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The Meteor Formation.

Inside an ancient formation at another location.

Yang Mu, Yang Xue, Yang Ke, Li Feng Er, and other warriors of the Yang family were all standing inside an ancient formation. This formation was quite similar to the one that Shi Yan had entered, except for a minor difference in the surrounding power crystals.

At this moment, the energy crystals surrounding the Ancient Formation were regularly releasing beautifully dazzling beams of light.

A group of the Yang family's warriors entered the ancient formation and continuously disappeared with the flashes of those beams. Yang Mu's group was following Jian Hu Quan's method. Each person of the Yang family had used this method precisely to move forward when entering this ancient formation. They were not affected by the celestial meteorites.

According to Jian Hu Quan, this was the exit of the Meteor Formation.

As having been reminded by Jian Hu Quan, the Yang family's members weren't hesitant while standing in the middle of the Ancient Formation. They had then teleported away.

All warriors of the Yang family quickly disappeared from the Meteor Formation through this Ancient Formation. Similar to what had happened to Shi Yan, as everyone’s vision had disappeared, and couldn’t see anything inside the Meteor Formation. Instantly teleport away, no one knew the other's situation. This was the reason that Shi Yan and Yang Mu's warriors got separated.

However, thanks to Jian Hu Quan's advice, they didn't hesitate to enter the Ancient Formation right away.

Outside the Meteor Formation.

Cao Zhi Lan, the long-limbed woman, had a strange light in her eyes. The Spirit Divine Martial Spirit, which was controlled by her spirit, started analyzing the transformation of that Meteor Formation to comprehend its miraculous movement. The people of Pan Zhe's group were all standing outside the Meteor Formation. They didn't dare to go in.

After having used the Spirit Divine Martial Spirit for a while, Cao Zhi Lan suddenly burst into laughter. She slowly stood up and said, "In the Meteor Formation, you can go either on the left or the right. As long as you don't make a wrong move, the meteorites won't attack you. Well, if you choose to go on the left, take seven steps to the left, then five steps to the right. And vice versa, you can also take seven steps to the right then five steps to the left. Both ways can get you out of the Meteor Formation."

"So, should we go to the left or the right after all?" Gu Ling Long knitted her eyebrows and irritatingly said, "Inside this Meteor Formation, there are surely two ways out, which possibly lead to the two different areas. Because our target is the Yang family, the first thing to do is to identify their direction to pursue them."

"How can we know which direction the Yang family has chosen?" said Cao Zhi Lan.

Xie Kui's face darkened with a murderous look in his eyes. "Yang Mu isn't easy to deal with. If he isn't dead this time, he will certainly find a way to take revenge against us. If we decide to take action, we can't let them have a single chance to survive. No one can live."

"When Shi Yan and I fought, I recognized that he had a vigorous Flame power. My Spirit Divine Martial Spirit has recently detected an adamant fire movement on the right." Cao Zhi Lan smiled faintly. "Maybe Shi Yan's on the way out on the right. Yang Mu will not separate from Shi Yan for sure. If Shi Yan is there, the Yang family will be there as well."

"Good, we'll follow the way on the right then." Pan Zhe nodded and talked to the warriors of the Penglai Divine Land who were standing behind him, "Remember Miss Cao's words carefully, once entering the Meteor Formation, take seven steps to the right first and then five steps to the left. Don't make any mistakes."

"Ok, I'll lead," Cao Zhi Lan calmly entered first.

In the middle of the vast and oppressively hot desert, lay an exhausted man with arms and legs up. He was breathing slowly. Many different energies inside his body started to recover. Each stream of negative energy silently scattered out in his meridians.

The desert was burning, but there was no sun. The sky was vivid-red which was like the color of fresh blood. Uneven dunes scattered here and there in the desert where there was neither living fluctuations nor green nor sound.

A bunch of red burning fires flew out from the ring. It danced, bouncing up and down in the scorching desert. It seemed to be secretly sensing something.

"This place makes me uncomfortable." The Ice Cold Flame sent out a message from the Blood Vein Ring. "This peculiar space is oppressively hot. This scorching aura seems to belong to the Sun. However, there is no sun here; I don't know what's going on..."

"This should be an area of the Chasm Battlefield. Hmm, strange indeed. The Earth Flame seems to like this place very much. It instantly showed its enthusiasm as soon as it arrived here." Shi Yan responded.

The ancient formation had thrown him here, and he had fallen in this vast desert. There wasn't any other ancient formation near him.

His entire body had been severely injured. He didn't have any energy left to explore the mystery of this place. He could only lie on the ground motionlessly and recovered slowly. "Hmm, we can't see the sun from here, but its intense power still exists. Very strange, indeed." The Ice Cold Flame contemplated for a while before speaking all of a sudden. "This place's very suitable for your Extreme Refining Technique. You can rely on the mysterious power here and use the Earth Flame to cultivate your Extreme Refining Technique devotedly. It will help your body get stronger."

"Let me recover first, and we will see later." Shi Yan did not refuse, looking up to the sky with a forced smile. He stopped communicating with the Ice Cold Flame and started to recover slowly.

After taking ten Refining Pills and absorbing their power, by spreading this energy out to combine with his remaining Essence Qi. Shi Yan could quickly restore his consumed Profound Qi without requiring too much of the Sky and Earth aura.

Refining Pills were precious pellets which could magically restore the Profound Qi. Refining Pills were treasured in the Endless Sea, and only mighty warriors could take them. Regular warriors did not have enough ability or materials to refine the Refining Pills.

The healing power of the ten Refining Pills was sufficient to restore the consumed Essence Qi of an Earth Realm warrior. For Shi Yan who was only at the Peak of Disaster Realm, the effect of these ten Refining Pills was more than enough.

While the Essence Qi was silently gathering, Shi Yan relaxed his mind and started to comprehend the peculiar things in his body.

The Immortal Martial Spirit could cure his wounded body quickly, strengthen his bones, which had been destroyed by the meteorites, and heal the broken blood vessels in just a short time.

An ordinary person would require a few days to restore, but it only took him a few minutes to regain his strength.

Inside his meridians, many flows of whirling air quickly span and filtered the Essence Qi that would be refined by the Mystery Martial Spirit, turning into a special energy. Shi Yan could absorb this energy easily.

However, the negative feelings spread out in his body slowly disturbed Shi Yan's mind as it wanted to pull him down to a deep dark abyss.

About ten pursuers were dead inside the Palace this time around. His meridians had absorbed these ten dead Earth Realm warriors' Essence Qi entirely. The negative feelings, which had been created by refining their Essence Qi, were enough for him to lose his consciousness.

After sensing these feelings for a while, he realized that it was not easy to stay strong-minded. Shi Yan contemplated a little bit before deciding to sink into a dune.

If he could come to this place, so could his pursuers. If Cao Zhi Lan's warriors came at the time he lost his consciousness due to the process of refining energy, he would certainly be dead.

After a long time of recovery, his body had already restored a little bit of power. As soon as he launched the Finger Spear Technique, his ten fingers became sabers. He burrowed into the dune like a pangolin.

The Earth Flame was bouncing up and down outside the dune. However, as it seemed to realize Shi Yan's intention, it stopped running about and went back into the Blood Vein Ring before Shi Yan disappeared into the dune.

Shi Yan went ten meters deep inside the dune while holding his breath. He only stopped when the sand had covered his entire body and hindered his movement.

Not long after that, the refining process in his meridians had reached the critical point of time. Eventually, Shi Yan could no longer resist the negative feelings and started to lose his consciousness.

At a depth of ten meters inside the dune, the sand shrouding Shi Yan was deterring his struggle, even his scream could hardly be heard. Sand had become the natural prison that temporarily confined him.

Shi Yan had lost his consciousness. He was continually wriggling. He didn't think of using the Finger Spear to make a way out. Instead, he only kept struggling helplessly under the dune.

It was unknown how much time had passed.

Shi Yan's struggle seemed to be less potent, and the screams also stopped. Many flows of strange energy, one after one, silently flew out from his meridians, spreading to all of his vessels and bones.

Shi Yan had gradually lost his senses, so he didn't realize the transformations of his body. He subconsciously let peculiar forces freely flow inside his body, scattering all over his vessels and bones.

Time flew slowly.

Shi Yan suddenly awakened after a long time. He immediately realized that his exhausted body had already regained the overwhelming lively power.

No matter if it was the Essence Qi or his body, both had sufficiently recovered to the acme. He couldn't be better than right now.

"Oh?" The Essence Qi halo on his belly kept condensing and shrinking. That Essence Qi halo inside of his body was quickly condensing without any guidance.

During the transformation of the Profound Qi halo in his body, all the vessels of his body, which were like sponges, were absorbing the refined Profound Qi that had been spreading out from that halo.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness was running around both inside and outside of his entire body. A flash of light suddenly appeared in his head.

Right after that, Shi Yan beamed a contented smile. He started to relax his spirit, relied on the transformation of his body to guide the Essence Qi that had been refined from inside of the halo to penetrate into the vessels inside his body.

After taking power from those forces, his vessels became sparkling and translucid as if they had turned to delicate jades. It was such a miracle.

During the vessels' transformation, the more Essence Qi being poured in, the more his vessels expanded.

With the larger vessels, his Essence Qi would be able to move faster inside his body. At the same time, the ability to contain Essence Qi was higher, and his body's movements were also quicker.

The anomaly of the vessels was the best visible sign to prove that his Peak of Disaster Realm had been broken through into the Earth Realm.