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186 Extreme Refining

Shi Yan was gradually closing in to the floating crystal. The heat from the fire energy was flowing out from the crystal, even with the help of ice, shi yan body's felt like it was being roasted in the midst of the fire. The ice that has been formed by the Ice Cold Flame can't even resist the heat from the ten thousand year Core Fire and that intense flame power directly penetrated in. Shi Yan carefully took out the Soul Gathering Pearl. Ten meters above the crystal, he calmed his mind and concentrated his spirit power, after that he added sent his energy to the Soul Gathering Pearl and suddenly released it. The Soul Gathering Pearl immediately went down. "Chi, chi, chi!" The white membrane that covered the Soul Gathering Pearl suddenly burnt up, and only for a moment, that membrane completely disappeared. At the same time, A huge force of soul power suddenly bursted out from the Soul Gathering Pearl. Shi Yan's soul was rattled and he suddenly felt an out of body illusion, he hurriedly focused his mind and held his breath and didn't dare to release even a bit of spirit power. In the Soul Gathering Pearl that has lost its membrane, there were some souls that were dancing and slowly crawling densely inside the pearl like entangled ten thousand black silks, it really made people's scalp go numb. "Dang!" The Soul Gathering Pearl fell on the fire crystal jade. Slip. A black mist that can be seen by eyes suddenly came out from the Soul Gathering Pearl and spread out in the lava before it gradually disappeared. That huge soul energy that bursted out from the Soul Gathering Pearl also disappeared without a trace, the Soul Gathering Pearl fell on the fire crystal jade and seemed to be stuck on the crystal. The fire dispersed from the fire crystal as it embraced the Soul Gathering Pearl while burning it. The ten thousand year Core Fire behaved abnormally inside the fire crystal, changing into various forms while releasing amazing amount of heat. The Core Fire seemed to know that something has fallen on the fire crystal, its nature was quick-tempered so it immediately sent its fire energy and tried to burn the Soul Gathering Pearl into ashes. Under the ten thousand Core Fire combustion, the impurities inside the dark bright Soul Gathering Pearl were quickly refined and transformed into black smokes, which was immediately engulfed and quickly fused into the lava. With the heat coming, Shi yan also felt slightly uncomfortable and even on his body appeared some traces of sweat. The usage of profound qi was needed to float above the fire crystal jade, after shi yan stopped for a while, he found that the Soul Gathering Pearl has been completely covered by the flame and only after consulting with the Ice cold flame and hearing that it was okay, did he finally calmed down. Shi Yan quietly went away from the crystal and settled on a red rock 30 meters away. Not far from there, the Soul Gathering Pearl was covered by the ten thousand year Core Fire and the dregs among it was refined and dissolved in the lava. Shi yan was slightly relieved after looking at the dark bright Soul Gathering Pearl becoming more and more translucent, in his heart, there was an unspeakably delighted emotion. "The Soul Gathering Pearl won't change anymore, the flame power from the thousand years Core Fire was enough to refine it and form a pure soul power. Now you can rest assure with the things related to the Soul Gathering Pearl. It is the time for you to be careful" The Ice Cold Flame relayed. Shi Yan was stunned and with a slightly doubt he asked: "What should I be careful with?" "You think?" In the next moment The intense fire energy rapidly flew into Shi yan, who was in the ice, and suddenly his body was dyed in red. The fire energy penetrated through the ice and directly went in. Shi Yan, who was sealed in the ice, found that he has been surrounded by the fire energy and his body was being refined in the fire. His every cell seemed to be inflamed. An unbearable pain spreaded out in his body like a tide and Shi yan who was being burnt immediately issued a huge roar. "This is just the beginning!" The Ice Cold Flame reply suddenly became a little cold-blooded, "I promised you that I will help you so that you can use the ten thousand year Core Fire to refine your body, and now, it has already began." "This is too sudden." Shi yan screamed, his body was covered with sweat, and the sweat that flowed out from his body quickly froze and covered his skin under the power from the ice-cold flame. However, the ice doesn't seem to be able to block the fire energy, as Shi yan didn't feel cold at all, and his body still continued to sweat. "It has started!" The Ice Cold Flame seemed to be gloating and said "Didn't you say that your endurance toward pain is much stronger than ordinary people? Hehe, So from the beginning, I hadn't treated you like a ordinary people and I don't want you to adapt to it a bit by bit, but immediately feel despair!" Shi yan secretly regretted taking help from the Ice Cold Flame, but he was helpless and could only scream: "In that case, now you can tell me the method of refining the body right?" "This method of refining was from a warrior in the third sky of the spirit realm, which was called "Extreme refining", it will push you through limit one after another! You must remember this, always maintain your consciousness, and never be unconscious! once you are unconscious, then you will never be able to wake up again! "You need to have a little sense of proportion!" "Relax, I have my proportion. But, if you disappoint me and faint during the process, then even I can't save you" "Alright then, tell me how to do the extreme refining!" "You must listen carefully, this kind of refining is the same as refining divine weapon, by using the flame to remove the impurities from the body, then guide the fire energy into your meridians. I will tell you which path you should take, and you then spread the fire energy in your body through the meridians path, and fuse your mind with the fire energy and burn the bones, meridians, flesh, organs, even every cell again and again!" Shi yan startled. "Your body is different from the others, it doesn't have many impurities, I don't know how you did it, But now, you only need to follow my guidance and guide the fire energy into your body through the special meridians path, you can do it step by step. Remember, no matter what, you must remain consciousness and never be unconsciousness!" "My body is different from the others ?" "Yes, when you were cultivating in the Menlo island, your body even absorbed the cold energy that I spread out. I immediately found that your body seems to have been refined and didn't contain any impurities, so I thought to use this chance by infusing my energy into your body to make your body adapt to my energy, so that I can plunder it" Shi yan was stunned for a while and suddenly remembered the reason. 'The blood pool!' When he arrived in this world for the first time, he found that he was in a cave. The blood pool inside the cave contained a very evil energy, he rushed into the blood pool without hesitation, and his body sucked all of the blood in that blood pool. After he regained his consciousness, he was in a blood cocoon. After that, he had a feeling of being reborn again, and there was profound qi in his body. The blood from the blood pool didn't only gave him a mysterious martial spirit but also refined his body and cleared the impurities inside his body, which made the profound qi flow more smoothly. Everything that he got until today was inseparable from that mysterious martial spirit, and that mysterious martial spirit was formed because of that blood pool. "You can still daze? Hmph, looks like the fire energy in your body can still be increased." The Ice Cold Flame once again relayed a cold-blooded message, and immediately allowed more fire energy to pass through, and suddenly more and more fire energy directly penetrated Shi Yan's body ! Shi yan body immediately turned into crimson red like a soldering iron and he felt like he was being grilled. He immediately roared out with a hoarse voice and looked grim. This pain was more intense than when he was cultivating the second sky of Rampage and fused the negative energy into his blood. No ordinary people can endure this kind of pain, If replaced with the others, maybe they would had already fainted. But Shi yan just screamed as his eyes turned into red, and you can still see some resolution in his eyes. "You really weren't bluffing, In this kind of heat, most people's mind will collapse or they will even go crazy, and some people will immediately faint and forever lose the chance to advance. But you are really good, truly a monster, with your current cultivation and realm you still can withstand this power, you really are the most suitable person to cultivate the "Extreme refining"!" Shi yan roared and didn't answer. "I had more than one body refining skills, but this extreme refining was the evilest and dangerous, At the beginning, I just wanted to test whether you can endure it or not, if you can't endure it, I would have given you another one, but now, there's no need to it. Congratulations, As long as you can endure during this extreme refining, the effect will be obvious and this is the fastest refining method, as long as you can keep consciousness, I am sure you will quickly have a solid foundation." Shi yan can hear the message from the Ice Cold Flame, but he can't respond. Because the Ice Cold Flame again lifted the block towards the fire energy, and let more fire energy to pass through. Shi Yan howled like a fierce beast, his roars were full with the pain of an immortal human, even flames were wavering from his nostrils, eyes, mouth like a fire serpent. Shi Yan seemed like he was burned from inside, covered in red he can even see a plume of the small flame swimming in his body. "Enough, now listen carefully, I will tell you which path you should take." As the Ice Cold Flame explained the things related to the extreme refining with detail to Shi yan, it also quietly watched the changes happening in Shi Yan's mind. Although the fire was still scattering on Shi Yan's body, and he looked ferocious, but his soul was unusually active. The Ice Cold Flame was secretly scared. Even if it never practiced the extreme refining, but it knew the horrors of this extreme refining method from that person's memory. Because this extreme refining wasn't originally the refining skill for a human warrior. The one who invented this extreme refining was an evil blacksmith. This extreme refining was originally one of his refining divine weapon method with using fire. After inventing this extreme refining, so far, only that blacksmith, who had been used it to refine his body, had once used it. He cultivated the extreme refining using the Fire Martial Spirit in his body. Not using the Earth Fire! The Earth Fire was more ferocious than Mortal Fire. Although the Ice Cold Flame lowered the fire energy from the earth fire, but it was still an earth fire! Even the Ice Cold Flame had difficulty in control the violent element from the Earth Fire. Although told him about the extreme refining, it didn't want Shi Yan to cultivate it, instead it had already chose another refining method for Shi Yan. But Shi Yan managed to endure it! It could not help but be surprised by it.