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190 Invasion of the Demon Dwellers

"Six months ago, The Demon dwellers entered the Kyara Sea from seven space nodes. The gate of Heaven leading to the fourth demon area has also been invaded by the Demon dwellers, this time, the demon dwellers were very aggressive. After Commander Mo received the call, he returned to the Immortal Island to support." After he mounted the cyan blood bat, The Shura blood guard named Tuoluo explained the recent situation to Shi Yan. Through his story, Shi Yan knew that he had been inside the volcano for seven months. During these seven months, a big unforeseen event occurred in Kyara sea. After the Xia family learned that Xia Xinyan's soul had been damaged, they sent people to Fire Clouds Island to escort Xia Xinyan back to the Xia family. None of the people in the Xia family believed that Shi yan can help Xia Xinyan regain back her consciousness. After He Qingman told them that Xia Xinyan's soul was damaged for the sake of saving Shi Yan, they initially planned to condemn Shi Yan. But Mo Duanhun was guarding the Crater, and Shi Yan still hadn't came out from the Volcano, so they can't do anything and only postpone Shi Yan's questioning, while bringing back Xia Xinyan from the Fire clouds island. Six months ago, the demon dwellers from the Fourth Demon Area forcibly opened an unstable point in space and risked their lives to enter into Kyara Sea, The demon dwellers dispersed and aggressively attacked many islands. Space Node was similar to the gate of Heaven, but was unstable, If you want to enter the Kyara Sea from the Space Node, then there must be a powerful demon dweller to forcibly open up the Space Node. In the Space Node, there were many space disturbance, these space disturbances were very dangerous for the demon dwellers who wanted to travel through it. Normally, the demon dwellers didn't dare to enter the Kyara sea through the Space Node, but if they did so, then there must be a very important thing behind it. The more powerful the Demon dweller was, the more dangerous travelling through the space node will be for him. The possibility of death for demon dwellers in Nirvana realm was very big, and the demon dwellers in the Sky realm might even destroy the space node due to their strong inner strength. Therefore, the realm of demon dwellers passing the Space Node was not too high. As the demon dwellers passed through the Space Node, the gate of heavens were also being attacked aggressively by the demon dwellers. At the same time, the skilled warriors from the Yang Family have already gathered in front of the Gate of heaven to defend against the attack from the demon dwellers. This time, the demon dwellers were very aggressive, the skilled warriors from all family also emerged and the Yang family have to gather all their forces to defend the gate of heaven. In just two months time at the gate of heaven, hundreds of skilled warriors from the Yang family had already died while killing thousands of demon dwellers. The gate of heaven which was being guarded by the Yang family became the most intense battlefield in the land, the Xia family and Evil wonderland were also ordered to eliminate demon dwellers who came from the Space Node. During these two months, the three big family in Kyara sea didn't relax a bit and were always engaged with the demon dwellers. He Qingman was also ordered to go to the Black Rock Island near the Fire Clouds Island to clean up hundreds of demon dwellers which appeared there. At this time, the Fire Clouds Island was also heavily guarded, He luo and some of the island's leaders were defending from the demon dwellers. Shi Yan sat on the cyan blood bat and looked slightly surprised, he hadn't expected that in this seven months time, such a big change could occur in the Kyara sea. "Young Master Yan, a few days ago, I received message from commander Mo, he said that for the time being don't return to the Immortal island. Commander Mo wants you to go to Black Rock Island and help the people from the Evil wonderland to clean up the demon dwellers. Commander Mo said that you still haven't seen and battled with demon dwellers, so he want you to familiarize with the demon dwellers appearance and combat skill first, so as to familiarise with them." "Don't return to the Immortal Island for the time being? why?" "The gate of heaven in the Kyara Sea leading to the fourth demon area is very close to the immortal island, if we want to return to the island, then we need to go through that place. Recently the warriors gathered at the Gate of heaven, are above Nirvana realm, and the demon dwellers which appeared there also have a very high cultivation, it's too dangerous if we want to pass through there." "Black rock island? He Qingman is also at black rock island?" "Yes, half a month ago, she received a message from evil wonderland and headed toward Black Rock Island with her Wind Thunder Lion. Black Rock Island isn't too far from here, with the Cyan Blood Bat, we can arrive in about three to four days." Tuo luo nodded his head, and said, "Young Master Yan, you should go to the Black Rock Island, the demon dwellers there aren't too strong. Meanwhile you are helping the evil wonderland cleaning the demon dwellers, you can also see the differences between us and the demon dwellers." "Well, Let's go to the Black rock island" Although Shi yan wanted to go to the Xia family and help Xia Xinyan restore her consciousness first, but now that the Kyara Sea was in chaos. There was also quite a distance from here to Xia family and he doesn't know what will happen to him in the halfway and since Mo Duanhun had already arranged it like that, he felt that for the time being, he should follow Mo Duanhun plan. The souls in the soul gathering pearl still need to precipitate for some time, before they can be absorbed. There was not too much danger with the current state of Xia Xinyan; As long as the Xia Family weren't reckless, then there won't be any changes in Xia Xinyan, he felt that he should wait until the souls in the soul gathering pearl were ready to be absorbed, then he can go to Xia Family to see Xia Xinyan. "Then let's go to the Black Rock Island." Tuoluo nodded and flew the Cyan Blood Bat towards the south. ... Three days later. Shi yan and Tuoluo arrived at the Black Rock Island. The Black Rock Island was same as it's name, the island's stones were all dark brown, the natural energy in this island was very thin, with severe water shortage, and there weren't many plants in here. At first glance, there were many small black rock mountains everywhere, the land was uneven and there were many pit holes. "Due to the lack of people on black rock island, there is a shortage of skilled warriors, this black rock island only produces black spots copper which is a spare material to make treasure and weapon with cold attribute and can't be called precious, on the Grace mainland, there are many places with black spots copper." Tuoluo frowned and explained to Shi Yan: "However, In the fourth magic area, there are no black spots coppers at all. I heard that some of the demon dwellers in the fourth demon area who practice cold attribute skills need to absorb black spots copper into their body, so that they can be able to practice the secret skill. Some of the treasure made by the demon dwellers needs to use black spots copper too. In here, the black spots coppers aren't too precious, but for the demon dwellers, it is extremely useful, so the reason why the demon dwellers went to the black rock island is probably for the metal." Shi Yan nodded slowly. "Young Master Yan, The reason for the Yang family often go to the fourth demon area was also for the resources in there." Tuoluo saw Shi Yan was listening seriously and decided to explain again, "In the fourth demon area, there are many ores and exotic herbs, which disappeared from Grace mainland or are non-existent in the Grace mainland. Those ores and herbs, might not be precious in the demon area, but once they are brought here, they become extremely precious." "The Yang family often goes to the fourth demon area, to mine ores and loot rare remedy, and bring them into our world, those ores and remedy became the most valuable resources to refine some special treasures and pills. The Nutrition pills from Yang family, the immortal pills and also other pills. Some of the main components are from the fourth demon area, and also Many powerful secret treasures have also used the ores from the fourth demon area. "The Yang family dared to vie with the demon dwellers for resources, ores, and herbs that didn't exist in this world, this was the reason why the Yang family is so strong and many Yang warriors had secret treasures that is more powerful than others, and had pills that are more valuable than the others, and also their speed during cultivation is also faster than others." While mentioning these, Tuoluo looked quite proud, because he too was a member of the Yang family. Shi Yan nodded slightly. Daring to go into the demon area and fight with demon dwellers for the resources, no wonder the Yang Family was so powerful and had many skilled warriors. The cultivation of a warrior, besides talent and effort, also depends upon the variety of the resources. A warrior with many valuable resources can cultivate several times faster than the ones who had only talent and effort. Shi Yan was already well aware of this point. Tuoluo was different from Mo Duanhun, he loved to speak, and when Shi yan asked, he would explain all the things about the Yang Family without hesitation. Through him, Shi Yan got a deeper understanding of Yang Family, and gradually knew why the Yang Family was so strong. On the Black Rock Island, many silhouettes were standing at the peak of the black rock mountain and were engaged in a discussion. In the crowd, He Qingman, with a red leather armor and enchanting posture looked like a blooming *** in the green leaves. With a slight frown, He Qingman was leaning against the wind thunder lion and was admonishing some disaster realm warriors from the Evil Wonderland, though her mood doesn't seemed to be good. As the cyan blood bat slowly descended, He Qingman looked up and her peach eyes swept for a moment and immediately saw Shi yan. She was slightly surprised, after waving her white hands to clear off the Evil Wonderland warriors that surrounded her, she slightly hummed, glanced up and said: "You are still not dead?" With a sneer, Shi Yan looked at her and said "I still haven't seen the wager that you promised, so how can I die" He Qingman's pretty face blushed and she immediately remembered the bet between her and Shi yan, so she asked with a cold sneer, "Why did you come here?" "To help you clean up the demon dwellers" Shi Yan got down from the cyan blood bat and walked toward He Qingman. At the same time, Shi Yan looked around and evaluated these Evil Wonderland warriors. At the mountain peak, there was a beautiful woman in Nirvana realm, including He Qingman four Earth Realm young warriors, and also twenty-three Disaster Realm warriors. Beside that beautiful woman, the age of the rest weren't too big, they all seems like around twenty to thirty years old, they must be the young skilled fighters that have been trained by the Evil Wonderland. When Shi Yan was evaluating them, there were some people who secretly looked at him. There were also several people who exposed their will to fight. Those people were the warriors that were admonished by He Qingman, they seemed to find out that Shi yan was disliked by He Qing Man, so they wanted to please He Qingman through defeating Shi Yan.