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172 The Demon King Was Alarmed

In the Soul Gathering Pool. Shi Yan was looking up at the surface of the Pool, guarding cautiously against Gu Lie who might come down at any time. While being in the Pool, he was not aware of what was happening outside. He did not know that in such a short period of time, both Demon Master Mojito and Mo Duanhun had arrived in the valley. After absorbing a large number of souls, the Soul Gathering Pool looked much clearer than before. Being in the Pool, Shi Yan sensed a violent tremor coming from the valley as if the earth was shaking. This made him more alert, looking out for any trace of danger from above. All of a sudden, a familiar figure appeared over the Pool. 'Xia Xinyan!' Although he could not see it clearly from the Pool, Shi Yan immediately recognized Xia Xinyan through her perfect body. Xia's beautiful figure flew past the Pool, suddenly she started falling and was caught by a Demon Beast. All of this happened in an instant and when Shi Yan realized that Xia Xinyan was injured, she had disappeared, carried away by the Wind Thunder Lion. Shi Yan felt a surge of rage! No longer hiding, Shi Yan swam up towards the surface of the Pool as fast as he could. "What are you doing! That guy must be still there!" The Ice Cold Flame responded soon. Shi Yan did not reply. His face looked ferocious, and an aura of evil, craziness and hatred surrounded him. Suddenly, Shi Yan entered the Second Sky, and his power doubled! "Don't go out!" The Ice Cold Flame shouted anxiously. Shi Yan turned a deaf ear to it. "Splash!" Shi Yan jumped out of the Pool, causing waves to appear on the surface of the Soul Gathering Pool, and stood on the bank with a fierce-looking face. Gu Lie, who was about to enter the Pool, was shocked. Seeing Shi Yan appear, he hurried to hide and ran towards Gu Jiange. Gu Lie had always believed that Shi Yan's body was occupied by the Ice Cold Flame. Knowing that he himself was no rival to the Sky Fire, so upon seeing Shi Yan, he immediately hid himself to avoid face-to-face confrontation. Coming out of the Soul Gathering Pool, Shi Yan glanced around himself maliciously. In the sky over the valley, dense Demon Clouds were surrounding a ball of green light. The impact of the souls attack were spreading everywhere. Gu Lie was rushing to a mountain cave beside him. He could vaguely see the figure of Gu Jiange at the entrance of the cave. Faraway, a Demon Beast was leaving the valley, carrying Xia Xinyan. On the back of the Beast, another hot woman was feeding Xinyan some pills. "Xinyan!" Shi Yan shouted to the sky, standing beside the Pool. He Qingman, who was on the back of the Wind Thunder Lion, was rather shocked by Shi Yan's cry. She looked down and saw a sad and angry Shi Yan. "She was badly soul-attacked by Demon Master Mojito." He Qingman shouted back while gritting her teeth, "For you! She was trying to save you!" 'Mojito!' Shi Yan looked up at the sky and asked the Ice Cold Flame with his mind, "How can we absorb his soul?" "Turn the part of the Soul Gathering Pearl which has been covered towards the guy's soul, and use your mind power to form a connection between his soul and the Soul Gathering Pearl. You only need to release a part of your mind power and get close to the guy's soul, and the Soul Gathering Pearl will connect with his soul automatically. Then the Pearl will absorb his soul!" "Got it!" Shi Yan immediately released some mind power which formed into a light beam that shot straight towards the Demon Clouds up in the sky. Suddenly, a beam of black light was shot from the uncovered part of the Soul Gathering Pearl. After that, streams of soul started shooting from the Soul Gathering Pearl, feeding into the weird-looking black light which shone at Demon Master Mojito's soul. Numerous souls were appearing from the black light and were condensing in the beam. The souls were tangling with each other, empowering the black light to the extent that Demon Master Mojito's soul were unable to withstand it any longer! In the thick Demon Clouds, Demon Master Mojito's soul was captured by the black light and it could not move a single bit! The Demon Shadow started wavering and was drawn into the black light generated from the Soul Gathering Pearl. "Who dares to do this to me!" An enormous mind message spreaded across the whole valley, that every warrior in the valley could hear it clearly! This was the consciousness of Demon Master Mojito! However with his soul constrained, this mind message only conveyed his consciousness without the power of soul attack. "Whoever you are!" Shi Yan sneered, "You will not go back once I capture you!" "I'll kill you! I'll make you wish you've never been born!" Although the consciousness of Demon Master Mojito could still be heard, but the Demon Shadow formed by his soul was still being absorbed into the black light shining from the Soul Gathering Pearl. The Soul Gathering Pearl was only effective to souls. If it was Demon Master Mojito himself not his soul that had come, then Shi Yan would not be able to beat him even after a hundred years. Mojito, who was in the Spirit Realm, was one of the four Demon Masters in the Fourth Demon Area and was the most powerful one under the two Demon King! No matter in the Fourth Demon Area or the Endless Sea, he was so notorious that everybody was afraid of him. Common warriors was petrified upon hearing the title of Demon Master, let alone wanting to fight against him. Years ago, King Yang Qing led a group of excellent warriors from the Yang Family to the Fourth Demon Area, and only killed one Demon Master after going through all kinds of dangers. And under the counter-attack they were severely injured by the other three Demon Masters that they barely made it back to the Endless Sea. And Mojito was among the Demon Master who had barely killed King Yang Qing! And now, Shi Yan, a warrior merely in the Disaster Realm, was unafraid of Mojito and was about to destroy Mojito's soul with the help of the Soul Gathering Pearl, shocking the warriors present in the valley. Even Mo Duanhun was shocked as a surprised look surfaced on his expressionless face. From the center of the Image of Universal Nature, he was looking down unbelievingly at Shi Yan. The Shura Guards who had just arrived all felt Mojito's consciousness, and all heard Shi Yan's challenge to Mojito. These Shura Guards were all startled. Some of them rubbed their eyes, wondering if something were wrong with their eyes. Gu Lie and Gu Jiange were cringing at the entrance of the cave. They were too shocked that their face went pale. On the back of the Wind Thunder Lion, He Qingman was even more surprised, not knowing what was happening down there. She had never heard of the Soul Gathering Pearl, let alone that the Soul Gathering Pearl in Shi Yan's hand that could constrain Mojito's soul. She found the whole thing unreal: Shi Yan trapped Mojito's soul with the black light, and was drawing Mojito's soul into the black crystal ball in his hand... Shi Yan turned a blind eye to the surroundings, and was coldly staring at the black light and Mojito's soul, that was drawn into the Soul Gathering Pearl. "Great! Great!" The Ice Cold Flame was excited, "This is the soul of the Spirit Realm Master! This guy's soul is as powerful as hundreds of thousands of common people's souls combined! Getting this soul, the Soul Gathering Pearl can be used to refine the pure soul power, that will be enough for us!" Shi Yan kept his silence, concentrating his mind to guide the black light. Holding the Soul Gathering Pearl, he could feel vaguely that there was some connection between himself and the black light. Through the black light, he could feel how horribly powerful Mojito's soul was. The qi of Mojito's soul was as enormous as oceans and as high as mountains. Feeling it for merely one second, one would feel awed, and would no longer dared to fight against it. If Shi Yan had not been so strong-willed, he would probably broke down under the enormous pressure from Mojito's soul, and would very likely flee. The shock to the soul was sometimes much more powerful than the attacks on the physical body! Suddenly, a call filled with worship was sent out from Mojito's soul in the black light. A strange type of aura started spreading in the valley as if Mojito's soul was eulogizing something, as if it was praying for a gift from God. In the valley, Demon energy was now gathering a hundred times faster. And in the gray sky, a visible crack appeared. Demon energy was pouring down from the crack like flood breaching the shore! A huge white bony hand suddenly reached out from the crack. The hand was as white as jade, yet dense Demon air was coming from its fingers and palm. In a moment, the whole Clouds Island was covered by Demon air. The five fingers of the huge white hand curled; each finger as big as a mountain. They came out of nowhere and went straight to fetch Mojito's soul in the black light. "Shi Yan! Release him!" Mo Duanhun shouted in the sky. "Quickly release him!" The Ice Cold Flame also informed. Shi Yan was shocked. Without hesitating he cut off his mind power at once, and covered the black part of the Soul Gathering Pearl with one hand. The connection between the black light and the Soul Gathering Pearl broke immediately! The huge white bony hand grabbed randomly, and like pieces of glass it shattered the black light coming from the Soul Gathering Pearl. The hand did not stay longer, as it only grabbed Mojito's soul and cringed back into the crack. "Boy, I'll remember the imprint of your soul." A sound that was powerful enough to destroy the whole world was heard from the crack. All colors of light were shining in the crack and the thick Demon air over Clouds Island was rushing crazily into the crack. In an instant, all the Demon air had disappeared into the crack without a single trace. Crimson clouds at sunset began to appear in the sky, shiny and beautiful. Now, it was dusk. Cold sweats appeared on Shi Yan's forehead. One of his hand was still covering the exposed part of the Soul Gathering Pearl. Even now, he could not dare to loosen his grip. Demon King Bo Xun! Skeletal Avatar! Gritting his teeth, Shi Yan looked up at the sky, his face looked serious but determined.