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In front of the living room, there was a mid-sized garden which contained all sorts of rare and exotic plants. There were flowers that bloomed every season, sending out intoxicating fragrances.

Shi Yan walked to the front of the garden and saw Zuo Shi at once, who was crowded by several boys.

Standing amongst the fresh flowers, Zuo Shi looked like a beautiful fairy.

In the sunlight, her porcelain-like skin was shining elegantly. On her small delicate face, her two big eyes were as clear as crystals.

Although Shi Yan knew Zuo Shi was pretty, he was still amazed after seeing her in person.

Zuo Shi was as beautiful as Mu Yu Die, and she was even taller, with longer and more delicious legs.

These youths crowded around Zuo Shi like stars that circled the moon. Zuo Shi was holding a watering can and was leisurely watering the flowers, though you can see helplessness in her eyes.

It seemed that she didn't like to be treated as someone special.

Shi Yan took a glance at her from afar and turned away. He entered the garden and directly headed towards the living room behind the garden.

"Shi Yan!"

A young man's loud shout came, and many youths around Zuo Shi turned their eyes to Shi Yan.

"Yes Brother?" Shi Yan paused, then he turned around and asked.

"Where have you been these days? I heard you came back months ago, but why didn't I see you?" Shi Tianxiao yelled and waved at Shi Yan, "Come, Shi Yan, Little Shi has a piece of turtle shell with her and there are some odd characters on it. Aren't you an expert on these things? Come and help us check."

Zuo Shi, who was among these youths, was also became interested after hearing that. Her lake-like eyes crossed over ten meters and settled upon Shi Yan.

"I'm busy now. Big Grandpa is asking for me. Talk to you later."

Shi Yan looked indifferent and refused at once, then walked towards the living room without any hesitation.


Shi Tianxiao felt weird and was stunned. He smiled and explained embarrassingly, "Shi Yan has a bad temper, like to be quiet and not into Martial Arts at all. All these years he has been running around all over the place. Even I don't know what he was doing. Don't worry, I will get him to read it for you."

With suspicion in her eyes, Zuo Shi gazed at Shi Yan's disappearing back and asked, "He is not interested in Martial Arts? Then why is his cultivation level even higher than yours?"

"Wha... what?"

Shi Tianxiao was shocked as he hurriedly asked, "Little Shi, are you serious? I have never seen him train Martial Arts for one second in the last seventeen years! What Cultivation?"

Zuo Shi's pretty face showed some surprise too. She asked earnestly after some thought, "He has reached the Third Sky of the Nascent Level, how couldn't he have trained in Martial Arts? That old man taught me his [Magical Eyes], through which I can tell anyone's cultivation. His cultivation is not higher than mine, so my estimation should be correct."

"The Third Sky of Nascent Level!"

Shi Tianluo, who was standing beside them, shook his head and shouted, "No way! It's impossible! For the past seventeen years, Shi Yan literally hasn't trained in any Martial Arts for even one second! How could he reach the Third Sky of the Nascent Level in one night? Don't be ridiculous!"

Seeing them unconvinced, Zuo Shi shook her head slightly without further explanation, and went to the other side with the watering can.


"Big Grandpa, what can I do for you?"

Shi Yan walked into the living room, bowed to Shi Jian, Han Feng, and Zuo Xu one by one, and asked Shi Jian.

Shi Jian nodded as he stood up and grabbed Shi Yan's arm while dragging him to the front of Zuo Xu, "Brother Zuo, look at him carefully, and check how on earth he has his Martial Spirit. Your Zuo Family has collected so many classic books on Martial Spirits, you must know more about it than me. I can't figure it out. I believe you can."

Zuo Xu was around sixty years old with white hair along the two sides of his forehead. He didn't look arrogant or proud at all, but was extremely learned and refined.

He didn't look like a family head from a big family, but rather a teacher at the school.

Shi Jian and Zuo Xu had been close friends for many years, and the Shi Family and the Zuo Family were solid allies. Therefore, Shi Yan's latest development might still be a secret to most Shi Family members, but it wouldn't be a secret to Zuo Xu.

Zuo Xu frowned slightly as he stretched out one of his skinny dry hands and put it on Shi Yan's wrist, "Petrify your body first."

Shi Yan did as Zuo Xu asked.

Suddenly, thousands of silk like wisps of energy seemed to come out from his wrist.

The wisps felt alive as it nimbly floated to every corner of Shi Yan's body, but didn't cause him any pain, despite some itchiness.

The wisps passed through his veins as it probed his bones then entered his entrails, while moving over every corner of his body, and finally it went back and disappeared from his wrist.

Zuo Xu released his hand and frowned deeply. After a long silence, he said, "Nothing strange."

Shi Jian was so joyful that he said in haste, "You mean, this boy has a normal Martial Spirit? And it will also improve in the future?"

"Should be." Zuo Xu was in deep thought while his face showed a weird expression, "Brother, is there another Martial Spirit in his body?"

"How do you know?"

Shi Jian was too happy to contain himself, and he couldn't help but laugh, "Brother Zuo! You are really something! Yes, there is another Martial Spirit in his body which can provide self-recovery! Haha! I intended to tell you later, but you detected it so soon!"

A light flashed Zuo Xu's eyes as his mouth trembled. After a long while, he nodded heavily and greeted happily, "Congratulations Brother!"

"Haha, you too, you too." Shi Jian was delighted as he laughed, "Your little girl is so talented that she has already reached the Second Sky of the Human level. Even old Chi Xiao insisted on teaching her. I bet her accomplishments will be much greater than that boy in the Beiming Family."

Zuo Xu shook his head with a bitter smile, and sighed with fondness, "That girl is really talented, but she is too lazy! She won't train until I force her to. Her cultivation would be much higher if she was as diligent as Beiming Ce."

Zuo Xu looked a little proud as he mentioned Zuo Shi's talent.

"Your girl advances really fast. But Shi Yan advanced to the Third Sky of the Nascent Level in a very short time too! He had never trained in the past seventeen years. To mention this speed, I have never seen anyone who advances faster than him." Shi Jian replied with a smile while raising his head.

Another light crossed Zuo Xu's eyes. He looked at Shi Jian and nodded with a smile, "Twin Martial Spirits are really amazing. The Shi Family will definitely win the Martial Arts Competition this time."


Shi Jian wasn't modest at all as he said loudly, "I kept this guy in the Gravity Room for so long so that he could teach a lesson to the Mo Family."

"Brother, since Shi Yan possesses twin Martial Spirits, it's understandable that his Petrification could directly advance to the second stage."

Zuo Xu thought for a while and said, "As far as I know, there is a small possibility that the two Martial Spirits in one body could change after coming into contact with each other. Although that variation is harmful in most cases. The two Martial Spirits may influence each other in a negative way and decrease their power. But there is a small chance that some twin Martial Spirits could nourish each other. Shi Yan is lucky, apparently his twin Martial Spirits are compatible, therefore his Petrification could directly advanced to the second stage while he is still at the Nascent Level."

"Yeah, this guy is really blessed! Or he wouldn't have given me such a surprise at the age of seventeen!" Shi Jian nodded with a broad smile.

Then the two old men started to talk about other trivial things, seeming to forget that Shi Yan was still beside them.

"Hmm, may I go back to the Gravity Room if there is nothing else?" Being ignored, Shi Yan suggested helplessly.

"Well, go! Hurry up! Don't be lazy!" Shi Jian urged seriously.

"Oh, by the way, you are an expert on ancient characters right?" Zuo Xue remembered something and added, "Little Shi got a piece of turtle shell which has some ancient characters on it. She wants to know what it says, please help her read it when you pass by her."