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101 Identity Exposed

Beiming Ce rushed into the [Gravitational Field]. The field created by Yin Power and Profound Qi span naturally and it could influence a warrior's body functions. As soon as Beiming Ce broke into the field he felt it and his expression changed. Inside the field, Beiming Ce floated in the air and couldn't help but spin endlessly. The first few seconds his head was down, but the next moment his body curled into a ball. He couldn't even balance himself! As the creator, Shi Yan was not influenced by the [Gravitational Field]. He first observed Beiming Ce indifferently and then began to take action at once! "Boom, boom! Bang, bang!" Shi Yan dashed toward Beiming Ce like a dragon. Spreading his arms, he caught Beiming Ce's waist and kicked him with his knees. Activating the [Finger Spear], Shi Yan shoved his fingers at Beiming Ce's waist. "Ding! Ding!" Crisp cracking sounds came from Beiming Ce's waist. Under his gown, Beiming Ce wore an armour covered with scales which looked like crystal and sent out cold air. The [Finger Spear] couldn't break the crystal armour, it only left several holes on Beiming Ce's gown. As Beiming Ce span in the field, he was so astonished that he operated his Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit again. Suddenly, the crystal armour extended and covered his entire body! In an instant, Beiming Ce's cheeks were covered with that scaled crystal armour. This armour was a secret defensive weapon and complemented Beiming Ce's Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit. Under the effects Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit, a massive amount cold air went into the armour and activated it, for there was an icy air pouring out from it. Shi Yan's [Finger Spear] could not break Beiming Ce's armour, but they were permeated by his cold air and became more and more stiff. Stuck in the [Gravitational Field], Beiming Ce was still spinning swiftly. He couldn't stay still, and was attacked by Shi Yan. However, under the protection of that crystal armour, Beiming Ce had no worries at all. He was waiting for a chance to fight back. "No!" Cold light sparkled in Shi Yan's eyes, as he took a deep breath and finally operated the negative energy to trigger [Rampage]. A brutal bloodthirsty emotion broke out in his body. Looking rigid, Shi Yan was now surrounded by white smoke. Di Yalan's body quivered a little, as she looked at Shi Yan in surprise and screamed, "Ding Yan!" Mu Yu Die's face shifted a little. As she cast her eyes on Shi Yan, her facial expression became complicated. Once Shi Yan activated [Rampage], his negative energy spewed out and turned into a dense smoke, covering him with a bloodthirsty, brutal and crazy air. After a glance at this vicious scene, Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die realised that this boy from the Shi family was exactly Ding Yan! "How can it be?!" Mu Yu Die shook her head heavily with a complicated face and mumbled, "That's impossible! It must be wrong! They look different, and that Ding Yan was a mere unknown warrior. How could he be the young master of the Shi family? It's impossible..." Mu Yu Die couldn't believe it, nor did she want to believe it! "Shi Yan is Ding Yan!" Di Yalan and Shi Yan were intimate before, so she intimately knew about Shi Yan's [Rampage]. No matter how Shi Yan's face changed, he was definitely the same person when he operated [Rampage]! Standing there dumbstruck, Mu Yu Die gazed at Shi Yan with mixed feelings. Di Yalan's eyes sparkled and her breasts were floating under her short breaths. Looking at Shi Yan, she suddenly began to worry about him, as she said to Mu Yu Die, "Xiao Die, Beiming Ce is fighting with Ding Yan, how... how can it be like this? I don't want either of them to be hurt!" Mu Yu Die took a deep breath, calmed down, and shook her head, "Do you think you can stop them?" Di Yalan was surprised, but she still said, "We need to try." "You don't know Beiming Ce." Mu Yu Die sighed, "He would get anything he wants at any expense! And after hearing Ding Yan's provocation, he won't spare him. Even if Ding Yan is the young master of the Shi family, he can't compete with Beiming Ce. The Beiming family is more powerful than the Shi family." "No! I'm going to stop them!" Di Yalan looked determined, and screamed, "Ding Yan stop it! Young Master Beiming! Stop!" Even after hearing Di Yalan's screams, Shi yan still didn't stopped. Wisps of negative energy were generated in his meridians and Shi Yan's power surged. He suddenly triggered the [Seal of Life] and seven marks appeared and struck Beiming Ce. "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!" Beiming Ce was struck seven times in succession and was knocked out of the [Gravitational Field] by Shi Yan and flew fifty meters away. "Puuh!" Beiming Ce spewed out a mouthful of blood and the bones in his chest were broken. That crystal armour dimmed and couldn't defend against Shi Yan's [Seal of Life]. After falling to the ground, Beiming Ce stood up quickly with a pale face and blood on the corner of his mouth. "Ding Yan!" Di Yalan suddenly screamed, "Stop it! You two stop it!" Beiming Ce stood up with a hideous face, and carried his Sky Cracking Sword. After wiping the blood on his face, he viciously stared at Shi Yan, "Shi Yan, I will kill you and smash your Shi family!" "You?" Shi Yan scorned in a rage, while licked his lips, "Who do you think you are!" "Ding Yan!" Di Yalan screamed again. Mu Yu Die began to worry, as she remarked, "Ding Yan, you know the Beiming family's strength. There's no point making an enemy of Beiming Ce!" Shi Yan took a breath and turned to glance at the two girls indifferently, "I don't know you." Then, he walked to Beiming Ce step by step. Every step he made, the space around him twisted. As he was moving, the [Gravitational Field] was radiating out a suppressing power. As long as he was within the [Gravitational Field], Shi Yan didn't need to worry about Beiming Ce's Teleport Martial Spirit and he was confident that he could torture Beiming Ce slowly in the field. Beiming Ce finally realized something. Seeing Shi Yan coming near, Beiming Ce's face turned cold. Instead of using his Teleport Martial Spirit, he sat down where he stood. The Sky Cracking Sword rushed out! In the dazzling red and blue light, the Sky Cracking Sword fell right upon Shi Yan's head. "Boom!" The Sword fell into the Field and there came a strange sound. The red and blue sword shot out bluntly! Inside the field, the sword thorns were flying everywhere with its sharp murderous power. "Zeee! Zeee!" Sword wounds appeared on Shi Yan's body. The sword thorns from the Sky Cracking Sword were extremely sharp and like Mu Hui's [Dark Spirit Knife], they broke through Shi Yan's Petrification Martial Spirit. Spirit Level weapon! Extraordinary! Shi Yan was shocked, feeling hot pain on his body he moved out from the field while covered in blood,. Dozens of sword wounds were left on Shi Yan by Beiming Ce's Sky Cracking Sword, every one of which was an inch deep. Teleport! Beiming Ce suddenly appeared beside Shi Yan as he injected his Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit into his fist and punched Shi Yan in the back. "Boom!" Shi Yan dashed forward about ten meters and spewed out a mouthful blood. Before he managed to stabilize himself, Shi Yan operated his Yin Power and swiftly created a new Yin Wall. As soon as the Yin Wall was formed, Shi Yan found that Beiming Ce was already in front of him and was staring at him with the Polar Ice Flame in his hand. If it had not been for Shi Yan refining the Yin Wall at his fastest speed, Beiming Ce would have frozen him using his Polar Ice Flame and blasted him into pieces. "Back!" Beiming Ce yelled, stretched out his hand, and watched as the Sky Cracking Sword flew back into his hand like lightning. Carrying the Sky Cracking Sword, Beiming Ce smirked cunningly, "Let me see how you will fight back!" Shi Yan looked gloomy, realizing that the [Gravitational Field] was only effective on living things, but not on the Sky Cracking Sword. If he stayed in the [Gravitational Field], Beiming Ce could control the Sky Cracking Sword and attack him. If he got out of the Field, Beiming Ce could approach and attack him using his Teleport Martial Spirit. Truly Troublesome! Beiming Ce possessed twin Martial Spirits, and many secret weapons. He had the Sword to attack and the armour to defend. "Master Ce, don't kill him! He is my friend!" Di Yalan suddenly cried, as she realized Shi Yan was in a bad situation. "Young Master, could you spare him for my sake." Mu Yu Die hesitated, and also tried to persuade him. Beiming Ce remain unmoved, as he shook his head and said calmly, "I would usually say yes to everything you ask for. And if Shi Yan hadn't showed his horrifying ability today, I would spare him. But now, it's impossible. He is a Human Realm warrior, yet has so many secret Martial Skills, which threatens my life. And with him, the Shi family will have the chance to surpass my family. So he has to die." After the speech, Beiming Ce didn't hesitate anymore, and projected his Sword toward Shi Yan's head directly. The Sky Cracking Sword flew like a shooting star with ten meter sword thorns trailing it. The thorns exploded and fell in all directions, blocking the space. "Ding Yan!" Di Yalan cried in a miserable voice. "Humph..." Mu Yu Die shook her head softly and pain crossed her eyes. "[Seal of Life and Death]!" Shi Yan uttered the six words. Among the sword thorns, Shi Yan looked determined without fear in his eyes. Under Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan's eyes, Shi Yan's right hand kept expanding while his left hand became thinner and thinner. At the same time, two strings of different horrible energy exploded from both his arms!