True God Realm can be considered Gods. They have the superpower that can destroy the earth. Their bodies can break all restraints in the world. They can fly to the outer space. It means the True God Realm warriors can go to the Sun..."

"Go to the Sun?" Shi Yan's eyes brightened. "According to you, although the thing inside the Sun Essence is not from the Sun, it is something from the True God Realm warriors?"

"Yes, that's what I meant."

Shi Yan didn't say anything else.

From a hundred meters far away, staring at that Sun Essence releasing dazzling burning fires and feeling his eyes hurt, Shi Yan slowly closed his eyes and mumbled to himself. "Impossible to come closer…"

Although the Earth Flame had tempered his body and there was a lot of burning energy of the Earth Flame inside his body, he still hardly endured the scorching Sun Flame surrounding the Sun Essence.

From a hundred meters away, he could feel his body was burning already. If he reached the Sun Essence, perhaps he would be burnt to ashes.

"Do you want to come closer?" The Ice Cold Flame seemed to know his intention. "With your sole ability, you are unable to come closer. However, with my help, it is still possible…"

"What are you waiting for then?" Shi Yan shouted. Right after that, he could immediately feel the icy freezing power. Under the icy power, his body got frozen in just a blink.

A solid ice layer spread out his entire body. It was like an ice armor covering him.

Under the ice shield's protection, Shi Yan realized that the heat from the Sun Essence had disappeared. He didn't have the feeling that his body was burning anymore.

Thump Thump Thump.

With the ice armor, Shi Yan was more daring, taking step by step towards the Sun Essence. However, he still didn't dare to go too fast.

Fifty meters...

Thirty meters...

Twenty meters...

Ten meters, Shi Yan halted.

From ten meters away, a bunch of scorching Sun Flames flew around the Sun Essence but didn't scatter.

The Sun Essence was very close to him now. If he moved a little more, he could reach it; however, he didn't know what was going to happen.

"You should not come closer. That is enough." The Ice Cold Flame warned him. "Close your eyes as well. You will be blind if you keep staring at it for a long time."

Shi Yan stammered in fear and hurried to close his eyes. From the distance of ten meters, he wanted to release his Soul Consciousness to communicate with the Earth Flame again.

"If you don't want to be attacked by the Sun Essence, you better not release your Soul Consciousness. Once your Soul Consciousness is released, the thing hiding inside will immediately realize and attack it. I've also recognized that the energy discharged from the Sun Essence can damage your soul much more terribly than I can. In other words, you are not able to resist it."

Shi Yan immediately stopped releasing his Soul Consciousness being warned by the Ice Cold Flame.

"What should we do now?"

"We can do nothing except for waiting for the Earth Flame. Only the Earth Flame is not affected by the Sun Essence. The Earth Flame's living form is unique. Since it dares to go closer, it is probably not afraid of the thing inside. Hmm, wait for the Earth Flame to come back or until it proactively contacts you. Until then, don't do anything."

As Shi Yan could do nothing, he closed his eyes, standing motionlessly ten meters away from the Sun Essence and waiting. He did not dare to release his soul consciousness either, only used his body to feel the scorching Sun power from the Sun Essence.

"Oh?" Many streams of burning Sun power from inside the Sun Essence were rolling towards Shi Yan. They seemed to be under the control of something, they quietly went into Shi Yan's chest and poured into Shi Yan's heart.

Having received the Sun power, his heart suddenly projected a red light. The starlights in his heart started to twinkle little by little and seemed to begin moving around his heart as if it was some miraculous unpredictable formation. It was utterly out of Shi Yan's expectation.

"This.... What is this?" The Ice Cold Flame was astonished. The icy power inside The Blood Vein Ring became weakened.

Many sun powers went into Shi Yan's chest and quickly poured into Shi Yan's heart, which might result in some transformation in his heart. The burning flame power was getting more intense while his heart was able to receive more and more energy, becoming incredibly dazzling.

Dazzling sunlight shot out from Shi Yan's heart. Shi Yan instantly became a light generator as his entire body generated many powerful beams of light

"What's going on?" The Ice Cold Flame seem not understand anything. It hurriedly communicated with Shi Yan. "Why... Why can your heart absorb sunlight? The Star Martial Spirit! I got it! The sun is also a star. The sun power is also considered the power of stars. Absolutely."

While the sun power kept rolling into his heart, Shi Yan felt as if he was soaking in a boiling oil pot. This kind of pain was indescribable.

That was why he couldn't even communicate with the Ice Cold Flame. He could only passively suffer the pain, letting the sun power flow into his heart.

A bunch of mysterious whirls appeared on his chest at this moment. The Mysterious Yin Secret Art belonged to the Three Gods Sect started to activate.

The existence of these three whirls attracted more and more sun energy. It kept pouring into his heart with the speed that was getting crazily faster.


His body suddenly burst into flame. The scorching Sun Flame started to burn his body from inside.

The Ice Cold Flame hardly contacted Shi Yan. It knew that if it let the sun energy burn Shi Yan to ashes, Shi Yan's soul would never be liberated. It would obviously vanish in the end.

If Shi Yan died, the Blood Vein Ring would have no master anymore. Thus, it would be confined forever which was not the result that the Ice Cold Flame wanted to see.

The heavenly icy power was getting denser and suddenly spread out from the Blood Vein Ring.

The Ice Cold Flame quickly released its power. It didn't regret using the billion-year-trained icy power to help Shi Yan resist the Sun Flame inside his body. Thanks to a right amount of the icy power that had absorbed into Shi Yan's body, the Sun Flames were immediately neutralized.

One of Shi Yan's eyes shot out the burning fires while the other projected the icy power. His entire body had entered an extraordinary state.