Wuxiaworld > God of Slaughter > 195 Harsh Enemy
"Six Demon Dwellers..." He Qingman nodded slowly. Instead of being frightened, she appeared a little excited, "Get ready! Seems like we are going to fight first." Seven warriors responded and became alert. Shi Yan nodded. The Evil Wonderland was one of the three powers in the Kyara Sea, so even though those young warriors had never battled with the Demon Dwellers from the Black Scale Tribe, they were not afraid at all. Instead, they were quite excited. "Be careful. Those Demon Dwellers can hide their smell in this cave. You can't even recognize them when they are in front of you." While leaning on the wall, Shi Yan reminded them leisurely. Bardy and the group looked at him in confusion after he said that. "You'd better remember what he said." He Qingman saw distrust in her followers,"He said those Demon Dwellers can hide smell, then they can do that. Now focus!" "He didn't even know who the Black Scale Tribe was until yesterday..." Bardy mumbled. "Yesterday was yesterday." He Qingman grunted in confusion. She didn't know how Shi Yan became so familiar with the Black Scale Tribe, but Shi Yan's performance last night earned her trust. "Pay attention, in case of sneak attack from the Demon Dwellers." "Don't worry, I'm here. They can't hide themselves from me." Shi Yan smiled and said confidently, "They are one hundred and fifty meters from us and its getting shorter. There seems to be a broader cave fifty meters in front of us. I think it would be better if we fight there instead of fighting in this narrow cave." He Qingman hesitated at first, but then she nodded, "Let's go to that broader cave. It is a good place to fight." He Qingman took the lead and charged forward. Shi Yan smiled and also followed up. Before long, he and He Qingman reached that spacious cave. This cave was as big as a basketball course. There were traces of it being dug, for there were grooves on the wall with torches in them. There were three roads leading to three directions. Shi Yan, He Qingman and the group were standing on the side, observing the other end of the road attentively. "This one?" He Qingman glanced at Shi Yan and lowered her voice, "How long will it take?" He Qingman and Shi Yan were standing shoulder by shoulder near the stone wall. In the case that her voice could be heard by the Demon Dwellers, she lowered her voice and leaned her head towards Shi Yan. A wisp of aroma went into Shi Yan's nose, so he stretched out his left hand and drew a number in the air. He Qingman nodded, and then she sent messages to her followers to tell them how soon the Demon Dwellers would arrive. Holding the Soul Gathering Pearl, Shi Yan was analyzing and feeling the smell of the Demon Dwellers of the Black Scale Tribe. The Demon Dwellers of the Black Scale Tribe got all advantages in the dark cave, as they could almost hide their whole bodies. Generally, only those Nirvana warriors who had formed the Sea of Consciousness could detect their smell. He Qingman and the group hadn't reached Nirvana Realm yet, so they wouldn't feel a bit of the Demon Dwellers even if they had approached near them. Holding the Soul Gathering Pearl, Shi Yan's spirit power became much more sensitive as he felt the Demon Dweller's consciousness. The Soul consciousness! The Sea of Consciousness! Inside the dark cave, Shi Yan's eyes shone as he made up his mind that once the Soul Gathering Pearl could be used, he would form his Sea of Consciousness. As he operated his spirit power several times, he gradually realized that he could take much advantage from it. "There?" He Qingman was talking near his ear again, giving out a nice aroma, making Shi Yan quite excited in the process . Shi Yan turned to glance at her. Inside the gloomy cave, He Qingman's eyes were shining brightly as her Profound Qi was operating in her body. With the help of the Soul Gathering Pearl, Shi Yan could hear the sound of wind coming from inside He Qingman's body. Just then, the Demon Dwellers who were about thirty meters away from the entrance of the cave suddenly stopped. The Demon Dweller at the head of the troop had the heaviest vicious smell as waves of his spirit power rippled out, flying in this direction. That Demon Dweller noticed them! "Action!" Shi Yan said firmly near He Qingman's ear, "They had found you! Take action right now while they are still in the tunnel!" "Kill!" He Qingman announced, as her neck turned red in the darkness. "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!" "Chee! Chee! Chee!" One after another, weapons with iridescent light shot into the stone cave where those Demon Dwellers were. Suddenly, miserable screams echoed out from the cave. Sharp weapons flew out from He Qingman's palm like lightning. "Despicable human beings!" From the tunnel, came the frightening screams of the Demon Dwellers. "Dang, dang, dang!" "Dang, dang, dang!" Sounds of metal clashing came from the tunnel. Inside the narrow tunnel, dazzling light sparkled. The three-meter-tall Demon Dweller at the head of the troop reached the top of the cave; his black scales shined with magical black light. On his scales, several flecks were floating in a strange way. All sorts of sharp weapons struck onto his scales but couldn't damage it at all, merely slowing down the floating flecks by a small margin. Even the weapons from He Qingman could only just shake his huge body a little. The Demon Dweller screamed and dashed in their direction. He Qingman and her people were standing at the entrance of the cave. In the bright light, they all saw and were frightened by what the Demon Dwellers did. Although they knew the scales on the Demon Dwellers were special, they never expected them be so frightening. The scales were not broken by such harsh attacks; how should they battle with them once the Demon Dwellers got near? "Light on!" Seeing the situation, He Qingman announced loudly. Bardy and other people soon took out their light stone and put them across the ceiling of the stone cave. The dark cave was soon lit up as daytime. The dwellers of the Black Scale Tribe could hide their bodies in darkness, but were very noticeable in bright light. He Qingman knew that she had to fight in the cave, so she decided to light up the cave first. "Think I can't break your scales?" Seeing the cave becoming bright and the Demon Dweller that was about to dash out, He Qingman yelled loudly. A long silver spear appeared in her left hand which filled the cave with a silver light. A strange silver snake flew out from the silver spear, and then suddenly, a vicious smell spurted into the cave. The silver snake was five meters long. It emerged from the spear, and engulfed it, after then it shot toward the Demon Dweller. A sliver of fear appeared in the green eyes of the Demon Dweller who had received the attack, as he watched the silverlight approaching him. A white bone spur suddenly flew out from the scales on his chest. The spur was one meter long, and looked like a bone in his body with fresh blood on it. Grasping the bone spur, the Demon Dweller turned tense as his dark green eyes were filled with madness. The bone spur shook and clashed with He Qingman's silver weapon. "Chee chee!" Silver light spots sparkled everywhere while stones flew into the sky and the cave seemed to collapse. He Qingman's silver light flew back like lightning to her hand and became a long spear again. Inside the cave, that Demon Dweller looked hideous as he took the bone spur and walked out of the chaos in the cave. Another white bone spur flew out from the scale on his back. He held it tightly in his grasp. He glanced once at He Qingman, and then said in weird voice, "Human girl, you haven't tasted men from the Black Scale Tribe. I will make you comfortable!" He Qingman's expression changed. Shi Yan's eyes got gloomy.