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93 The God Search Skill

Tianyun City.

That night, black spots appeared in the sky above the city. Those black spots, as seen under the moonlight, gathered together and flew in the direction of the Misty Pavilion.

Many skilled warriors looked up, only to find that these black dots were in actual some strange Demon Beasts.

Fifty-odd black spots gradually flew toward the Misty Pavilion like a dark shadow.

As soon as these black spots landed, many sharp eyed warriors found them to be fifty black bats which were about seven to eight meters long with a completely dark body and long tusks; they looked as if they were creatures from hell.

Each bat was emitting a gloomy and frightening black aura.

Seated on each of those huge bats was a warrior, with face rigid and stance like a reaper, emitting a bloody aura; as if one's life was totally in his control.

At the front of the group was a huge bat, on which was sitting a scar-faced, middle-aged man. His scars were very hideous.

The scars on his face looked were like earthworms extending from his face down his neck; looking as if there was a veil on his actual face.

He was emitting a deep and bloody aura. Whoever approached him would want to throw up from the suffocating smell.

Fifty one Green-blooded Magical Bats landed before the Misty Pavilion.

The master of the Misty Pavilion, Ku Luo, had waited for a long time with his people. As soon as he saw the guests, he kneeled down on one knee and greeted them respectfully, "Lord Xiao, this is Ku Luo from the Misty Pavilion."

Xiao Han Yi, who got down from the huge bat at the front, walked over at a leisurely pace.

The people from the Misty Pavilion all turned pale and averted their eyes as he approached and could barely control their desire to vomit.

One after another, these Shura escorts from the Yang family of the Endless Sea dismounted from their rides and followed after Xiao Han Yi to enter the Misty Pavilion.

All the bats remained in the square outside the Misty Pavilion, watching the many kneeling warriors expectantly with their cold green eyes, treating them as if they were fresh meat.

Being stared at in such a manner by the bats, the warriors of the Misty Pavilion were completely horrified and panicked.

Xiao Han Yi sat on the Head's seat casually and glanced at Ku Luo, "What's the situation?"

"Miss... Miss Xia went to the Dead Swamp, since the Gate of Heaven was found there. The treasure map was completed." Ku Luo was anxious.

"I'm not asking about that!" Xiao Han Yi's face turned cold.

An invisible power exploded outwards within the pavilion suddenly!

That power constricted Ku Luo as if there was big hand on his neck, and carried him in front of Xiao Han Yi.



Ku Luo's family members all were horrified and looked at Xiao Han Yi in anger, ready to fight for their lives.

Some of the Shura escorts coldly glanced at them indifferently, when one of them asked, "Lord, do you need to finish Ku Luo's family?"

"Lord Xiao!" Ku Luo struggled, coughed, and begged in fear, "Lord Xiao, we've tried our best! Give me some more time, we will find Yang Hai!"

"Keep your eyes open." Xiao Han Yi stared at Ku Luo, and grunted.


Ku Luo fell from mid-air and dropped to his knees on the ground. He nodded in fear and explained, "We took every man named Yang Hai to the Tianyun City but none of them was the one we want. We are searching out of town now and will get news soon."

"Give me the Blood Spirit Crystal" Xiao Han Yi thought for a while and stretched out his hand.

The Blood Spirit Crystal left by Xia Xinyan on Ku Luo suddenly flew out from him and landed in Xiao Han Yi's hand.

"Everybody except Ku Luo, get out!" After getting the Blood Spirit Crystal, Xiao Han Yi ordered calmly.

"All dismissed!" Ku Luo signalled to his people.

Soon, there were only Xiao Han Yi's people left in the room.

"I don't have so much time." Xiao Han Yi grunted and said indifferently, "It turns out that the Xia Family is really slow. So much time for a single person."

Then, Xiao Han Yi caressed the Blood Spirit Crystal and closed his eyes.

Centered on Xiao Han Yi, a strong will pervaded throughout Tianyun City in all directions.

Inside that Blood Spirit Crystal, a red light suddenly manifested and numerous faces, filled with all sorts of expressions, appeared on the surface of the crystal. Their faces flashed like ghosts inside the Blood Spirit Crystal, and none of them stayed for more than three seconds.

"The God Search Skill!" Ku Luo was shocked.

The God Search Skill was a mysterious tracing skill. Once one had the target's blood, flesh, bone or even a single hair, he could find the target with this skill. The better one can use his will, the larger the search area it could search.

Xiao Han Yi closed his eyes, and his huge will power covered the entirety of Tianyun City.

In Tianyun City, all the Nirvana warriors who had formed a Will Sea could feel clearly a horrifying Will Sea lingering above Tianyun City.

Many experts in Tianyun City were astounded.

This Will was more than two levels higher than Beiming Shang's, covering the entire Tianyun City, and kept moving further.

At that time, all the experts in the five big families felt threatened. At this crucial point, every minister of the five families exchanged messages and started guessing what the Misty pavilion was going to do.

The God Search Skill was continuing...

The horrifying Will Sea shook the whole Tianyun City like tornado, where every creature was tested.

All of a sudden.

Blood exploded in the Blood Spirit Crystal and odd light spots gathered, showing a fat face in it.

The picture in the Blood Spirit Crystal turned clear.

That guy was sitting in a carriage in the west of Tianyun City, heading for the city.

Xiao Han Yi suddenly opened his eyes.

"Who is he?"

"Shi Jian's adopted son, Yang Hai!" Ku Luo's face changed in astonishment.

"It is him!"

Xiao Han Yi quickly stood up and vanished.

The next moment, the sound of Green Blood Magical Bats filling the sky came from the Misty Pavilion.

One hour later, Xiao Han Yi brought Yang Hai back, who had a blank expression on his face.

"Who are you? Humph! Has the Mo family invited you here?" Yang Hai was kind of calm, but when he saw Ku Luo, he shouted in anger, "Ku Luo! Has your Misty pavilion cooperated with the Mo family? What's going on? We three families worked together to search for the treasure. What the hell do you want to do?"

Ku Luo smiled bitterly and made an apologising bow, saying in embarrassment, "Different things. Different."

"It's good to see you, Young Master Hai, I'm the leading Shura escort from the Yang Family, Xiao Han Yi." Xiao Han Yi bowed, "I will explain everything to you."

Xiao Han Yi explained the story to Yang Hai politely, "Young Master Hai, our family head is battling in the Fourth Demon Area now, so I came to take you back. Since the family head threw you out of the Fourth Demon Area, he has been worried about you. But he was badly injured and had to recover first..."

"The Endless Sea? The Yang Family?" Yang Hai was shocked, confused and unable to think straight.

Standing there, his expression continuously changed as different ideas popped up to his mind.

Just then, he remembered that test Shi Yan did on him in the Gravity Room. His arm was cut but quickly recovered in presence of Han Feng, which showed it was an amazing Martial Spirit.

Hearing Xiao Han Yi say such, he was sure that he meant it.

However, he was used to living in the Merchant Union and Shi Jian was good to him, besides, his son Shi Yan was here, and he was a normal person without Profound Qi ...

With all sorts of matters behind him, Yang Hai was so pressured that he didn't want to start a new life in the Endless Sea.

After a long time, Yang Hai shook his head, "I'm not going to the Endless Sea. I never trained in Martial Arts. It's too late to begin training at this age. I'm used to the life here, and don't want to live in the Endless Sea. I'm afraid you have to leave without me. Just think I'm dead."

"Young Master Hai!" Xiao Han Yi yelled, "As a descendant of the Yang family, you have to fight for the family!"

After a pause, Xiao Han Yi added, "Although Young Master Hai is not young anymore, don't worry, the family head had expected it. He had long prepared an Immortal Pill, and this Royal Level pill will change you entirely! It will be easy for you to enter the Disaster Realm in ten years!"

"Immortal Pill!" Ku Luo cried out loud and tried to persuade Yang Hai, "Young Master Hai, the Immortal Pill is one of the seven magical medicines in the Endless Sea. One Immortal Pill can really change everything! Even your talent will change with it! Young Master Hai, seize this opportunity!"

Royal Level Pills!

Though the three Medicine Kings in the Medicine Valley were Soul Level Alchemists, they couldn't ever refine Royal Level pills.

Till now, Royal Level pills had never appeared in the Fire Empire, God-blessed Empire or the Merchant Union!

It was said that one Royal Level pill could change everything!

Xiao Han Yi and Ku Luo's speech made Yang Hai rethink. His expressions changed in front of the temptation of the pill.

"I never trained Martial Arts since I was a kid, so I can't adapt even if I became a warrior right now."

After a long silence, Yang Hai looked at Xiao Han Yi and said, "My heart has died since my wife's death. I have no dream anymore. However, my son is in his prime age and possesses both the Immortal Martial Spirit and the Shi family's Petrification Martial Spirit. Although he hadn't trained in the first seventeen years of his life, he advanced to the Third Sky of the Nascent Realm. Maybe you could give the Immortal Pill to him."

"Shi Yan!"

Ku Luo cried out and said to Xiao Han Yi, "Lord Xiao, Shi Yan is awesome! Young, with potential, ambitious and strong-minded!"

"Seventeen, twin Martial Spirits, in the Third Sky of Nascent Realm." Xiao Han Yi mumbled to himself while his eyes lit up, "Where is he?"

"In the Yin Valley of the Dead Swamp." Ku Luo ingratiated.

"Young Master Hai, I will go see Shi Yan first. Excuse me." Xiao Han Yi bowed to Yang Hai, and disappeared in an instant, with his voice ringing outside the Misty Pavilion, "Let's go to the Dead Swamp!"