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Shi Yan followed Yang Lao, as the two headed for a valley between the two holy mountains. When there were still some miles away, Shi Yan faintly felt a wave of ferocious and evil consciousness from the valley. Above the valley, an extremely strong demon energy and Underworld dark energy came through unusual thick indigo and black clouds. The two totally different flavors singularly gathered together and both seemed to be coming from a monster. "Howl!" As if it felt someone was approaching, a loud roar that can shake heaven and earth was heard from the valley all of a sudden. Just as the roar came out, varieties of captive demon beasts in the nearby valley prostrated on the ground in succession, they looked quite scared and didn't dare to straighten up. "What a fierce thing!" Yang Lao whispered with a helpless face, "It's exhausting just to keep this demon beast. In only a year and a half, this demon beast had eaten nearly a hundred level three and level four demon beasts. If we didn't have abundant financial resources, we can hardly afford to keep it." Shi Yan was aghast. Even at the Kyara Sea, level three and level four demon beasts were considered precious. But this thing was able to devour so many high level demon beasts in only one and a half year. Just from that, it could be imagined how fierce this demon beast was. It must be not easy to deal with. Its roar made even Yang Mu's Double-Headed Dragon hesitate and it remained stagnant with apparent fear. The Double-headed Dragon was the a level six demon beast. In Yan Family, the demon beasts at this level were already hard enough to tame. As they were even fiercer than Cyan Blood Bat. In the past, just a roar from this Double-Headed Dragon would let all the demon beasts in the nearby vicinity shiver. It was unexpected that there would be a demon beast that could make Double-headed Dragon stop his movements. Yang Mu had to get off from his Double-Headed Dragon, and he gave Shi Yan a bitter smile, "Little Yan, as you can see, the thing is much harder to deal with. Alas! I really do not know what my grandpa is really thinking. Letting you tame it really is a joke. Even I tremble with terror when I meet that thing." Shi Yan became more surprised. "Let's go! Don't let that thing look down on us." Yang Lao said as he sneered, "Since we, Yan Family, can suppress it, we certainly have the way to deal with it. We've consumed so many resources on it. They must be paid back without doubt." Shi Yan slightly nodded with a cool face and said: "I am really looking forward to it." "Be careful with it! Otherwise, instead of taming it, you would be devoured by it." Yang Meng's little face was full of worries, "It's really not the thing to be trifled with. You must be discreet. If not so, you actually might be eaten with carelessness. Last time I was so frightened by its strong aura that I became unable to move, when I was not even close to it." "Howl!" In the valley, the roar of the demon beast resounded again. It seemed to be extremely unhappy with humans' approaching. Once it smelts a humans' scent, it immediately showed its ferocious side. As long as common warriors heard its fierce roar, most of them would tremble with terror and become afraid to get close. Even Shi Yan was frowning and holding breath. He dared not let his down guard. Following Yang Lao's, Shi Yan arrived at the place between the two mountains. The ground was littered with huge bones. They were obviously bones of demon beasts. In the valley, the ground was full of bones. At a glance, it was like a bone sea, heart-stirring. "Crack!" While treading on the bones, and listening to cracking of bones, Shi Yan felt goosebumps. Strong demon energy and dark energy filled the sky above the valley. In the center of cyan dark energy and demon energy, a figure of a demon beast baring its fangs, brandishing its claws and screaming to the sky can be partly seen. Its body was bound by black chain about twelve arms thick, Which were connected with the two mountains. Every time the demon beast swayed and struggled, violent sounds of metal collision would come out from the iron chain. "Hoop,hoop,hoop!" The demon beast swallowed and spat to the sky. And the strong demon energy and dark energy in the sky suddenly disappeared in its body as a sponge absorbs water. After that a faint figure was suddenly revealed from the bones. Shi Yan had a look of horror on his face. This was a huge demon beast like dragon and python. It had a ten meters long body, non-muscle wings and a belly full of scales. Its body was covered with ferocious arm length black thorns, which flashed with black light. Its two huge talons were flickering sharp lights, seemed to be capable of destroying any invincible stronghold. Its talons whacked the hard stony ground and bombarded deep caves one by one. Every time a strike hit down, a huge boom can be heard from the valley. The most terrible thing was the demon beast's head. It was just a hideous ghost face. Bloodthirsty green light was emitted from its copper bell like eyes. On the general features of the devil, there were black thorns as well. They were like sharp swords stuck in its face. The demon beast with ten meters body like a dragon or python, had a ferocious ghost face. Even at first glance, it would make people tremble with fear. Noticing someone was closing in, it suddenly blustered again. A very strong ferocious energy was spread out as a storm on its own axis. The ferocious energy was like a materialized substance. Which made any human's' souls tremble. Every place the ferocious energy arrived at, the bones nearby would explode. Both Yang Mu and Yang Meng could not help but take a few steps. Shi Yan used his newly refined Soul Consciousness and Sea of Consciousness to resist the ferocious energy from the demon beast. Finally, he managed to stand rooted to the spot instead of stepping back with fear. Yang Lao stared at Shi Yan with a surprised face. From the time the demon beast had been here, a lot of warriors from the Yang Family experienced how fierce it was. Almost every new warrior who arrived here would be frightened by it. With fear all over their face, they would subconsciously step back and can not even look in its eyes. Both Yang Mu and Yang Meng were Earth Realm warriors. But again, under the fury of the demon beast, they still couldn't help but step back. But Shi Yan was standing motionless. It was abnormal. Shi Yan was only at the Disaster Realm. What made him remain motionless under the ferocious energy and the terrorizing gaze from the demon beast? Yang Lao couldn't figure out and increasingly felt that What King Yang Qing said was true. Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness was waving under the fierce energy attack from the demon beast. The consciousness was quietly spread one after another to resist the energy attack with Soul Consciousness power. Seeing Yang Mu and Yang Meng retreating a few steps, he secretly felt surprised and also a little rejoiced. Shi Yan realized that it was entirely because he successfully refined Sea of Consciousness that kept him away from fear. Sea of Consciousness had many magical effects. One of the simplest effects was leaning on the Soul Consciousness power and withstanding the soul shock caused by ferocious energy. Although Yang Mu and Yang Meng were Earth Realm warriors, they hadn't refined the Sea of Consciousness. So facing the ferocious energy from the demon beast, they couldn't defend themselves with Soul Consciousness. As their souls were exposed, their minds and consciousness were be frightened. Which made them stepped backward. "What the hell was that thing?" Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan asked in a low voice. "Ghost Beast." Yang Lao pondered for a moment and explained: "It is said that it's the hybrid of the Sky Ghost from the Underworld and the Beast Dragon from the Demon Area. They both are level eight demon beast. Whether in the Underworld or in the Demon Area, both of them are famous. Both Dark Dwellers and Demon Dwellers were helpless in front of them. This Ghost Beast was found at a magical place in the Fourth Demon Area by your great grandfather. It was just a several hundred years old cub. But it was already a demon beast at level six. According to your great grandfather's saying, the ugly thing is the hybrid of two level-eight demon beasts, with unlimited capacity of evolution. It is said that if an opportunity arrives, it can at least evolve to level nine in the future. And the help of treasures and other magical things, it could even become a level-ten demon beast!" Shi Yan was stunned. Normally the demon beasts that could unceasingly evolve were extremely aggressive. The ones who could evolve into level-nine demon beasts were rarely found. And the ones that were able to evolve to level-ten demon beasts were almost heard only in legends. Very few people had ever met them. The Ghost Beast not only had the ability of continuous evolution, but also could become a level-nine demon beast. What's more, it had the opportunity to become the sovereign demon beast at level ten. Shi Yan had never met the demon beast at this level before, not even had heard of it. "No one knows how Sky Ghost from Underworld could appear in The Fourth Demon Area and give birth to Ghost Beast with Beast Dragon of Demon Area." Yang Lao shook his head, "Even your great grandfather could not figure out how could the Sky Ghost appear in Demon Area. And it is harder to know why Sky Ghost could copulate with the Beast Dragon. The name of Beast Ghost was given by your great grandfather. It is the thing that had never appeared in the past and should be the rarest curiosity in the nature." "Then how can we tame it?" Shi Yan murmured. Yang Lao was stupefied. He shook his head with a bitter smile, "Don't ask me about this. I know nothing about it either. Your Great Grandfather bought it back to the Immortal Island and personally bounded it with twelve golden chains. He asked us to send a demon beast at level three or four to feed it every seven days. And he said it should be you to tame Beast Ghost when you come to Immortal Island." "Me?" Shi Yan was dumbfounded, "My great grandpa really thought too highly of me." "Well." Yang Lao nodded with a strange face, "All of us don't think you have the ability to tame Beast Ghost. But your Great Grandfather said that only you would have karma with Beast Ghost. I don't know what basis your Great Grandfather had, but he commanded that only you could be allowed to tame Beast Ghost. None of us can understand his thoughts." "Great Grandpa must be muddled." Yang Meng stuck out her tongue cutely: "Brother Yan has never met it. And he has no experience of taming any other demon beast, so it's impossible for him to tame it." "Never mind." Yang Lao thought for a while and said to Shi Yan: "Stay here and try to tame it. Well, Just remember always maintain a 100 meters distance.100 meters is its physical attack range. Since your Great Grandfather said that, he must have his own reasons. Though I have many methods to tame demon beasts, but no one is suitable for this one. Your Great Grandfather also commanded me not to show you any skills of taming demon beasts." After Yang Lao finished, he departed with Yang Meng and Yang Mu, leaving behind a worried Shi Yan alone on how to tame the Beast Ghost.