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117 The Change in the God Stone

Shi Yan slowly woke up. Inside the room, Mo Yanyu had fainted and her naked body was quietly lying on the bed. Ling Shaofeng had a ferocious face. After being caught by the two Shura Blood Guards, he couldn't do anything. Now, he can only gaze at Shi Yan in hatred. "Young Master Yan." One of the Shura Blood Guards called out to him. Shi Yan motioned for them to be silent, "I will train for a while, please protect me." Then Shi Yan sat cross-legged beside Mo Yanyu's naked body and quietly closed his eyes. When he came inside her, the strange power in Shi Yan divided into three streams, one of which went into his heart, where the Star Martial Spirit was, and another gushed straight towards his Profound Qi. The last stream went into Mo Yanyu. The Star Martial Spirit was nourished by that odd energy, and it lit Shi Yan's heart which was now glittering with a starry light. The Star Martial Spirit had changed Shi Yan's heart, making it look like it was covered with stars. Later that night, the power from the stars gushed into Shi Yan's body and was quickly absorbed by his Star Martial Spirit, which made the star light shine even brighter. In his Sea of Qi, the light ball of Profound Qi contracted as a stream of dense power rippled around and began to circulate in his veins. The Profound Qi was like clean lake water, flowing in the brook-like veins. After every circulation, the Profound Qi would go back to the Sea of Qi and the light ball became smaller. However, its power became much stronger! With his eyes closed, Shi Yan looked inside his body and observed every cell of his body. The Profound Qi circulated in his meridians again and again and the light ball became smaller and grew brighter. The Profound Qi light ball in his sea of Qi became like a little sun sending out light and warmth. After many cycles of refinement, the light ball of Profound Qi had reduced half of it's original size. The essential air between the sky and earth was pulled towards Shi Yan. It went into his body through his pores, and traveled to the light ball of Profound Qi. After a while, a cool air came out from the light ball of Profound Qi. The cool air entered Shi Yan's mind and circulated slowly in his head. It brought a rather refreshing feeling. The odd light spots in his brain enlarged as they were nourished by the cool air. Suddenly, Shi Yan found that he could generate Spirit Power, which could separate from his body and effect things that were outside of his physical range. As the Spirit Power extended, Shi Yan could clearly sense the two Shura Blood Guards' lively energy and Ling Shaofeng's suppressed Profound Qi. he could also sense new changes in Mo Yanyu's body. He seemed to have gained an additional pair of eyes, which seemed to have connected with his Spirit Power. As long as his Spirit Power reach out far enough he could feel the lives around him, both strong and weak. The Disaster Realm! Shi Yan was joyful as he realized his realm had advanced. So, he concentrated his efforts on operating the light ball of Profound Qi, causing more cool air to rush into his mind. Not knowing how much time had passed, Shi Yan woke up again. After opening his eyes, he was a little lost. Then he came to his senses and asked the two Shura Blood Guards, "How long has it been?" "Almost one night." That Shura Blood Guard hesitated and then asked in uncertainty, "Young Master Yan, have you... have you reached the Disaster Realm? Just now, I sensed the power of your spirit." "You seemed to be observing us through your spirit?" The other Shura Blood Guard also asked, with his voice filled with surprise. When Shi Yan was in the Dead Swamp, he advanced to the Third Sky from the Second Sky of Human Realm, with the help of an Immortal Pill. Generally, no matter how talented he was, it was hardly possible for him to advance so much in half a month. To advance to the Disaster Realm from the Third Sky of Human Realm, one needed not only talent, but also huge amount of dense Profound Qi. In barely half a month, without some treasurous, weapons, or mysterious pills, his Profound couldn't make such a breakthrough. In the past half month, those Shura Blood Guards had been with Shi Yan, so they clearly knew that he didn't use any pills. It's hard for them to believe that he advanced by a realm in such a short time. However, they could sense Shi Yan's spirit power which could only be possessed by a Disaster Realm warrior. The two Shura Blood Guards were confused so they asked in unison. "Yes, I am in the Disaster Realm." Shi Yan nodded with a confused smile, "Maybe it's because the Immortal Pill wasn't entirely absorbed before, and I just finished absorbing it just now?." The origin of the Mysterious Martial Spirit was a mystery, and its function was vicious, which was his biggest secret. So he made up that explanation. The two Shura Blood Guards were confused, so they praised him and stopped asking anymore questions. "What is the situation like outside right now?" Shi Yan changed the topic. "The Ling Family and Mo Family are finished. Their family heads and experts were all slaughtered. Bu Bo, from the Poisonous Dragon Valley, was killed by Lord Xiao. Right now, he is with the Shi Family experts, slaughtering the Beiming Family." "Nine of us Blood Guards stayed here to protect Young Master Yan. The area outside is already a land of death. Now that Young Master Yan has woken up, we can go back to the Shi family and then head back to the Endless Sea after Lord Xiao returns." "Ok." Shi Yan nodded, and got off the bed leisurely. "Young Master Yan, what about them?" One of the Shura Blood Guards asked. Getting off the bed, Shi Yan frowned and glanced at Ling Shaofeng and then turned his eyes to Mo Yanyu. Pondering for a while, Shi Yan walked out slowly. With his back facing to the two Shura Blood Guards, he calmly said, "You know what to do." "Got it." Outside. Seven Yang Family Shura Blood Guards were sitting straight on the Cyan Blood Bats, along with Xia Xinyan, who was wearing a veil. Seeing Shi Yan walk out of the room, Xia Xinyan grunted and a cold light crossed her beautiful eyes. Shi Yan was unmoved, and he leisurely walked to the Cyan Blood Bat. After getting on the Cyan Blood Bat, he glanced at Xia Xinyan, "Why are you here?" Xia Xinyan frowned and just grunted, without saying a word. Shaking his head softly, Shi Yan didn't utter a word, just patted the Cyan Blood Bat and told the Shura Blood Guards, "Let's go back to the Shi Family." "Okay." That warrior kicked the Cyan Blood Bat's neck. After that, the Cyan Blood Bat moved and shot forward with Shi Yan on its back, heading toward the Shi Family residence. Seeing Shi Yan become a small spot, Xia Xinyan's eyes flashed with a complicated look and she sighed softly. Under the bright moonlight, Shi Yan was sitting up straight on the Cyan Blood Bat, slowly heading back to the Shi Family residence. Shuttling through the clouds, the Cyan Blood Bat soon reached upon the God Stone Square. All of a sudden, Shi Yan's Star Martial Spirit started agitating, and his heart started producing starry light. In an instant, Shi Yan became as bright as a star while giving off intense light. The star light became like a curtain and slowly flew toward the magical stone on the God Stone Square. "Hmm?" All the Shura Blood Guards on Cyan Blood Bats got confused and looked down towards the God Stone in wonder. "Boom!" A huge blast resounded in Shi Yan's mind, and, the next moment, he couldn't control the power from the stars anymore. The power rushed out of his body and combined with the curtain. The curtain kept expanding and moved toward the magical stone. Bright moonlight descended from above. The moonlight turned into cool air, and fell onto the starlight curtain. And the shining curtain thrust itself towards the God Stone. Once the starry curtain touched the God Stone, it was instantly absorbed by the stone. The God Stone, after absorbing the light of the stars, started glittering like a cold crystal. Sitting up straight on the Cyan Blood Bat, Shi Yan's was surprised as he gazed at that magical stone. This God Stone must have something to do with the Three Gods Sect! Shi Yan came to this conclusion right away. The Star Martial Spirit originated from the God of Stars of the Three Gods Sect. The God of Stars refined his Star Martial Spirit into the Original Seal, and he must have done something else. Now that the Star Martial Spirit's energy had turned into a curtain, and fell into the God Stone. He knew that there was some special connection between them. "Young Master Yan!" The Shura Blood Guard beside him freaked out, and seemed to remember something, "There is a Seal of the Moon God on the God Stone!" "Seal of the Moon God?" Shi Yan frowned, and then found that on the God Stone there were several crescent patterns on its surface. The patterns were shining and moving on the God Stone. The huge God Stone suddenly began to crack as dazzling light shot out from the cracks! "Young Master Yan be careful!" the warrior cried. "Leave!" Moonlight came out from the God Stone, like sharp weapons, and shattered all the stone houses near the square. The divine light stabbed into the earth, and made a unfathomable crack. Shi Yan was frightened too, and he quickly operated his Profound Qi to form a Darklight Shield. "Kaakaakaa!" The God Stone which had stood there for thousands of years, began to crack.