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121 A Man and a Woman Alone

On an small isolated island. The island was about the size of a large soccer field, and the air around it was humid. There were no living things in sight, except for some small trees. In the immeasurable Endless Sea, this isolated island was too small but it brought a hope of survival to Shi Yan. Carrying Xia Xinyan to this island, Shi Yan felt a little relieved. It was the kind of happiness that only those who survived disaster could feel. Putting Xia Xinyan down, Shi Yan sprawled out on the beach, laying down on the sands, and not wanting to move a bit. He was exhausted. He had not rested once the past few days, and his Profound Qi had almost run out. Very few people could endure in an environment like that. It was only thanks to his stamina and strong Profound Qi that he was able to made it. Xia Xinyan was at his side, tired and lifeless. Some three meters away from him, Shi Yan turned and looked at her, and then teased, "Well, it seems you can't die a virgin now." Xia Xinyan's expression changed and a cold light crossed her eyes, "How dare you!" Right now, her energy had not recovered and she couldn't use her Profound Qi. She would be unable to respond if Shi Yan did something to her. At the thought of Shi Yan's disposition, she was a little worried though her face showed no fear. "Hahahahahahaha!" Shi Yan laughed wildly. Xia Xinyan was both pissed and scared, because she didn't know what Shi Yan would do, so she tried to keep some distance from him. Shi Yan wasn't planning on doing anything to her, but seeing her on alert, he came up with an idea to tease her. On the beach, Shi Yan rolled his body and approached Xia Xinyan. In an instant, he was only a half a meter away from Xia Xinyan, his hot eyes gazing into her crystal-like eyes. Shi Yan looked at her teasingly, "Running away? You think you can run away? Xinyan, who would win if we fought right now? I remember that you said that you would marry me if I won..." "Shameless!" Xia Xinyan yelled, "Stay away from me, or I won't let you go peacefully when I recover!" "I wouldn't have waited till now if I do want to do something to you." Shi Yan said. He seemed to think a bit before he spoke again. "You think you would have left safely when you were in the Rain Pavilion?" "That... that time... Why?" Xia Xinyan asked curiously. When in the rain Pavilion, Shi Yan found two girls to serve him, yet he never touched her. Meanwhile, according to her observations, Shi Yan was a devil, since he raped Ling Shaofeng's bride in front of him. Xia Xinyan was horrified every time she thought about that. But, back in the Rain Pavilion, Shi Yan saw her pretty face yet didn't do anything, which confused her a lot. "Why do I have to touch you?" Shi Yan showed a rare seriousness. "I'm a man with a lot of lust. It's ok to go to a brothel. As for that Mo Yanyu, I almost died at her hands. Of course I wanted to get revenge. Ling Shaofeng also attacked my father, who was not even a warrior! They deserved it!" Pausing for a moment, Shi Yan glanced over at Xia Xinyan, "As for you, apart from pushing me to join the Xia Family, you did nothing bad to me. I'm not a kind guy, but I'm not a devil either." Xia Xinyan went silent. After quite a while, Xia Xinyan said, "I hope that's the truth." Shi Yan nodded, with a beaming smile on his face, "I'm not a gentleman, nor a monster. By the way, how are you now? You recovered very fast previously. What's up now?" "The Nutrition Pills I had have been used up." Xia Xinyan sighed. "Without them, I will need at least three months to recover. I was also seriously hurt this time, so I need at least three days to soothe my Profound Qi." "Ok, focus on stabling your Profound Qi then, and I will go prepare some food." Shi Yan nodded, and then looked up at the sky, "I will take a rest first, then I will go search for something to eat." Then Shi Yan took a deep breath, sat down in fatigue, and began to operate his Profound Qi. Xia Xinyan stayed on the beach, laying on her left side. Her long legs looked quite appealing. In meditation, Shi Yan now looked as stable as a mountain. 'What kind of person is he?' After a long while, Xia Xinyan shook her head, turned her eyes away from him, and concentrated on recovering her Profound Qi. Not knowing how long had it been, Shi Yan woke up quietly and looked up into the sky. The sunlight hurt his eyes. The sun was heating. Shi Yan stood up, feeling refreshed. Most of his lost Profound Qi had come back and his fatigue had also disappeared. Turning back, he found Xia Xinyan still lying on her side, but her robe had dried. Her smooth curves, long legs, and white skin were exquisite under the sunlight. Watching her greedily, Shi Yan took a deep breath and jumped into the sea. A quarter of an hour later, Shi Yan returned with two fish in his hands. Then he walked up to Xia Xinyan and coughed softly. Xia Xinyan's eyelashes trembled, then she opened her eyes. She seemed to have gained some of her Profound Qi back, as she sat up and glanced at Shi Yan. "What?" "Do you have fire stone?" "Yes." Xia Xinyan touched the green ring on her finger and, with an odd flash of light, a fire stone appeared in her palm. Throwing that fire stone to Shi Yan, she stood up slowly, blushing. She walked to a small tree nearby and demanded, "I need to get changed, don't peep." "Okay." Shi Yan nodded, with joy in his eyes. That tree was only as thick as his thigh. Xia Xinyan walked behind the tree and took off her robe. The tree was too thin to cover her body, so her curves were clearly seen by Shi Yan. Xia Xinyan took off her robe and covered her chest with an arm, yet her ass was still visible. Her ass was plump and smooth, which turned Shi Yan on. In a second, it was covered by Xia Xinyan's green skirt. Feeling relieved, Xia Xinyan took a deep breath and moved away from the tree. After a glance at Shi Yan, Xia Xinyan was angered as she saw something poking up between Shi Yan's legs. "Bastard!" Shi Yan quickly stood up. Under Xia Xinyan's angry eyes, Shi Yan looked calm, "I didn't peep. I looked. What? It's no big deal." "No big deal? See what happened to you down there!" Xia Xinyan was so furious that thoughts of killing him started forming again. "Well, I'm just potent. That happens to it after a few days without a woman." Shi Yan chuckled and then dashed over to a withered tree. "You-! You-!" Xia Xinyan was so angry that she couldn't even speak correctly. Ever since she was a little girl, every man was polite in front of her. They would talk about poetry, laws, or cultivation, but nothing dirty like this! Only this guy went to brothels, talked about dirty things, and tried to flirt with her. She felt humiliated. However, being trapped in such a nasty environment, and not having any power, all she could do was feel angry. Before long, Shi Yan came back with a bunch of tree branches in his arms, acting like nothing had happened. He lit the branches with the fire stone and began to roast the fish. The scent of meat wafted through the air. "Hungry? Then have something to eat. You can shout as much as you like if you are still mad at me. No one would ever know. Since I did see your body, it's ok if you curse me." Shi Yan giggled, turned a fish over, and handed it to Xia Xinyan. "I'm not hungry!" Xia Xinyan turned away coldly. Just then, her stomach began to growl loudly. "Hehe." Shi Yan smirked and walked up, while pushing the fish into her hand, he teased, "What for? Just a glance, what's the big deal? Or should I take responsibility and marry you?" "Shut Up!" Xia Xinyan grabbed the roasted fish, and glared at him, "Nevermind, I should understand you by now." "Yeah. I'm a bad guy, a very malicious guy." Shi Yan didn't care at all, and he tore his fish apart and wolfed it down. "Barbaric!" Xia Xinyan cursed. Then she took out a knife and began to eat her fish.