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201 I“m Your Elder Brother!

Shi Yubai went insane! He put the blame on Shi Yan for the disaster in the quarry. Shi Yan's behavior in the cave had irritated Shi Yubai and now Shi Yan's attitude made him even more angrier, so he made up his mind to teach Shi Yan a lesson. He Qingman, Sheng Yidan and the others were still mourning. It was too late when they realized that they needed to stop Shi Yubai from assaulting Shi Yan. Shi Yubai's body was covered with yellow light, meanwhile, golden light balls flew out from his hands. These big golden ball contained great power in them. Shi Yan's expression changed. Without further thinking, he triggered his Petrification Martial Spirit as well as the Dark Light Shield, and entered the Second Sky of Rampage. Shi Yubai was at the Second Sky of Earth Realm, which was one level higher than Shi Yan; Shi Yan would be easily killed if he was not careful. With qi gushing into his body, Shi Yan's look suddenly changed as a brutal and murderous aura pervaded around him. Around Shi Yan, the aura rippled and formed a strong wave. He Qingman and Sheng Yidan stopped crying and looked to Shi Yan in surprise, shocked by the changes in him. "Boom, boom, boom!" One after another, golden balls kept striking Shi Yan and exploded around him. Shi Yan's Dark Light Shield broke at once as his body flew up into the air and he spurted out a mouthful of blood. Shi Yan was wounded in just a single strike, as he felt pain all over his body. Being one level higher than Shi Yan, Shi Yubai struck with all his strength. He was determined to kill Shi Yan! However, Shi Yan was not dead! Shi Yan stood up after he landed on the ground, and he said firmly, "Shi Yubai, I won't forget it!" "You will still remember me when you go to hell!" Shi Yubai gritted, "We would have been safe if you didn't come to the Black Stone Island. We wouldn't have lost so much if it weren't for you!" He put all the blame on Shi Yan, so he could find an excuse to kill him. Shi Yubai didn't stop, and his face turned red while his eyes shone with yellow light. As more power started bursting in his body, Shi Yubai dashed like lightning towards Shi Yan again. This time, instead of using the golden light balls, he flew straight to Shi Yan, so that even Shi Yan couldn't see his trail clearly. Since he was one level higher than Shi Yan, and he was using all his strength, the difference was rather obvious. Shi Yan regretted that he didn't ask for Martial Skills from the Ice Cold Flame earlier. If he had mastered the Electric Shift and the Shadow shift, he could now teleport and avoid this strike. Sadly, he was much slower than Shi Yubai, and couldn't even follwo Shi Yubai's movement clearly. Since he wasn't able to predict Shi Yubai's abrupt attack, he couldn't construct the Gravitational Field in advance. And now it was too late. He knew it was impossible to avoid. Endure it! "Ouuuu! Shi Yan bellowed and triggered all the negative energy in his body. He operated the Seal of Life and Death at once. "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!" The Seal of Life and Seal of Death came out from his palms and joined---- the Seal of Life and Death was formed! Seven hand prints flew out and struck toward Shi Yubai, containing power stronger than that of a Disaster Realm warrior. Shi Yubai realized how powerful the energy in the seal was, and without any hesitance, he used the energy in his body. And a yellow light pillar shot out from his chest, which dazzled everyone's eyes. The thick yellow light pillar struck on the Seal of Life and Death, and the clashing power grounded all of the black stones in that area. Mixed in the small stones, Shi Yan's body flew out again and then fell on the ground after making an arc in the air. Blood was flowing out from his chest and his face had turned pale. As for Shi Yubai, although he hadn't fallen down, his body was shaking greatly. His light pillar was so strong that even a warrior of the Second Sky of Earth Realm couldn't endure it. Although he was covered by blood, Shi Yan shook his body and stood up again---- he was still alive! "Stop!" He Qingman yelled, "Shi Yubai, what the hell are you doing! You know it had nothing to do with him! What do you want? Don't you know he is from the Yang Family?" Shi Yubai's face changed slightly. Sheng Yidan was shocked too as he looked at He Qingman, "He is from the Yang Family?" "He is a lost child of the Yang Family and he came to the Endless Sea to see his family." At that moment, He Qingman couldn't hide Shi Yan's identity, "If he is hurt, the Yang Family wouldn't spare us! Shi Yubai, stop attacking him!" "Humph! Everyone here is from Evil Wonderland except for him, so we can tell them he was killed by the demon dwellers. Even sister Nan, a Nirvana Realm Warrior was killed by them, not to mention a Disaster Realm warrior like him!" Shi Yubai had literally went insane. Regardless of He Qingman's persuasion, he assaulted Shi Yan even more heavily. Shi Yubai flew to Shi Yan again, "Bastard, I must kill you, even if you are a Yang Family member! No one would revenge for you if you died on this island." "Shi Yubai!" He Qingman yelled in anger, "Stop it now!" Shi Yubai didn't listen to her, instead, while she was yelling, he made up his mind to kill Shi Yan. In the Evil Wonderland, everybody knew that Shi Yubai fancied He Qingman. He always tortured those who got close to He Qingman. He even did that to his own people, so how can he leave Shi Yan alone who was an outsider. Especially in the cave, when he was struck by Shi Yan. At that moment, he decided to kill Shi Yan. Seeing Shi Yubai rushing up, Shi Yan's eyes turned cold as he continued to refine the Seal of Life and Death. "Boom!" Shi Yan flew back while all the bones in his chest bones were broken. "Pooh!" Unexpectedly, Shi Yubai spurted mouthful of blood as well. Shi Yubai's body quivered as he also couldn't endure the power of the Seal of Death and Life. He Qingman and Sheng Yidan were dumbstruck and they looked at Shi Yan in disbelief. Shi Yan was so tough! Under Shi Yubai's concessive strikes, he managed to survive! Furthermore, both of their bodies took damage. Their close performance baffled He Qingman and Sheng Yidan. "Kid, It's not surprising that you are from the Yang Family. You are something!" Shi Yubai stared at Shi Yan in hatred, "If I don't kill you today, you will kill me someday! Thus I have to kill you now at all cost!" "Shi Yubai, don't blame me if you continue!" He Qingman finally shouted and flew towards Shi Yubai. He Qingman flew over and planted her beautiful feet on the ground. But when she wanted to fly again, she found her feet were bound by something. He Qingman couldn't move. Her expression changed, as she looked around to find someone, "Brother, what're you doing?" Everybody was puzzled and began to look around. He Qingman never call anyone "brother" except for one person. Xie Kui! "Brother, when did you come?" Joy emerged on Sheng Yidan's face. "Not long ago. I heard sister Nan died because of this guy, so I think he should die." A gloomy voice came from down the earth. The mysterious guy seemed to be in the ground. And the Evil Wonderland warriors got relieved when they heard Xie Kui came. "Brother is reasonable." Shi Yubai laughed and moved towards Shi Yan with swaggering steps, "Let me see how long you can last?" "Longer than you!" A heroic voice came from the sky, and a Double-Headed Dragon appeared among the clouds. A huge silver sword flew across the sky and dashed in this direction. Followed by the silver light, the silver sword fell down and turned Shi Yubai into meat paste. The huge silver sword killed Shi Yubai at once, then struck into the earth three meters left to He Qingman. The mountains and the earth shook at the same time. A slim young man in white clothing appeared from the earth with a rigid face. There was some blood beside his mouth as he looked at the double-headed dragon. "Xiao Yan, welcome to the Kyara Sea." The man on the Double-Headed Dragon showed a broad smile to Shi Yan after he killed Shi Yubai. "You are?" Shi Yan was confused. "I'm your elder brother, Yang Mu." The young man laughed and then looked at the Evil Wonderland warriors proudly, "In the Kyara Sea, our Yang Family is the master. This is our place. Whoever goes against the Yang Family must die!"