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173 The Sleeping Beauty

Suddenly, the whole valley turned silent. All the warriors in the valley were looking up at the huge white bony hand that was being pulled back into the crack in the sky. It was Demon King Bo Xun! One of the two supremacies in the fourth Demon Area! Upon sensing Demon Master Mojito being trapped, he used his power to tear apart the space and brought Mojito's soul back to the Demon Area. If it was not the huge white bony hand of Bo Xun, Mojito's soul would have hardly survived against the power of the Soul Gathering Pearl. Even if his soul was in the Spirit Realm, it could not get rid of the constraints of the Soul Gathering Pool, and would be among the hundreds of thousands of souls absorbed by the Pearl. The appearance of Bo Xun's huge white bony hand had shocked all of the warriors in the valley. Under the pressure of the hand's horribly destructive power, even Mo Duanhun felt somewhat helpless. Fortunately, Bo Xun's aim was merely to bring Mojito's soul back. If he was really determined to deal with the warriors in the valley, then all the people in the valley would probably die except for Mo Duanhun, who might be able to use the Image of Universal Nature to escape. With an extremely serious face, Shi Yan was looking up at the sunglow. This was the second time that he had seen a Demon King in action. The first time was on his way to the Endless Sea, when Bo Xun's Skeletal Avatar suddenly appeared and grabbed Xiao Hanyi into the Fourth Demon Area. This time, his Skeletal Avatar reappeared and saved Mojito. The extraordinary power of Bo Xun truly frightened Shi Yan. The huge pressure on people's souls made them feel like they were fighting against an invincible God. No wonder people would easily give up fighting. If it were not his extraordinarily tough mind, he would be kneeling down at Bo Xun's terrifying power. Mo Duanhun, too, was watching the crack closing in the sky with a serious look. He waited until the last trace of Demon air had disappeared on the Clouds Island and then flew down from the sky, standing beside Shi Yan. "Master Yan," Mo Duanhun bowed slightly, "I was ordered by the family master to come here and take you to the Immortal Island." Shi Yan frowned, "How did you knew I'm still alive?" "Our Family Lord used three drops of Immortal Blood to predict that you had not been possessed by the Ice Cold Flame, and that you will be here on the Clouds Island by now. Therefore, we agreed to reconcile with the Gu Family, and chose to come here since we knew that you would be here too." Mo Duanhun nodded. "I see." Shi Yan was rather surprised. He was surprised by the Master of the Yang Family, King Yang Qing's methods. He merely used three drops of Immortal Blood and knew whether Shi Yan was dead or alive. This was almost as powerful as God. It was said that King Yang Qing had entered the Spirit Realm after he had finished cultivating his vital energy, and that his power had also been enhanced substantially. It seemed that those rumors were true now. "Do we need to deal with Gu Lie and his son first?" Shi Yan was about to say something else when he saw Gu Lie in a cave beside them. Mo Duanhun expressionlessly nodded, and then asked for Shi Yan's opinion, "How would you want to deal with them?" After seeing Mojito's soul being constrained by Shi Yan's Soul Gathering Pearl, Gu Lie and Gu Jiange had already turned pale. Now, their faces were even more paler. Hearing the conversation between Shi Yan and Mo Duanhun, they looked at each other and hopelessness filled their eyes. "How would you normally deal with people who had colluded with the Demon Dwellers?" Shi Yan thought for a few seconds and sneered, "These two used the secret methods of that faction and slaughtered thousands of common people just so that they can use their souls to build the bridge for Demon Dwellers, and then guided Demon Master Mojito's soul here. Having committed this kind of crime, do they deserve to be killed?" "They do." Mo Duanhun nodded, "I'll kill Gu Lie first and keep Gu Jiange alive so that we can take him back to the Gu Family. Then, we will use Gu Jiange to confess what had happened here. At that time, the Gu Family will have to admit what they had done." "Okay, do as you wish." Shi Yan smiled. Without saying anymore, Mo Duanhun figure became gradually fuzzy as he disappeared under Shi Yan's eyes. Meanwhile, a shrill cry was heard from the valley beside Shi Yan. Soon after the cry, Gu Jiange's scream was also heard, "Father!" Shi Yan was surprised, and found that Mo Duanhun's figure had completely disappeared. Looking over to the cave, Shi Yan found that Gu Lie had already died. Blood continued to pour out of his eyes, ears, and mouth. Mo Duanhun's figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of the valley. Then, he stretched out his hand and pressed against Gu Jiange's head. Flashes of green light came out from Mo Duanhun's palm and went into Gu Jiange's head. Gu Jiange's eyes gradually went dim as he screamed painfully. At last, he stopped screaming, and just stood there stiffly. Grabbing Gu Jiange with one hand, Mo Duanhun flew back to Shi Yan's side and threw him to a Shura Guard as he ordered, "Take him." Everything happened so fast that Shi Yan did not see how Mo Duanhun did it exactly. In an instant, Gu Lie was killed and Gu Jiange was under Mo Duanhun's control after releasing few cries. Now, Gu Jiange became delirious since his soul had been imprisoned. The Sixth-level Demon Beast of the Evil Wonderland, the Wind Thunder Lion, suddenly descended from the sky, and landed beside Shi Yan and Mo Duanhun. "Sister Xinyan's soul had been severely injured." He Qingman, while coming down from the Wind Thunder Lion, said anxiously, "She had been unconscious since then. What should we do?" Shi Yan went towards the Wind Thunder Lion immediately. Seeing Shi Yan approaching them, the Wind Thunder Lion howled as it opened its fierce-looking mouth and stared at Shi Yan, indicating him not to come close. "Easy." He Qingman slightly kicked the Wind Thunder Lion on one of its wings. The Wind Thunder Lion immediately became obedient. It just stared at Shi Yan without any movement; it seemed to be very afraid of He Qingman. Shi Yan came to the Wind Thunder Lion and saw Xia Xinyan whom he had not seen for three years. She was as beautiful as three years ago, but her face was pale now, and there was traces of blood on her lips. Her eyes were closed covered by her long eyelashes. "Sister Xinyan knew that you were in the Pool and that Gu Lie was about to go into the Pool to find you. Thus, she immediately used her Reincarnation Martial Spirit in order to stop Gu Lie. But at that time, Demon Master Mojito suddenly interfered and used soul attack to injure her soul..." He Qingman was very worried, "Soul injuries are much harder to heal than physical injuries. And Demon Master Mojito is in the Spirit Realm; his soul attacks are terribly powerful. I'm afraid sister Xinyan will never recover from this injury." He Qingman and Xia Xinyan were very close. Or else, she would not come here together with Xia Xinyan despite knowing that there was danger here. After Xia Xinyan was severely injured, He Qingman had taken out all kinds of healing pills she had on her, and fed them to Xia Xinyan. However, Xia Xinyan stayed unconscious and her soul was still weak with no signs of recovery. He Qingman tried to communicate with Xia Xinyan via her mind, but found that Xia Xinyan's soul has dispersed. Without a concentrated soul, Xia could not receive the mind message she sent. After realizing this, He Qingman became more worried from not knowing what to do. After examining Xia Xinyan carefully, Shi Yan's face looked serious. Xia Xinyan's soul has indeed been dispersed, and it could be called a human vegetable state in his world; she might never be able to wake up. "Lord Mo, come have a look." Shi Yan suddenly looked up at Mo Duanhun and said, "I don't want anything bad happen to her." Nodding softly, Mo Duanhun walked slowly to Xia Xinyan and stretched out his finger to touch the back side of Xia Xinyan's head. From Mo Duanhun's finger, soul power was being transmitted into Xia Xinyan's mind. Mo Duanhun's face became grave. Shi Yan's heart tightened and his face changed color. Judging from Mo Duanhun's expression, Shi Yan knew that Xia Xinyan's injury must be more severe than they had thought. And it was true. Before long, Mo Duanhun pulled back his finger and said seriously, "Her soul is badly injured and has dispersed. Taking a blow from Mojito, even the souls of warriors in the Nirvana Realm would be destroyed in an instant, let alone the soul of a warrior in the Earth Realm. The reason why her soul was not destroyed was because of her Reincarnation Martial Spirit. If it were not the Reincarnation Martial Spirit, she would have been dead by now." "Lord Mo, what are you talking about?" He Qingman asked anxiously. "At the crucial moment, Little Xia's Reincarnation Martial Spirit gathered soul power of her previous lives, and helped her withstand Mojito's soul attack. The memory and consciousness of her previous lives and her memory and consciousness of this life were disorganized by Mojito's attack. Therefore, right now, she has not only the memory of this life, but those of her previous lives, and many lives at that! The memories were too disorganized and too large in number, causing her soul to break down. In this case, she is unlikely to recover unless we sort her memories out." Shi Yan's face changed a little, "Then, what can we do?" "Nothing." Mo Duanhun waved his head helplessly, "The injury in her soul cannot be healed by pills. If she could sort out those messy memories and consciousness by herself, then she will be healed but this process might take one year, one hundred years, or forever." "What!" He Qingman screamed, "You mean sister Xinyan might never wake up? How can this be?" "Is there nothing we can do to help? Really?" Shi Yan gritted his teeth. "There is no way I know of." Mo Duanhun lamented. Hopelessness filled He Qingman's eyes. Then, she stared at Shi Yan and started blaming him, "You! It's because of you! If it were not for you, sister Xinyan would not be like this!" Shi Yan did not know how to respond to her. At this moment, the Blood Vein Ring began to shine. Shi Yan, who was also blaming himself, let his consciousness enter the Blood Vein Ring and asked impatiently, "What are you crying for?" "It's only an injury to her soul!" The consciousness of the Ice Cold Flame scorned, "How stupid you are! You have the Soul Gathering Pearl in your hand. Once it is refined, the pure soul power in it will be the panacea for healing souls. As long as that woman is alive, the soul power of the Pearl is able to heal her and make her as lively as before." Shi Yan eyes started shining as happiness resurfaced onto his face.