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Inside the Meteor Formation.
Meteorites as big as millstones were falling from the sky one after one, and their impacts were extremely violent.
As soon as he entered the Meteor Formation, Shi Yan immediately saw a meteorite landing beside him. Gray smoke was very thick in this place; Shi Yan couldn't see anyone. When he used his Soul Consciousness, he couldn't sense any life signal around him, either.
As he entered the formation, Shi Yan felt as if he had walked into a strange environment where his five senses were clogged up, and his Soul Consciousness was hindered.
Remembering the words of Jiang Hu Quan, seven steps to the left then five steps to the right, Shi Yan followed this simple footwork and walked deeper into this strange Meteor Formation.
He couldn't see people nor sense anything with his Soul Consciousness except for the meteorites falling over one after another.
Jiang Hu Quan’s footwork was indeed very magical. Following this pattern, Shi Yan could see the meteorites falling one by one, but none of those meteors could hit him. When some of the meteorites were about to hit him, Shi Yan wanted to try to block the meteorites using his body, but he soon found out that the meteorites fell to his side instead of hitting on him. It was like as long as he followed Jiang Hu Quan’s footwork, he would never get hit.
Shi Yan calmed down and sped up his pace to get through this Meteor Formation.
Suddenly, a strange thought came out from the Blood Vein Ring. Shi Yan was startled. He halted immediately. He used his Soul Consciousness to sense, and his face slightly changed.
The Earth Flame became very excited. It even wanted to break out from the Blood Vein Ring's constraint. It was unknown why it became agitated inside this Meteor array.
The Ice Cold Flame was also present inside the Blood Vein Ring. As the Blood Vein Ring seemed to know that the Ice Cold Flame was all along a threat toward Shi Yan, it used a magical power inside the ring to bind the Ice Cold Flame to prevent it from using its ability to attack Shi Yan.
However, the Blood Vein Ring’s attitude was very loose towards the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame. It seemed to know that the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame wouldn't harm Shi Yan, so not only did it construct a comfortable environment for it inside the ring, but also didn't bind the Earth Flame.
This meant the Earth Flame could come out from the ring as easily as it wished.
This time, the Earth Flame's abnormality was that it wanted to come out.
Shi Yan used his Soul Consciousness to try to stop the Earth Flame, but he found that he was already too late. From the moment he released his Soul Consciousness, the Earth Flame had already flown away from the Blood Vein Ring, heading towards his right side. 
Inside the Meteor Formation, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness couldn't detect any life fluctuations around him, but this restriction seemed not to degrade his connection to the Earth Flame.
Maybe that was because the relationship between him and the Earth Flame was already too close; that there was a strange connection between them. Even Shi Yan if didn't release his Soul Consciousness, he still could feel the location of the Earth Flame.
Boom Boom Boom!
One after another, the meteorites continued to fall from the sky. If Shi Yan didn't follow the footwork pattern, he definitely would have been hit.
The Earth Flame ignored Shi Yan's warning and flew away. It seemed to be attracted to something. At this time, if Shi Yan still didn't continue to move, he would probably lose the Earth Flame's location if the distance between him and the flame became too far.
Inside the Chasm Battlefield, there were many barriers, if he lost the connection with the Earth Flame, it would not be easy to find it again. At this time, the Earth Flame was only one step away from fully ascending from their location.
Also at this time, if there were someone who wanted to catch it, as long as they knew the right way, they could ultimately replace Shi Yan and establish a deep connection between him and the Earth Flame, and thus became the Earth Flame's new master.
Shi Yan’s face looked uncertain. He pondered for a while, and then he decided to catch up with the Earth Flame.
As he changed his pace, he immediately used his Essence Qi to burst toward the Earth Flame's location like a sharp sword.
Boom Boom Boom!
At the moment he changed his footwork, the meteorites inside the Meteor Formation suddenly came and crashed at him as if they had eyes.
His shadow was like lightning, passing the falling meteorites with his fastest speed while avoiding them.
Boom Boom!
A huge meteorite suddenly came and crashed Shi Yan's back.
An extreme force of impact burst out from his back. Although his petrified body could withstand the impact, he couldn't maintain his speed, and thus he became the target for other meteorites.
In just a few seconds, his body couldn't bear the impact from five meteorites, and his body was also exhausted. Under this bombardment, his mouth started to gush out blood again.
Shi Yan stopped and didn't dare to make any move. He silently sensed his injuries with a little impatience.
At the previous fight with Cao Zhi Lan, he had used the Second Sky of Rampage, and his meridians had also absorbed a lot of Essence Qi from the dead. Now, the backlash started to show its effect, and his body became weaker.
At this time, he was hit by five meteorites and damaged badly. If it wasn't because of his Petrification Martial Spirit, he would have already have fallen to the ground under those attacks.
The Earth Flame was 100 meters in front of him. For now, this distance was like a death road which was tough to pass through. If he weren't careful, he would be hit again.
Inside this array, he was not sure when Cao Zhilan's group would appear. If he lost his consciousness here, not only would he continue bearing the impact of those meteorites but he also had to face the risk of being detected by Cao Zhilan and the others.
But if he followed the footwork, he could still get through this Meteor Formation and thus avoid the danger from the meteorites and Cao Zhilan.
However, if he did so, he would probably lose the Earth Flame.
With a sullen face, Shi Yan looked hesitated. In his mind, he kept weighing gains and losses and needed to make a decision soon.
I'll ignore it for now.
Ten seconds later, Shi Yan made up his mind to put aside the Earth Flame first and wait for his body to recover before he returns to find the Earth Flame.
He was ready to leave.
Bzz Bzz Bzz
Suddenly, a dazzling red light came from Earth Flame's direction. A strong burning fire energy suddenly burst out. The Earth Flame was very excited; it used its mind power to urge Shi Yan to keep up.
Shi Yan was stunned.
The mind power from the Earth Flame was very clear; it seemed like it had found something and told Shi Yan to hurry up.
As the Earth Flame didn't have a solid form, it couldn't be hit inside the Meteor Formation. It also didn't know that every step that Shi Yan took faced a considerable danger. It was just calling Shi Yan, wanting to share its findings with him.
Struggling inside his heart and feeling the call from the Earth Flame, Shi Yan eyes changed again and again.
Damn, bring it on!
A moment later, Shi Yan changed his decision; he took a deep breath and swallowed a few of Qi Refining Pills. After he had felt the Profound qi inside his body restored a bit, he triggered the Electric Shift and flew toward the Earth Flame's direction.
"Boom Boom Boom !"
Another three meteorites hit his body; the fierce impact-power damaged his body and blew him into the air. He gushed out a mouthful of blood.
By relying on Petrification and Immortal Martial Spirits, he didn't care about his damaged body; he triggered the Electric Shift again, and finally, he arrived at the Earth Flame's location before other meteorites fell near his location.
Everything became quiet again.
As he entered the area where the Earth Flame was, the meteorites suddenly disappeared.
With the mouth full of blood, Shi Yan fell on the ground, and his face looked surprised at this area.
It was an ancient array with the size of a house. Outside the ancient array, many circles of the energy flow were formed. These energy flow blocked the meteorites and prevented those meteorites from entering this array.
Inside the ancient array, Shi Yan couldn't hear anything.
The Earth Flame was floating in the middle of the ancient array.
A thumb-sized crimson red crystal laid inside the groove in the center.
It seemed like that crystal was the supply source of this ancient array, overflowing red firelight and transmitting some sort of energy to this array.
Outside the ancient array, there were also many grooves. Each of those grooves had a different color crystal, and each of the crystals transmitted a strange energy to provide energy to this ancient array.
The Earth Flame was floating above that red crystal and jumping cheerfully, seeming like it wanted to absorb the energy inside the crystal.
After Shi Yan had entered and examined this ancient array, he was about to ask the Earth Flame what this red crystal was used for, but he found the crystals around the ancient array burst out a colorful halo all of a sudden.
The ancient array that was initially quiet started to run automatically after he had entered. Being surprised a bit, Shi Yan knew that this array was probably going to be activated.
Without thinking furthermore, he quickly sent a message to the Earth Flame, "Get in first!"
The Earth Flame bounced as it seemed to find something abnormal. It only hesitated for a bit before immediately drilling into Shi Yan's Blood Vein Ring.
After seeing the Earth Flame return, Shi Yan was relaxed and prepared to leave this mysterious ancient array.
However, when he wanted to leave, he found that the strange energy flow outside the ancient array became a barrier that blocked the way in and out at the moment the ancient array started moving.
Shi Yan's head hit the barrier while it directly pushed his exhausted body into the middle of the ancient array.
Shi Yan was aghast.
The crystals outside the array were shining dazzlingly. The ancient array suddenly spun up as if it was a disc. Through a dazzling crystal light, an extraordinary energy wave came over. 
Shi Yan disappeared instantly.