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205 The Yang Family“s Challenge

Yang Family's Challenge In the Yang family, next to a cold, deep pool. Shi Yan and Yang Mu stood quietly in the corner, and watched a delicate little figure inside the deep pool. It was a fifteen or sixteen year-old little girl, her big eyes were unusually lively. She had long eyelashes and straight little nose, making her look very cute and lovable. At the moment, her delicate body sank inside the pool, she frowned as her limbs kept shaking around. In the clear pool water, with the movement of her limbs, four milstone-sized metal blocks raised enormous waves in the pool water. Although her figure was small but the movements she made were extremely big as it produced choppy waves in the pool water. Shi Yan's face was filled with surprise. He stared at her wrists and ankles and realized that there were shackles locked onto there. The shackles were connected to four millstone-sized metal blocks. Sometimes the little girl floated while the other times she sank in the water pool. Her entire body was drenched as she struggled to stay afloat. "Yang Meng is cultivating the Sky Phoenix Formula, this is a type of Spirit level martial skill. while cultivating, her limbs have to be attached with four thousand-jin metals (1��=0.5 kg), and stay afloat in the water pool at the same time." Yang Mu stood next to Shi Yan and explained quietly: "The Sky Phoenix Formula is a extremely magical martial skill, where once you succeed in cultivating it, you can form wings made up of Profound Qi behind your back. Like the wings of a phoenix, they can directly make her stay thousands of feet up in the air while being in the Earth realm." Shi Yan was stunned. Usually, only Sky realm masters could stay in the air, and had the ability to fly. This girl was only in the first sky of the Earth realm and she still had quite a long journey for her to be able to fly in the air. However, if she can achieve the magical effect of staying in mid-air through the cultivation of the Sky Phoenix Formula, then she would be able to take all the advantages of flight when battling with people. A martial skill that was able to make a Earth realm warrior obtain the flying ability of a Sky realm master, could truly be called mysteriously magical. Inside the deep pool. Yang Meng clenched her teeth as her feet and legs kept kicking the pool water. Her body bobbed up and down, but never sank in the water pool. Her body was attached to four heavy objects weighing thousand jin, yet she could still keep her body from sinking in the water. This girl's performance made Shi Yan secretly shocked. With four thousand jin of heavy objects on one's body, usually a normal person wouldn't even be able to move. In the water, one would almost instantly sink into the bottom of the water and never would have a chance of resurfacing. This girl used some unknown secret method, and every time she kicked and paddled in the pool water, a wave of shocking energy shot out. It formed into a special pushing force, making her delicate body shoot fiercely up to the surface of the pool for a while. When she continued to sink back down, she would stir the power again and continue to force herself to the surface of the pool, again and again. "Yang Meng is the youngest in our generation, she is our little sister. This girl doesn't have much cunningness in her, but she is a delight to us all." Yang Mu had a coddling smile on his lips, "We all like to spoil her a lot and she also never lets us down. This year she just turned sixteen, and she is already in the first sky of Earth realm." Sixteen years old, in the first sky of Earth realm! Shi Yan kept smiling bitterly, he somewhat got a deeper insight on these freaks from the Yang family. Xia Xinyan was the outstanding talent of the new generation of the Xia family, this year she was already twenty-six years old, but she was still in the first sky of Earth realm. That He Qingman, was a talent in which the Evil Wonderland put much focus into training her. She was twenty-four years old, and now was also only in the first sky of the Earth realm. In comparison, Shi Yan slowly started to realize why the Yang family was the true master in the Kyara Sea. In the Merchant Union, Beiming Ce could be counted as the most outstanding young talent. He was almost thirty years old, but was only in the Disaster realm. Comparing with Yang Meng here, the so called god-blessed talent Beiming Ce was not even worth mentioning. "Boom, boom, boom!" Yang Meng suddenly exerted her strength and tried to fly in the water pool, at her back, bright light formed. Wings formed by pure Profound Qi, quickly formed at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. In a mere moment, behind Yang Meng's back, Profound Qi wings appeared. She controlled the wings and forcefully flapped them. Slowly floating to the surface of the pool water, her delicate little body soon got out of the surface of the water. "Plop!" Just when she flew about three meters away from the pool surface, Yang Meng's face suddenly flashed with panic. Her power seemed to have ran out, and she fell straight into the pool. "Alright, this is the end of the cultivation today." On the side of the pool, Yang Lao frowned and shouted. His big hand grabbed in the air, and directly lifted Yang Meng out of the water pool. "Crack! Crack!" Once Yang Meng dropped to the ground, the shackled on her limbs automatically came off. She dejectedly sat on the floor and murmured faintly: "Come on, why does it still not work? I was so close, why can I never step past this point?" Yang Lao let out a chuckle, and then he shook his head and said: "You little girl, you're sure greedy. You only cultivated for one and a half years, and already want to finish cultivating this Sky Phoenix Formula. Is there such an easy thing in the world?" "Grandpa, didn't you say that with my talent, I can successfully cultivate it really fast?" Yang Meng snorted, and pouted her lips: "Liar! You said I would be able to fly really soon, if after a little more time I still can't fly, then I won't cultivate this anymore. It's so much trouble." Facing Yang Meng helplessness appeared on Yang Lao's face. "Meng, just cultivate this for half a year more, and I promise that you will be able to fly. Believe in your big brother, I am definitely more accurate than second grandpa. He's old, it's normal that he can misjudge things." At this moment, a laughing Yang Mu and Shi Yan approached them. "You brat." Yang Lao threw a glare at Yang Mu and just as he was about to curse him, he suddenly froze. He looked deeply at Shi Yan, and asked: "Boy, you must be Shi Yan?" Shi Yan nodded with a smile. "Shi Yan?" Yang Meng suddenly jumped and stood up. She giggled softly: "Ha, you're only in the Disaster realm, you're not even as good as me. Now I'm not the worst one, haha." In the Yang family, because Yang Meng was the youngest, her level of cultivation was the weakest, being only in the first sky of Earth realm. Every time she would be mocked by Yang Mu and the rest. Now that she suddenly discovered that Shi Yan was only in the Disaster realm, she immediately felt joyful inside. She clapped her hands together and smiled happily, pointing at Shi Yan, she said: "Hehe, you're not even as strong as I am, let's fight in the future. Don't worry, I'll hold back on you." The children of the Yang family don't just cultivate endlessly. They often clashed together, and motivated each other, using real life fighting to gain experience. Because of the existence of the Immortal Martial Spirit, the fights between Yang family children would not stop at a certain point. They often had blood spilling situations. Yang Meng was the weakest; In these years, every time she fought with Yang Mu and the others, she never got hurt because they would hold back. However, she had never won either. She had long heard the news about Shi Yan's arrival. Now that she saw Shi Yan was here, and only in the Disaster realm, she immediately had the idea of getting some satisfaction through Shi Yan, and she immediately got happy. The look in Yang Lao's eyes was deep, he stared at Shi Yan for a moment, then lightly nodded and smiled: "I heard that you are pretty good. Come come, let me see how good you are." Shi Yan was stunned. "Very easy." Yang Lao chuckled maliciously as four beams of bright light suddenly flew out of his palm. Those four beams of light abruptly sank into those four shackles, "Put on these shackles, and run around the pool five times. Haha, the second sky of Disaster realm, close enough, close enough." The shackles that came off of Yang Meng, suddenly flew up and wrapped around Shi Yan. "Haha, little Yan, Second Grandpa is testing you, don't disappoint him." Yang Mu laughed, and clapped: "I believe you definitely can pass. Second grandpa, if little Yan can run five laps, what prize do you have for him?" "Prize?" The smile on Yang Lao's lips didn't change and he nodded, "Of course there is a prize, if he runs five full laps, I will call the shots and give him three Nutrition Pills. Haha, isn't this kid close with that girl from the Xia family? The Nutrition Pill has special effects for the Reincarnation Martial Spirit of the Xia family." Shi Yan's eyes suddenly brightened. He had about the Nutrition Pills from Xia Xinyan before, this was an elixir that could recover Profound Qi in a short period of time. Every time Xia Xinyan used her Reincarnation Martial SPirit, her body would be heavily damaged. In normal situations, she would need one to two months to recover. But if she had a Nutrition Pill, she would be able to recover overnight. If Xia Xinyan had three more Nutrition Pills in her hand, then she would be able to use the Reincarnation Martial Spirit three more times without any damage. Thinking about that, Shi Yan spread out his limbs and stood still. With a smile on his face, Shi Yan cooperatively let those shackles lock onto his limbs. "Didn't know that you were a loverboy." Yang Lao chuckled, "But, if you want my Nutrition Pills, it won't be that easy. Not only do you have to run five full laps, I'm also timing you. I'll give you five minutes, if you can't finish in five minutes then I won't give you the Nutrition Pills." "Five minutes?" Yang Meng's cute eyes blinked, "Grandpa, you're so naughty. It's so hard to get something from your hands. When I just stepped into the Earth realm, dragging these four big things, took me a minute to run one lap around the pool. He's only in the second sky of Disaster realm." "Your Great Grandpa said it before, this kid has excellent talents and his body is different from others." Yang Lao's eyes were gleaming with peculiar lights, he smiled: "Your Great Grandpa said that under the same realm, he is much stronger than you all. Hehe, if your Great Grandpa said that, then he must have his reasons. I believe there has to be something different on this kid, I'll wait and see." Shi Yan was secretly surprised. Yang Qingdi had never met him, but he seemed to know everything about him. He even knew that his body was different from others. Could it be that Yang Qingdi really does know everything? Shi Yan became more and more curious about this Great Grandpa that he had never met. He didn't know exactly how many magical powers he had, such that he could predict his well-being with just three drops of Immortal Blood. "Little Yan, stop thinking about random things now. Prepare to use all the strength you've got." Yang Mu loved to see the world plunged into chaos, he laughed and said: "Remember, you only have five minutes. Don't hide your power, it's time to show them off." "Kid, Start!" Yang Lao lightly shouted. Without hesitating, Shi Yan roared and abruptly stirred the negative energies inside his meridians.