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Inside the broken palace, Shi Yan and Yang Mu's group were quietly waiting for something with serious faces. This time, the time that Jiang Huquan spent inside the Meteor Array was longer than before. While Pan Zhen, Cao Zhilan, and the others have been approaching closer and closer, everyone was quite anxious because their retreat path hasn't been confirmed. Yang Ke with his knitted eyebrows kept walking around, regularly looking at the thick gray clouds area where Jiang Huquan had entered. Li Fenger stood on the broken pillar. Her body was slender and soft; her eyelashes were long and prominent on her face. She slightly shouted, "Nearly a hundred Earth Realm warriors, this force isn't just double stronger than us. Cao Zhilan and Xie Kui have also joined this time, as well as He Qingman; those are tough characters. It looks like we got some troubles. " "Cao Zhilan! " Yang Mu's face looked heavy. "This woman was the high-class warrior from the young generation of the Cao family. Rumor said that she has an extraordinary strength, ranked third in the Combat List, one rank higher than me. I haven't fought with her yet, so I didn't know how her real ability is. However, since she was ranked third, her ability mustn't be weak." Yang Mu thought for a moment and then suddenly said, "If the situation turns bad, regardless of whether Uncle Jiang has come out or not, we must enter that Meteor Array." Yang Xue's beautiful face slightly changed; she couldn't help but exclaim, "If that Meteor Array isn't broken yet, I'm afraid we will suffer a great loss if we enter it. You guys also have seen that even Uncle Jiang who has a deep knowledge of array was stuck in there. If we enter there, we definitely will be worse than Uncle Jiang" Li Fenger, Yang Ke, and the others also looked somber; they all looked at Yang Mu. "The Meteor Array is dangerous for us, but it is also the barrier that deters Pan Zhe and Cao Zhilan. They are more than us, so if they keep chasing us, their loss will be certainly bigger than ours." Yang Mu said calmly. "So, regardless of whether Uncle Jiang can come out or not, we still need to enter it." "Shi Yan..." Yang Xue's face was confused. "Do you think Uncle Jiang will be fine?" "Of course," Shi Yan shook his head. "If Uncle Jiang understands that Meteor Array, he definitely can break it. I believe the message that I have given him is correct." Gently nodding her head, Yang Xue still dubious, sadly said,"I hope so." It was not that she didn't believe in Shi Yan, but this time, Jiang Huquan had entered for a long time and still hadn't come out yet. In their mind, Jiang Huquan could have probably encountered some danger. They subconsciously thought that Jiang Huquan had died inside the Meteor Array.Even Yang Mu had said that once the situation got bad, regardless of whether Jiang Huquan came out or not, they still needed to enter the Meteor Array. It proved that that he didn't have too much confidence. "They will arrive here soon." Li Fenger raised her head looking up for a while, "I think we should prepare first. By using the terrain here, we can ambush them, and maybe we can kill some of them." Li Fenger gritted her teeth; her eyes shot out a cold beam of light. She looked like she was ready to fight. Shi Yan secretly nodded and then quietly urged the power inside his body to form gravitational field without saying anything. Yang Mu, Yang Ke, Yang Xue began to command the other warriors to split up and temporarily hid inside the palaces. As soon as the enemies arrived, they would signal their warriors to take action. "Master Yan, what should we do?" Ka Ma asked respectfully Ka Ma was in the Third sky of the Earth Realm and belonged to Shi Yan's team. His cultivation base was the highest; he was two meters tall with a sturdy body. His strength was very superior because had trained the Shura Blood Guard of Shura King Li Mu. "You guys hide inside the palaces first. Don't need to prepare anything, just seize the opportunity to kill the enemies when facing them. "Shi Yan's face became solemn. "Just focus, you only have fleeting chances. I will give you guys the opportunity to kill them in one blow so you guys must seize that chance." "Understood, Master Yan." Ka Ma's face was convulsive. Previously, in the battle on the Silver Horn Ships, Ka Ma had seen Shi Yan's miraculous ability. He knew that Shi Yan could quietly release mysterious martial technique that could affect the entire battle and also could constrain the enemies' movements so that the others have the chance to kill the enemies. Therefore, although Shi Yan only had the cultivation of the Disaster Realm, Ka Ma and the others still had little respect for him and didn't look down on him. "Oh." Shi Yan slightly shouted and looked toward the thick gray clouds area. His soul consciousness sensed some anomalies from there. In the area that Jiang Huquan had entered before, the energy flow was very chaotic at the beginning, but it seemed to become restful all of a sudden. The energy inside seemed to turn into a long river, slowly flowing in a special current as if someone had repaired the mess inside the energy, restoring their order. "Jiang Huquan!" Shi Yan's mind was slightly agitated. He immediately realized that Jiang Huquan had probably succeeded in breaking the Meteor Array and changing the energy flow inside the Meteor Array "Uncle Jiang is going to come back." Shi Yan revealed a faint smile and slightly shouted. "What?" Li Fenger was still standing above him, looking at Shi Yan below "You, are you a prophet now?" Shi Yan smiled and shook his head, looking up toward Li Fenger and said, "I am not a prophet, but I can vaguely sense his presence. Hmm, I have a magical treasure that can help my spirit insight become sensitive." "Little Yan, Uncle Jiang has succeeded?" Yang Mu overjoyed, "The enemies will come here soon. If Uncle Jiang has succeeded, we will have a greater advantage." "Yeah, he will come out soon." Shi Yan nodded. As soon as he had finished his word, a body covered with dust suddenly ran out. Jiang Huquan face was full of dust, but he was very energetic. He excitedly looked toward Shi Yan and happily said, "The message that master Yan has given me is indeed true. Thanks to master Yan's knowledge of the ancient text, I could break the Meteor Array." Yang Ke, Li Fenger, Yang Xue and the others were very surprised when they heard Jiang Huquan's words. They all looked at Shi Yan with a meaningful look in their eyes. Ka Ma and the other warriors who had been assigned to Shi Yan's team was very excited and had more confidence in Shi Yan now. "After we enter into the Meteor Array, remember to take seven steps on the left path first and then take five steps on the right path, and then take the left path and repeat the steps again. Remember, seven steps to the left, five steps to the right. Don't forget it. If you follow this, the meteorite will not hit you guys." Jiang Huquan grinned, "If the enemies dare to enter it, I believe that they won't be able to figure this out and definitely will suffer a great loss." "That's the best." Yang Mu laughed comfortably. "Let's prepare first. We will ambush them and kill some of them first. If the situation changes, we will immediately retreat into the Meteor Array. This time we are lucky to have Uncle Jing's and Little Yan's help; otherwise, we undoubtedly will face a big problem. Hahaha. Now, we have the advantage, and we should make those pursuers taste the defeat." . . . . . "Those are nine broken palaces." Pan Zhe stopped all of a sudden. He stood on a solid stone, looking at the distance, "I have gone through those nine palaces over there before. All of the ancient arrays inside there have been broken, so there is no danger. However, behind the nine palaces, there are still many forbiddances and barriers; so it all depends on luck when we want to pass through it." "Those Yang's people maybe have left from there?" Gu Linglong frowned. "I don't know." Pan Zhe shook his head. "Just be careful. There are many hiding places inside those nine palaces. If the Yang's people stay hidden there, it will be tough for us. Even we have more people; we still can't let our guard down. Remember, don't act recklessly. The gray clouds behind the nine palaces are very thick; thus, our sight dropped greatly, and many forbiddances blocked our spirit power as well. Over there was the real Chasm Battlefield." "Yang's people are inside the palaces." Cao Zhilan dashed forward, passing Pan Zhe like a feather drifting forward. Her slender body was swaying and swinging as if it was weightless, giving people a strange feeling. "Follow up, just be careful. Shi Yan that you guys have mentioned has formed strange confining vortexes inside the palaces. Those vortexes also keep shaking. Yeah, you guys will tell me who is Shi Yan later. I will deal with him first to prevent him from playing tricks with you and creating a chance for the Yang people to kill you guys." Cao Zhilan was like a floating feather; her body moved in the air randomly, leaping up from the ground from time to time which made her movement turn into a blurred shadow that seems very slow, but in fact, it was dashing incredibly fast toward the palace. "Miss Cao, your Spirit God Martial Spirit can detect any energy flow and also know that energy's movement rule; and thus, it enables you to find a way to deal with it. This Spirit God Martial Spirit is a sacred rank martial spirit. It can even sense the tiny weakness of the opponent's martial technique. It is genuinely magical. So, just follow her words." The Saintess from the Heaven Lake Divine Land, Qu Yangqing, displayed a strange emotion in her beautiful eyes as she explained Cao Zhilan's miraculous Martial Spirit. Cao Zhilan's Martial Spirit was very mysterious. Many warriors from the Endless Sea have heard about this; however, only a few people knew the magical effect and the strength of her martial spirit. Qu Yangqing was one of the few of them. Pan Zhe, Xie Kui, Gu Linglong eyes were shining after hearing Qu Yangqing's words. Cao Zhilan Spirit God Martial Spirit can detect any energy flow and even can know the movement rule of from that energy; this means that the forbiddances and barriers inside the Chasm Battlefield couldn't escape from the Martial Spirit's detection. She could even find the way to break those obstacles. Inside the Chasm battlefield, Cao Zhilan's Spirit God Martial Spirit was apparently very useful; it could help them significantly reduce their loss. . . . . . "Don't hide anymore. Just come out and fight with us." Outside the palace, Cao Zhilan calmly walked inside with a smile on her face. Her slender body could easily avoid three moving Gravitational Fields. She shook her head and revealed a smile. "Yeah, these active traps are very magical. No wonder why Pan Zhe and the others had to suffer a great loss. Shi Yan, right? You have surprised me by making those traps. Can you show up please?" Shi Yan was hiding behind a stone pillar, his face slightly changed. He coldly harrumphed and walked out step by step with a dark face. He appeared from the stone pillar where he had been hiding. Watching this beautiful woman who breaks his gravitational field and hearing her praise made him became focused and cautious without daring to let down his guard even a bit. He could feel that he was the target of this woman.