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142 Seize the Body

Shi Yan's heart sank and he cursed in his mind. If it were only the people from the Heaven Lake Divine Land, as long as Xia Xinyan used her Reincarnation Martial Spirit, they had nothing to be fear. However, once the people from the Magical Wonderland, the Gu family, and the Dongfang family got here, Xia Xinyan wouldn't be able to do anything even if she used her Reincarnation Martial Spirit. The Kyara Sea, where the Yang family and the Xia family lived, was not on good terms with the the Heaven Lake Divine Land and Magical Wonderland from the Black Sea, nor with the Gu and Dongfang families from the Hengluo Sea. It would be fine if they didn't reveal their identities, but once their identities were revealed and without any powerful warriors by their sides, they would be killed for sure. Once Chen Duo and Dongfang He landed, Shi Yan knew that they were going to be forced to go to the iceberg. Indeed. "Negotiate?" Dongfang He was the first to speak, he sneered and shouted, "You two, if you don't want to die, go take a look at the situation immediately. Or else we will kill you right away! Hmm, the woman can be spared temporarily, but we'll make her suffer a life worse than death. Do you understand me?" Dongfang He grimly looked at Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan. As his eyes glimpsed at Xia Xinyan, the look in them showed a hint of lust. Shi Yan scowled. He hated Dongfang He from the bottom of his heart. Especially the way this old guy looked at Xia Xinyan. It made Shi Yan want to turn him into dust. Gu Jiange didn't say anything. He shook his head and sighed with a face full of helplessness. But, in his eyes, there were also some malicious lights gleaming as he quietly looked at Xia Xinyan's body. "Stop wasting time." Chen Duo furrowed his brows and spoke with a deep voice, "I'll count to three. After that, the man will die, and the woman... will wish she were dead." "Let's go." Xia Xinyan lowered her head and pulled on Shi Yan's clothes, forcibly dragging Shi him towards the place where the iceberg was originally revealed. Shi Yan scowled, he didn't say a thing. He lowered his head and followed her towards that iceberg. Dongfang He and the rest all harshly stared at their backs. The look in their eyes was sinister, with sneers lingering on the corners of their lips. If Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan showed any uncooperative actions, these people would mercilessly attack and kill the two of them immediately. The four forces suffered severe losses this time. Especially the Magical Wonderland and the Dongfang family, as many of their warriors were frozen to death. On the surrounding ships, before the powerful warriors of these two forces had time to dodge, they were already shredded to pieces by the Ice Beasts. Right now, these people were filled with unreleased anger. If Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan didn't have any use to them, the two of them would've been killed by Dongfang He on the spot. The closer they got to the iceberg, the colder the surrounding temperature became, it became chilling to the bone. The original tip of the iceberg had already disappeared. In its place, an enormous hole appeared, inside of which the cold energy was chilling and wisps of freezing white mist filled the air. Inside, faintly they were able to see the light emitted by the ice crystals. "Ka ka!" That was a sound of Xia Xinyan's teeth clattering as frost appeared in her hair. While moving, she had to continuously stir the Profound Qi in her body to defend against the cold energy that came from that hole. On the other hand, although only in the Disaster realm, Shi yan quietly used his Profound Qi and didn't seem too affected by the cold energy. "You, you seem to be able to handle the cold energy here?" Xia Xinyan's teeth clattered as she looked at Shi Yan, with her beautiful eyes that were full of surprise. "A while ago when I was cultivating, I accidentally absorbed a portion of the cold energy. The cold energy merged into my body. Here, I really don't feel that cold." Shi Yan nodded. Xia Xinyan was stunned, and her expression was complex, "If cold energy was absorbed into your body, how can you still move freely? Your body should've gotten stiff, and you should've been turned into ice, like the rest." "I don't know either." Shi Yan hesitated for a moment, and then continued, "The skill I'm cultivating is very strange. Although it is accompanied by tremendous pain and danger, it does have many mysterious and beneficial aspects, which is why I don't want to give it up." Xia Xinyan lightly nodded and sighed in her mind, but said no more. "One day, I will make them pay with blood!" Shi Yan grinned. "After we go through this, there will be plenty of opportunities to take care of them. A little impatience spoils great plans. Be careful, when we arrive at the opening of the hole, I will immediately use the Reincarnation martial spirit and take you to fly away from here. We only need to stay a short distance away from them, then it should be no problem for me to leave with you." "Okay." Shi Yan nodded, he turned back and looked two thousand meters away at Chen Duo, Dongfang He, and the rest, with a cold look in his eyes. With a distance of two thousand meters, as long as Xia Xinyan abruptly activated her Reincarnation martial spirit, those people definitely wouldn't be able to react fast enough. This was also why Xia Xinyan didn't act on the spot, instead, she chose to take the risk and move away from them. From the opening of the hole, cold energy spread out in all directions and a white mist filled the air. Ten meters away from the hole, Xia Xinyan was trembling from the cold but Shi Yan seemed to be unaffected. "I'll go take a look, only one look and then I'll come back." Shi Yan stood next to the hole, and while staring towards the hole, he suddenly spoke up. For some reason, the closer he got to that hole, the more comfortable Shi Yan felt. The penetrating cold energy that others felt, not only didn't make him feel uncomfortable but also gave his body a refreshing and enjoyable feeling. Especially, the cold energy that came from inside the hole, it made Shi Yan feel even more sharp, and his body wasn't affected much. The cold energy in the hole overflowed and slowly poured out. Some cold energy moved and fell towards Shi Yan. Shi Yan's blood ran cold, but it felt very comfortable as if the blood in his body really liked the cold energy here. Shi Yan was stunned. He hesitated for a moment and then tried to stir the second sky of Rampage and merge the negative powers in his body into his blood. Unexpectedly, from inside the hole, massive amounts of cold energy suddenly flew out. That cold energy came without any warning as if it was attracted by Shi Yan, it suddenly rushed out of the hole and came straight at Shi Yan. "Shi Yan!" Xia Xinyan exclaimed, her eyes were filled with panic, "The cold energy is too strong, I won't be able to hold it anymore!" "I'll go further, you should back up." Shi Yan didn't hesitate at all, and he suddenly started stepping towards that hole. With every step he took, the cold energy became stronger. And the cold energy from the hole also rushed towards him faster. Xia Xinyan was stunned. The cold energy ahead of them was so strong, that an Earth realm warrior like her couldn't handle it. But Shi Yan was not only fine, he was actually gathering the cold energy. This bewildered her, not knowing whether or not she should urge Shi Yan to leave this place. "Wait a moment for me." Shi Yan walked step by step towards the hole, while his expression turned more and more serious, he said with a deep voice, "Stay away from me, please don't come near me!" Massive amounts of cold energy endlessly flowed out of the hole like smoke and crazily rushed into Shi Yan's body. Suddenly, beams of bright light came from inside the cave, and a flow of extremely weird life force suddenly spread out of the hole. Xia Xinyan was aghast, and she screamed, "Shi Yan! Get back here, right now! The Ice Cold Flame is showing signs of activity! Leave quickly!" In the distance, Chen Duo's face changed. His body suddenly floated in the sky, and he watched, in astonishment, Shi Yan walking towards the hole. That old lady from the Dongfang family also flew into the sky, staring into the distance. She said to Dongfang He, Gu Jiange, and the rest below, "That kid is walking towards the hole. A massive amount of cold energy is flowing out of the hole, but that kid seems to be fine. His body seems to be absorbing the cold energy." "Absorbing cold energy!" Dongfang He exclaimed, "Are you sure? The cold energy released by the Ice Cold Flame is bone-chilling, even for me. That kid should've been frozen into ice... how is he still moving?" "His body is really absorbing cold energy!" Chen Duo took in a deep breath, and said with a strange expression, "This kind of phenomenon, this kind of phenomenon..." "What?" Gu Jiange and Qu Yanqing all looked at him, they couldn't help but exclaim. "The Ice Cold Flame has chosen him to be the carrier, it should be attempting to seize his body." Chen Duo's expression changed repeatedly, he urgently said, "The Ice Cold Flame is only in the fire form, although it has a life consciousness, it has no solid body. A Sky fire without a solid body is easy to control and seal. But once the Sky fire obtains a fitting carrier, its life consciousness will seize the soul of the carrier. Then it will become like a warrior, able to utilize more power and soul attacks!" "How could that person be the target of seizing?" Qu Yanqing exclaimed, "Isn't it that only people with the Ice Body martial spirit can be the seized by the Ice Cold Flame. Normal people can't handle the cold energy of the Ice Cold Flame at all. Once they touch it, they will be frozen to death and won't be of use any more." "I don't know either." Chen Duo shook his head, "Once the Ice Cold Flame successfully seizes him and obtains a solid body, then even the God realm warriors of the Endless Sea won't be able to rein it in. If that were to happen, not only did we work for nothing, none of us will get out of here alive!" "We have to kill him!" Dongfang He immediately understood the meaning in Chen Duo's words, "Let's do it! If the Ice Cold Flame chose him to be the seizing target, then it definitely knows that he can handle the cold energy. You've said it before, that kid's body can absorb cold energy, then this can't be wrong!" "Yes, we have to kill him immediately!" Chen Duo nodded, and the little silver hammer in his sleeve immediately flew out. In the rumbling thunder, that hammer fiercely struck at Shi Yan, who was standing at the opening of the hole. Dongfane He and the rest almost showed no hesitation. They all performed their own attacks. Now Gu Jiange also stopped pretending to be nice. He lightly shouted, and the Dragon Slaying Sword around his neck flew out. The Hornless Fire Dragon appeared, and turned into a hundred-meter long fire dragon, fiercely throwing itself at Shi Yan. "Shi Yan! Come back!" Xia Xinyan suddenly started screaming, her voice almost came with a sob, "Come back! I remember now! You're not scared of cold energy, that is the perfect carrier it wants to seize, the Ice Cold Flame wants to seize your body!" Shi Yan was still enjoying the cold energy flowing into his body. When he heard Xia Xinyan scream like that, he finally realized something was wrong. He was just ready to leave, but he suddenly realized the cold energy in his body was stirring. Inside the hole, an enormous consciousness rushed out like a jackal, and the most vigorous cold energy tightly wrapped him up. That consciousness was extremely dark and evil. It suddenly appeared and immediately rushed into his mind, with the intention of immediately taking his soul. In the distance, waves of attacks from the four forces were still continuously coming his way. Shi Yan's head was in extreme pain, he held his head and roared. With red eyes, he roared fiercely, "You go first! Leave me alone!" Then, Shi Yan used the rest of his power and pushed himself backwards, and fell straight down the seemingly bottomless hole. Once, Shi Yan's body was in the hole, the cold energy in the hole quickly swirled, and instantly formed into thick hard ice. The hard ice was like a giant door, standing right at the opening of the hole, sealing it completely. "No!" Xia Xinyan screamed "Boom, boom, boom!" The different attacks from the four forces endlessly fell on the opening of the hole, but were unable to shatter the hole. With a grim-faced, Chen Duo and the rest quickly rushed here from afar. Xia Xinyan clenched her teeth, her eyes were filled with hatred, she suddenly activated her Reincarnation martial spirit and flew straight up into the sky. While exiting the Menluo Island, from afar came Xia Xinyan's hateful voice, "You all killed him. Just wait for the revenge from the Yang and Xia families!"