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234 Burst you off!

The sky above the immense desert was vivid red, and it was sweltering.

A line of eleven warriors were moving slowly in the burning desert. Xie Kui was leading, while He Qing Man lagged far behind him.

The warriors of the Evil Wonderland gathered around Xie Kui, ignoring He Qing Man. As they seemed to know who was going to be the future Master of the Evil Wonderland, they decided to follow Xie Kui after the dispute between Xie Kui and He Qing Man without making any attempts in mediating the conflict between the two.

He Qing Man with her appealing body fell behind alone. Her gorgeous face looked worried.

"Remember, in the fight with the Yangs this time, if He Qing Man continues not using her full capacity, you guys can detain her so that she won't be our burden." While leading with a cold and gloomy face, Xie Kui lowered his voice commanding the following warriors of the Evil Wonderland.

"Yes, sir!" They nodded and quietly peered at He Qing Man far behind with meaningful eyes.

He Qing Man's beautiful eyes had a dull look. She apparently knew that her fellows kept their watchful eyes on her, but she couldn't do anything. At this time, she regretted not leaving the Chasm Battlefield and returning to the Kyara Sea sooner. She did not want to be part of this anymore.

However, no one could find the way back. Going back alone without being sure about the direction was just dumb.

Although she was in a dead-end situation and she knew that Xie Kui and his fellows wouldn't be nice to her, she had no choice but follow them.

A patrol of eleven warriors gradually approached a dune. Five warriors of the Evil Wonderland were following Xie Kui closely and considered Xie Kui's command their mission.

The other warriors who belonged to the Penglai Divine Land and the Heaven Lake Divine Land did not talk much, either. They silently followed Xie Kui, hoping that Xie Kui would help them find their other fellows and a way to get out of this devilish desert.

Boom Boom!

Suddenly, a loud explosion came up from the dune in front of them.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

A screeching tornado suddenly appeared and approached them quickly. Yellow sand engulfed the entire sky, while six massive whirls wholly covered this area. No one could see anything in this thick yellow sandstorm.

A warrior was pulled into the howling tornado and was twisted by the yellow sand. He couldn't even struggle.

"Who did that?" Xie Kui shouted. A small long snow-white sword instantly emerged from his wrist.

The hilt of this sword generated a dazzling gold halo. As soon as Xie Kui launched a slash, white light dots spread out from the dazzling gold halo, forming a beautiful curve, entering into the dune in front of him.


Abruptly, a figure soared from the dune and dashed towards Xie Kui quickly, crossing through the gold halo.

"Shi Yan!" Xie Kui's face slightly changed. He suddenly burst out laughing coldly. "It's good that you're here! I was worried I could not find you! You turn yourself in all of a sudden. Ha ha. You do court death!"

Right after finishing his words, Xie Kui slightly leaped up, retreated into the dune and disappeared, leaving no trace.

Next, another warrior was dragged up by the tornado that was formed by the Gravitational Field in the desert. The torque moment in this field didn't allow that warrior to move. He could only scream inside the tornado while the Essence Qi speed in his body was getting stagnant as well.

The howling wind arose. He Qing Man, who lagged far behind, also lunged towards Shi Yan like a strong wind.

There were full of complicated emotions in He Qing Man's eyes. However, she wasn't hesitant to launch the attacks toward Shi Yan. As soon as her appealing body leaped up, many sharp wind blades plunged out, creating strange screechy sounds in the air.

At the same time, Xie Kui extruded his head out of the dune where he was hiding. His snow-white sword discharged a dazzling yellow streak of light.

An earth dragon made of yellow sand suddenly flew out from the dune. Many yellow sand walls also emerged next to Shi Yan.

"Shi Yan, my Martial Spirit can control soils and sand. Killing you here is as easy as turning my hand over." Xie Kui smiled coldly. "You should have died sooner! Who are you to have Xin Yan's attention? Only I who is the future master of the Evil Wonderland deserve a beautiful lady like Xin Yan! You don't deserve her!"

Shi Yan was standing motionlessly with a cold face in the middle of the yellow sand. He looked cold-hearted.

He Qing Man's wind blades darted towards Shi Yan, striking his face. However, he kept standing motionlessly.

After all of the wind blades had pierced through Shi Yan's body, He Qing Man realized that they had shot his shadow only.

Xie Kui's eyes shrank with fear. He recognized that his yellow sand Earth Dragon, together with those walls, had made Shi Yan's shadow its the target. The real Shi Yan had already stayed away to avoid the attack.

"I wanted to fight with Xie Kui only, right in this dune area. You should not be involved."

After Shi Yan raised his eyebrows and flickered his consciousness, an invisible Gravitational Field swept over from his right and instantly detained He Qing Man's sexy body.

At the same time, another Gravitational Field silently approached Xie Kui and also tightly tied him up abruptly, giving him no time to make precautions.


Activating the Electric Shift, Shi Yan rocketed to Xie Kui as fast as the lightning.

"As long as my legs still touch the ground, this thing of yours doesn't affect me." Xie Kui frigidly laughed while his body went back into the dune again in a blink, escaping the confinement of the Gravitational Field.

Xie Kui had two kinds of Martial Arts, the Wood class and the Earth class. As long as his foot remained on the ground, he could comfortably hide underground. It was not easy to defeat him except the case his opponent was capable of killing him with only one strike.

Although Xie Kui had already disappeared into the sand, his voice still came up from underneath. "Shi Yan, I will cut your head off! I will keep it until I see Xin Yan again. I will take your head and give it to her. Does it sound interesting?"

Shi Yan was standing on the dune with an emotionless face while quietly accumulating his negative energy.

Right after the three big demon illusions condensed by the negative energy appeared, they immediately dashed towards the warriors who had been held up by the tornados.

Shi Yan stood still on the spot. His eyes closed as he seemed to wait for something.

Out of Shi Yan's expectation, Xie Kui didn't care to save his fellows who had been in the confinement of the Gravitational Field. Instead, he stayed hidden inside the dune and quickly moved to Shi Yan's feet discreetly.

A cruel smile beamed out from the corner of his mouth. A harsh light flashed up and instantly disappeared into his eyes.

No matter how Xie Kui could imagine, he would never believe that Shi Yan had successfully formed the Sea of Consciousness. In a particular range, no living movements could escape the vision of his Soul Consciousness.

Xie Kui kept himself completely hidden inside the dune without exposing any part of his body. It wasn't easy for Shi Yan to catch and kill him although Shi Yan could detect his location. However, if Xie Kui wanted to attack Shi Yan, he had to expose himself, and it was a good chance for Shi Yan.

Boom Boom Boom!

Grumbling noise reverberated right under Shi Yan's feet. A bunch of earth clubs emerged from underneath the sand layer. Shi Yan's body kept swaying and swinging in the middle of those earth clubs and then suddenly cast out toward one direction.

Inside the dune, Xie Kui quickly moved to the place where Shi Yan would land and wait patiently. As soon as Shi Yan descended, he would instantly burst through the sand and launch one single powerful strike to kill him.

While Shi Yan was still in the air, his hands were making many hand seals. One after another, Life Seals and Death Seals had already stacked over each other even before his feet touched the ground.

The Death and Life Seal pounded straight down on the ground.


A terrified explosion echoed from the place where Shi Yan was going to land. When the blast resounded, a figure was knocked straight out from inside the dune. The snow-white sword was also struck away from his hand by the mighty Death and Life Seal.

After Shi Yan had landed, he stretched out his hands grabbing the hilt of Xie Kui's sword and then activated the Electric Shift dashing towards Xie Kui like an electrical current.

Blood trickled down the corners of Xie Kui's mouth. His body was injured received the Death and Life Seal's powerful impact. If there wasn't the protection of the earth armor, his body should have been entirely crushed into ashes by the Life and Death Seal.

Seeing Shi Yan approaching as fast as the lightning, Xie Kui hurriedly used his old trick going back inside the dune.

As soon as one of his feet touched the ground, Shi Yan quickly glided over and lifted his left foot stepping on Xie Kui's right foot. Xie Kui felt extremely painful on his right foot right before he was about to disappear underneath the sand.

Although he still tried to hide in the sand, he had realized that a long sword had nailed his other foot.

"Run? You still want to run?" Shi Yan's eyes looked cruel, his face brutal. He was staring at Xie Kui while laughing coldly.

"You! You!" Xie Kui's face changed dramatically. Shi Yan was still stepping on his left foot. The sword pierced through Shi Yan's left foot first and then through Xie Kui's right foot. Their left and right feet both stuck together.

To prevent Xie Kui from hiding in the sand, Shi Yan had daringly speared the sword through his right foot.

Boom Boom!

As their feet had been pierced through altogether, Xie Kui and Shi Yan were now in the face-to-face position. Powers inside their bodies furiously rose. Their martial techniques were ready to be launched. A drastic fight was about to happen.

With one foot tightly nailed down and the other one heavily stepped on by Shi Yan's foot, Xie Kui had no way to make any moves.

At the same time, Shi Yan's Petrification Martial Spirit was activated. Shi Yan's entire body became as hard as iron. The Second Sky of Rampage appeared once again. The quantity of energy in his body doubled in just a blink.


Hand Seals violently exploded between Shi Yan and Xie Kui. Faint yellow lights emitted around Xie Kui's body while his two hands formed an invisible Seal which created miraculous rippling waves outside his chest to protect himself from Shi Yan's attack.

"Cut my head off?" Shi Yan wore a fierce look while freely releasing the tremendous power of the Second Sky of Rampage. Life Seals and Death Seals were continually striking Xie Kui's chest and destroying all of Xie Kui's opposing energy.

Shi Yan's Petrification Martial Spirit, his Extreme Refining Body, and his body's sturdiness were things Xie Kui could never acquire.

In the Second Sky of Rampage, the energy that Shi Yan could gather was far more than what Xie Kui had. In a close combat like this, Xie Kui was the only one who would be crushed and destroyed as he had no remaining energy to defend.

"Burst!" Shi Yan shouted crazily. The Life Seals and Death Seals piled up, striking Xie Kui's head altogether.

Xie Kui's head exploded after this strike. Skull and blood scattered everywhere. He died immediately.