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131 Controlling the Corpses

The Blood Vein Ring gave out strange lights rippling from it, which looked like characters of some ancient language. A bright light came out from the Blood Vein Ring, bathing the surrounding area in an evil and ancient aura. Numerous ancient characters swam around the Blood Vein Ring, like fish. Suddenly the ancient characters in the front touched the Sky corpses. A surprising thing happened! The ancient characters got attached on the Sky corpses, gradually moving towards their heads and then burrowing inside. More and more ancient letters touched the two Sky corpses. The ancient characters seemed to have come to life and were speedily penetrating into the Sky corpses heads. The seven life seals merged into their heads and gave the Sky corpses an almost lifelike appearance. Many Seals appeared in the two Sky corpse's' eyes. Those were the life seals from before! One after another, life seals floated across the Sky corpse's' eyes, as if giving them life. The two Sky corpses stood still while emitting a bright light from their heads. Human expressions showed up on the faces of the Sky corpses. The two Sky corpses appeared to be quite confused. Soon, the Sky corpses' abnormality disappeared and the life seals dissipated from their eyes. Shi Yan had a serious look on his face as he gazed at two Sky corpses in surprise. The light on the Blood Vein Ring faded, but the ring had established some sort of connection with the two Sky corpses. Shi Yan injected his spirit power in the Blood Vein Ring, and, surprisingly, found that he could sense the presence of the two Sky corpses and could feel their moods very clearly. The whole process of Sky corpses regaining their consciousness was quite short. "Shi Yan, what... what is it?" Xia Xinyan, who was in her red armor, looked at the Sky corpses with disbelief on her face, "There seems to be life force coming from the two Sky corpses. How could this be?" "Life force? What does that mean?" Shi Yan frowned. "Only a 10,000 years old corpse King can form a consciousness and acquire life force." Xia Xinyan kept shaking her head in confusion, "These two Sky corpses can't acquire consciousness in such a short amount of time! No way!" "Only a corpse King can form a consciousness and come to life?" Shi Yan was shocked. Xia Xinyan nodded with certainty, "We can't escape this time. We can't win against the Sky corpses. Since they have regained life, they are more powerful." Shi Yan's expression changed as he became alert. The two Sky corpses were standing in confusion. After a long while, they looked at Shi Yan with life seals shining in their eyes. Shi Yan was astonished. As the two Sky corpses looked at him, his Blood Vein Ring started resonating with two streams of odd waves, which came from the two Sky corpse! The two streams of waves seemed friendly to Shi Yan, as if asking about something. The two Sky corpses were asking him what to do. Gazing at the two Sky corpse's eyes, and feeling the odd waves in the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan realized the abnormality. "Control the other corpse slaves!" Shi Yan took a deep breath, and sent some spirit power into the Blood Vein Ring. The life seals in the two Sky corpses suddenly lit up. The two Sky corpses screamed together. One after another, the Mortal and Earth corpses left Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan and gathered around the Sky corpses. With the screams of the Sky corpses, a wave of strange energy spread throughout the grave, making all the Mortal corpses and Earth corpses obedient. In the Underground grave. Dozens of coffins were opened by the corpse slaves lying in them. All the corpse slaves came out and gathered around the two Sky corpses. Xia Xinyan looked pale, and sighed, "We will die this time." "Xinyan, do you think it's dishonorable to die with me?" Shi Yan turned back and smiled brightly. Xia Xinyan was surprised, "You truly care about such a thing at this crucial moment?" "Tell me, do you think I'm unworthy?" Shi Yan was insistent. "No, you are naughty, but you are interesting as well." In the grave, which was covered with corpse slaves, Xia Xinyan paused and said, "I don't think much, but I will certainly regret it a bit." "Regret?" Shi Yan smiled, "It's ok. Live on and you can always make up for the regret. I will give you the opportunity to live on." "Kill them!" Shi Yan suddenly pointed to the two Earth Realm warriors. The gravitational field disappeared and the two warriors fell down. Xia Xinyan couldn't understand Shi Yan. The next moment, the two Sky corpses howled again. Nearly a hundred corpse slaves rushed up, moving away from Shi Yan and Xia Xinyan, and jumping onto the two Earth Realm warriors. Xia Xinyan covered her mouth in surprise as she couldn't believe her eyes. ... At the headquarters of the Corpse Sect, the Corpse Palace. On the palace wall were engravings of all sorts of corpse slaves, on which lay many small characters. White light flew from the characters to the corpse slaves. Many coffins were placed in the palace, and on each of them sat an elder of the Corpse Sect. Those elders sat on the coffins, which was sending out an odd air that went into the Presbyteries. They were either training cross-legged or watching the letters on the corpse slaves and memorising them by heart. In the Corpse Sect, presbyteries who had made contributions would have the opportunity to stay in the Corpse Palace for three, five, or seven days. An odd energy was emitted by every coffin in the Corpse Palace, which was beneficial to the Corpse Sect presbyteries' practice. Even three or five days could benefit them a lot. They would try to remember the small characters on the wall of the Corpse Palace. To obtain some days in the Corpse Palace, the Corpse Sect encouraged the presbyteries to make contributions to the sect. On one of the coffins. A gloomy old man with white hair suddenly spouted out a mouthful of blood. "Presbytery Yin Hai, what happened?" From the underground cavern of the Corpse Palace, came a hoarse sound. The gloomy old man wiped away the blood and said, "My lord, my two Sky corpses are out of my control. My corpse soul in the two Sky corpses broke, our connection got weaker and weaker, and they even showed hatred to me!" "Presbytery Yin Hai, are you crazy? Sky corpses don't have life, how can they hate you? You think your Sky corpses are comparable to my corpse King?" The voice coming from the underground was filled with disdain. "Forgive me, my lord. I don't dare talk shit." Yin Hai was frightened and kneeled down on the coffin, "I mean it! Really! The two Sky corpses hate me now! Though they are a long distance away, I can feel it clearly!" "How many years have you refined those two Sky corpses?" "2,350 years." Yin Hai stayed on his knees and spoke politely, "20 years ago, the lord bestowed me with two Sky corpses, who were at the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm." "Sky corpses of 2,350 years! They shouldn't have consciousnesses." That person paused, and said indifferently, "You buried them at which Burial site?" "No.93 burial site." Yin Hai replied politely. "No.93." The patriarch of the Corpse Sect paused and said, "I will send a message to ask about the situation there. You go and check if there is a problem." "Yes my lord." No.93 burial site. That Earth-realm warrior, who was with Li Zhuang and Sui Yueru earlier, suddenly felt his bell ringing. That guy's expression shifted and he showed fear as he closed his eyes and grasped that bell. 10 seconds later. That man suddenly stood up in surprise,"Something has happened to the Sky corpses!" "Guo Qi, what's up?" Li Zhuang was surprised. "I got a message from our headquarters that two Sky corpses of presbytery Yin Hai are out of control. The lord has asked me to go down and check." This Corpse Sect warrior named Guo Qi suddenly began to blow a whistle. The whistle resounded across the island. Upon hearing the whistle, all the disciples of the Corpse Sect were frightened and ran to the central stone tower. "Let's go and have a look." Guo Qi promptly jumped down from the stone tower and moved to enter the grave. Li Zhuang and Ju Yue Ru looked at each other and jumped down from the stone tower. "No need. We will come up." From the underground grave came Shi Yan's lazy voice.