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77 Pounding Energy

As the sun rose, Xia Xinyan returned to the Misty Pavilion.

The two towering giant men were already waiting in the Misty Pavilion. Seeing that she had returned, they immediately rushed up and asked urgently: "Mistress, are you hurt?"

Shaking her head, Xia Xinyan answered, "I'm fine, the Yang family's Nutrition Pill is truly a unique elixir of the Endless Sea, I am alright now."

The Misty Pavilion covered a large area, and there were around a dozen different towers. Although a few had collapsed this time, it still didn't affect the normal operations of the Misty Pavilion.

Entering into the highest Treasure Tower, Xia Xinyan went to the level nine attic.

Kro bent down, and spoke while gritting his teeth, "How dare that Beiming Shang hurt you! Mistress, what do you want to do with the Beiming family next?"

"We don't have to take care of the Beiming family right now."

Xia Xinyan looked indifferent, "I came here this time for the treasure map to the Gate of Heaven, the Beiming family isn't my main motive. Beiming Shang is in the Sky Realm, and I am only in the Disaster Realm. Even if I use my Reincarnation Martial Spirit, I can barely put up a fight against him. After this, if Beiming Shang is sensible enough, he won't mess with the Misty Pavilion. If not, then once the Shura King Xiao Han Yi gets here, I will make Beiming Shang pay for what he's done!"

"Mistress, the Sky Realm warrior that came this time, should... shouldn't be from the Mo family. If the Mo family had a Sky Realm master, they wouldn't have been bullied by the Shi family." Kro hesitated, and said weakly.

"I know it's not someone from the Mo family." Unexpectedly, Xia Xinyan actually nodded, and agreed to Kro's judgement.

"Then Mistress, why would you attack the Mo family?" Kro asked, his face was full of confusion.

"If I didn't attack the Mo family, how would we be able to cooperate with the people that actually have the treasure map?" Xia Xinyan lightly chuckled, "We had to have a scapegoat, otherwise, if the Misty Pavilion kept silent after such a big event, won't the others think that the Misty Pavilion is easy to bully?"

"So Mistress, you wanted to distract people's attention?" Kro's eyes brightened, and he immediately knew her true motive.

"Yes, just let everyone keep their eyes on the Mo family, then we can easily work with the other side to secretly explore the Gate of Heaven. When Tianyun City becomes chaotic, we can get things done faster." Xia Xinyan nodded, and said indifferently, "That Sky Realm master that came had a strange Martial Spirit that could form mysterious mists. Although he didn't really use his Martial Spirit, I was able to glimpse its traits. Do you know any Sky Realm masters with a Martial Spirit like that?"

"Chi Xiao!"

Without a moment of hesitation, Kro immediately answered, "Chi Xiao is the Sky Realm master of the Cloud Mountain, and he has close ties with the Zuo family. Could it have possibly been the Zuo family that got involved this time? Impossible! Unless that half of the fragment map is actually in the Zuo family's hands?"

"It has to be." Xia Xinyan groaned, then she suddenly said, "There's no time to wait, I will make a visit to the Zuo family myself, so that we can get this done as soon as possible, in case any mishaps occur."

"Mistress, should I go?"

"No it's alright, that Chi Xiao knows he can't take me, the Zuo family won't cause me any trouble."

Xia Xinyan only stayed for a quarter of an hour. Once she was clear on who was the intruder, she immediately took off alone.


The Zuo family.

Zuo Xu and Chi Xiao were still discussing in the secret room.

"Knock, knock!"

There was suddenly a light knocking sound that came from the walls of the secret room.

Zuo Xu froze, he leaned into one of the bamboo tubes on the wall and asked, "What is it?"

"There's a woman with a bamboo hat that came from the Misty Pavilion, she says she wants to see the head of the family."

"It's that girl!" Chi Xiao exclaimed.

Zuo Xu's expression shifted. He slowly paced in the secret room, and after a long while, he finally said with a frown, "Could it be that the Misty Pavilion already knows it was us? That can't be right. If they really knew it was us, why would they attack the Mo family? How strange."

"You should go out and meet her, I'll stay here." Chi Xiao hesitated, then said, "Let's see what she wants."



In the guest room of the Zuo family, Zuo Xu sat there calmly. He looked at Xia Xinyan, who was wearing a bamboo hat, and smiled, "How may I address you, Miss?"

"Xia Xinyan."

"Well Miss Xia, may I ask for what reason did you come to our family? I don't think the Zuo family has had any affairs with the Misty Pavilion lately?"

"Where's Chi Xiao?" Xia Xinyan shook her head, and casually asked.

Zuo Xu's expression slightly changed, but he quickly returned to calmness. He asked in confusion, "Miss Xia, for what reason did you ask? Chi Xiao has always been cultivating in the Cloud Mountain, do you know him?"

"Of course. We fought just yesterday, he left quite a deep impression on me." Xia Xinyan sat there naturally, and slowly sipped on her tea.

Zuo Xu's expression kept changing, as he forced a smile, "Miss Xia, could you have been mistaken? The person that attacked the Misty Pavilion yesterday, wasn't he from the Mo family?"

"Master Zuo, I didn't come here today to settle the accounts with you." Xia Xinyan's eyes were a little impatient, "On the contrary, I came to sincerely ask you to cooperate."

Then, Xia Xinyan pulled out other half of the dark yellow treasure map, and directly placed it on the table between her and Zuo Xu. She spoke lightly, "Half of the treasure map is right here. Head of the Zuo family, if you're straightforward enough, then let's just cut to the chase. We can immediately combine the two pieces of the map and once we know where the Gate of Heaven is at, we can start moving immediately. Master Zuo, don't waste everyone's time! Right now, everyone has their eyes on the Mo family. We can use this opportunity to explore the Gate of Heaven. How's that, Master Zuo?"

Xia Xinyan was a little aggressive, she didn't give a damn about the head of the family, Zuo Xu. Her motives were clear; she came for the other half of the treasure map!

Zuo Xu was a little unsure as to what Xia Xinyan's motives were. He didn't know if she really wanted to cooperate, or if she was just trying to feel them out using her words, so that she could take steps to go against the Zuo family.

But since Xia Xinyan had the capability of a Sky Realm warrior, Zuo Xu couldn't casually speak out. His mind flashed while racing in thought.

"Master Zuo, I don't like to linger on things, and I also don't like putting in personal affairs when dealing with business. Chi Xiao was sensible enough, he knew when to retreat after realizing that I was in the Sky Realm. None of us got hurt, so there's no grudges in this. I came only for the treasure map! I have no intention to cause trouble! Is that clear?"

Xia Xinyan's pretty brows furrowed, she stared at Zuo Xu coldly, and became more and more impatient.

Zuo Xu's expression continuously changed as he thought for a long moment. He faintly got the idea that Xia Xinyan didn't come to interrogate them. Groaning, he gritted his teeth and said, "The other half of the map is not in my hands."

"Then whose hands is it in?" Xia Xinyan's eyes brightened.

"It's on Shi Jian."

"Then I have nothing to discuss with you, I will go find Shi Jian." Xia Xinyan took the half piece of the map from the table. She stood up and said, "Master Zuo, sorry to bother you, I will be leaving now."

"I will go with you!"

Zuo Xu immediately stood up while thinking, 'Such a materialistic girl. Changing your attitude right after hearing I don't have the map. You sure are the owner of the Misty Pavilion, a typical city merchant!'

"Does it still have anything to do with you?" Xia Xinyan was surprised.

Zuo Xu's expression was starting to darken as he snorted and then said, "Shi Jian and I are in this together! Our family has a part in exploring the Gate of Heaven too. Don't you think it still has something to do with me?"

"Oh, then we can go together." Xia Xinyan replied casually.

"Wait up, let me call someone else along." Zuo Xu forced a smile at Zuo Shi, and said awkwardly, "Chi Xiao's going too, uh, you said you didn't mind, right?"

"No, I don't mind. With Chi Xiao coming along, it will be a lot safer."


The Shi family, on the third level of Shi Yan's personal stone tower.

Shi Yan sat on the floor with his legs crossed. His expression was serious, he held in his breath and concentrated, he was able to clearly feel the natural energies scattered in the air.

Calming his mind, Shi Yan shut his eyes tightly and started circulating the Profound Qi in his body.

After seven continuous cycles of circulation, the expression on his face suddenly froze!

In his body, rich concentrated Profound Qi flowed down his left arm like a river rushing towards its banks.

Like wild horses on the loose, the Profound Qi fiercely surged into his left arm. His left arm shook lightly, and traces of sweat dripped down his face.


Shi Yan suddenly roared out. The masses of Profound Qi fiercely rushed into his left arm, and crazily gushed straight all the way to his ring finger.

"Bzz, bzz, bzz!"

The Profound Qi became like a sword aura, suddenly shooting out from his ring finger!

The fierce Profound Qi blazed with a bright white light, and repeatedly slammed into the barrier of the Blood Vein Ring.

Shi Yan's expression was ferocious, his face was glowing in a strange red light, his mind intensely focused!


A crisp sound suddenly came from the Blood Vein Ring.

All of a sudden the Blood Vein Ring shone with a bright red light. The strange radiance was like a blazing sun, illuminating the entire third floor of the stone tower.

A strange pulse spread out everywhere from the center of the stone tower.