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198 Understanding the Danger

The four gravitational fields tightly bound the six demon dwellers. Under the effect of the gravitational field, their bodies were involuntarily rotated by a strangling power as the black scales on their bodies uttered "Pa Pa" sounds. In the gravitational field, the two different forces impacted each other, which also affected other forces. The power inside the demon dweller's body was also affected; the speed of gathering power suddenly slow down, causing it to be difficult for them to maximize their power. However, the black scales on the demon dweller's body were indeed very strange. Under the effect of the gravitational field, their flesh didn't get turned up; the powerful body of the demon dwellers were fully seen at this moment. A shout from He Qingman caused the warriors from the Evil Wonderland to be dragged back to their sense and they rushed towards the demon dwellers. "Don't come here!" When Shi Yan saw those people rushing towards the demon dwellers, he immediately shouted: "Attack from afar! Once you get near them, you will also be affected!" Bardy and the others face slightly changed, and they immediately stopped. After measuring a safe distance from the demon dwellers, they casted their special martial skills to attack those demon dwellers. After Shi Yan kept stimulating the negative forces, his body strength doubled. He immediately rushed towards Gu Ya. As the owner of the gravitational field, he naturally wouldn't be affected by the gravitational field. After he rushed into the gravitational field, he immediately casted out his finger gun. The five fingers which became like a sharp knife, directly piercing into Gu Ya pupils. The demon dwellers from Black Scale Tribe, not only were their bodies covered full with scales, but even their cheeks and necks were covered with scales. The black scales were extremely strong; it was comparable to Shi Yan's petrified body. Without the help of weapons, it was very difficult to pierce through these scales. Only in their eyes were there no scales, causing it to be the weakest place to attack. The dark green pupils of Gu Ya revealed a panic expression for the first time. He helplessly watched as Shi Yan's five fingers came in. He wanted to use his hands to block, but when he waved his arms, it became very difficult to grasp the direction because his whole body felt like it was stuck in mud; he couldn't use the full extent of his powers. "A moment ago, weren't you very fierce?" Shi Yan sneered as his fingers quickly approached and stabbed into Gu Ya's eyes. "Hua Hua HUA !" At this moment. The scales on Gu Ya body suddenly started shaking up, causing them to suddenly come alive and crank. On the scales, in the small spots that were as small as coins, a murderous intent as intense as gunpowder suddenly bursted out. Shi Yan suddenly remembered the Ice Cold Flame's words. When in a pinch, the demon dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe can use the scales on their body to attack. Those scales were like a blade; its impact was extremely vicious. Once being shot through by those scales, the body from the warriors on the same realm would be cut into pieces. Scale armor: it was both the defensive armor for the Black Scale Tribe and also their most important weapon to attack with. However, those demon dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe won't use the scales on their body to attack unless they were in a pinch, because once the scales shot out, their body will also be damaged and they will find it difficult to recover again. Unless they were at the moment of life or death, the demon dwellers definitely wouldn't go to such extreme measures. In Gu Ya dark green eyes, it was filled with madness as he peered at Shi Yan fingers that came over and then smiled a cruel smile. Shi Yan was very familiar with this kind of desperate cruel smile. The hand that was going to pierce into Gu Ya eyes suddenly withdrew. At this time, Shi Yan was very calm and didn't dare to act recklessly; he quickly stormed out from the gravitational field. "Fall back into the tunnel!" After he came out from the gravitational field, Shi Yan eyes scanned the battlefield, finding out that the scales on the remaining three demon dwellers from Black Scale Tribe was also shaking up, It was the same as Gu Ya; they were ready to die so they used their last attack. Those Evil Wonderland warriors who surrounded the demon dwellers and were attacking happily, became suddenly stunned after they heard that, and looked strangely towards Shi Yan. "What's wrong?" He Qingman was also stunned; the silver spear that she controlled had already pierced through the scale from a demon dweller, and was ready to take that demon dweller's life. At this critical moment, Shi Yan suddenly said to withdraw, making her confused. "If you don't want to die, then go quickly!" Seeing the scales from the demon dwellers shaking up faster and faster, Shi Yan didn't have any time to explain and quickly rushed towards the tunnel. "Listen to him!" He Qingman was stunned for a moment. From Shi Yan's tension, she immediately realized something was wrong. After she shouted towards Bardy and the others, she was the second one to rush towards the tunnel. The warriors from the Evil Wonderland finally reacted and began to quickly withdraw back and rushed into the tunnel. "Xiu Xiu Xiu!" Inside the stone cave, the scales flew apart; the scales were like a sharp blade. With amazing penetrated power, they shot out one after another from the demon dwellers' bodies and flew in all directions. The scales weren't affected by the gravitational field. For a brief duration, those scales flew apart inside the stone cave like arrows fired from the sky and covered the whole cave. Shi Yan and He Qingman were the first to enter the tunnel. Bardy and Zhou Nan also knew that Shi Yan and He Qingman wouldn't retreat at this critical moment without reason, so they had also withdrawn early; before those scales were shot out, they were already inside the tunnel. However, there were two Evil Wonderland warriors who were a step too late in rushing into the tunnel; their body blocked the tunnel exit. Two extremely shrill screams immediately came from the mouth of these two men. Shi Yan was facing them and could clearly see their body being hit by those scales, causing their bodies to immediately split up and turn into hornet's nest as they turned into pieces of meat. Those scales armors were still flying around; they were like a dense knife net and filled the entire stone cave. Shi Yan face became sullen and secretly clammed up. This desperate final attack from the Black Scale Tribe warriors was extremely fierce; it was enough to instantly behead an unaware opponent. If he wasn't told by the Ice Cold Flame that the Black Scale Tribe had this move and his fingers pierced into Gu Ya's eyes, then maybe his body would also be torn out by those scales that came out from Gu Ya's body. As the scales flew around, those demon dweller's flesh and blood blurred. Apparently, their bodies were heavily damaged . When those scales had bursted out, the demon dweller's body strength suddenly multiplied! Among them, Gu Ya was the strongest. After those scales flew out, his body suddenly bursted out a surging explosive power that even tore a gap inside the gravitational field! Gu Ya, whose body full of wounds, looked malignant. In his dark green pupils, there was endless hatred. However, he didn't stay too long in the cave. Before he understands the eccentricity of the gravitational field, he didn't dare rely on his short-term upgraded strength to kill Shi Yan and He Qingman; he awkwardly rushed toward another tunnel and left those bounded demon dwellers. Inside the cave, the scales seem to have their own life; after they stopped spinning, it stayed in the air for a few seconds before suddenly flying towards Gu Ya. Gu Ya's body suddenly became like a magnet and withdrew back those scales that had been shot out. After that, those scales were very accurately re-attached into his body. When Gu Ya retreated into the tunnel, those scales became the most solid barrier on his body once again. It actually can be withdrawn back! Shi Yan was stunned and shocked by those Black Scale Tribe tricks; he didn't think that those demon dwellers not only can release those scales to attack, but also can be withdrawn back. Such a trick like this was really impossible for others to replicate. Shi Yan didn't dare to pursue Gu Ya and only watched him as he escaped. Inside the stone cave, the scales from the other five demon dwellers were still flying around. Those scales defied any law and were extremely dense. If one recklessly rushed into the cave, then they would only become a target. Maybe they would even be pierced through by those scales and turned into a hornet nest. Shi Yan, He Qingman, and the others hid inside the tunnel and looked at those scales. Those five demon dwellers inside the gravitational field were slightly frightened and continued to struggle inside the gravitational field, trying to escape from the gravitational field. Unfortunately, those five demon dwellers were only in the disaster realm. After the scales burst out, the short-term explosive power formed in their body wasn't as powerful as Gu Ya's, not being able to tear up a gap in the gravitational field. Shi Yan didn't dare to act recklessly and only stayed inside the tunnel before those scales stopped moving. "You... how did you know that the Black Scale Tribe had a counterattack such as this ?" He Qingman strangely looked at Shi Yan: "Yesterday, didn't you say that you hadn't heard about the Black Scale Tribe before? Why are you suddenly so familiar with the Black Scale Tribe? Are you hiding something and don't really want to help us?" Shi Ya slightly frowned, but didn't look at her. While looking at those flying scales, he said lightly: "Yesterday, I still didn't know anything about the Black Scale Tribe. However, the magical treasure that I have can peer into those demon dweller's soul, vaguely finding out what they want to do. Just now, when I was attacking Gu Ya, I happened to use that magical treasure and found out Gu Ya's plan and then reminded you guys." He put all the reason into the magical treasure that he had. He Qingman frowned; she wasn't satisfied with Shi Yan answer, "So it was like that. Looks like the Yang family is really powerful; their secret treasures are countless." "Nothing to do with the Yang family, I still haven't gone to the immortal island. Who knows what strange secret treasures the Yang family have?" Shi Yan explained. "What?" He Qingman was even more surprised, and her eyesight toward Shi Yan became filled with more doubt: "Didn't you come from a remote area? is it an area that had such magical treasure?" From He Qingman's view, the merchant union was a remote area in the Grace mainland. Shi Yan who came from that area, even if he has secret treasures, it shouldn't be able to reach this level, right? "Remote area?" Shi Yan heard a disdain meaning from her tone and grunted: "Every place has its own treasures. Don't think that the Endless Sea is the center of the Grace mainland. In many places, there is also many mysterious treasures like this." "Of course I know that the Endless Sea isn't the center of the Grace mainland!" He Qingman frowned and then slightly disdained: "But the place that you came from is definitely a remote area! Hmph, I am a the warrior from the Evil wonderland, so I would naturally know where the places that have many strong warriors are, and where those that don't." Shi Yan curled his lips, being too lazy to continue speaking with her. "Qingman ! Qingman !" From the deep tunnel behind Shi Yan, they suddenly heard Lin Nan calling. The sound was far away, so Lin Nan and the others probably only just received He Qingman's message and finally rushed over here. He Qingman was startled and hurriedly said: "Our people have arrived. Now we can attack back. Hmph, this trip, we will follow that Gu Ya and directly find their troops, cleaning them up in one fell sweep to lessen the time spent on this island." Shi Yan nodded. Just as he was about to answer,, he immediately felt an abnormality through the Soul Gathering Pearl. After he sensed a bit, Shi Yan face suddenly changed color and immediately shouted: "Get out from the cave now!"