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Inside the valley. Shi Yan was facing the Demon Ghost alone, and had no idea what to do with it. Demon beasts, like the Demon Ghost, were heterosexual. It had been sealed partly by King Yang Qing, so it could only attack within 100 meters. The 100 meters' range was the dangerous area besides the Demon Ghost. Once someone get close to it, the Demon Ghost would attack fiercely. Shi Yan tried a lot of ways to get close to the 100 meter limit during the last three days. Whenever he entered the restricted area of 100 meters, this Demon Ghost would become violent. Its terrible flame almost destroyed Shi Yan. There was no way to communicate with the Demon Ghost. He also tried to release his soul consciousness. However, when his soul consciousness tried to communicate with the the Demon Ghost, he was overwhelmed by its terrible flame. This day, Shi Yan tried to communicate with the the Demon Ghost again. But when he began to condensate his soul consciousness, there came out a irritable impatient aura from the Demon Ghost. With Demon Ghost as the Center, a wave of fierce evil aura was released on the entire valley. The waves of fierce aura made the bones on the ground fly off towards Shi Yan like sharp swords. Fortunately, Shi Yan withdrew in time and luckily managed to escape this enormous attack. Shi Yan felt kind of slumped weakness. This ghost and demon hybrid was indeed extremely frightening. It was not only fierce, but also extremely offensive. And was always full of energy. It never rested, always staring at him. Before leaving, If Yang Lao hadn't told him that King Yang Qing once said this the Demon Ghost had great affinity with him, Shi Yan would have almost given up. Instead of leaving, Shi Yan chose to believe in the mysterious powers of King Yang Qing and continued to find a way to communicate with the Demon Ghost. Time flied. And half a month passed at once. During this half month, Shi Yan did not hurried to get close to the Demon Ghost, and kept a safe distance from the Demon Ghost. He was not so anxious to get the Demon Ghost's recognition. In the valley, he sat down to understand the Electric Shift and the Phantom Shift. The Yang family was indeed rich and powerful. During this period, all kinds of delicious food was taken to Shi Yan constantly. Shi Yan's stomach was always filled with the food. Thousands year Ginseng, Polygonum Multiflorum of hundreds of years, various demon beasts' bones and muscles were sent each and every day, which he could not have in the Shi family. The nutritional food made Shi Yan full of blood and flesh. Although Shi Yan didn't manage to succeed in taming the Demon Ghost, but he got enlightened in operating the Electric Shift after numerous trials and errors. "Chuu!" Shi Yan's shadow shuttled in the valley like lightening. Between his two legs, Profound Qi exploded, providing formidable impact. Shi Yan's body was really flying like a lightning in the valley constantly. "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The explosion of Profound Qi in the legs derived strong impact. Under the force of impact, Shi Yan moved so quickly that one couldn't even see him by naked eyes. "Hooo! Hooo!" The noise of the Double-Headed Dragon quietly came from outside the valley. After a while, Yang Mu came down from the Double-Headed Dragon, laughing in front of Shi Yan, "Xiao Yan, how's it?" Shaking his head, Shi Yan said helplessly, "I couldn't find a breakthrough. It isn't an easy thing to tame the the Demon Ghost." "That's for sure." Yang Mu nodded, "This Demon Ghost is so fierce, and it is a hybrid of two formidable beasts. It is a miracle between the heaven and earth. if it is so easy to rein in, we would have taken this guy long time ago." Shi Yan was not discouraged at all, "There is still time, anyway. I am not in a hurry. Since Great Grandfather said the demon beast and I have something special, he must have his reasons." "Great Grandfather..." While mentioning King Yang Qing, Yang Mu's eyes shone with a grudging smile. Shi Yan was quite sensitive, so from Yang Mu's subtle change of expression, he caught something unusual. He frowned quietly, "What happened?" "Ah..." Yang Mu smiled with a sigh. He wanted to say something, but he stopped. Seeing Yang Mu like this, Shi Yan got a bad feeling. Even since he knew Yang Mu, he had never saw him like this. In his eyes, Yang Mu was an arrogant person, filled with infinite confidence, as if nothing can make him worry. But now this strange Yang Mu gave Shi Yan a bad feeling immediately. "What happened?" Shi Yan said seriously. "Great Grandfather might be in trouble." Yang Mu sighed, "Seven days ago, we lost contact with Great Grandfather. Uncle Mo and grandfather could not contact him through the secret method. It never happened before. Our Yang Family has a secret method of communicating between the two worlds. He used to lead us through that secret method. We could also report to Great-Grandfather about everything that happened in the Kyara Sea. But now..." Shi Yan's face slightly changed, "Great-Grandfather has god like powers. Since he went to talk with the Demon King Bo Xun by himself, he must be full of confidence. How did that happen?" "I don't know." Yang Mu shook his head and squeezed out a smile, "Maybe we will be able to contact him soon. Ha ha, Xiao Yan, don't worry, stay here and keep trying to tame the Demon Ghost. I believe you can find the solution one day and communicate with the Demon Ghost." "Well." "I just came to take a look at you, nothing else. I will go now." Yang Mu shook his hand leisurely, mounted on the Double-Headed Dragon and left the valley quickly. Shi Yan's heart was overshadowed, as he felt something amiss. But he believed that King Yang Qing had the ability to leave the demon area. Before arriving the Endless Sea, he knew this nominal Great Grandfather a little through the description from Xiao Hanyi and Xia Xinyan. From those people, Shi Yan realized that King Yang Qing was one of the most legendary men in the Endless Sea. King Yang Qing's performance later also proved Shi Yan's suspect. Such a powerful man must have a plan B. He would never get himself into a difficult situation. He believed that King Yang Qing would be fine. Shi Yan continued to stay in the valley. He was practicing the Electric Shift and thinking about how to communicate with the Demon Ghost. Like this another two months passed. Finally, Shi Yan's Electricity Shift got a breakthrough. After this period of penance, the Profound Qi between his leg became much stronger. Naturally, once Shi Yan casted out the Electric Shift, his speed suddenly surged, which also made Shi Yan joyful. Triggering the Electric Shift with all his might, Shi Yan ran at a lightning speed that was seven times quicker than normal. He was shuttling in the valley like thunder. This day, Shi Yan thought for a long time, and finally realized he could use the Electric Shift in the Demon Ghost's taboo area. He was ready to take a risk to make sure that he can approach the Demon Ghost and retreat back safely. Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan slowly operated the Profound Qi in his body and forced it into his legs. "Boom! Boom! Boom! " From the intersections of his legs came a sudden fierce explosion. The explosion passed through his joints as he heard sounds from his leg bones . Suddenly, a figure enshrouded in lightning moved toward the Demon Ghost. Prostrating on the floor, the Demon Ghost squinted his green eyes and perceived Shi Yan getting near him immediately. "Howl��" The Demon Ghost roared, as its 10 meter long body stood up quickly and its evil power broke out directly. Just like a wave, the fierce flame covered one hundred meter area instantly. The Demon Ghost's huge body acted, as its claw and thorns shone oddly. The dark energy and demon energy came out of it and spread directly till it covered the whole area. In the forbidden area of the the Demon Ghost, Shi Yan sank into the mud and was enveloped by the flame of the Demon Ghost thoroughly. Overwhelming fierce flame like a substance was covering his body which almost drowned Shi Yan. "What's the matter?" The Ice Cold Flame suddenly sent a message, "This demon beast is so powerful that it can control the dark energy and demon energy, it's really awful!" The Ice Cold Flame in the Blood Vein Ring was aware of the awful energy, so it talked to Shi Yan on its own. facing the oppression of the fierce flame, Shi Yan's body was like being directly imprisoned and he could not move. The flame from the Demon Ghost formed the soul attack and went to the Shi Yan's head directly. The Sea of consciousness stirred waves and plumes of soul consciousness were released from it. In an instant, they formed layers of soul consciousness and tried to resist the Demon Ghost's ferocious attacks. Shi Yan was shocked that how difficult it became to leave this area. "Bravo!" From inside the ring, came Ice Cold Flame's shocked voice, "This monster beast has potential, I've not seen such a great power before. How do you get this guy?" Shi Yan tried hard to resist the soul attack from the the Demon Ghost. It was very demanding. His body was going down like a mountain collapsing in the dark and demon energy. He was fifty meters away from the the Demon Ghost. The Demon Ghost never attacked physically, but its fierce aura made Shi Yan shudder. He was like a leaf in a storm and that could be destroyed any time . "What!" The Ice cold flame screamed again. It seemed to have found something. It shouted in a sudden surprise,"The Blood Vein Ring released me. It wants me to help you?" The next moment, Shi Yan suddenly felt extremely cold breath gushing into the Blood Vein Ring. Just in an instant, Shi Yan's whole body froze like an ice sculpture. The Ice Cold Flame's power covered his body directly. The Demon Ghost's ferocious attacks couldn't defeat Shi Yan under the intervene of the Ice Cold Flame. Shi Yan felt slightly relieved. "Howl!" The Demon Ghost moved suddenly! Accompanied by a roar, the chains came out with a loud noise. Shi Yan saw the Demon Ghost's huge body fell straight down to him like a dark cloud. There were dark clouds in the sky. �� Shi Yan face changed and he felt his soul locked on by the Demon Ghost. He had a frustrated feeling that wherever he fled he would be killed.