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196 The Spotlight Turned

The demon dweller held two white bone spurs as he stood in front of the passageway. He stared fiercely at He Qingman, but didn't immediately attack. In the passageway behind him, stone shards flew everywhere as pieces of shattered rocks fell from the top of the cave. In just a mere moment, there had already been piles of rocks lying at opening of the cave. Another three meter tall sturdy-looking demon dweller quickly sneaked out of the passageway while dropping his head low. The other four demon dwellers that were left also sprinted into that basketball court-sized stone cave, before the shattered rocks covered the opening of the cave. The six demon dwellers all stood in the bright cave. They were tall and big, with dark green eyes that glinted with fierce cold light, like a poisonous snake looking at their prey. "Master Gu Ya!" The second demon dweller that came to the passageway stepped forward, and slightly bowed. His voice was sharp like screeching glass, sounding very shrill and harsh, "This human girl is still a virgin. Her Yin blood can be used as a sacrifice." While this demon dweller talked, his dark evil eyes wandered on He Qingman's seducing body. After he spoke, he even licked his lips, with a lustful look in his eyes. "Alright, later when I fuck her, I will take her Yin blood." The Black Scale Tribe demon dweller named Gu Ya shouted with a low voice: "Since you all came out now, then let's start killing. The humans that came in are not just this group, after we kill this wave of them, we still want to find other prey." "Duo!" The five demon dwellers roared. After spreading out, they fiercely shot towards He Qingman, Batty, and the rest. Gu Ya held two white bone spurs as he grinned and looked at He Qingman coldly, "Human girl, I will not kill you immediately. I will first capture you, then slowly torture you, make you miserable under my big thing. So that you will know the power of a man from the Black Scale Tribe!" He Qingman clenched her teeth. She held on tight to that long spear silently. "Clang, clang, clang!" The sound of metal clashing, suddenly came from the silent stone cave. The five demon dwellers have spreaded out; they each went up to seven warriors that included Baty and Zhou Nan. Batty and the rest also spread out. Each one started fighting the demon dwellers. When the sharp weapons on their hands hit on these demon dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe, the sharp weapons were all blocked by the black scales. They actually couldn't break through the black scales, and could only leave some marks on top of it. Beams of bright light shot around in the cave. Each martial skill formed into a dazzling light, being casted by Batty and the rest. "Blood Splitting Slash!" Batty roared as his left arm opened up and his flesh and blood splurging out. Drops of blood like crystal-clear red gems suddenly flew out from inside his arm, and then combined with the bright red light in his right hand palm. Immediately, they formed into an arc-shaped sharp blood slash, and then fiercely slashed towards a demon dweller that was dueling with him. "Bzz bzz bzz!" The blood-colored arc light seemed to have ripped through air, and was actually even sharper than the weapon that he used before. It instantly slashed onto the demon dweller in front of him. The blood-colored arc light suddenly shot out, and instantly formed into pieces of blood light, stabbing into that demon dweller's chest like blades. In a series of intense metal clashing sounds, those scattered blood lights went through the gaps in between the black scales of the demon dweller, directly shooting into the demon's body. The demon dweller that relied on the black scales as defense, suddenly roared as his face was contorted with pain. Batty's martial skill, spread out halfway, formed into pieces of blood light that sank into the demon dweller's body through the gaps in between the black scales. It finally severely wounded this demon dweller. "There are cracks in between their scales, if your attacks between the scales, you can severely wound them!" Batty's expression shook as he hurriedly notified the others. Under Batty's reminder, the rest six Evil Wonderland Warriors also suddenly came to realize the truth and stopped blindly attacking. They started to target their weaknesses. Using the profoundness of their martial skills, they found the gaps in the demon dweller's scales, and then started to attack straight towards the flesh of the demon dwellers. The original landslide situation, because of Batty's few words, slowly flipped to the other side. Shi Yan quietly nodded. The warriors from the Evil Wonderland were indeed extraordinary. When facing the demon tribe, they didn't show a single trace of fear. They were even continuously observing during the battle, finding the weaknesses of these demon dwellers. It was because of the fearlessness in their hearts, that they were able to notice the slightest details and see through the weak spots on these Black Scale Tribe demon dwellers. In these five demon dwellers, none of them took out a weapon. They all used the most simple and crude method to close up on Batty and the rest, and fought hand to hand. The black scales on these five demon dwellers were not only incredibly hard, but also when battling, those scales would suddenly spike up and would turn into pieces of extremely sharp blades. One demon dweller had an extremely fast speed. He quickly sprinted towards an Evil Wonderland Warrior. Withstanding against the fierce martial skill of that warrior, he actually managed to squeeze onto that Evil Wonderland warrior. The demon dweller was three meters tall. But that Evil Wonderland warrior was only 1.7 meters, he was straight up pressed into the demon's arms. Then the scales on that demon dweller suddenly spiked up, and pieces of sharp blades directly pierced the body of that Evil Wonderland Warrior. Through a series of pulling, the body of that Evil Wonderland warrior was pierced thousands of times by the scales on that demon dweller. There were suddenly countless wounds on his body where his internal organs could be seen. That person shrieked miserably as the life in his eyes slowly drained away. The Profound Qi in his entire body also eventually dissipated. Shi Yan had been strolling around in the cave; he wasn't in a hurry to intervene. When he realized that a warrior from the Evil Wonderland side was killed first by a demon dweller, he quietly walked to that area, absorbed all of the Profound Qi that flowed out of that person's body, and then finally frowned and looked towards He Qingman. He Qingman's enchanting figure was guarded by layers and layers of strong wind. When she waved the silver long spear in her hand, it instantly formed silver strange snakes that found every opportunity to bite at Gu Ya. Loud whooshing sounds came from He Qingman's body; when one wind blade shot out, countless other wind blades also immediately surrounded Gu Ya. Gu Ya held the white bone spurs while the black scales that covered his body shone in a mysterious magical light. Under the attack of the wind blades, Gu Ya's three meter tall body was fast as lightning as he constantly shifted his position. The wind blades formed by He Qingman's martial spirit shattered a piece of stone wall, but it still couldn't pierce into the gaps of Gu Ya's scales. In Gu Ya's hands, the two white bone spurs from inside his body drew streaks of white arcs. Cold murderous spirits flowed out of that pale white bone spur, silently affecting everyone's state of mind. The cold murderous spirits spread inside the cave. It made every demon dweller full of energy, making the evil energy in them become stronger and stronger. On the other hand, He Qingman, Batty and the rest, became more and more irrational under those murderous spirits. They lost their usual calmness and kept making mistakes during battle. The performance of some martial spirits also lost a lot of quality. Shi Yan kept walking around; he secretly took note of the bone spurs in Gu Ya's hand. Using the Soul Gathering Pearl, he could realize that from the spirits that flowed out of the white bone spurs, there was an evil power that was deluding people's minds. Those spirits spread with a very slow speed, such that the people who were battling couldn't notice at all. Because of those spirits, the situation in the cave slowly changed in an unfavorable way. Even He Qingman couldn't notice this type of change. As the Demon Dwellers became fiercer and fiercer, their power became stronger and stronger. In contrast, the Evil Wonderland warriors all had tired expressions; their eyes were filled with irritation, and the speed in which their Profound Qi circulated also became slower. Shi Yan observed for a moment and suddenly frowned: "He Qingman, take note of those two bone spurs. The power that's spreading from those bone spurs will make the demon dwellers stronger and stronger while making you guys irrational. It is slowly weakening your power. The spirits spreading from the two bone spurs will become the winning factor. If you can't stop it, all your people will die right here." He Qingman's delicate body shook, her bright eyes suddenly shot out a cold light. She looked towards the bone spurs carried by Gu Ya, and seemed to have finally noticed. Gu Ya, who was struggling with He Qingman, suddenly revealed a surprised look in his dark green eyes. He glimpsed at Shi Yan from afar and then said coldly: "Boy you sure have sharp eyes, you actually saw right through my tricks. Xiao, kill this boy first so he won't cause more trouble." "Understood, master." The demon dweller that was battling with Zhou Nan, suddenly abandoned Zhou Nan, and directly pressed his broad body towards Shi Yan. Shi Yan's expression was unstirred as he said lightly: "Well after watching for so long, I should exercise a little too." "Be careful. If you die here, it would be hard for us to account for this to the Yang family." He Qingman shouted, "Don't fight with them up front. I've already sent out a signal, sister Nan and the others will find us soon. You only need to hold up for a moment." Although He Qingman didn't like Shi Yan, but she knew Shi Yan's true identity. She knew that Yang Qingdi highly valued Shi Yan; to find out whether he was alive or not, he spent three drops of Immortal Blood. These news were unknown to others, but she got to know through Xia Xinyan. If Shi Yan died while she was around, then not only would the Yang family blame the Evil Wonderland, they might also release their anger on the He family. --This was definitely not something He Qingman could handle. However, her concerned shout accidentally revealed a crucial word. --The Yang family! Inside the cave. Upon hearing this word, all the Black Scale Tribe demon dwellers suddenly bursted with a bone-deep hatred in their dark green eyes. Gu Ya, who was in the lead, also suddenly roared towards the sky, "The Yang family! You damned kid, you're from the Yang family! I will pull out your tendons and peel off your skin, so you can have a taste of our Black Scale Tribe's cruel torture! The vicious Yang family, killed countless people of our tribe. The reason why we were willing to put our life at risk to come through a tear in space is to have our revenge on the Yang family!" All of the Black Scale Tribe Demon Dwellers suddenly abandoned their opponents. They each clenched their teeth, and with an extreme hatred filled eyes, they pounced directly at Shi Yan. He Qingman originally wanted Shi Yan to be careful out of good intention, but she didn't realize that her good intention would cause this result. Shi Yan frowned deeply. Before all of the Black Scale Tribe demon dwellers got close, he started to gather his power as he quietly formed Gravitational Fields. 'The Yang family is sure something. They can actually make these cruel demon dwellers get so hateful. I wonder how many evil things they did in the Fourth Demon Area that made demon dwellers go insane.' Shi Yan quickly took action as he secretly thought in his mind.