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229 Counter-attack

"Dude, you scared the crap out of me." Li Fenger stuck out her tongue and revealed an expression of lingering fear, "Ha, you can even dodge the Five-Colored Holy Light, you certainly are no ordinary person." Yang Mu's expression also loosened. He threw a look at Shi Yan from far away, signaling Shi Yan to find an opportunity to retreat to the Meteor Formation. "Whoosh whoosh whoosh!" The harsh wind sound came again. The wave of Five-Colored Holy Light that had missed Shi Yan came back. It shot towards Shi Yan's back after crushing another palace. "You're not going to dodge anymore? Are you for real?" There was a mocking smile on Cao Zhilan's lips, "Let me see your courage then." "Little Yan, don't get triggered by her. This Five-Colored Holy Light is formed by five different types of powers. Even an ordinary Disaster Realm warrior probably won't be able to handle it. Don't act rashly." Yang Mu shouted. Yang Ke and Yang Xue also tried to advise him. Shi Yan closed his eyes again. The Five-Colored Holy Light returned, bringing an earth-shaking energy fluctuation. It struck towards Shi Yan's back. "Boom." Clusters of burning fires continuously flew out of Shi Yan's body. The scorching flame power of the Earth Flame instantly turned the area behind Shi Yan into a sea of fire. Crackling sounds appeared in the air, and the fiery power that could destroy all beings gushed inside that flame. Just like that, the Five-Colored Holy Light fell into the sea of fire formed by the flames of the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame. "Sssss!" Inside the sea of fire, there came strange sounds. The flame power was burning the Five-Colored Holy Light down inside the sea of fire. Firelight of five different colors appeared from inside the sea of fire. The sea of fire rapidly burned the power of this Five-Colored Holy Light, making it quickly weaken. The Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame at the moment could count as a Heaven Flame. The power of a Heaven Flame was earth-shattering, able to burn all beings. The sea of fire formed by the flame power of this Earth Flame also had the elemental properties of a Heaven Flame. That scorching flame power was able to burn anything into ashes. The different types of powers and energies were also no exception. After the Five-Colored Holy Light had fallen into the sea of fire, the flame power turned it to ashes at such a quick speed, only leaving colorful five-colored smoke and ashes behind. "I told you, I won't dodge anymore." Shi Yan finally opened his eyes again. He glared coldly at Cao Zhilan, "Inside your Five-Colored Holy Light, there is your soul seal and your soul consciousness can lock my location. Next time, no matter how I try to dodge, I would still be endlessly chased by your Five-Colored Holy Light. So, I'm not going to avoid anymore." "You can sense my soul consciousness?" Cao Zhilan's beautiful eyes glinted with mysterious colors. "Only a Nirvana realm warrior that has formed a Sea of Consciousness can sense my soul lock. You're only in the Disaster Realm, how can you possibly sense my soul lock? I don't understand." "There are way more things that you don't understand." A trace of disdain flashed in Shi Yan's bright red eyes. He then lightly shouted, "Counter-attack!" The three demonic phantoms flew in from outside the palace. They suddenly surged into the middle of the pursuing warriors. At the same time, Shi Yan's soul consciousness formed into a soul storm. With the different negative emotions added into it, the soul storm began a raging slaughter, starting where the crowd of people was the most concentrated. Warriors under the Nirvana Realm couldn't form the sea of consciousness and could only use their mind power. They couldn't create attacks that can target souls. However, Shi Yan was able to use the Soul Gathering Pearl to form the Sea of Consciousness unbelievably ahead of time. With the help of his Sea of Consciousness, he first saw through all the secrets of Cao Zhilan's soul lock, and now he was using soul attacks to bombard those pursuing killers. The formation of the Sea of Consciousness meant that Shi Yan's evolution of the soul was more successful than everyone here! With the Sea of Consciousness, Shi Yan's soul consciousness was in every corner. He could use soul attacks to go against any soul or to perform a surprise attack. The Sea of Consciousness that had never been used before suddenly burst out with the assault of the soul storm! Wherever the soul storm swept over, those pursuing attackers became red-headed, and then they completely forgot who they were and raised the weapons in their hands to attack the allies next to them. Waves of the soul storm affected dozens of pursuing attackers, making those attackers go into disorder and become insane. Taking advantage of the situation, Shi Yan used his mind to control those three demonic phantoms. Those demonic phantoms were formed with pure negative energies and flew around in the field, going through the bodies of warriors. Whenever a demonic phantom went through the body of a warrior, that person's life force would be immediately cut off and die on the spot. Shi Yan suddenly crossed his legs and sat down on his spot. Besides using his mind to control the three giant demonic phantoms, he was also gathering the soul consciousness at the same time, adding in the negative emotions, forming a soul storm that made people lose their sanity. Thus, he continuously influenced the battling enemies, making the pursuing attackers start to go crazy. "Soul consciousness! It is soul consciousness!" After a moment of comprehension, Cao Zhilan's Spirit God Martial Spirit finally realized something. She couldn't help but shout; her face was filled with shock. "What?" Gu Linglong's beautiful face changed drastically, she shook her head unbelievably, "This kid is only in the Disaster realm, how can he possess the Sea of Consciousness?" Cao Zhilan didn't answer, she copied Shi Yan and also sat down. The storage ring on her hand flashed, and a red leather battle drum appeared in the palm of her hand. "Bum! Bum! Bum!" Across from Shi Yan, Cao Zhilan was sitting cross-legged, and her fair hands hit beat by beat on that battle drum. The sound of the drum seemed to have a mysterious power that twisted soul consciousness. The beating of the drum seemed to have stabbed into Shi Yan's head like a piercer, seeping into Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, making him unable to form the soul consciousness to launch an attack again. This battle drum was made to go against the Sea of Consciousness of Nirvana Realm warriors. "Bum! Bum! Bum!" The strange sound of the drum rang throughout the field. Each of the warriors that had been turned to insanity by Shi Yan's soul storm regained clarity in their eyes and slowly awakened. Shi Yan's face changed; he abruptly stood up and nodded towards Yang Mu, "Retreat." The three demonic phantoms that were formed with negative energies became a little out of control due to the disorder in Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. They started to split into streaks of pale smoke, dashing towards Gu Linglong and the others. The soul storm was no longer working, and even the demonic phantoms formed with negative energies were hard to control. At the same time, the fatigue in his body became heavier and heavier. The aftereffect of the Second Sky of Rampage seemed to have slowly started. In this kind of situation, Shi Yan made a prompt decision. He knew that if he and his fellows continued the fight, they were probably going to be killed one by one by the opponents. "Retreat!" Yang Mu roared; his shoulder bumped and sent Yang Ke straight back into the Meteor Formation. He was scared that Yang Ke might act stupidly again, so he sent him inside ahead of time. After that, he finally shouted towards Li Fenger and the rest that were not far away: "Let's go!" Feeling the fatigue in his body rush in like waves, Shi Yan no longer overexerted himself and hurriedly retreated backward. A graceful figure wearing a fiery red armor suddenly appeared into view. Shi Yan slightly dazed, and then he realized that the beautiful figure was He Qingman. He Qingman's pretty face was cold, she performed an intense martial technique, fighting with Yang Xue. When Yang Mu's loud roar came, He Qingman snorted coldly. The movements of hers became more and more intense with the ferocious look on her face as if she was going to keep Yang Xue from escaping. "You want to die!" Shi Yan was just about to storm back towards Yang Xue's direction when he saw the sharp movements on He Qingman's hands. He snorted coldly and raised his hand, the Life Seal that was condensed and refined by the Profound Qi suddenly burst out. He Qingman was just concentrating on her fight with Yang Xue, and out of nowhere, she realized there was a turbulent fluctuation coming from behind her. Her pretty face changed, and when she turned her head, she immediately noticed Shi Yan's Life Seal attack. A strange expression appeared on He Qingman's flirtatious face. She bitterly threw a glare at Shi Yan and then suddenly withdrew herself of Yang Xue to back off towards the other direction. Yang Xue, who was dueling with her, had a great opportunity but surprisingly didn't make a killing attempt. Instead, she suddenly backed off into the Meteor Formation. Shi Yan was stunned. Yang Xue had apparently held back. If she didn't hurriedly back into the Meteor Formation and fought back at He Qingman, He Qingman, who was busy with dodging the blow of the Life Seal, definitely would not have been able to block the attack from behind her. "Mind your own business!" He Qingman's charming figure drifted away like the wind. She quietly cursed out while dodging Shi Yan's Life Seal. Shi Yan was dazed. Glimpsing towards He Qingman a few more times and remembering back to Yang Xue's strange actions, Shi Yan suddenly came to a realization. So these two women had been pretending all along. The two seemed to be fighting very intensely, but in reality, they never made murderous attempts. They were only making a show in front of everyone. Shi Yan had figured it out but still had a cold expression on his face. He said coldly, "Piss off!" He let out the Dark Shield and petrified his body. Shi Yan was like a sharp sword, quickly sweeping past He Qingman's side and quickly rushing towards that Meteor Formation. He Qingman raised her hand; beams of sharp, bright light shot out from her five fingers and struck on Shi Yan's back. The bright light that seemed intense but didn't have much invading power when touching his body. If Shi Yan didn't shatter his Dark Shield on purpose, this blow from He Qingman, wouldn't even be able to break the simplest Dark Shield. This woman still had some touches of sentiment in her. Through this blow, Shi Yan had finally confirmed that even though He Qingman came to the Chasm Battlefield, her objectives were different from Xie Kui's. She didn't actually want to kill them. Shi Yan's figure disappeared within a flash. He vanished at where the dark gray cloud was the most intense. Yang Mu laughed loudly and disappeared last. Pan Zhe and the rest had ugly expressions on their faces. They all rushed towards that area and were just about to enter into the Meteor Formation. "Let's not chase first!" Cao Zhilan, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, suddenly stood up. She shook her head with a serious expression and explained: "There is a formation in there, it's quite dangerous. The reason why the Yang family members can get in and out safely is that they already resolved the formation. But if you enter rashly, you will be attacked by the formation." "Then what do we do?" Gu Linglong clenched her teeth and said bitterly, "Are we just going to let this go? Hmm, I thought you were pretty strong, yet you still can't do anything with that brat Shi Yan? And you said to leave him to you. I just shouldn't have trusted you. If I had come along, we definitely would've been able to kill him!" "Little sister Gu, if you're so confident, then I'll give him to you next time." Cao Zhilan didn't get mad, she smiled casually and said: "But now, everyone, calm down. Can you wait for me to break the formation for you first?" Everyone was silent, and then they all nodded.