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233 I Can Kill Them!

"Miss Cao, your Spirit Divine Martial Spirit has always been miraculous. Can you detect the locations of Shi Yan and the Yang family from here?" On a dune, after having tried the Yin Ball as well as failing in releasing the mental power, Pan Zhe dispiritedly asked Cao Zhi Lan in the end, setting his hope on this woman.

Cao Zhi Lan's eyebrows slightly slammed together. She closed her eyes and sensed around for a while before opening her eyes again, shaking her head gently. "I can only feel some special power fluctuations in a particular range. I think the Yang family's group has been out of my searching range right now. I can't identify their direction".

"As per what you said, staying here means we're all lost?" Pan Zhe shook his head and burst out laughing. "This damn place doesn't even have the Teleport Formation to go back. Would we get stuck here forever?"

"I don't want it, either." Cao Zhi Lan's face was indifferent. "Although we don't know how vast this place is, we can continue to search around, and we'll probably find some unusual things. The one who has created this place couldn't just leave no trace. Hmm, I need more time."

"Being in the same place with Miss Cao is my honor," Pan Zhe said eagerly, his eyes slightly brightened.

Cao Zhi Lan did not reply and started searching for the unusual traces. A strange light flashed again from between her beautiful eyes.

"Ge, what should we do now?" He Qing Man and Xie Kui were standing on the same dune.

Five other Earth Realm warriors of the Evil Wonderland were surrounding them. These five warriors, together with the other two, were also lucky to be teleported to the same place.

The five warriors were circling He Qing Man and Xia Kui in silence, preventing the warriors of other groups from eavesdropping their conversation.

Xia Kui harrumphed coldly and replied with a somber face and cold eyes. "You ask me, but then I ask whom?"

"Ge, you weren't like that before." He Qing Man was a bit upset. Her beautiful face looked like she wanted to cry. "I remember that you liked me a lot before. Why are you treating me this way? Why?"

Xia Kui's look was cruel. "You don't know?"

"Not at all." Under Xia Kui's fierce gaze, He Qing Man was startled, timorously stepped back, but she still tried to show her stoutness.

"When we had arrived the Vault of Heaven Sea Area, you insistently refused to come here. Since then, I figured out your innermost feelings. You are not heartfully with our Evil Wonderland. However, I still did not expect that you could act recklessly like this! The fight between you and Yan Xue inside the Palace was just a game?" Xia Kui suddenly shouted.

He Qing Man's soft body trembled. "Brother, you could recognize it, couldn't you?"

"Yes!" Xia Kui laughed coldly. "Not only me realized that. You did not even use the Martial Spirit. How much energy did you use? You think Cao Zhi Lan, Qu Yan Qing, and Pan Zhe are all stupid? They just don't want to be nosy. If this stuff is spread out, your honor and the Evil Wonderland's reputation will be ruined! I don't want people to say that we, the Evil Wonderland, still have any relation with the Yang family!"

"Ge, the relationship between Yang... Yang Xue and I have always been good; I couldn’t kill." He Qing Man shook her head, her eyes red.

"This is a war! You are not allowed to let your personal feelings disturb you!" Xia Kui's face was cruel and wicked. "You did not use all of your energy on the last shot to defeat Shi Yan. You and Yang Xue might be close, but this Shi Yan, how come you still could not defeat him? I doubt if it a wrong decision to keep you with us."

He Qing Man gritted her teeth as she could not deny it.

"I can let go of what happened, pretending I didn't see it. But if it happens again, don't blame me for being heartless." Xia Kui continued coldly, "Remember, the Evil Wonderland's involved in this war. From now on, every one of the Yang family is our archenemy. It will never change. You and I are both outstanding warriors of the Evil Wonderland. Everything we are doing now is for ourselves, do you understand?"

He Qing Man’s head scooped down and said nothing.

"You should think about it yourself. I've said what I should say; I hope you won't let me down next time. If it happens again, we are no more brother and sister, and I will be the first one who punishes you!" Xia Kui flipped his sleeves and left with a cold face. As he considered the future of the Evil Wonderland to be his, catching and killing the Yang family was his compulsory oath.

Anyway, the Evil Wonderland's foundation was in the Kyara Sea, once the Yang family recovered its power and wanted to take revenge, the first ones they would kill were them.


A stream of the red burning fires drew a beautiful curve in the void ahead. Flames sparkled everywhere as that fire halo moved faster and faster.

Behind the red halo of firelight was a majestic figure, which looked like a dead spirit, as fast as lightning. He followed the halo and kept the distance of ten meters from that halo all the time.

While the Earth Flame was flying fast in the air, the supreme burning fiery power spread out uncontrollably. Shi Yan also felt that heating power was unbearable.

The ten-meter distance was the maximum that Shi Yan could endure, the limit he could do.

If shortening the distance with the Earth Flame, that burning firepower would make him hardly breathe. If the flaming fires penetrated into the Essence Qi in his body, his Essence Qi would proactively release the opposing forces to resist, consuming a lot of his energy and exhausting him quickly.

Therefore, ten meters was the most comfortable distance for him to break through to the Earth Realm. Shi Yan felt that the forces inside his body had gone through an earth-shaking transformation. This change was not simply a tremendous increase in his energy but also an enhancement of his knowledge of using powers, and his control of Essence Qi. Everything had leaped into the new Realm.

He could now skillfully control his Essence Qi. His Soul Consciousness seemed to be present in each flow of the Essence Qi. When his mind flickered, the Essence Qi from every vessel of his body would quickly spread out and transform into the shape that he wanted.

The Essence Qi stopped struggling and became easier to control.

As long as his mind could imagine and his spirit could take control. The Essence Qi would be able to instantly condense and transform into many marvelous desired forms, no matter if they were birds, trees, nunchakus or other weapons, etc... A bird which was created by the profound Qi could deliberately fly in the sky; plants and trees could be vivacious; arms could be incredibly powerful and firm. The Earth Realm was a process of clearly understanding the energy inside the body. In the beginning, the profound Qi was only one of many kinds of energy in his body. At this moment, the Essence Qi had become the extension of his body, a part of his body, the core of the power, and also the holy spirit on which he could rely.

"Is it still far ahead?" Shi Yan sent the message while his body was quickly gliding above the sand. He suddenly stalled, took out some Refine Pills and swallowed them all. Afterward, he continued moving forward but with a slower speed while waiting for the pills' therapeutic effects to spread out all over his body.

In the Chasm Battlefield, Refine Pills were the simplest and the most efficient way to restore the Essence Qi. Anyway, the Sky and Earth spiritual auras here were extremely diluted; it should take ten times longer to recover the Essence Qi here than in other areas. As soon as the Earth Flame realized Shi Yan's speed decreasing, it also slowed down, transmitting its happiness and eagerness.

"Is it very fast?" Shi Yan stopped and released his Soul Consciousness to search around carefully.

His Soul Consciousness was like rippling waves, but they were hindered by this strange space. They could not move as comfortably as they were outside. The spreading speed of his Soul Consciousness was also slower several times, and its coverage was also smaller dozens of times.

"Oh? There are traces of living beings!" Suddenly, ambiguous living vibrations appeared from the remote area where his soul Consciousness was exploring. These fluctuations evidently belonged to Earth Realm warriors. Shi Yan's spirit was convulsive. His instinct told him that it was probably Yang Mu's group. Or even if it wasn't Yang Mu, as long as they are adventurers, he still could exchange information, asking them where he was and how to get out of here.

It was unknown how long and how far he had been following the Earth Flame in this area. He had doubts about this place. He was lonely for so long. He wanted to talk to someone.

"You come back here first. Slow down a little bit. I will go over there to see if there are some people." Shi Yan sent a message. The Earth Flame twisted involuntarily, and slowly got into the Blood Vein Ring afterward. The Earth Flame was the Heaven Flame, which was incredibly powerful, but it hasn't ascended yet. Even if it finished its evolution, there were still many other existences that could dominate it. Otherwise, the Ice Cold Flame shouldn't have been imprisoned many times.

There were many miraculously precious treasures in this world which prevented the Heaven Flames from fleeing away. For example, he could take advantage of the Soul Gathering Pearl to make the soul of that Demon Master separate from his body. There were also some other miraculous treasures which could capture and confine the Heaven Flames. The Earth Flame was safe when staying inside the Blood Vein Ring.

After the Earth Flame had got into the Blood Vein ring, Shi Yan retrieved his Soul Consciousness. He then followed the direction his Soul Consciousness had guided him and kept moving toward the target.

After half an hour, Shi Yan quickly moved behind a dune all of a sudden. He extruded his head out of the dune while peeping and looking toward some people in the distance. They were approaching where he was now.

Shi Yan could easily see people coming from behind the dune. However, as the distance was far and he only extruded his head out, it was hard to see things. Shi Yan was not hasty and still kept waiting.

Finally, he recognized a beautiful figure in a firing-red armor among those people. Although he couldn't see her appearance, he was confident that that prominent appealing body belonged to He Qing Man.

Realizing it was He Qing Man, Shi Yan fixed his eyes on the other people behind her. He then recognized Xie Kui according to his old memory.

After observing for a long time as well as releasing his Soul Consciousness once again, he could identify Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing. Those were the outstanding warriors on the combat list. They were not accompanying Xie Kui's group.

His Soul Consciousness was like the Heaven eyes, which helped him gradually realize the real competences of that group. Shi Yan slowly retracted his head, activated the Finger Spear to bury himself under the dune. He slowed down his breaths and started to hide his auras.

There were total eleven Earth Realm warriors including Xie Kui and He Qing Man. No Third Sky of the Earth Realm warrior. I can kill them!