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235 Times have changed!

When Xie Kui's head exploded, the three devil phantoms had swallowed a group of warriors entangled inside those tornados.

After gathering the negative feelings, the three devil phantoms inside the Gravitational Field could submerge those Earth Realm warriors in craziness after only one strike and then easily took their lives.

In Kyraa Sea, these Earth Realm warriors weren't exceptional. They didn't have the Martial Spirits, any secret weapons, nor peculiar defensive forces to protect their bodies. In the confinement of the Gravitational Field, they were just like a herd of sheep waiting to be killed.

Xie Kui's soft, headless body fell. Essence Qi of his entire body flowed out and went into Shi Yan's meridians.


While one of his hands grabbed the long snow-white sword and drew it out from his foot, Shi Yan looked at Xie Kui's headless body and cruelly said with a sarcastic tone, "You dared to do close combat with me. You deserve to have a terrible death like this!"

With the Petrification Martial Spirit and the Immortal Martial Spirit continually being practiced and tempered, the sturdiness of Shi Yan's body was not something that other warriors could ever imagine. None of the same level warriors could defeat Shi Yan in close combat.

With the effect of the Immortal Martial Spirit, his pierced foot started to recover little by little.

Shi Yan urged the Electric Shift again. He went into the tornados, standing inside them. His Mystery Martial Spirit absorbed all the Essence Qi flowing out from the dead warriors' corpses.

The Gravitational Field confining He Qing Man shrank all of sudden. As the yellow sand had blocked her vision, she didn't know what had happened. As soon as she saw Shi Yan, she instantly launched another attack.

"Enough!" Shi Yan frowned and shouted. "Everyone's dead. You still want to fight?"

"Everyone's dead?" He Qing Man's beautiful eyes were confused. "Where's my brother? You aren't capable of defeating him. His Realm's higher than yours; he can also easily hide in the sand. You are not his opponent."

"Are you talking about Xie Kui?" Shi Yan pointed at the headless body. "He's over there. Except for you and me, there is no one alive here."

He Qing Man was frightened. Her prominent body quickly flew to Xie Kui's body.

"Ah!" He Qing Man screamed with fear.

She stood beside Xie Kui's corpse, covering her mouth, her beautiful eyes full of sadness. She said in a low tone. "He's dead. Everyone's dead. The future hope of the Evil Wonderland, the pride of being the future master of the next generation has gone just like this..."

He Qing Man was stunned as if she was facing a fatal attack. She mumbled to herself with a shocked face.

Shi Yan wasn't in a hurry to leave yet. Instead, he stood motionlessly, releasing his Soul Consciousness to sense the living movements around.

Shi Yan didn't know that Xie Kui and He Qing Man had separated from Cao Zhi Lan before she got here. He had thought that Cao Zhi Lan's fellows were nearby. In this fight, Shi Yan had killed everyone except He Qing Man, but he had also consumed a lot of his power. Although he was still in the Second Sky of Rampage Realm, he would quickly exhaust when the counter-attack spread out.

If Cao Zhi Lan was nearby, he had to immediately retreat as he couldn't continue fighting with his current status.

He closed his eyes, released his soul consciousness and silently sensed around for a while. After being sure that there were no living signals, he felt assured and slowly walked to He Qing Man. "Where are other people?"

"Who?" He Qing Man lifted her head up, bewilderedly looked at Shi Yan with a dark countenance.

"Where are Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe?" Shi Yan asked again.

"I don't know." He Qing Man shook her head. "We were pushed out from that Ancient Formation and separated. You're the first one we met since then."

Shi Yan contemplated for a while before speaking calmly, "Okay, I got it. See you next time."

"Hey! Where are you going?" He Qing Man shouted.

"I don't know." Shi Yan stopped for a while, looking at her. "Our standpoints are opposite. You better return to the Kyara Sea. Staying alone in the Chasm Battlefield is very dangerous."

"You've killed my brother; I have to take revenge for him." He Qing Man sighed. "You've killed him. You can also take my life. Shi Yan, I couldn't imagine how come your power could have improved that much in such a short time. I remember when you were on the Black Rock Island, your cultivation base was only the Second Sky of Disaster Realm. If Yang Mu didn't save you that time, maybe you...."

Shi Yan contemplated without saying a word.

"All of them are dead. I'm the only one who survived. Tell me, what others would say when they see me later?" He Qing Man revealed a sad smile.

Shi Yan shook his head and released a sigh. "You shouldn't have gone to the Chasm Battlefield."

"I did not want to go there either." He Qing Man gently shook her head and reluctantly said, "It was my Master's command. If I didn't go, it meant I disobeyed the order. Not only would I have trouble, but the He family would also be involved."

"Hmm, you stand in between, it isn't easy." Shi Yan's face was astounded. "Maybe Yan Mu's fellows are not here. Perhaps I am alone in this place. Your group of pursuers might be on the way to come here. Currently, no one knows the exit of this immense desert or where to search. Hmm, still, we should separate soon. If others find you here with me at the same place, I am afraid it is not good for you."

"Even if they don't see you and me at the same location, it is still uncomfortable to face them." He Qing Man smiled miserably. "When we were outside the palace, Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe already recognized the fake fight between Yang Xue and me. If my brother and my fellows were still alive, they would have said nothing. But now I am alone; I don't know how those guys will treat me."

Shi Yan knitted his brows in silence.

He suddenly said after a while, "Anyway, because you and them are allies, they may provoke you, but they will not kill you. Don't worry, having regard for Yang Xue and Xin Yan, I will not harm you if I see you next time. I need to go now. Take care of yourself." After speaking, Shi Yan turned around and quickly left without leaving Ha Qing Man a chance to talk more.

After Shi Yan had absorbed all of the energy from eleven warriors including Xie Kui, his acupuncture points currently started to refine the energy, and powerful negative feelings also started spreading out. Perhaps he would sink into insanity and lose his consciousness again.

Once losing his consciousness, he only had two options, either finding women to give vent, or binding himself and suffering the pain alone.

The relationship among He Qing Man, Yang Xue, and Xia Xin Yan was good. Because of Yang Xue, He Qing Man had been mistrusted. She had already sacrificed a lot. Shi Yan couldn't consider her the target to whom he would give vent.

Moreover, as He Qing Man belonged to the Evil Wonderland, he could not trust her completely. He couldn't let himself be unconscious next to that lady. Very dangerous.

Leaving He Qing Man, Shi Yan quickly moved towards the hottest direction in the desert as fast as lightning.

While moving forward in the desert, he could feel the pain on his foot fading away, and the wound was healing little by little.

Inside his acupuncture points, the Essence Qi of Xie Kui's fellows was refining rapidly; different kinds of negative feelings started spreading out. Shi Yan was trying to restrain himself.

It was unknown whether because he was entering the Earth Realm or because his nerves were getting stronger that the negative feelings spreading out from his acupuncture points still didn't drive him crazy yet. It was still bearable.

Except for the heavy breathing, the reddened face, and a little pain in his head, the negative feelings did not pull him into the endlessly deep abyss or make him unconscious this time.

A long time afterward.

The familiar peculiar energy spread out from his acupuncture points. Seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his entire body released the energy that refreshed his mind altogether. With this energy moving inside the body, he felt comfortably warm as if he was soaking in a hot spring.

This time, the Petrification Martial Spirit and the Immortal Martial Spirit didn't take this strange energy. Instead, all of it torrentially poured into his heart.

The Star Martial Spirit!

Shi Yan's pupils shrank. He couldn't help but curse and immediately used his mind to change the direction of the strange energy.

Regretfully, before he could do something, his heart had already released a powerful attraction force to absorb the strange energy completely.

He halted.

Gritting his teeth, Shi Yan sensed his body for a while silently. He then discovered that even though more and more star dots appeared in his heart, there wasn't any transformation occurring. The Star Martial Spirit in his heart couldn't gather the Star power, and he didn't know how to urge the Star Martial Spirit, either. Pouring the strange, mysterious into his heart was such a waste.

Anyway, before he could obtain the technique to control the Star Martial Spirit of the Three Gods Sect, it was helpless in increasing his power.


After seeing no one beside Shi Yan, the Earth Flame flew out from the Blood Vein Ring again without Shi Yan's command.

Turning into a dazzling flame, the Earth Flame started to lead the way again, eagerly flying in the hottest direction in this desert.

Shi Yan followed it reluctantly.

He had neither a target nor direction to seek in this desert. Therefore, following the Earth Flame was not a bad choice, anyway. The Earth Flame might lead to an unknown exit. Perhaps the area that excited the Earth Flame could have something which also surprised him.

With this thought in his mind, Shi Yan followed the Earth Flame in silence although he didn't know what was awaiting him.

Time passed quickly.

He didn't know how long he had been following the Earth Flame in this desert, but he had already taken the Refine Pills three times since his Essence Qi had run out. He had used all of his Essence Qi moving in this desert, and he also had to replenish it three times. Shi Yan guessed he could be going around in this desert for more than half a month.

This strange place had neither Sun, Moon, Stars, nor the darkness; only the glowing red sky.

After a long journey, he had shortened the distance between him and the hottest point. The Earth Flame was getting more excited; Shi Yan could even feel its soul shivering in thrill.

However, Shi Yan was getting weaker.

The closer he got to the hottest point, the more uncomfortable he could feel. Under the terrifying heat, even though the Heaven Flames had tempered his body, he still had to use more of his Essence Qi to resist it.

Having kept running for quite a while, when he nearly couldn't endure it anymore. The Earth Flame joyfully shouted eventually. Shi Yan finally saw the place for which the Earth Flame had been longing for.