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226 You Guys Go First!

Cao Zhilan quietly stood outside of the palace. She didn't rush to enter, but instead, she smilingly looked towards Shi Yan who poked his head out from behind the stone pillar. The look in her eyes was somewhat shady. Pan Zhe and the rest saw that Cao Zhilan was already there. They didn't dare to delay, all sped up their pace and quickly appeared behind her. Almost a hundred Earth Realm warriors lined up neatly and stood behind Pan Zhe, Gu Linglong, Xie Kui, and Qu Yanqing. They coldly watched the crumbled palaces, seeming to wait for something. "Are you hiding because you guys want to make a stealthy attack?" Cao Zhilan chuckled and shook her head. Her thin hand slightly raised up, and beams of blue light flew out of her five delicate fingers, attacking the Yang family warriors that were hiding inside the broken palace. Yang Mu and the rest who were staying hidden in the dark seemed surprised. Under the attack of the bright blue lights, they had to move out of their hiding spots, and thus all of them revealed their whereabouts. Shi Yan's expression slightly shifted. It was even harder to deal with this gorgeous woman than the Nirvana Realm warriors. Inside the Chasm Battlefield, mind power was restrained, and even vision was greatly affected. Even the Nirvana Realm warriors had a difficult time detecting the life forces' fluctuations around them. This woman was still fifty meters away from the palace. However, she seemed to have an extra Heaven Eye; she alternately pointed out the all the Yang family warriors that were hiding. With her sole power, she had broken the stealthy attack plan of Shi Yan and the rest. "You don't need to hide; it's useless. I know your exact spots." Cao Zhilan smiled. She kept waving her hand and shot out more bright lights, forcing the Yang family warriors to shift and appear in plain sight. Pan Zhe smiled casually; he stepped forward and stood beside Cao Zhilan. He nodded towards Yang Mu from a short distance, "We meet again so soon. Hehe, this time you can't use demon beasts to deter us. I wonder if you can still escape this time." "I remember that the ones who fled in a panic last time were not us?" Yang Mu seemed stunned, he scratched his head and looked towards Yang Ke, "I am not wrong, am I? It wasn't us who jumped into the sea?" Yang Ke chuckled coldly, "Big brother, you might have remembered it wrong. Some people seem to think that they have won before." When facing enemies who were twice their number, Yang Mu and Yang Ke were not startled at all. They still had the leisure to mock Pan Zhe as if they didn't take the danger seriously this time. Pan Zhe, Qu Yanqing, and Gu Linglong immediately darkened their expressions. "Hmm, everyone is all out now as it is supposed to be. Isn't this great?" Cao Zhilan smiled, turned her head back glimpsing at Pan Zhe and the rest and said confidently, "You can go inside to complete the mission now. Don't worry; there won't be any messy traps for you to deal with." Upon her words, Cao Zhilan suddenly whistled. The crisp whistle spread far and loud. When the sound of the whistle rose up, her delicate body shot straight towards Shi Yan like lightning. At the same time, rings of blue aura flew out of her body. These blue auras were like hula hoops, quickly flying inside the palace with the intention of aiming towards the Gravitational Fields that Shi Yan had made. Inside the blue auras, there was a flow of extremely obvious soul fluctuation. Inside of every blue aura seemed to contain Cao Zhilan's mind power. Once these blue auras fell inside the Gravitational Fields, they immediately rippled with bright blue light. The blue light then instantly filled the entire Gravitational Field. The Gravitational Fields that were hard to be seen by the naked eye now appeared in plain sight because of the blue light. When the blue auras fell into the Gravitational Fields, the bright blue light that it had released had no effect on the operation of the Gravitational Fields. However, the existence of these blue lights marked the placement of the Fields, letting Pan Zhe and the rest know where the traps were so that they could dodge them. Although Cao Zhilan hadn't reminded them, from the location of the blue lights, Pan Zhe and the rest could see the traps that Shi Yan had secretly made earlier. The Gravitational Fields were now useless. "Whoosh whoosh whoosh!" In the whistling sounds, Cao Zhilan shot towards Shi Yan like lightning. In a mere moment, her delicate body appeared in front of Shi Yan. "Sky Spirit Bound!" Cao Zhilan shouted. A blue light cover formed by the condensation of the vigorous Sky and Earth aura suddenly fell on Shi Yan's head. The Sky Spirit Bound was a Mortal level martial technique. It used the Sky and Earth aura to form a constraint capturing the opponent. As long as the Sky and Earth aura remained, the constraint of the Sky Spirit Bound would not disappear. Performing the Sky Spirit Bound while being in the Third Sky of the Earth Realm, Cao Zhilan was confident that she could even detain Yang Mu for a while. "It's not that hard." Cao Zhilan chuckled. She looked at Shi Yan's figure inside the blue light cover and then shook her head, feeling slightly disappointed, "I thought you would have some things up your sleeve, but it seems that you're nothing more than this. Boring." "What are you mumbling about?" Shi Yan snorted coldly. "Hmm?" Cao Zhilan's bright eyes lit up, excitedly looking at Shi Yan who was outside the light cover. She then immediately looked toward the blue light cover and suddenly realized that the original figure of Shi Yan was slowly dissipating and disappearing bit by bit. "Shadow?" Cao Zhilan's pretty face got smilingly brighter. She nodded, "You somehow have some skills. You have successfully kept yourself from being captured. Hmm, very good, very good, this is more interesting." "Yang Mu, you won't get away!" Pan Zhe yelled. With the feather fan in his hand, he had already started battling with Yang Mu. The Earth Realm warriors were also rushing in from outside the palace, quickly searching for the opponents. They formed into an arc and surrounded the Yang family warriors, moving closer towards them. Yang Mu, Yang Ke, and the rest were dealing with their opponents and quietly backing up and the same time. They moved closer towards the area behind the palace with the thick dark clouds. When Cao Zhilan pointed out their exact spots, Yang Mu already had the thought of retreat. At the moment his figure appeared, he already made hand gestures, signaling everyone to retreat to the area where the meteorite formation was. Li Fenger and the rest all knew that the situation was not worth to put their lives at risk. Following Yang Mu's idea, they all moved closer to that side. "Pan Zhe, you have never been worth of being my opponent, and it is still the same now." On the other side, Yang Mu laughed out loud with a bold expression on his face. While many warriors were surrounding him, an extremely explosive power was bursting from his body. The giant sword pressed towards them like surging waves, forming continuous explosions sounds, beating the hell out of those tight-knit warriors. As Yang Mu had the Immortal Martial Spirit, he wasn't scared of being heavily injured at all. He even purposely injured his body just to kill those surrounding attackers. Very soon, there were many wounds on Yang Mu's body. Many of the wounds were so deep that the bone was visible; they seemed extremely severe. At the expense of heavily injuring his body, in this mere moment, Yang Mu had already killed three warriors in the First Sky of the Earth Realm. Moreover, this result was under the situation in which he was facing Pan Zhe's attacks at the same time. Yang Ke and Yang Xue were in the similar situation with Yang Mu's. Relying on their fearlessness of wounds, they often didn't care about getting injuries on their body when battling with attackers. They killed the surrounding attackers at the expense of injuring their bodies. "Shi Yan! How are you going to escape this time?" Gu Linglong shouted coldly. A long God sword flew out through the air. This God sword's hilt was in a strange prism shape with a chilling cold ambiance. The look in Shi Yan's eyes was calm; he didn't look at the Ice Magic Sword that Gu Linglong had just shot out. Instead, he gravely stared at Cao Zhilan. After having launched one strike, Cao Zhilan didn't attack again. Instead, she observed the situation in the battlefield with interest. She watched Pan Zhe and his fellows quietly surrounding Yang Mu's group; she also saw the Yang family warriors retreating towards that meteorite formation in an orderly manner. Although Cao Zhilan didn't continue attacking, Shi Yan didn't dare to let his guard down. This woman's cultivation base was in the Third Sky of the Earth Realm. Not only did her cultivation be unpredictably profound but her sense was also extremely sharp. Shi Yan didn't know how powerful of her next strike would be. As soon as Gu Linglong's Ice Magic Sword attacked, Shi Yan immediately figured out her intentions. In the last battle, the aftershock power of the seven magic swords of Gu Linglong had once rushed into his body. However, the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame had completely burnt them down. As the master of the Magic Sword, Gu Linglong naturally knew that there was scorching aura inside Shi Yan's body. Therefore, she didn't shoot out all the seven magic swords this time. Instead, she concentrated the power in her body and shot out this magic sword's icy hilt with icy aura. She wanted to use the icy aura on this magic sword to suppress the burning fire power in Shi Yan's body. The Ice Magic Sword pierced through the air. Shi Yan's expression was cold and cruel. He didn't take any actions yet. When he sensed that bone-chilling cold aura, a chilling grin suddenly appeared on the corner of his mouth. "Boom!" Raising his hand, he gathered the negative energies and launched a Death Seal all of a sudden. The Death Seal explosively shot onto the Ice Magic Sword. Negative powers that were several times stronger than the last battle massively exploded, blowing away that Ice Magic Sword into the air. Gu Linglong's delicate body shook; her face suddenly became paler, and her eyes were extremely surprised. However, after the surprise, she suddenly revealed a smile, "Let me see how you are going to get rid of that ice power this time." The moment when the Death Seal struck on the Ice Magic Sword, the bone-chilling ice power in the Ice Magic Sword also took this opportunity to impetuously flow out, seeping through Shi Yan's entire body. The true motive of Gu Linglong was to let the ice power of this Ice Magic Sword completely freeze Shi Yan's body up. Cao Zhilan chuckled; she looked towards Shi Yan with interest and said, "The ice power has entered your body. How are you going to deal with it?" "Why is there a need to deal with it?" Shi Yan frowned and glanced toward Gu Linglong at afar. He mocked, "Didn't that retard Gu Jiange tell you that I was once sealed in ice by the Ice Cold Flame for three years? Even the ice power the Ice Cold Flame couldn't do anything to me. So, can the cold power of your little Ice Magic Sword be stronger than the cold power of the Ice Cold Flame?" Gu Linglong's face suddenly changed. "Retreat!" At this very moment, Yang Mu suddenly roared. The light in his giant sword shone, and beams of extremely sharp sword aura accurately shot towards Pan Zhe and the rest. Taking this opportunity, Yang Mu and the group of Yang family warriors immediately stepped inside the meteorite formation. "Let's go." Karma waved his hand and shouted: "Young master Yan, we should leave now." "You guys go first!" Shi Yan's face suddenly changed; all the hair on his body seemed to raise; his eyes stared straight at Cao Zhilan.