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112 Human Realm Third Sky!

East of the Dead Swamp. Shi Yan sat on the ground, with his legs crossed and eyes closed. His body was starting to turn red as the temperature of his body slowly increased. Drops of sweat appeared on his forehead, but due to his high body temperature they were evaporated very quickly. Soon, around Shi Yan's body, appeared a circle of mist. The mist kept increasing, and then evaporated from the increasing heat. But still the mist ceased to disappear. Shi Yan's expression soon turned grim, it looked as if he was in a lot of pain. Xiao Hanyi stood sternly next to him while focusing his eyes on Shi Yan, he was watching his every movement. Filled with curiosity, Some of the Shura Blood Guards also came around. But under Xiao Hanyi's watch, they all watched silently, and didn't dare to make a single sound, afraid that they might disturb Shi Yan. After god knows how long, Shi Yan's body slowly trembled, and sweat started pouring down his body like rain, which resulted in more mist forming. From the beginning to the end, Shi Yan hadn't let out a single sound of pain. As more time passed, Shi Yan's expression became more stern as he battled against the pain in his body. Xiao Hanyi had made an understatement about how painful the process of absorbing the Immortal Pill would be. The children from the Yang family would usually have special personnel assisting them when consuming the Immortal Pill, and they would be given an Ice Pill to help them in bearing the pain. The Ice Pill could lessen the amount of pain induced by the Immortal Pill, cancelling out some part of the violent medicinal effects of the Immortal Pill, and making it less painful for the person who takes it. But, once the Ice Pill was used, the medicinal properties of the Immortal Pill would lessen by 20%. While the Ice Pill could remove some of the pain, it will also remove some of the medicinal property of the Immortal Pill. In Xiao Han Yi's hand, there was actually an Ice Pill. Originally, he was going to let Shi Yan consume it. However, seeing the talent and toughness that Shi Yan had shown, he decided against it. He wanted to see if Shi Yan could really bear through it. If Shi Yan really couldn't take the pain of the Immortal Pill anymore, then Xiao Han Yi would give him the Ice Pill. Xiao Hanyi didn't want Shi Yan to lose out on that 20% of power in the Immortal Pill. Therefore he hadn't told him about the Ice Pill, hoping that Shi Yan could absorb the medicinal powers of the Immortal Pill to the greatest extent. But, he was still nervous. He was worried that Shi Yan's perseverance would not be enough and that he would not be able to bear with it. So he didn't dare to relax, and remained prepared to help at any time. On the other side. Xia Xinyan was watching everything, and a trace of surprise flashed through her beautiful eyes. She was the young mistress of the Xia family, and the relationship between the Xia family and the Yang family had always been close, so she knew about the secrets behind the Immortal Pill and the Ice Pill. She knew that children of the Yang family, unless they were in the Disaster or Earth realms, would be given an Ice Pill to assist them. In the Yang family, there were many children who wanted to absorb all of the power of the Immortal Pill, and willingly chose to give up on the Ice Pill. However, rarely could any of these people bear through it. Most would give up in the middle of the process, and couldn't help but ask for an Ice Pill to ease that frightening pain. Xia Xinyan wasn't far from Shi Yan and Xiao Han Yi. When Xiao Han Yi took out the Immortal Pill, immediately she keenly noticed that Xiao Han Yi hadn't taken out the Ice Pill. At that moment, her exquisite mind had guessed Xiao Hanyi's intention, and knew what kind of thoughts were going through Xiao Hanyi's mind. Xia Xinyan was also very curious, and she wondered if Shi Yan could really bear through it, or if he would suddenly open his eyes and pass out. The seven most wonderful elixirs of the Endless Sea each had their own individual effects. The Immortal Pill of the Yang family was known for its violent and fierce medicinal effects. The extreme pain accompanied with the process of taking the pill was also very well known. She felt that Shi Yan wouldn't be able to hold it, and that he would soon be overwhelmed by the pain in his body. Having that thought in her mind, Xia Xinyan couldn't help but silently move towards him. Xiao Han Yi's brows were furrowed. He looked back and glanced at Xia Xinyan, and motioned for her to keep silent. Nodding her head, Xia Xinyan signaled that she understood. She kept silent, and paced towards Shi Yan's side, quietly watching him. A day quickly passed. At this point, Shi Yan's body was all red, mist covered his whole body, and his expression was contorted, as if he was holding in a great amount of pain. Two days had passed. Shi Yan's body trembled slightly, and the amount of mist around his body had increased. But his eyes were still tightly shut, and he unyieldingly battled against the fierce medicine in his body. Three days had passed. The mist around Shi Yan's body had started to take on a darker color. On this day, the sweat on Shi Yan's body also started becoming dark brown. Xiao Han Yi's expression became more serious, and there was even some surprise in his eyes. Xia Xinyan was also secretly amazed. She was shocked by Shi Yan's perseverance, and knew that, this time, the Yang family had caught themselves a treasure. It had always been rare for there to be a child of the Yang family that could take the Immortal Pill at the Human realm, and silently persist for three days. Those that managed this feat all generally become famous and domineering individuals in the future. The fourth day came. On this day, Shi Yan's body was visibly shaking. The sweat on his body made his clothes wet, and he looked like he was completely soaked in water. The sweat on his body was now jet black and was accompanied by a horrible stench, which continued to become stronger. On this day, the surprise on Xiao Han Yi and Xia Xinyan's faces became very obvious. Those Shura Blood Guards watching on the side were also amazed, and their faces were tinged with awe. These Earth realm and Nirvana realm warriors were almost completely sure that Shi Yan would become a central pillar of the Yang family! His potential was limitless! Shi Yan still made no sound, but his teeth were tightly clenched, and his body kept shaking. His body was like a red-hot iron, and the heat he gave off was astounding. Four days, four whole days, and Shi Yan hadn't released even a single pained moan! The children of the Yang family, even the tough-minded men, would scream in piercing pain when they took the Immortal Pill without taking an Ice Pill. Moreover, there would be people rolling on the ground, pointlessly attempting to negate some of the pain in their bodies. But Shi Yan was steady as a mountain. He sat still like a thousand-year old stone. At the end of the fifth day, Shi Yan suddenly howled loudly. He stood up, and the mists around his body rippled like waves. "Young master Yan!" Xiao Hanyi shouted with a deep voice, he said urgently: "Can you still bear it?" Opening his eyes, Shi Yan's eyes were as red as blood, he clenched his teeth and smiled widely, "Awesome!" "Awe... awesome?" Xiao Hanyi's expression froze, as he stared at Shi Yan in daze, "Isn't it painful?" "Painful?" Shi Yan shook his head, the redness on his face slowly disappeared, and he smiled: "The pain has passed away, and now I'm in the third sky of the Human realm. This Immortal Pill sure is forceful, I almost couldn't hold back a scream. Hmm, now the pill has spread through my entire body, and the fiery raging power is slowly disappearing." "The third sky of the Human realm!" The Yang family warriors all yelled out with faces full of astonishment. Seventeen years old, Human realm third sky! Even for those who grew up in the Yang family and the core disciples, who have consumed countless elixirs, could rarely break into the third sky of the Human realm at seventeen years old. Shi Yan had always been in the Merchant Union, without the assistance of the powerful resources of the Yang family, but he had stepped into the third sky of the Human realm at seventeen years old. Such talent and cultivation speed was utterly too good to be true. Xiao Han Yi's eyes glimmered with light, he took a deep breath, and said in a deep tone, "Young master Yan, it seems that I've underestimated you. Absorbing all of the Immortal Pill's power within five days of time, without any external help, is extremely shocking. If the head of the family knew about your performance just now, he'd be very pleasantly surprised. If young master Yan returns to the family right now, you might just be immediately rewarded an island and a level six demon beast, the Twin-headed Dragon." "An island? Level six demon beast the Twin-headed Dragon?" Shi Yan was stunned, "How big is the island?" "Bigger than Tianyun City. Young master Yan would be able to do whatever he wants with it. Hehe, don't be too surprised, young master Yan. Wait till you return to the family, then you'll know how wealthy and powerful the family is. Our family, now, controls almost a thousand islands, some of which are even bigger than the entire Merchant Union. At that time, young master Shi will know how insignificant the Merchant Union is." Xiao Han Yi said proudly. "I'm looking forward to it." Shi Yan nodded with a joyful face. "Young master Yan, may we go to the Endless Sea now?" Xiao Han Yi pondered for a second, and said, "Young master Hai does not wish to return, and there is no need to go to Tianyun City, we should just leave now. Right now the Fourth Demon Area is preparing to make trouble, and I shouldn't stay out for long. The sooner we go back, the sooner we'll be able to contribute a little more power to the family. Young master Yan also needs to be tested by the family, and cultivate the 'Immortal Rebirth Creed' so you can quickly become a pillar of the family." "It's not good to leave without saying goodbye, we should still go back to Tianyun City. Now Tianyun City must be a mess, and the Mo, Ling, and Beiming families might go against the Shi family. Before I leave from here, I want the Shi family to have no enemies in Tianyun City!" Shi Yan frowned and pondered for a while, and then spoke in a serious voice. Although he wasn't really a Shi family member, Shi Jian, Han Zhong, and Yang Hai have treated him well. Now that the Shi family is facing troubles, he couldn't just leave them high and dry. Xiao Hanyi's group had the power to sweep away all of the five families of Tianyun City. With this power, the Shi family could destroy all obstacles in the way and become the true leaders of the Merchant Union. He felt like he should do something for the Shi family, or else he would always feel guilty inside. Favors must be paid and grudges must be settled, this had always been his rule. "Young master Yan is an affectionate man." Xiao Han Yi nodded, and said, "Then we will go back to Tianyun City." "Uncle Xiao." Xia Xinyan suddenly spoke up. "Alright, you can come along too. We won't stay in Tianyun City for long. Once the business is settled, we'll immediately go back to the Endless Sea, how's that?" Xiao Han Yi said. Xia Xinyan nodded, "Yes, I'll go along with Uncle Xiao's arrangements." While talking, Xia Xinyan looked deeply at Shi Yan. She hesitated for a moment and then said, "Uncle Xiao, don't forget the Star Martial Spirit of the Three Gods Sect that Shi Yan still has on him." "This will be handled by the head of the family." Xiao Han Yi grinned. "The Three Gods Sect has always been in conflict with the Yang family. If they knew that Shi Yan got the Star Martial Spirit of Ouyang Zhi, I wonder what their faces would look like. Haha, young master Yan truly has the best fortune. He even obtained the original seal of the Martial Spirit. This time, the head of the family will laugh until his mouth is crooked." "Let's go." Without further ado, Shi Yan took the lead and walked towards the level six Cyan Blood Bat.