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181 Winning and Losing are Very Importan

"Do you have Purified Bottles?" He Luo glared and coldly snorted with a discontent face. The little fat boy, He Lai, was startled, as he secretly glimpsed at Mo Duanhun and Shi Yan. The fat on his face piled up, as he pushed an ugly smile, "There are Purified Bottles, but they are only semi-finished products. I gathered all the required materials, and put them inside a small volcano's lava for seven days. But they are not fully complete yet as the density of the smelting process was not enough and the fire power was not enough either. The temperature of the lava is limited, so I still can't refine all of the impurities in the materials." With a crying face, The little fat boy took out an ugly-looking, dark brown bottle with many spots covering it. He Luo frowned, "Is there a way to make this semi-finished product complete?" "If I can find lava with higher temperature, then in half a day I will be able to make it into a finished product." He Lai's eyes brightened, "But, I won't be able to handle the high temperature of the lava so I tried to finish it with what I got. Plus, I also thought that I probably won't have a chance of obtaining an Earth fire, so I stopped thinking about it afterwards." "You brat, you can't do anything right!" He Luo yelled out in anger and then he shook his head and sighed: "If you had wholeheartedly focused on just one thing, then you would have definitely achieved something." He Lai was also a warrior, but he was only in the third sky of Nascent realm. He Luo spent quite a lot of efforts on him, every time He Qingman returned from the Evil Wonderland, she would also secretly give some of her elixirs to her naughty little brother. But this kid was really disappointing, up till now he was still in the third sky of Nascent realm. This gave quite the headache to He Luo and He Qingman. Although He Qingman and He Lai were born from different mothers, but since He Lai's mother was the servant of He Qingman's mother, and she had been with He Qingman's mother since she was little, she was very close with He Qingman's mother. Plus although He Lai was naughty, he was still very close with his sister, this also made He Qingman like He Lai a lot, and she had been taking care of this little brother all along. Even though they had different mothers, these siblings were very close. Seeing that He Lai was so disappointing, He Qingman also secretly felt angry, so she threw a fierce glare at him. feeling extremely wronged, He Lai dropped his head and murmured under his breath: "You guys won't help me, if you have helped me, I would've completed the Purified Bottles long ago. I even begged you guys before, to let you guys accompany me to a volcano to refine it..." "Shut up!" He Luo scolded. Before when He Luo knew He Lai wanted to make Purified Bottles, he only thought that He Lai was just messing around. Making Purified Bottles needed some quite uncommon materials. Plus even after completion, without a Core Fire they would still be useless. Therefore He Luo did not care about this, and when He Lai begged him, he actually yelled at him. He didn't know that Mo Duanhun would need this thing, now after He Lai spoke, it seemed that he was actually at fault. This really made He Luo so angry that he wanted to punch someone. "It's alright." Shi Yan smiled, "Find a volcano, and we can just refine it again. Let's go together." "I can't handle volcanoes that are too hot." He Lai shook his head repeatedly, his face was full of fear, "I've tried, I almost got cooked alive. If no one can give me protection, I wouldn't dare to." "This is for you." Shi Yan found him quite interesting, he casually took out a Green Moonstone, and threw it to He Lai. He smiled: "Take this stone, from now on if you want to refine something, you can go to a volcano with higher temperature. No need to worry about being cooked in there." This piece of Green Moonstone contained the cold energy of the Ice Cold Flame. Touching it would make one's entire body cold. With the cold energy's protection, indeed he should have no fear of entering places of high temperature. "Hey! It's so cold!" He Lai caught the Green Moonstone and immediately exclaimed. He hurriedly used a piece of thick oilcloth to wrap it. He said in joy: "Not bad, not bad! Inside there is very strong cold energy, with this treasure, I would be able to make Purified Bottles. It would definitely be no problem." Shi Yan smiled, and then said: "Be careful where you put it. If that thing were to be hit forcefully, it would explode. The Cold Energy inside would all burst out, it can immediately make a Disaster realm warrior freeze to death!" Hearing this He Lai got startled, the fat on his body jiggled, as he anxiously tightly held the Green Moonstone. "Who made this thing?" The little fat boy looked at the Green Moonstone, he observed it for a moment and then suddenly shook his head: "This is made very badly. There are still many impurities on the surface, there are even more impurities inside! The fire power is not enough, and the skill used to make this is extremely poor. It's a pity for the cold energy that it contains. If I were to have material as good as this, I would make something several times better than this! This is truly a waste of great resources. The guy that made this thing is too much of a rookie, such a waste." As the little fat boy kept shaking his heat and sighing repeatedly, he couldn't see the look on Shi Yan's face getting ugly. "Stop this nonsense!" He Luo saw Shi Yan's face, and angrily knocked on He Lai's head. He said angrily: "You are given this thing and without even a thank you, you dare to be choosy? You wanna die?" After He Lai got knocked on the head by He Luo, he finally reacted and his fat face pushed a flattering smile. He nodded and bowed to Shi Yan: "Big brother, thanks. Even though this thing is really badly made, but it's very useful to me. Thank you, thank you." Shi Yan didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at He Lai, he shook his head: "You're welcome, if you can't take care of the Purified Bottle, then I will take the thing back." "Don't worry, don't worry, you will definitely be satisfied." He Lai chucked, "It's really easy to make the Purified Bottle. If it weren't that I didn't find the right place, I would've made it long ago." "If there is nothing else, we can go now." Shi Yan nodded. "Alright." He Luo looked towards Mo Duanhun and said: "Master Mo, can we follow along?" "Yes." Mo Duanhun's expression was indifferent, he nodded, "We will go out on the Cyan Blood Bats together. He Lai you will lead the way, first refine the Purified Bottle in a volcano, then go to the biggest ten thousand year-old volcano on Firecloud Island." Shi Yan and Mo Duanhun sat on that level six Cyan Blood Bat, He Luo's family sat on another Cyan Blood Bat. Together they flew out of the He family towards the closest volcano. Soon, the Cyan Blood Bats landed on the top of that volcano. He Lai used a thin silver glove to hold the Green Moonstone, he came down from the Cyan Blood Bat, and gazed towards the opening of the volcano. He walked around with his fat body, and after a moment, he yelled: "I need to go a little more down." The top of the volcano was filled with scorching heat waves, and it was extremely hot. At a gap, there were actually stone stairs going down. The stone stairs were obviously man made, god knows who made them. He Lai seemed to have come before. He easily walked down through those stone stairs as his fat body slowly descended into the volcano. Seeing He Lai entering alone worried He Luo, so after informing Mo Duanhun he also followed along. He raised his voice: "Brat go slowly. If you fall down, all that fat on you will immediately turn into oil and water." "Father, can you not scare me?" He Lai exclaimed from inside, "I've came here before, it's only that last time I didn't dare to go down too deep. But now that I have this stone, and even father is with me, there is no risk at all." "You better be careful." He Luo snorted, although he scolded him with his words, but he still followed He Lai slowly into the volcano. He Luo actually cared very much about this son. Although He Qingman had outstanding potential, and it made the He family gain extreme amounts of honor. But He Qingman was ly a woman, sooner or later she had to marry. And she was also a strong warrior that was painstakingly brought up by the Evil Wonderland. To He Luo, He Qingman might become the biggest support of the He family in the future. However, the job of continuing the bloodline of the He family, cannot be passed onto He Qingman. Instead it was He Lai, who would take on this big responsibility, and he would also be in charge of the He family. Even though He Luo hit and scolded He Lai every day, but inside he knew that He Qingman could never stay in the He family. There was only He Lai, who would lead the He family, so the safety of He Lai was still very important. Very soon, the father and son disappeared from the opening of the volcano. Occasionally you could hear He Luo scolding He Lai, and He Lai's complaints. Shi Yan, Mo Duanhun, and He Qingman, stood on a protruding fire rock nearby the opening of the volcano, while watching the top of the volcano. As the hot wind blew, He Qingman's hair flew in the wind. Her beautiful body looked hot and sexy in that view, while her pair of amorous eyes stared with brilliance, containing an enchanting charm. Shi Yan would frequently look at the top of the volcano, and then towards He Qingman, in his mind he kept imagining He Qingman stripping naked, and how stunning the scene would be when her body would be revealed. He continued looking at He Qingman, while the look in his eyes was slowly turning impure. His eyes were shining, as if he had already striped all the clothes off of He Qingman. Just then, He Qingman subconsciously turned around and glanced at Shi Yan, then she immediately realized the strangeness in Shi Yan's eyes. "Asshole, what are you looking at!" He Qingman was extremely angry, she suddenly thought about her bet with Shi Yan, and from the look in Shi Yan's eyes, she immediately realized what he was thinking. She was so angry she almost wanted to attack. Shi Yan lightly smiled, and said: "Nothing, I was only thinking about our bet." Not saying it would've been fine, but when he said it, He Qingman's entire face turned embarrassingly red. She shouted: "I forbid you to think of it!" Shi Yan shook his head, and didn't bother talking with her again. He Qingman angrily glared at Shi Yan as her breasts trembled. She secretly clenched her teeth, and shouted coldly: " I forbid you to tell anyone about our bet! If you dare to gossip, I will never let go of you!" "Usually when I get an advantage, I would secretly enjoy it myself. I'm not that stupid." Shi Yan couldn't hold back a chuckle. He didn't know why, but just thinking that soon this beautiful enchanting woman would strip down naked on her own in front of him, his mood brightened. Even with He Qingman's horrible attitude, he didn't feel that resentful anymore. He Qingman glared at him, "You think you can win?" "Who knows." Shi Yan smiled casually, "It's hard to say about anything. Those who think they will definitely win, might not win. Although I don't have a hundred percent confidence, but I won't necessarily lose. All things are unpredictable, until the last moment, no one knows how the result will be. But, I'm really quite looking forward to it, hehe." After He Qingman heard him say this, for some reason, her heart felt a little uneasy. Because of Shi Yan's calmness, her confidence was cut down a bit. 'He will lose for sure! He will never win! What am I thinking about? I need to have confidence in myself!' He Qingman shook her head, she regained her steadiness, and looked at Shi Yan in disdain. She raised her head and snorted coldly, as she became regained confidence again.