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124 On This Ship, You Are My Girl!

The next morning. Shi Yan slowly opened his eyes. He felt energised and his eyes shone with light. After cultivating for an entire night, Shi Yan felt refreshed. It seemed that, after all the disasters he went through lately, his state of mind had somehow changed. His mind's power erupted and wandered around the lowest deck of the iron ship... He scanned the flower pots with his perception. He estimated that there were roughly a hundred flower pots on this level, with the smaller ones being palm-sized while the bigger ones basin-sized. His perception slowly spread to the middle deck. Suddenly, waves of different mental energies seeped through and hurtled towards Shi Yan's mind. Shi Yan's face changed, and he quickly withdrew his perception as he immediately realized that there were many Disaster realm warriors on the upper decks. Many of these warriors had very forceful mind powers. They were like powerful giant waves, with fierce strength behind them. 'Earth realm!' Shi Yan gasped. He quickly realized those strong responses were from the Earth realm warriors. There were a couple dozens of these warriors on the middle deck, which put a bit of fear in Shi Yan's heart. "The Disaster realm is different than the earlier realms. When cultivating, you need to gain experience. Only if you experience different dangers and challenges and gain insight from them, can you breakthrough to the next stage." Apparently Xia Xinyan was already awake. She glanced at him and spoke indifferently, "In the Disaster realm, just having the vigorous Profound Qi itself is of no use. Without the support of a strong mind, even if you go back to the Yang family and take some elixirs, it would be hard for you to breakthrough quickly." Shi Yan also noticed the difference in this realm as he nodded and said, "Hmm, it seems that sometimes danger isn't always a bad thing." "I have a feeling that, once my body recovers, I should be able to step into the Earth realm. Lately, I've experienced many things, and these experiences are enough for me to take a step forward." Xia Xinyan's eyes shone with glistening light. "The Earth realm?" Shi Yan grinned and chuckled, "Doesn't that mean it will be a lot harder for me to catch up to you?" Xia Xinyan didn't bother to pay attention to him, she quietly snorted and slowly got down from the bed. "You two, get up and start working." A crisp voice came from the stairs that lead up to the higher decks. Just as they reached the decks, a seventeen to eighteen year old girl with bristling eyebrows appeared at the door, and pointed to Shi Yan, "You, go carry these flower pots up to the deck. The woman will be responsible for cleaning this level. There will be no food or water for you if you don't finish these duties." Then with a "kata-kata" sound, the girl went upstairs. She spent very little time with them. "Let's go work." Shi Yan smiled, "There's no such thing as a free feast in this world. It seems that it won't be easy for us along the way. Xinyan, if you can't handle it, I can help you a little after I'm finished with my work." "There's no need." Xia Xinyan coldly replied, "You should be careful yourself. Don't get caught by the gay guys." Shi Yan's expression darkened and he spoke angrily, "Do you want to piss me off?" Xia Xinyan rolled her eyes and felt delighted, as she said dismissively, "I'm just reminding you to be careful, which is for your own good. You're so ungrateful." Shi Yan stopped arguing with her, and started carrying the flower pots. Time passed quickly. With the blink of an eye, ten days had passed. In these ten days, every morning, after he got up, Shi Yan would carry the flower pots from this level to the deck. Then, after the sun set, he would carry the flower pots back. He repeated this every day. Xia Xinyan was the same, she worked downstairs during the day and clumsily cleaned the dust on this level. During these ten days, whenever Shi Yan finished his work, he would go down and help her clean the dust and filthy objects. Over time, Xia Xinyan stopped being cold to Shi Yan. Sometimes when she talked to him, she would even give him a rare smile. It made Shi Yan feel warmth in his heart, and he wouldn't feel dull in these days at all. Everyday, after the two finished their work, that girl named Xiao Feng would bring them food and water. The food was just some salted fish and steamed bread, which didn't taste that great. Shi Yan didn't mind, but even when he gorged down all the food he still wouldn't feel full. While Xia Xinyan, on the other hand, had never been through such hardships. She worked her ass off every day, but still only had this poor quality food to eat. Her appetite became smaller and smaller. Every night the two would be squeezed in that tiny little room, and were forced to listen to the lewd voices of the cultivating couples upstairs. In the beginning, Xia Xinyan felt very awkward, she was flushed to her neck and wouldn't even look at Shi Yan. She feared that Shi Yan might turn into a lustful beast and do some humiliating things to her. Then as time went on, she saw that Shi Yan had been behaving calmly. Although he did flush a few times, he didn't take any further actions. Soon, she let down her guard. In the end, the two could even listen to the lustful sounds upstairs and casually chat at the same time. Another day passed. Shi Yan spent three hours bringing all of the flower pots up to the deck. Then he immediately returned to the lower level, ready to help Xia Xinyan clean up the junk. "What are you doing!" Suddenly, Xia Xinyan's angry shout came from the lower level. Shi Yan scowled and sprinted downstairs. Upon reaching downstairs, he saw Li Wei standing at the door of the room, shamelessly pestering Xia Xinyan. Behind Li Wei were three male disciples from the Yin Yang Wonderland, who were all in the first sky of the Disaster realm. The three smiled lazily. Xia Xinyan had been recovering quite well lately, but she still couldn't use her Profound Qi or all her progress would be for nothing. Li Wei was at the second sky of the Disaster realm. He was a core disciple of the Yin Yang Wonderland, and also the nephew of that yellow-faced man. He held quiet authority on the ship. He was obviously not here with good intentions. "Sure, your face looks a little ugly, but your figure is quite fine. The lighting on this level isn't that great, so I can bear with it. Stop struggling, it's a great blessing for you to be able to accept my favor. Once you're mine, you'll no longer have to work hard on this level, the quality of your food will also get much better..." Li Wei smiled as he stormed into that cramped room while speaking with disdain, "That kid can't protect you. If both of you don't want to become fish food, you better be good." "Girl, it's a blessing for you to enter the eye of Brother Wei. Frankly speaking, with your looks a normal man would never be interested. But brother Wei is special, and he can accept woman with a good figure. If you stay put, there will be plenty of benefits for you on this ship." At the doorway, behind Li Wei, a Yin Yang Wonderland disciple at the first sky of the Disaster realm tried to persuade Xia Xinyan. "Get the hell out of here!" Xia Xinyan stood inside the room, her expression was cold and her eyes piercing. "Hehe, once I have my fun, I'll go." Li Wei smiled with an obscene look in his eyes. Suddenly, Shi Yan stormed into the room like a cannonball, and his shoulders knocked away the three disciples guarding the door. Shi Yan made his way into the room. With a cold expression, he kicked Li Wei's back and send him flying. Le Wei slammed hard onto the wooden wall of the room. "You wanna die?" Li wei brushed away the blood on the corner of his mouth and slowly stood up. He glared at Shi Yan and said sneering, "This is a ship of the Yin Yang Wonderland, you're digging your own grave!" "Fuck off! Now!" Shouted Shi Yan with an annoyed expression. "Kid, you're dead!" The three warriors immediately sprinted their way once they managed to react to the situation. Shi Yan petrified his body and quickly formed a Gravitational Field, completely blocking the door. The three Disaster realm warriors fell into the Gravitational Field, and their bodies involuntarily started spinning. With a cold expression, Shi Yan suddenly sprinted towards Li Wei as his fingers formed into spears, gleaming in the chilling light. Li Wei's expression changed and he opened his hands, a greyish white light burst out from his palm. "Bang!" Shi Yan's finger stabbed right through the light ball, making his arms tingle. The finger continued and pierced through Li Wei's chest. "Thump!" Just as Li Wei stood up from the previous blow, his body was sent flying again and struck against the wooden wall - his face filled with panic. Taking a step forward, Shi Yan grabbed Li Wei by his neck and lifted him high into the air. Shi Yan's eyes were murderous. He grinned and said, "You dare to have wicked ideas about my girl? I'll happily cut off your limbs for you." Li Wei was single-handedly lifted up by Shi Yan. His feet were dangling in the air, and he couldn't muster up any strength to oppose him. Li Wei's eyes showed a flash of fear, and he was having difficulty breathing while constantly struggling and hitting Shi Yan with his fists. Shi Yan had already activated his Petrification Martial Spirit, and there was also a layer of dark light covering his body. No matter how hard Li Wei tried, he couldn't even make a dent in Shi Yan. Shi Yan was standing still as a stone. "Shi Yan!" Xia Xinyan was slightly surprised. She suddenly exclaimed, and stared at him while shaking her head, mentioning that he shouldn't take Li Wel's life. This was the first time she saw Shi Yan's aggressive side. She was secretly stunned by such fierce and ruthless attacks. The warriors and Li Wei were all Disaster realm warriors, and amongst them Li Wei was actually at the second sky of the Disaster realm. But all these four people were restrained by Shi Yan on the very first encounter. Moreover, the three by the door were still strangely spinning; god knows what methods Shi Yan used. Li Wei was the worst. He was restrained almost instantly, without a single chance of fighting back. Even Xia Xinyan, who had seen plenty of capable young men was surprised by Shi Yan's ruthless and fierce methods. She wondered how Shi Yan, who had just entered the Disaster realm, could possess such unyielding powers. "Roll your ass out!" Shi Yan threw Li Wei to the floor and kicked him out. Li Wei kept rolling on the floor, and he actually did roll out. Shi Yan released the Gravitational Field and, together, the three warriors fell onto the floor. Taking a step forward, Shi Yan stood by the doorway and chided with a cold expression, "I am not staying on your ship as a freeloader. Next time, if you dare to get any more ideas about my girl, you will never be able to enjoy women again for the rest of your lives. Leave! Don't let me ever smell your stench again!" The four Disaster real warriors, including Li Wei, looked at Shi Yan and clenched their teeths. "Let's go." Li Wei stood up, his expression was twisted. Scowling, he turned around and walked away. The three Disaster realm warriors on the ground all grudgingly stared at Shi Yan. At last, they quietly stood up and followed Li Wei out. Shi Yan was blocking the doorway like a doorkeeper. His eyes were sharp as murderous thoughts flashed across his eyes. He said indifferently, "Those four kids won't let this go easily. We should get ready, maybe we would really have to escape by jumping into the sea. Fuck, I haven't even gotten to play with their girls yet, and they already dare to have ideas about my girl. These fuckers really wanna die!" "Who are you calling 'your' girl?" Xia Xinyan clenched her teeth and glared at him bitterly. "Here, on this ship, you are my girl!" Shi Yan turned around and smiled widely at her, "As for the future, you never know..."