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90 The Sky Changes

Outside the Yin Valley, thunderous roars rang out endlessly and huge amounts of power was surging and propagating across the sky like lightning.

Chi Xiao, Xia Xinyan and Zhua Qi all leapt into the air; they were facing the Nine-headed Sky Snake with all their strength.

Chi Xiao, with a giant sword in one hand and the Silver Curtain in another hand, had turned into a giant to guard against the venom. He was single-handedly facing the three fire-breathing heads of the Nine-headed Sky Snake.

Zhua Qi had possessed an Earth Dragon and was veering around the three venomous heads of the Nine-headed Sky Snake. The Sky Snake seemed to know that its venom was ineffective against Zhua Qi, so it opened its enormous mouth and bit down on Zhua Qi's possessed Earth Dragon.

Xia Xinyan was faring the best of the three. While floating in the air like a goddess, She was forming strange seals with her hands. Huge claws would momentarily appear in the air and would ruthlessly attack the rest of the heads of the Nine-headed Sky Snake.

These three heads of the Sky Snake could control the natural Yin Qi, but whenever it breathed out the Yin Qi, they would be immediately absorbed by the three swirls hovering above Shi Yan's head.

After a few futile attempts, the Sky Snake became furious. It moved toward Shi Yan and repeatedly tried to clash with him. It was determined to kill Shi Yan first.

Han Feng and Ku Long were observing everything gravely. Though being uneasy, they stood beside Shi Yan and were constantly on guard.

Zuo Shi, Wu Yun Lian and Chu Ping soon arrived beside Shi Yan. Now all the members from the Shi family and Zuo family had gathered together, and other than Shi Yan, they were all watching the fight between the Nine-headed Sky Snake and the three masters.

Shi Yan was sitting still as a stone, with his eyes closed and an indifferent expression on his face. However, he could clearly feel the striking waves of devastating power.

The fight among the Sky Realm masters destroyed all the vegetation around the Yin Valley. During the battle, a deep crack had formed on the ground. Even Shi Yan, who was sitting with eyes closed, could feel the terrifying impacts.

However, he still didn't stop the Yin Swirls from absorbing the natural Yin Qi.

In his chest, the Yin Swirls finally turned into Yin Pearls. They emitted a dark glow and contained overwhelming Yin Qi. These pearls slowly sank into the three meridians of Shen Que, Tian Que, and Yin Du.

Once the three Yin Pearls sunk into his meridians, Shi Yan's body trembled.

Checking inside his body, Shi Yan realized that when the Yin Pearls entered in the meridians, the negative energies already present in the meridians all rushed towards the Yin Pearls, as if it was assimilating into the Yin Pearls.

Shi Yan was startled. He hurriedly concentrated his all in observing his three meridians.

He suddenly remembered that all his meridians had some amount of negative energy. He really didn't expect that these negative energies would conflict with the emerging Yin Pearls.

Inside the three meridians.

Wisps of negative energy formed into ribbon-like shapes and slowly gathered together.

Once the three Yin Pearls entered his meridians, the negative energies immediately intertwined with them, as if they were actually trying to break down the Yin Pearls.

However, the Yin Pearls had condensed massive amounts of natural Yin Qi and had formed after continuous and repeated refinement! Although the negative energies in his meridians were domineeringly wicked, they still lacked in quantity.

Over the course of these days, Shi Yan had indeed absorbed a lot of negative energy, but the negative energies were spread throughout the meridians in his body.

There were a total of seven hundred and twenty meridians in his body, and of course the negative energy distributed to these three meridians was limited.

However, it was as if the Yin Pearls knew the lethality of the negative energy, and were determined to defend against it. It was like the Yin Pearls were going all out till the end.

Soon, the negative energy and the Yin Pearls in his body stopped blindly attacking each other.

With more and more Yin Qi pouring into the Yin Swirls, three more new Yin Pearls started forming in the center of the Yin Swirls...

This way, the previous three Yin Pearls that had already sank into his meridians gained strong support. The Yin Pearls slowly gained dominance within Shi Yan's meridians.

On the contrary, it was the domineering negative energies that had to shrink back into the corner of his meridians and stop causing trouble; they couldn't gain support.

Over Shi Yan's head, the three mountainous Yin Swirls continued to rapidly absorb the natural Yin Qi.

The Yin Field that never sees the light all year round, was suddenly struck with its first beam of sunlight!

Under the crazy suction of the three mountainous swirls above Shi Yan's head, the Yin Qi that had covered the Yin Field for thousands of years, was on the verge of being totally dried up!

The cold and gloomy Yin Field slowly became warmer because of the influx of sunlight.

More sunlight shone from above, and the beams of sunlight shot onto the plants and demon beasts in the Yin Field.

The strange bizarre plants soon became limp and shrivelled up under the blazing sun.

Many demon beasts were roaring in madness. They sprinted out of the Yin Field, and unwittingly rushed towards the outer perimeter of the Dead Swamp.

"Hey!" Zuo Shi exclaimed, "These plants and demon beasts are scared of sunlight?"

"The plants in the Yin Field grow from the natural Yin Qi, they've already adapted to the environment here. But now that the natural Yin Qi is gone, these plants that have never been in contact with sunlight can't tolerate it. They are all going to wither and die." Wu Yun Lian explained.

"What about the demon beasts?"

"They're the same. The demon beasts that live here cultivate by absorbing the Yin Qi. There is a heavy amount of Yin Qi in their bodies, they naturally like the cool places. So once they realized that sunlight has appeared, they could only sprint away to escape into the swamps in the outer areas. At least there are poisonous fogs and the shade of old trees to cover them. It's better than being completely exposed to the sun like this."

"Does that mean the Nine-headed Sky Snake is affected too?"

"Indeed." Wu Yun Lian was dazed for a second, and she gazed at the Nine-headed Sky Snake.

Sure enough.

Under the blazing sun, the three heads of the Nine-headed Sky Snake that breathed Yin Qi seemed to be getting weaker.

Under Xia Xinyan's continuous attacks with the giant hands, those three heads could only dodge, and lost all their power to fight back.

At this moment, the two tall buff men who were worriedly watching Xia Xinyan finally breathed out in relief.

One of them looked back and gazed afar at Shi Yan, he frowned and quietly said, "Thanks to him absorbing all that natural Yin Qi like this and exposing sunlight in the Yin Field, the Nine-headed Sky Snake would really be hard to handle."

"Mmm hmm, it surprised me that the [Black Formula] would spread to here, I wonder where he got such a thing..."

"Boom, boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom!" The Nine-headed Snake stumbled along the way, and suddenly sprinted towards the Yin Valley.

The sun had appeared and the Nine-headed Sky Snake's body was heavily damaged. It actually started running for its life.

"Chase it!"

Zhua Qi cried out, he ran ahead first, staring at the Nine-headed Sky Snake, and pursued it vigorously.

Chi Xiao and Xia Xinyan exchanged glances, they both knew that the Gate of Heaven was in the Yin Valley. If they gave the Nine-headed Sky Snake enough time to rest it would become more troublesome later on.

Instead, they might as well destroy it as soon as possible!

So, Chi Xiao and Xia Xinyan also followed.

Thundering roars kept coming from inside the Yin Valley. Chi Xiao and the rest should still be batting the Nine-headed Sky Snake in the Valley.

Outside the Valley, the three giant swirls above Shi Yan's head slowly disappeared.

All the natural Yin Qi that filled the enormous Yin Field had been emptied.

In Shi Yan's chest, three new Yin Pears were successfully formed, and together they sank into his meridians.

Feeling that the Yin Swirls had stopped whirling, and not a single trace of Yin Qi was flowing into his body, he finally woke up.

Shi Yan opened his eyes and stood up. He looked around at the surprised Han Feng, Wu Yun Lian, and the rest, then said, "Let's go look in the Yin Valley, it sounds like the Nine-headed Sky Snake is almost finished."

As expected, when everyone listened, they realized that the stirring in the Yin Valley had started to die out.

"Young Master, how are you doing?" Ku Long couldn't help but ask.

"I'm alright, I was cultivating a new skill. I just didn't expect this skill to be so strange." Shi Yan furrowed his brows, he suddenly thought of something, and tried to circulate the three Yin Swirls at his chest.

Wisps of strange Yin power suddenly flowed out from the three meridians of Shen Que, Tian Que, and Yin Du. The Yin power poured into the Yin Swirls, and the Yin Swirls began to quickly whirl, releasing traces of pure Yin power.

Yin power was different than Profound Qi, but it went along his arm and flowed out...

In his palm, a chilling glow shone, and a dark green light ball slowly covered his whole hand.

As his Yin power stirred, the light ball became bigger and bigger, and eventually it became a head-sized green light ball.

Lightly breath in, Shi Yan reversed the action. That green light ball started shrinking again, and all the Yin power through its original course returned to the Yin Swirls and was again absorbed by the six Yin Pearls in his meridians.

The Yin Pearls were the source of power of the [Black Formula]. They released power through the Yin Swirls which then flew out of his meridians to attack.

Secretly feeling around for a moment, Shi Yan soon realized the way to use the [Black Formula]. It's not the same as swallowing in Yin Qi, but the other way around.

"Beiming Shang! What are you doing here?!"

Right at this moment, from the Yin Valley suddenly came Chi Xiao's surprised shout.

Everyone outside the valley felt something amiss.

"Quickly let's go and see!" Wu Yun Lian notified the rest, and hurriedly rushed towards the direction of the Yin Valley.

Shi Yan, Han Feng, and Ku Long couldn't treat this lightly either, so together they quickly sprinted out and ran towards the Yin Valley with great speed.