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46 A Glance From Afar

Half a month later, in Tianyun City.

Shi Yan, Han Zhong and a troop of warriors from the Shi Family, were entering the city at a leisurely pace. A ground dragon was carrying the goods they had purchased from the Silent Town.

Shi Yan and Han Zhong were leading the troop while talking with each other.

"Old Han, it's getting late. Let's continue our journey tomorrow. We should rest somewhere in the city today, okay?" Shi Yan said leisurely.

"Well, where does Brother Yan want to stay?" Han Zhong smiled with an ambiguous look on his face, "Tianyun City is the biggest city in the Merchant Union, with a population of several millions. In this city, the entertainment places are of much better quality than those in the small cities we passed."

"Well Old Han, since you are familiar with this area, you lead the way. "

"I'm afraid my remaining crystal coins are not enough. Hmm, some things will cost a lot at some places."

"Old Han, you want to take advantage of me again? Last time in the Scent Pavilion you pretended to be drunk and made me pay for everything. Now you want to do that again?"

"Hehe...I was truly drunk that time. You are treating me unjustly!"

"I don't care. You have to pay this time! Or I will tell Uncle Han Feng about everything you did on the way."

"No! Brother Yan, it's my treat! My treat, okay?" Han Zhong faked a miserable face and sighed, "You know my brother's temper too well! If he knows what I did, he will kick me to death. Oh My! I'm so miserable! I work so hard for the family and earn so little money that I can barely even afford any enjoyment..."

"Deal! It's your treat tonight." Shi Yan looked back and shouted to the warriors behind him, "Fellows, you all heard that right?"

"Yes, we heard it!"

All seven warriors of Shi Family yelled excitedly at the same time.

"Let's go!"


Shi Yan blended well with Han Zhong and those warriors in that half a month.

Shi Yan was not pretentious at all as he ate and interacted happily them. And he was very open when it came to women, for he never chickened out in brothels, sometimes being even more audacious and horny than Han Zhong once he met a lovely girl.

The two of them went to a lot of brothels together along the way. They paid in turns and never let the warriors use their money.

In a very short time, Shi Yan won their trust.

Han Zhong thought they shared the same interests and complimented Shi Yan on the fact that he had grown up. As his level increased, Shi Yan had become a totally different person.

Shi Yan concealed most of what had happened to him in the Dark Forest. He told Han Zhong that he found a certain type of red fruit in an ancient cave he exploring. After eating three fruits, he got Profound Qi and awoke the Petrification Martial Spirit of Shi Family.

He didn't mention a word about the blood pool, the Immortal Martial Spirit or the mysterious Martial Spirit nor the story between him and Mo Yanyu and Mu Yu Die.

Though Han Zhong was very surprised by Shi Yan's magical story, he did not inquire further, but thought that Shi Yan was incredibly lucky to find that fruit.

And during these days, Shi Yan learnt all he could about the Shi Family through Han Zhong.

The former master of his body had left him many memories, though it was mostly about the historic relics and ancient language that he had studied.

But Shi Yan couldn't recall many things about the Shi Family. Luckily Han Zhong was not on guard against him. During their time spent together in brothels, Han Zhong had already told him all he wanted to know.

After hanging out several times together, Han Zhong began to like this young master; so he told Shi Yan not only about the business and power distribution of Shi Family, but also common sense about martial training which Shi Yan wasn't aware of before.

For example, when a warrior reached Nirvana Level, the Sea of Knowledge would form in their mind, which could connect and combine the Martial Spirit magically with their Profound Qi to activate a secret skill and release an amazing power.

Also, he told Shi Yan a lot about the features and weakness of all sorts of Martial Spirits; about the most powerful Martial Spirit in the Merchant Union, the Fire Empire and the God-blessed Empire, and their weaknesses and disadvantages.

Although Han Zhong was very lustful, he was quite diligent in Martial Arts training.

Han Zhong possessed a lot of information about warriors, therefore through him, Shi Yan gained a thorough and comprehensive understanding about warriors, as well as the differences among the levels below Disaster Level.

Han Zhong was a Disaster Level warrior, so he couldn't tell Shi Yan much about the levels above it, but he told Shi Yan everything he knew about the lower levels.

This information was exactly what Shi Yan needed the most right now.


The Dream Pavilion.

Shi Yan and Han Zhong, along with four Shi family warriors, were drinking and having fun in a large room on the third floor.

In the center of a simple and unsophisticated room, on some soft carpet, stood a one-meter high square table which was filled with delicate food and drinks.

Shi Yan and Han Zhong were sitting on the carpet with hot young girls in their arms, yelling and playing dice happily.

"Old Han, lets drink!" Shi Yan yelled.

Han Zhong was downcast as he had lost numerous times. He drank the wine in his cup at once and rubbed the girl's in his arms breasts. Then he raised the dice and grunted, "This hand's got some luck, this time I will definitely win!"

"Aww, if it's luck then both of my hands have it!" Shi Yan's grin widened and he put both of his hands underneath the girl's coat, "Qiu Xiang, since you really got big things here, say, don't you think I will always be bigger than him[1][2][3][4]?"

Qiu Xiang had delicate white skin and plump breasts. Her watery eyes were filled with shyness, "Young Master Yan, you are so bad! Why do you tease me all the time?"

"You can tease me too." Shi Yan smiled, drank his drink, and urged, "Old Han, what are you waiting for? Cast the dice!"

"I can feel Yin Kui and Jiu Shan are nearby. They are emitting too much Yin Qi. I can feel it clearly." Han Zhong frowned, released the girl in his arms, and quietly walked to the window.

He opened the window and with the help of the light of a big red lantern looked out of it, "Sure enough, there is Beiming Ce. Yin Kui and Jiu Shan never leave his side. Wherever Yin Kui and Jiu Shan are, you will find Beiming Ce."

As Han Zhong mentioned Beiming Ce, Shi Yan suddenly remembered Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan.

After hesitating a little, he too walked to the window and opened it a little wider, coldly gazing at the troop on the street.

There were around thirty people. Beiming Ce was riding on his snow white Ling Xiao Horse at the front. Smiling lightly, he was talking to someone in the sedan on a ground dragon beside him.

As the curtain on the sedan fluttered in the wind, Mu Yu Die's fairy-like face could be seen.

Di Yalan was riding a war horse with black armor on it, her hot body was moving up and down with the pace of the war horse. She looked in low-spirits and a slight, sorrowful frown could be seen between her eyebrows.

She barely smiled when Beiming Ce talked to her, as if she was not much interested in him.

The two old men, who were releasing heavy Yin Qi, were both riding black-armored war horses behind Beiming Ce silently.

Shi Yan opened the window a little more. When he looked at the troop who were still dozens of meters away, the two old men seemed to notice as they looked in his direction immediately.

Shi Yan felt two streams of cold Yin Qi gush out of their eyes from far away, making him shudder with fear.

The two old men seemed to know Han Zhong, as when they came near the window and saw him, their cold air decreased.

Under the two men's gaze, Han Zhong became a totally different person. Instead of behaving in a noisy, flamboyant and boisterous manner, he looked rigid, as he saluted them holding his fists in front of his chest.

The two old men nodded and didn't look at Han Zhong anymore. They turned back and narrowed their eyes, focusing again towards Beiming Ce's back.

The troop from the Beiming Family didn't stop, but continued their leisurely steps along the street.

There were several warriors who were out seeking fun on the narrow street. They stepped to the side of the road in respect when they saw the Beiming Family's troop.

A small path was thus suddenly formed in the middle of the crowded street for the Beiming troops to go smoothly.

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