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114 Shi Tie“s Death

With a gloomy face, Shi Tie was walking through Tianyun City with seven Shi Family escorts. From the Shi Family to the Zuo Family, almost every street was a commercial street. The crowd made way for them when they saw horses from the Shi Family. Shi Tie sat rigidly on his horse while pondering on how to talk with Zuo Xu about the Ling family. After a while, the troops, including Shi Tie, reached a quiet street. This street was in between the Shi Family and the Zuo family. Though not crowded, there were usually vendors present. But today, the street was completely quiet, and not a single vendor could be seen. Shi Tie didn't think much about that because recently Tianyun City was chaotic, so citizens rarely wander through quiet streets. The troop was moving at a fast pace, and so they quickly reached the midpoint of the quiet street. Shi Tie's expression turned serious. "Boom!" A stone wall on the side of the street suddenly exploded. One after another, huge rocks flew into the air and fell toward Shi Tie. Meanwhile, several shadows came from the side street and hurtled towards Shi Tie, like eagles swooping down on their prey. Broad and long lightning zipped towards Shi Tie. The space was sealed as a huge net covered the entire block and sealed it from all directions. Shi Tie bellowed, "Mo Tuo! Ling Jue!" Dragon-like lightning, together with a net, blocked the street and everything quieted down at once. "Bang, bang, bang!" Shi Tie's body hardened as he used his petrification martial spirit and pushed his Nirvana energy to the max. Light shot out from his body and smashed the rocks which were flung towards him. "Bang, bang, bang!" On the sides of the street, one by one the remaining stone walls exploded and more rocks flew toward Shi Tie, like a wave of hills. Wisps of light purple smoke came from the blast and floated around Shi Tie. Though angry, Shi Tie held his breath, "Bu Bo! We, of the Shi Family, will never stop fighting you!" "Your Shi Family is too weak, and you will die soon." Bu Bo's cold voice came like a poisonous snake, full of despise. Wisps of smoke pervaded and covered Shi Tie and his troops. Excluding Shi Tie, all the other members of the Shi family group were at the Disaster or Earth Realm. Although they all had held their breath, they couldn't defend against the purple smoke, and their skin turned purple and they were greatly tortured, feeling as if millions of insects were nibbling at their bodies. Screaming miserably, those Shi Family escorts fell to ground, and their bodies began to rot away. After petrification, Shi Tie, in the poisonous purple smoke, turned purple as well and felt pain all over his body. "Humph! You, being at the Nirvana Realm, are such a fool to go against my Poisonous Rotting Smoke!" Bu Bo's cunning voice came from the top of one of the buildings along the street. "Papapapa!" The electric dragons produced by Mo Tuo struck on Shi Tie endlessly. Meanwhile, the net produced by Ling Jue wrapped around Shi Tie. The experts from the Mo family and the Ling Family rushed in and encircled Shi Tie. Numerous sharp weapons shone and were shot at Shi Tie, like rain drops. Shi Tie was turned into a pincushion, and, due to the poison, his Petrification Spirit couldn't defend against them. "Kill!" Mo Tuo finally showed up. He raised a lightning covered silver hammer and slammed it down on Shi Tie. "Kakakaka!" Every bone in Shi Tie's body broke, and he was bleeding profusely. "Boom!" With a hideous face, Shi Tie's strong body fell to the ground, and quickly rotted away. Ling Jue walked out from a tree shelter and coldly looked at the rotten body, "Well, Shi Jian lost an arm, and Shi Tie is dead. It will now be be much easier to attack the Shi Family." Mo Tuo looked delightful, and he again struck Shi Tie's skull with his hammer. "I will bury the Shi Family with my grandson! Shi Tie's death is just the beginning!" Mo Tuo looked ferocious. "Brother Mo, I think we should first arrange our children's wedding. While the Shi Family will be making funeral arrangements, we will be having a wedding. Isn't it interesting?" Ling Jue came up with an idea. "Good!" Mo Tuo burst out laughing, "Come here, pack Shi Tie's bones and send them to the Shi Family. It's my gift for them. Wish the members of the Shi Family a long life! Hahaha!" "Yes sir!" ... At the Dead Swamp. While sitting on the Cyan Blood Bat, Shi Yan was training with Shura King Xiao Hanyi, who had an uncaring expression on his face. When Shura King Xiao Hanyi trained Evil Blood Path, he could influence the blood of the people around him. Sitting beside him, Shi Yan felt disturbed and his blood was trying to gush out of his body as if it was out of control. Xiao Hanyi, as if sensing Shi Yan's abnormality, suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, "Young Master Yan, my Evil Blood Path can influence other people's blood, so you have to be careful while sitting near me. Hehe, if Young Master Yan doesn't like it, you can change to another Cyan Blood Bat, all right?" While talking, Xiao Hanyi secretly glanced at the Cyan Blood Bat on which Xia Xinyan was sitting quietly. Xia Xinyan was still wearing a veil, and her clear eyes were looking absentmindedly off into the distance. Her thin hands pressed on a bone on the back of the Cyan Blood Bat, while her slim body showed perfect curves. She was truly Captivating! Following Xiao Hanyi's eyes, Shi Yan gave Xia Xinyan an appreciative look and curled his mouth, "Old Xiao, is this woman highly sought after in the Endless Sea?" For the past few days, Shi Yan had accompanied Xiao Hanyi. Shi Yan was a casual man, even when sitting with an expert at the second sky of the Sky Realm, he didn't show any respect and still talked openly. Xiao Hanyi was used to battles everywhere, so he was an untamable person. He was fond of Shi Yan's boldness so he also talked casually to Shi Yan. "Of course." Xiao Hanyi showed a meaningful expression, "This girl is a top class beauty in the Endless Sea. Every man is dreaming of her! However, she is always cold towards them. Young Master Yan, if you nail her, even the family head will be surprised!" "Hehe."Shi Yan just smiled reservedly. "Old and young, both brutes!" Xia Xinyan seemed to know what they were talking about as she turned her white neck, and her bright eyes were filled with disdain. "Ha, little Xia you hear that?" Xiao Hanyi was also thick-skinned as he giggled, "Little Xia, our Young Master Yan is great. Though his realm is rather low now, he will have a great future. As soon as we return to the Endless Sea, he will train with the Immortal Rebirth Creed of the Yang Family, and will advance rapidly. A marriage between the Xia Family and Yang Family would truly be fantastic! What do you think Young Master Yan? Haha!" Shi Yan looked indifferent, but secretly cursed that Xiao Hanyi said such impolite thing. Xia Xinyan glanced at Shi Yan coldly, "Although he is very talented, his realm is too low for the time being. And it's not certain whether, one day, he could advance this far or not. Humph, he wants to marry me? He has to wait till the day he can beat me!" Shi Yan touched his nose, seemingly not angry at all, "Beautiful Xinyan, you said it yourself. Don't worry, I will beat you sooner or later, you just wait." "Beautiful Xinyan?" Xia Xinyan was dumbstruck as she she shook her head with an embarrassed expression, "Well, you do belong to the Yang Family line, so you are as shameless and arrogant as them!" "Hehe!" Shi Yan was really shameless as he was not embarrassed at all, "It's a deal, one day I beat you, you will..." "Till that day!" Before Shi Yan could finish, Xia Xinyan interrupted him, "However, I don't think I will see that day! Humph, you are developing, while I'm developing too! When you have reached the Disaster Realm, you won't advance as fast as you are now. I wonder if you will still be so arrogant then." "Don't worry Xinyan, I won't keep you waiting." Shi Yan kept calling her "Xinyan", as if he had grown up with her. Xia Xinyan had such a gorgeous face, bright brain, and perfect figure. How could Shi Yan ignore that? It was because he was out of her league before. But now, Shi Yan seemed to have gained some hope. Xia Xinyan was uncomfortable hearing him call her "Xinyan", as she stared at him once and then patted her Cyan Blood Bat softly. That Cyan Blood Bat slowed down and maintained a long distance from Shi Yan. Shi Yan didn't mind that, and turned around to watch her, with obvious lust and desire. "Good boy!" Xiao Hanyi praised and said in a low voice, "To nail this woman is beneficial to our family. I'll support you in your conquest! Think about it!" "Take it easy. Easy." Shi Yan beamed with sparkling eyes. Even Xiao Hanyi does not know what he was thinking about.