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202 Destroy the Mountain

On the mountain top. The Evil Wonderland warriors looked pale, while Xie Kui popped up from the earth and looked at Yang Mu coldly, "How dare you kill him?" "Why not?" Yang Mu laughed while jumping off from the Double-Headed Dragon and stood besides Shi Yan, and asked him with a smile, "You ok?" "I'm fine." Shi Yan shook his head with a smile. "The Third Stage?" Yang Mu was surprised as his eyes wandered on Shi Yan's chest. The wound on Shi Yan's chest was recovering slowly but at a visible speed. "Yeah." Shi Yan nodded. "Disaster Realm?" Yang Mu didn't look at Xie Kui, but mumbled to himself, "It's unreasonable." Since he has the Immortal Martial Spirit, Yang Mu knew about it well. Generally, one needed to advance to the Earth Realm to get to the Third Stage of the Immortal Martial Spirit. Shi Yan was merely at the Disaster Realm, but his Immortal Martial Spirit had already reached the Third Stage, which was rather abnormal. "Yes, I'm at the Second Sky of Disaster Realm." Shi Yan nodded again. Yang Mu was even more surprised. Those Evil Wonderland warriors including Xie Kui and He Qingman looked unease after Yang Mu showed up. Sheng Yidan gazed at Shi Yan's chest, and then sighed with bitterness. Anyone can see that Shi Yan had the Immortal martial Spirit, so she knew that they had been all wrong; Shi Yan was a direct descendent of the Yang Family. Shi Yubai was killed by Yang Mu, but the Evil Wonderland warriors didn't dare to do anything although they were angry. "You killed our people, I will tell it to the family head. We won't spare you!" Xie Kui looked gloomy, as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, "At this crucial moment, you killed your ally. I don't think you need our help." "Hmm." Yang Mu sneered and shook his head, "Just tell your family head. Let's see what can you do to us? You don't rule the Evil Wonderland, if you leave the Demon Dwellers alone, you can expect more of them. Let's see how will your Evil Wonderland fares then?" Xie Kui's expression changed slightly. The Demon Dwellers had entered the Kyara Sea. Although they hated the Yang Family most, it's tough for them to shake the Yang Family. On the contrary, the Evil Wonderland and the Xia Family were the real target of the Demon Dwellers because they were weaker. Even if the Evil Wonderland and the Xia Family didn't attack the Demon Dwellers, the latter would still cause trouble with them. Yang Mu smiled as he took out a green pill and handed it to Shi Yan, "How are you now?" Shi Yan took the pill and swallowed it at once. He soon felt a warm sensation in his belly. The pill was mildly taking effect on his chest. This pill sped up the recovering of wound as its power entangled the wound like slim strings. "There are dozens of Demon Dwellers on the Black Stone Island, including several experts at the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm. We entered the quarry and met the Demon Dwellers..." Shi Yan explained briefly. "Demon Dwellers of the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm?" Yang Mu was a little surprised, as he nodded his expression turned heavy, "It seems to be tough now. It's out of expectation that Nirvana Realm Demon Dwellers appeared on this small island. They have made up their mind." "Qingman, you mean the Nirvana Realm Demon Dwellers were found by him?" Xie Kui was listening to He Qingman's explanation, which caused him to frown. He Qingman nodded slowly and explained in a low voice, "He has a certain treasure that helps him detect the Demon Dwellers. He was the first one to find then in the cave. It's just that we didn't pay attention to it. Sister Nan, Sister Nan..." He Qingman's voice shook again. "The Demon Dwellers were first found by you?" Yang Mu's hearing was great; he glanced at Shi Yan in surprise. After seeing Shi Yan also nodding, Yang Mu laughed and praised, "You are something! Haha! No wonder great grandpa said you are extraordinary. This time I came because great grandpa sent me here to take you back." Shi Yan beamed, "Just with the help of a treasure." The great grandpa Yang Mu talked about was the head of the Yang Family, King Yang Qing. He Qingman didn't show any surprise, but Xie Kui and Sheng Yidan's expression changed. Especially for Sheng Yidan, he regretted a lot for not having noticed that Shi Yan was special. Whoever caught King Yang Qing's attention must be something and would probably be an expert in the Endless Sea. If they knew of this earlier, they would have listened to Shi Yan and avoided the battle with the Demon Dwellers. "Xiao Yan, let's go. After killing the Demon Dwellers, we will go back to the Immortal Island at once. You came from far away. It's time for you to go home." Yang Mu whistled, and then the Double-Headed Dragon landed on the mountain top. Yang Mu mounted to the Double-Headed Dragon, and then waved to Shi Yan, "Let's go." Though confused, Shi Yan mounted the Double-Headed Dragon while observing the Double-Headed Dragon as his eyes sparkled. The Double-Headed Dragon was seven meters long and had the power of Ice and flame in its two heads. The back of the dragon was hard as iron, and its claws were sharp. The Level Six demon beast, the Double-Headed Dragon, had two heads which can spurt ice and flame. It's one of the most able demon beasts in the Yang Family. Before Shi Yan came to the Endless Sea, Xiao Hanyi had told him that he could get a Double-Headed Dragon if he was acknowledged by the family head. Shi Yan remembered it, so when he saw the real Double-Headed Dragon, he became excited. "Haha, stop looking at it. You will have your own mount." Yang Mu laughed, "Great grandpa had chosen a grumpy demon beast to test you. But you have to prove that you can tame it." "Not the Double-Headed Dragon?" Shi Yan was surprised. "No, it's more frightening than the Double-Headed Dragon. Hehe, and great grandpa wants to test you with that demon beast. Xiao Yan, be prepared, and don't be frightened by it." "Not the Double-Headed Dragon? Then what demon beast is that?" "I will leave it for you to find it out yourself." They mounted the Double-Headed Dragon while chatting in the process. Xie Kui, He Qingman and others could only look at them and frown with strange expressions. "There are Nirvana Realm Demon Dwellers in the cave?" Xie Kui asked Sheng Yidan. "Of course." Sheng Yidan nodded, "That's why sister Nan was killed." Xie Kui nodded slightly, and sneered, "Let me see how Yang Mu will kill those Demon Dwellers! "Yeah." He Qingman was confused too, "Yang Mu is strong, but he is merely at the third Sky of Earth Realm, so he can't win against that Nirvana Realm Demon Dweller." "Let's go!" Yang Mu laughed and urged the Double-Headed Dragon to flew to the quarry Shi Yan pointed at. "B, brother." Shi Yan was not used to calling someone brother, " One Demon Dweller is at the Nirvana Realm, can you really deal with it?" "Don't worry." Yang Mu looked calm, "I will show you the Sky Bomb of the Yang Family. I have two Sky Bombs. To kill a Nirvana Realm Demon Dweller with one of it is not a waste." Sky Bomb? Shi Yan knew Yang Mu was doing it for a reason. While sitting on the Double-Headed Dragon, Shi Yan and Yang Mu soon arrived above the quarry. "Detect whether the Demon Dwellers are inside." While standing on the Double-Headed Dragon, Yang Mu looked down at the quarry below him. Shi Yan slowly nodded and took out the Soul Gathering Pearl. While Shi Yan was searching, a heavy smell of hatred came from deep within the quarry and spirit waves approached. Shi Yan's expression changed as he withdrew his spirit power from the Soul Gathering Pearl, "He's still here." "That's good then." Yang Mu laughed and his ring shone as a fist-like golden ball appeared in his palm. Under Yang Mu's control, that golden ball transformed in a golden light which struck the quarry. "Bang, bang, bang!" A powerful blast resounded in the quarry. The Sky Bomb blast was so strong that it almost cracked the sky. Meanwhile, golden waves rippled in the sky. Then, just in front of Shi Yan, the quarry exploded into ashes. Covered in the golden light, the quarry crashed and was destroyed by Sky Bomb in an instant.