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207 Ancient Divine Blood

Deep inside the No. One divine mountain, six shining Stone Rooms showed up in front of Shi Yan. Each one of the Stone Room was made of complete crystals, containing dense divine auras which were flowing out from the crystal walls like brooks. The Profound Crystal! The Top grade Profound Crystal! The Profound Crystal was divided into Low-grade, Medium-grade, High and Top-grades. Top-grade Profound Crystals could only be found at the center of a crystal quarry. A fist-like Top-grade Profound Crystal was quite rare in the Endless Sea, valued equal to a Soul Level treasure! But inside the divine mountains, the six Stone Rooms were all made of complete Profound Crystal! Appalling! Shi Yan's eyes were shining with marvel. He was gazing at the six Profound Crystal Stone Room in awe. Dense natural aura kept diffusing out from the crystal walls. Just after taking one smell of it, Shi Yan felt his Profound Qi grow heavier. "OMG!" Shi Yan was astounded. "In the nine divine mountains, there are fifty four Stone Rooms made up of complete Profound Crystal for the Yang Family members to train in." Yang Mu looked proud as he explain about the stone rooms, "The nine mountains form a natural pattern that gathers the auras between the earth and the sky. They are the miracles of the Endless Sea after thousands of years of cultivation. We fought for hundreds years and killed numerous people to obtain the nine Divine Mountains!" "Training in the Stone Room for one day equals to one year of training outside!" Yang Lao beamed, "Every generation of Yang Family protects the divine mountains as they help us produce experts faster! As long as we own the nine divine mountains, the Yang Family will hold the dominant position in the Endless Sea! Even after a hundred or a thousand years, we Yang Family will still dominate the Endless Sea!" Shi Yan nodded slightly. To train inside a Stone Room made of Profound Crystal, one didn't need to concentrate his profound Qi. Instead, all he has to do is to breathe the divine aura here, refine it, and then his profound Qi would become much denser. The profound Qi he could gather in a day equaled to that of a man training for one year. At that moment, Shi Yan finally knew why the Yang Family members cultivated to the Disaster and Earth Realm so easily. At Elementary, Nascent and Human Realms, one's progress was directly correlated to the speed at which one can concentrate his Profound Qi. As long as one's profound Qi was dense enough, it was easy to advance to another realm. With the unique Profound Crystal walled Stone Room, Yang Family warriors found it easy to breakthrough from Elementary, Nascent and Human Realms; they could cross over the three realms easily. However, common warriors needed great effort to concentrate Profound Qi and to train little by little for ten or more years to reach Human Realm. And finally, after their consciousness was strengthened, then they could reach Disaster Realm. Yang Family warriors cultivated ten times faster than others! Although Disaster, Earth, and Nirvana Realms demanded a lot on one's mind and wisdom, with enough Profound Qi, one's consciousness could easily breakthrough. Which meant that after the Disaster Realm, Yang Family warriors took great advantages in concentrating their Profound Qi! In the fifty four Stone Rooms in the nine divine mountains, fifty four warriors could quickly concentrate their Profound Qi, and being accompanied with all sorts of secret treasures of Yang Family, even they would find it hard to slow down their path. "The nine divine mountains are the essence of our Yang Family." Yang Lao smiled, "The nine divine mountains formed a natural pattern and absorbed the auras between the sky and the earth. There is always inexhaustible auras in the Stone Rooms." "Xiao Yan, if only you had come back years earlier! You would now be higher than the Second Sky of Disaster Realm." Yang Mu giggled, "But it's not too late. You, kid, are lucky and not too far behind. If you train hard, it will be easy for you to advance to another Realm with all sorts of treasures in the Yang family." "Where's Xia Xinyan?" Shi Yan took a deep breath, controlled his mood, and then asked while frowning. "Inside there." Yang Mu smiled, "That gal normally wouldn't be allowed inside the room if were not for this one exception; only direct offsprings and core ministers of the Yang Family are allowed to enter the Stone Rooms." Xia Shenchuan was beyond the divine mountain, and he couldn't enter it either. As the master of the Xia Family, he knew the laws of the Yang Family; the divine mountains was the forbidden area. "Kid, go wake up Xia Xinyan now. Don't worry, we will deliver meals for you everyday, including glossy ganoderma, demon beast meat, and all sorts of great food, to make sure that you get enough nutrition." Yang Lao smiled. Shi Yan nodded, "Then I will enter now." "Go now. The Stone Rooms are a forbidden area for others, but to us, they are merely rooms for training. Leave everything behind you. Send messages through that pipe and we will arrange everything for you." Yang Lao introduced. Shi Yan felt that he was meticulously taken care of. Here, the Yang Family provided him with the best place for practice. He could get whatever he wanted here. Instead of other trivial things, all he needed to do was to concentrate on training. Looking at the shining Stone Room, Shi Yan knew why the Yang Family was so powerful. Under Yang Lao and Yang Mu's gaze, Shi Yan slowly walked into one of the crystal-walled Stone Room. At once, the door was closed from outside. Inside the crystal-walled Stone Room, the auras were flowing like a river even in the air. One could smell and see it. Without doing anything, he could feel his Profound Qi was increasing little by little. It really is, an optimal place for practice. The Stone Room was not quite spacious---about 20 square meters. At its centre a crystal stone bed was placed on which Xia Xinyan was lying on her back in white clothing. There were vague life fluctuations on her body and white light was shining on her delicate smooth face. Long eyelashes covered her clear eyes. Inside her perfect body, wisps of Profound Qi were flowing in disorder. Without any consciousness, Xia Xinyan looked like a dead body even though she was still breathing and She didn't know that Shi Yan was beside her. His consciousness silently flew into the Blood Vein Ring. "Seven days ago, You said that we could absorb the soul power in the Soul Gathering Pearl." Shi Yan injected his spirit into the Blood Vein Ring, "Now I have the time to absorb the soul power. You said the soul power can wake her up. Tell me what to do." "Huh? It's so strange here!" The Ice Cold Flame's message rippled out from the Blood Vein ring slowly, "Although my power is sealed by the ring, I can still feel the dense natural energy here. It is the best place for you human warriors to train in. You are a lucky dog. How did you find it here?" "None of your business." Shi Yan frowned, "Tell me, what do I do to wake her up?" "Very simple." Without hesitation the Ice Cold Flame started telling him what to do, "Just wipe away the white vein on the Soul Gathering Pearl and put both your fingers on it, after that you can feel pure soul power from it. Hmm, this woman has lost her consciousness, so you have to wrap the soul power with your spirit power and then inject it into her mind, so that it can nourish her soul. Don't worry, it is easy to absorb the pure soul power. Her remaining soul will soon gather once it is nourished by the soul power." The Ice Cold Flame elaborated it to Shi Yan. But then it became disappointed, "I was sealed by that damn ring; I don't think in my current situation I can still get my share of the soul power. Remember our deal, you should keep my part for me." "Got it." Shi Yan's mouth quivered. "Oh, by the way, you can drop one drop of your blood to the Soul Gathering Pearl, which will make the soul power delivered to the woman to have your smell. After she has gathered her soul, she will have your smell inside her. Wherever she is, you will know her exact position." "It does no harm to her?" "Not at all." "Good." Shi Yan nodded, and then nibbled his finger tip until a drop of crimson blood fell onto the Soul Gathering Pearl. Shining Black Light gushed out from the Soul Gathering Pearl. In an instant, the black light wrapped Shi Yan all over. Meanwhile, the water-like auras in the crystal-walled Stone Room gushed toward the Soul Gathering Pearl crazily. "Ah! Your, your blood! How could it be!" The Ice Cold Flame sent a surprised message in haste, "This, this is ancient divine blood!"