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227 You Really Surprised Me!

"You're quite alert." Cao Zhilan smiled like blooming flowers. A flow of terrifying power swept towards Shi Yan like surging tides. This flow of frightening power came out of nowhere. Shi Yan only noticed it when it had already arrived three meters in front of Shi Yan. This horrendous power flowed out from Cao Zhilan, spreading out everywhere. It had already sealed all escape routes around Shi Yan in silence. This power engulfed everything regardless of whether it was in the sky or below the ground. Despite which way Shi Yan had retreated, he would touch this flow of power. This flow of terrifying power did not flow towards Shi Yan with a fast speed. Perhaps it was because the overcast power was too broad, making it go extremely slowly when in action. "Damned little brat, I'll see how you're going to block it now." In the distance, Gu Linglong shouted coldly. She was going to activate the magical sword to attack again. "Little sister Gu, you can leave this guy to me. You don't need to intervene." Cao Zhilan frowned, turned his head back glancing at Gu Linglong, and then said, "Don't worry. When I capture him, I'll let you take out your anger on him." "Capture him?" Gu Linglong was in a daze; her nose twitched. "Why won't you just kill him?" Gu Linglong's bright eyes darted, and then she smiled, "He has something that I want. If he dies too soon, I might not be able to get those things from his body." Shi Yan's expression was serious, "What do you want?" "The things inside that ring of yours." Cao Zhilan smiled joyfully. Her jade-like fingers pointed at the Blood Vein Ring on Shi Yan's hand, "You might not know that my Martial Spirit can sense any extraordinary power. Hmm, as for what is inside your ring, of course you know it better than I do..." The Ice Cold Flame and the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame! Shi Yan's expression changed. When he looked at Cao Zhilan again, the alertness in his eyes got more intense. This woman could actually sense the Ice Cold Flame and the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame inside the Blood Vein Ring. What kind of magical Martial Spirit did she have? Shi Yan was secretly stunned. He urged his negative powers and petrified his body, performing the Dark Light Shield at the same time. He pushed out all of his defensive powers, preparing to handle the attack of the slowly approaching flow of power that had blocked all the escapes off. "You can't get away." Cao Zhilan seemed to know what he wanted to do. She chuckled and shook her head, "Even Yang Mu can't save you now." As soon as she finished her words, a colorful ribbon flew out of Cao Zhilan's sleeve. That ribbon was like a snake, wiggling in mid-air and dragging out streaks of blinding rainbow light. The rainbow lights weaved into a net and also formed another layer of barrier constraint. While that ribbon was flying around, the power inside that barrier seemed to get more complicated and vigorous as if it was made with several different forces. The power also had the same marvelous effect as that of Shi Yan's Gravitational Field. "Boom!" Yang Mu's giant sword suddenly slashed onto the light net. The rainbow lights were like strong silk threads, some of the rainbow lights shattered from the strike of the giant sword. However, more rainbow lights from that light net soon gathered towards the point at which the giant sword had slashed down and quickly repaired the damaged area. "Yang Mu, if you want to break my rainbow net in a short time, it probably won't be easy." Cao Zhilan calmly waved her thin hand. The rainbow ribbons quickly flew and weaved into more rainbow lights, "Yang Mu, why don't you try a few more times? I think if you try a few times more, you would surely be able to break my rainbow net." "Big brother!" Yang Ke roared, "We need to go now!" "Little Yan!" Yang Mu roared angrily, "Can you get out? If you don't go now, it would be very hard to leave." Yang Mu also sensed that Cao Zhilan was attacking Shi Yan, and Shi Yan was temporarily trapped. Thus, he hurriedly intervened in an attempt to shatter the terrifying energies around Shi Yan, helping him break out of the trap. Yang Mu wanted to save Shi Yan, but the situation at the moment was not so good. Many warriors from the Yang family already went ahead into the meteor formation. At the moment, a few ones left outside were only Yang Mu, Yang Ke, and Li Fenger. At this time, if they got entangled with the opponents, it would be hard even for them to get into the meteor formation. It was obvious that Cao Zhilan intentionally stimulate Yang Mu to linger and jump into the fight with her. After observing the situation for a while, the three people of Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Lung, Xie Kui also realized Cao Zhilan's intention. They secretly gathered altogether beside Yang Mu, urging their power to lock Yang Mu in. "Big brother, you go first!" Shi Yan roared. "Don't fall into their trap. You will only get more opportunities if you enter inside. Don't get the everyone else implicated because of me." "The brotherly love is so touching." Xie Kui sneered. He glared at Yang Mu with a dark evil look in his eyes, "If you're brothers, then you should live together and die together. Hmm, Yang Mu, last time at Black Rock Island, you killed my junior disciple for this kid. In the eyes of Yang family people, our lives aren't worth a thing. This time the reason why our Evil Wonderland is going against your Yang family also has something to do with your unhesitating murder! This kid is in trouble again now. Are you going to die with him for his sake this time?" "Big brother!" Yang Ke screamed. While he was talking, Xie Kui and his group already surrounded Yang Mu. Gu Linglong, Xie Kui, and Pan Zhe attacked together. They formed into a triangular formation to deal with Yang Mu. The three of them didn't make a murderous attempt immediately; instead, they directed their sharp attacks towards the meteor formation behind Yang Mu. Once Yang Mu backs off, he would land himself into the trap where all the attacks had gathered. Xie Kui and the rest were trying to block Yang Mu's escape off first so that he wouldn't be able to escape into the meteor formation even at a life and death emergency. "I won't leave then." Yang Mu suddenly relaxed; he glimpsed behind him at the spot where lights gathered and said with cold pride, "Even if I can't leave, I will drag you guys down with me! Xie Kui, stop making your f*cking excuses. The Evil Wonderland has unilaterally broken the treaty of alliance and colluded with people from other seas to go against our Yang family. For what other reason can it be than their greed for our Yang family's wealth? And that they want to take the Yang family's place in the Kyara Sea?" Xie Kui sneered, "Your Yang family has been arrogant in the Kyara Sea for too long. Because of the belligerent nature of the Yang family, none of the neighboring big seas have been at peace. The warriors from those seas have held grudges against the Yang family for a long time. With Yang Qingdi getting trapped this time, it's just the right fuse for the situation. " "Hmm, Yang Mu, since you don't want to leave anymore, I won't waste any more time either." Cao Zhilan pressed her lips and smiled. She casually looked towards Shi Yan, "Your big brother wants to protect you, but now he's getting the same outcome as you. Having someone to go to the afterlife, you won't be that lonely anymore. Hmm, later when you tell me the method to opening your ring, I will let you die easily, I won't give you extra pain." "Bitch, you think you've got me for sure now?" Shi Yan took in a deep breath, his expression soon turned vicious. "Curse all you want, you can curse a few more times before you die, I won't mind." Cao Zhilan still had that calm careless look as if no matter how badly Shi Yan cursed her, it won't move her at all, and it cannot affect her mind. "Yang Ke, you guys go!" Under the siege of Xie Kui and the two others, he suddenly roared. "Remember to revenge for me!" "Big brother." Yang Ke suddenly smiled, he shook his head, "We've been brothers for all this time, if you are to stay, how can I escape alone? Isn't it just death? When have the Yang family members been scared of death?" Li Fenger already had one foot in the meteor formation, but she didn't enter yet; she stopped instead. Her eyes gleamed with cold light as she said coldly: "As if I'm scared of death." Then, Li Fenger stepped back from the meteor formation and stood next to Yang Ke again. "Huff! Huff!" Heavy panting sounds suddenly came from inside the field. The attackers who had originally had their attention on Yang Mu, Yang Ke and Yang Fenger couldn't help but look towards Shi Yan when they heard the panting. Unknowingly, Shi Yan's eyes had turned into a bright red color. His facial expressions were twisted and ferocious. Violent, crazy, bloodthirsty energies surged from all over his body, giving people an extremely dangerous feeling. His bright red eyes stared deep into the soul like a ferocious ghost from the depths of hell with the most extreme evil. The Second Sky of Rampage! "Little Yan!" Yang Mu's face changed, he exclaimed, "What happened to you?" "I'm fine! Better than ever!" Shi Yan clenched his teeth, he roared with a low voice. The different negative powers surged towards all directions like enormous waves with him as the center. The terrifying power that came from Cao Zhilan was struck more than ten meters away in the middle of the frightening air wave formed by these negative powers. A mass of murderous thoughts uncontrollably appeared from the bottom of his heart. At this moment, Shi Yan was in the Second Sky of Rampage. The different negative emotions had started to rush into his mind, gathering with his consciousness, forming into a spiritual storm, sweeping towards where the other warriors gathered. The spiritual storm formed by different negative emotions had the evil power to delude people's minds, making them fall into a state of madness. Wherever the spiritual storm went, those Earth Realm warriors seemed to have lost control of the murderous thoughts in their minds and couldn't help but raise their weapons to attack the people beside them. "That trick again!" Pan Zhe's handsome face showed some signs of fear, "Be careful, don't get affected by his evil spiritual power!" Wisps of negative powers formed and gathered on Shi Yan's body. The Second Sky of Rampage martial skill had doubled the power in the Disaster Realm body. Shi Yan's expression was extremely ferocious like an evil spirit. He used the negative energies on him to push away the gushing powers that surrounded him and then walked step by step towards Cao Zhilan. "No wonder Pan Zhe and the rest had lost." Cao Zhilan revealed a serious expression for the first time. Her bright eyes shone with a mysterious light, "A Disaster realm warrior can actually have such terrifying power! Shi Yan, you really surprised me, it seems that I've underestimated you before. You actually haven't brought out your real power until now." "He's actually even stronger than in that battle!" Gu Linglong's pretty face changed. She looked at Shi Yan with an unbelievable expression and couldn't help but exclaim. In the last battle, Shi Yan was in the Second Sky of Disaster Realm, and he had only activated the First Sky of Rampage. This time, Shi Yan was at the peak of the Disaster realm, performing the Second Sky of Rampage. The aura on him was not just a bit stronger than the last battle!