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76 Outstanding Character

The sky was dimly lit.

In the main room of the third floor in Misty Rain House, Xia Xinyan slowly woke up.

A pair of eyes as clear as water were filled with confusion. She looked around the room and finally saw the bed draped in red duvet covers.

Xia Xinyan's heart shook. She abruptly sat up on the carpet, and looked at the bed in panic.

On the bed, the two girls from the Misty Rain House, Yan Yun and Rou, were completely naked. The whole room was filled with a strange scent.

Numerous thoughts flashed through Xia Xinyan's mind. She hurriedly checked her own body, and after realizing she was still untainted, she finally sighed in relief.

Her fight with Beiming Shang had injured her quite seriously. When falling into the Moon Lake, she only had the time to take a Nutrition Pill.

It was due to the improper distribution of the medicinal powers of the Nutrition Pill that she had suddenly fainted and fell unconscious while walking up onto the bank.

Her memories just before she fainted slowly became clear, and she remembered seeing Shi Yan standing at the bank of the lake...

That was the last thing she could remember before she fainted.

Xia Xinyan felt something on her face. She reached out to grab it and found the piece of cloth that Shi Yan used to cover her gorgeous face.

Looking at the sweaty and stinky rag, Xia Xinyan furrowed her brows, and she became even more confused.

'What happened?'

Xia Xin Yan stood up while gazing at the two sleeping girls on the bed, she groaned. She then pulled out a white handkerchief from her sleeve to cover her face again. Finally, she walked to the door and pushing it open, shouting, "Is there anyone here?"

"Coming right up!" The voice of the Madam rang out.

In a short moment, the Madam, who had previously led Shi Yan into this room, came up smiling.

Once she arrived into the room, the Madam nervously peeked at the bed, and suddenly shouted in surprise, "Hey, where's that young master?"

"Young master?" Xia Xin Yan furrowed her brows, and a strange light flashed across her eyes. "Where is this place? Who brought me here?"

"Miss, you don't remember anything?"

The Madam was dazed, her makeup-caked[1] face was filled with a strange expression. She scanned Xia Xinyan from head to toe, then suddenly laughed, "Miss, that young master couldn't have possibly just wiped his ass and left after violating you? Ha, I have no idea who that young master was, so you better not give me shit for this."

Xia Xinyan's expression froze, her slim hand smacked the table in the room.


That solid wooden table was instantly crushed as wooden chips and sawdust spreaded everywhere on the floor.

The Madam's face immediately changed, and she almost cried on the spot. With a terrified voice she yelled, "It's not my fault! I didn't do anything! Miss, please let me go!"

"I asked you; what is this place? And who brought me here?" Xia Xinyan's eyes were filled with impatience.

"So what happened was..."

The Madam sobbed, and fearfully described the whole process in which the things happened. She kept shaking her head in denial, "Miss, I really had nothing to do with it! Please forgive me!"

She had only thought that Xia Xinyan was violated by Shi Yan, and worried that under the mask of rage on Xia Xinyan's face, something bad would be done to her. So the Madam kept crying and begging.

After hearing the Madam, Xia Xinyan was shocked and her expression was very strange.

'Who was that person?'

He took me to the brothel, but totally ignored me and audaciously sought pleasure. He really is the most perverted bastard in the world!

Xia Xinyan had hundred percent faith in her beauty!

Growing up, she had seen too many different men who coveted her beauty. She knew exactly how fatally alluring she was to men.

That was the reason why she always concealed her face, to prevent unnecessary complications.

That person was obviously a very perverted guy, she could see it from the fact that he brought her to a brothel. But this extremely perverted guy only had sex with the two tacky makeup-caked prostitutes and didn't make a single move on herself?


While feeling very confused, Xia Xin Yan also felt a bit of rage.

'I'm not as good as these two prostitutes? Is he fucking blind?'

"It's not my fault! It's really not my fault!" The Madam continued to beg and yelling, but secretly kept observing Xia Xinyan's attitude at the same time. Then she hesitatingly asked, "Miss, what did that kid do to you?"

Xia Xinyan's eyes turned cold as she glared at the Madam.

The Madam felt a chill run down her body. She started shivering and didn't dare to ask anything more.

Xia Xinyan thought for a while, and finding the sky slowly turning bright, jumped off the same window from which Shi Yan had earlier exited.

On the street, her figure flashed for a few seconds and then disappeared without a trace.

The Madam blankly stared at her disappearing silhouette, and secretly sighed in relief. After quite a while she murmured to herself, "I've been the Madam here for so many years, but I've never seen a woman with such a beautiful figure. That young master sure had a lot of luck, being able to seek pleasure on such a high-class woman."


The Shi family, in the Stone Room.

Shi Jian was furious as he roared in rage, "Find him! You all have to put in all your strength into finding him! Everyone put the Mo family to the side, you have to find Shi Yan first! Don't come back if you can't find Shi Yan!"

The Shi family masters, Shi Tie, Shi Dang, and Han Feng with a dejected expression, all lowered their heads.

"Master, it's all my fault, I couldn't protect Young Master Yan." Han Feng lowered his head, but his eyes looked sinister, "Xie Shou's medicine could only last for two hours, now that it should have worn off, I will bring you Xie Shou's head."

"Xie Shou cannot walk out of Tianyun City alive!"

Shi Jian's eyes were blood red and with a murderous look he said, "But right now we don't have time to take care of Xie Shou, Shi Yan is the most important issue! Everyone go to that place, and even if you have to dig up the whole Tianyun City, you have find Shi Yan! He has another Martial Spirit so he won't die that easily. You all have to search for him with all your efforts!"

"Another Martial Spirit?"

The faces of Shi Tie and Shi Dang were full of surprise. At this moment, they finally realized why Shi Jian was so furious.

Warriors with twin Martial Spirits were one in ten thousand. Each one of such warriors would all eventually become outstanding figures!

This was why Beiming Shang arranged Yin Kui and Jiu Shan to protect Beiming Ce.

A family descendant with twin Martial Spirits, if under normal circumstances, would definitely become the future leader of the family. They can bring a family to new heights.

If such a figure suddenly died, it would become a painful strike to a family!

"Big brother, I will go find him myself!" Shi Tie also realized the seriousness of the situation, his face darkened, and was about to immediately leave the Stone Room.

"Master, Young Master Yan is back."

Right at this moment, Han Zhong appeared out of nowhere and said excitedly, "Young Master Yan is fine, he's going to arrive at the Stone Room soon."


Shi Jian laughed into the sky as his expression turned from a thunderstorm to a sunny sky, "I knew that kid would be okay! Look, didn't he come back in one piece?"

Shi Tie and the rest were all making weird faces, thinking, Who was it that was drowned in anxiousness, and looking so panicked as if his parents had died or something?

"You killed those two?" Shi Tie was shocked. He looked at Shi Yan with disbelief, and said in surprise, "Li Han was a Human Realm warrior! You were able to kill him?"

"I suddenly broke through into the Human Realm during the fight, then everything became easy." Shi Yan smiled nonchalantly.

After hearing that, many Shi family warriors in the room were all stunned, with their jaws dropping they stared at Shi Yan with strange expressions.

Shi Jian dazed for a second, then he rushed towards Shi Yan and grabbed his arm. After confirming for a while, he suddenly laughed, "The Gods have not wronged the Shi family! I knew you little brat was some good stuff! Good good! Seventeen years old and in the Human Realm! The nurturing we gave to you did not go in vain! You will definitely become an outstanding figure of this generation!"

"What happened to Mo Tuo?" Shi Jian furrowed his brows and asked.

"Heavily injured! He went back to the Mo family with his [Blood Escape] skill, but he won't be able to recover for three years! Now he's probably hiding in his shell in the Mo family, he wouldn't dare to leave the Mo family for a while." Shi Tie sneered, and spoke indignantly, "If it weren't for those two guys from the Misty Pavilion stopping their chase, Mo Tuo wouldn't have been able to escape. Too bad we couldn't kill Mo Tuo."

"It's good enough. This time Mo Tuo is heavily injured, Mo Zhan and Mo Qi are dead, and many warriors from the Mo family were also killed. From now on, the Mo family will never have what it takes to compete with our family again! Hmph, now is the time for us to take as much spoils from the battle as possible! Father, should we go all out?" Shi Dang said.

"Pass my command, the masters from all the other surrounding cities, from now on they must immediately attack the strongholds of the Mo family! The ones from Tianyun City should also take action now. Other than the headquarters of the Mo family, you can mercilessly attack all the rest of the places!" Shi Jian roared.


The Zuo family.

In the secret room, Chi Xiao's expression was a bit embarrassed, but his face showed a wry smile.

Zuo Xu was sipping his tea, and he was also frustrated. He sighed and said, "Whatever, who could've known that girl was a Sky Realm warrior. Now we have to use other methods."

"That girl's actual combat ability should be around Disaster Realm, Third Sky. But her Martial Spirit is very strange, it's like she could borrow power from her past life, and temporarily step into the Sky Realm. It's very frightening! This Martial Spirit has never appeared before; it looks like the Endless Sea is truly an extraordinary place."

Chi Xiao frowned, and sighed in frustration, "That girl could instantly raise her power to the Sky Realm, probably no one in Tianyun City could easily take that part of the map from her. Although I'm not scared of her, I don't want our fight to be mutually destructive either. If that were the case, my identity would be revealed, and that old fox Beiming Shang would definitely notice something."

"Hopefully the Misty Pavilion doesn't know that we did this. Or else the situation could get really sticky." Zuo Xu sighed.

"What's going on with the Shi family's side?" Chi Xiao moaned, and then suddenly asked.

"I will communicate with Shi Jian about this. Then, after the situation becomes less tense, I will send someone to the Misty Pavilion, and hopefully we'd be able to cooperate. Sigh, that girl could instantly jump to the Sky Realm, so I guess this is all we could do."

"Hmm, it's the only way. I hope that girl won't hold a grudge against me. Sigh, I really feel a little guilty fighting a little girl."

does it means heavily makeup?