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44 The Silent Town

"Thank you, Third Young Master."

Mu Yu Die stood up and slowly put her zither away. Seeing confusion in the Crescent Emissary's eyes, she said, "You never thought you would encounter misfortune after such a long chase, did you?"

"Beiming Ce! This is a matter between the Dark World and the Mu Family. Your Beiming Family better not get involved!" The Crescent Emissary didn't look at Mu Yu Die, but instead stared at Beiming Ce. "As long as you allow me to take Miss Mu away, the Lord of the Dark World will reward your Beiming Family with anything you want."

"No need." Beiming Ce shook his head and said calmly, "Since you're already here, then you should just die."

The two old men behind him quickly flew out again.

These two old men flew towards the emissaries like hideous devils. After a few seconds, all the emissaries from the Dark World, including the Crescent Emissary, had their chests sliced open and were killed instantly.

Once all the emissaries were killed, the two frightening old men silently flew back to Beiming Ce's side like two ghostly shadows.

Standing beside Mu Yu Die, Di Yalan was astonished when she saw the miserable deaths of the emissaries.

She knew that the Beiming Family was very influential within the Merchant Union but she never thought they were this powerful!

The Beiming Family didn't care about retaliation from the Dark World. Therefore, they ruthlessly killed the emissaries.

"Sister Lan, do you still think we made the wrong decision?" Mu Yu Die smiled.

Di Yalan had a complicated expression on her face. She lightly sighed, "No, it's just that..."

"Stop worrying. For our future's sake, it's best to forget about him as soon as possible." Mu Yu Die persuaded her softly.

"Ok." Di Yalan nodded helplessly.

"Shall we go now?" Beiming Ce's black eyes wandered over Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die for a while as he asked politely.



In another region of the Stone Woods.

As Shi Yan stepped around a corner, he suddenly drew back while on alert.


A sharp arrow landed in front of him. At the same time, a Blue Smoke Bomb of the Mo Family shot up into the sky.

"Hum! It's you again! Reckless!" Shi Yan grunted with a stony face.

Mo Yanyu appeared from within a stone cave with a bow in her hand. She looked at Shi Yan and said coldly , "You've finally shown up!"

Johnson, with his broken arm, and Li Han also appeared from behind her and blocked Shi Yan from both sides, while watching him cautiously.

"You are courting death!"

Shi Yan shouted and suddenly shot towards Mo Yanyu like a sharp sword.

While shooting forward, his body was covered with white smoke and the smell of death. He looked like a terrifying devil!

"Miss! Watch out!" Li Han cried out in fear and flew towards Mo Yanyu like lightning.

Li Han was at the Second Sky of Human Level, thus he could see Shi Yan charging with such amazing explosiveness! How could Mo Yanyu bear such violent force!


Shi Yan slammed his foot down and made a large hole in the ground. Suddenly, his body changed direction and rushed towards Johnson, moving faster than before.


Before Johnson could even think, he saw a white shadow rushing towards him and an overwhelming power slammed into his body.


All of Johnson's bones broke instantly and blood poured out from his mouth and eyes. He fell to the ground and moaned miserably.

"You are Johnson, right? You certainly enjoyed it when you whipped me a few days ago!" Standing beside Johnson, Shi Yan kicked on Johnson's chest again and again. He smirked, "Are you enjoying this now? Huh?"

Shi Yan continued to kick Johnson until a broken bone in his chest was forced into his heart and he finally ceased to breathe.

"So vicious!" Li Han was shocked. Though he wanted to go and kill Shi Yan, he was worried about Mo Yanyu, so he could only hesitate and shout, but was unable to stop him.

Mo Yanyu was horrified. She was dumbstruck after she saw how brutally Johnson was killed.

Johnson's Profound Qi was then quickly absorbed into Shi Yan's meridians in a few seconds.

Shi Yan turned around and fixed his bright eyes on Mo Yanyu; then he smiled coldly, "Beauty, we will meet again. And believe me, you will regret what you have done to me."

As he finished his sentence, he slipped around a nearby stone and disappeared into the Stone Woods.

"Old Li, why didn't you kill him?" Mo Yanyu asked angrily after Shi Yan disappeared.

"That guy is at least at the Second Sky of Nascent Level. Also, he used such brutal martial arts that could kill in a single move. He moved so fast that I could hardly follow him. If I had moved, he would have come and attacked you, so I was afraid..." Li Han replied apologetically.

"Second Sky of Nascent Level!"

Mo Yanyu held her breath as fear could be seen in her eyes. She mumbled, "It's impossible! There was only a little Profound Qi in his body two months ago! He was merely at the First Sky of Elementary Level!"

"What?" Li Han's whole body shook as he looked at her unbelievably. After a long time, he continued, "If that's true, Miss, in my humble opinion, you have brought a huge problem for the Mo Family."


Shi Yan moved quickly through the Stone Woods, not spending one more second than necessary in any area.

He knew that Li Han was a Human Level warrior, and since the Blue Smoke Bomb of the Mo Family was already in the sky, more people would gather there shortly. To avoid any further trouble, he had to escape as soon as possible.

Because of his cautiousness, he managed to escape from that dangerous region before Mo Chaoge and his people arrived.

There didn't seem to be many warriors hiding in the Stone Woods. He didn't see anyone while he was fleeing, which confused him a little. He guessed this abnormality had something to do with those influential people Mu Yu Die mentioned.


At nightfall.

Shi Yan finally got out of the Stone Woods and was walking towards Silent Town, which was only a very short distance away.

He slowed down a little and began to sort through the memories of the previous owner of his body to recall everything he could about the Shi Family.

He needed the identity of the former master of this body.

As one of the five biggest families in the Merchant Union, the Shi Family was rich in all types of resources such as Martial Skills, a Gravity Field training room, rare Chinese medicines and skillful trainers...

He needed to use these advantages to strengthen himself.

He had already decided, when he was at the blood pool, that he would go to the Shi Family, and that's why he refused Mu Yu Die's offer.

The identity of his body was too special that it would cause a lot of trouble if he attached himself to another power.

In addition, a new power wouldn't give him access to the best resources.

But it would be totally different if he went to the Shi Family...

The previous master of his body was the young master of the Shi Family. As long as he showed talent, the Shi Family would cultivate him at any cost.

It would be a total waste if he didn't take advantage of their special resources.


Once he reached Silent Town, he walked directly into a shop which was collecting all sort of stones without a second thought and shouted naturally, "Anyone here?"

An attendant came up with a wide smile, and started flattering him, "Young Master Yan, you've finally returned! The Master sent Minister Han to pick you up long ago since you disappeared in the Dark Forest. Young Master Yan, Minister Han is in the backyard and he is waited for you for many days. But now, it is a little inconvenient for him to meet. Could you wait for a moment...?"

The attendant looked towards the backyard with ambiguous eyes.

"Never mind. I know what he is doing." Shi Yan walked directly into the backyard of the shop.

Several Shi Family warriors were gambling in the backyard. At the sight of Shi Yan, they panicked and put the dices away embarrassingly, then greeted loudly, "Young Master Yan!"

"Please go on." Shi Yan waved his hands and strode past them to the back room.

These warriors were quite surprised since Shi Yan left without scolding them.

"What? He didn't reproach us this time. That's so strange!"

"Yes. He used to scold us every time he saw us gambling. Do some actual work! Stop goofing around! How strange that he didn't say anything this time!"

"Young Master Yan seemed totally different. It seems... that he has developed some manliness. Don't you think so?"

"Well, yeah, you have a point."


Shi Yan opened the door as he reached the back room and walked in directly, "Uncle Han, when did you arrive here?"

In the room, Han Zhong was on top of a seductive young maiden, screaming excitedly: "I'll let you try out my skills! Are you enjoying yourself? Little bitch, I will f*ck the sh*t out of you!"

"...Oh, Han you're indeed majestic!" The young maiden was covered in sweat. She laid on the side of the bed, and continued to shout.

Shi Yan grinned, he casually sat down on a chair in the room, and slowly poured himself a cup of tea. He smilingly watched the two as he sipped on his tea.

After two minutes.

After Han Zhong let out a low growl, he laid limp on top of the young maiden, and said lazily: "How's that? I'm amazing, right? How do I compare to your Wu Gui?

"How can that 'turtle' compare to you?" the young maiden lazily stretched, and happened to catch sight of Shi Yan drinking tea on the side. She immediately screamed: "Ah..."

Han Zhong was quite shocked. After dressing himself in a hurry, he smiled in embarrassment, "... Young Master Yan, when did you come in?"

"I've been here for quite a while." Shi Yan smiled, sipped his tea, and waved his hand, "It's ok. If you are not satisfied enough you can keep going. Besides, I have the chance to learn something from you."

"Kekeke!" Han Zhong coughed strongly for a while, "Satisfied, satisfied. Well, Xiao Feng Xian, you should go back to your business."

"Ok, I will take my leave." That young woman dressed herself in bed and then stepped down with a red face. As she walked to the doorway, she suddenly turned back and glared at Shi Yan��"Everybody said Young Master Yan from the Shi Family is a righteous man, I guess they are all blind! I've never seen such a 'righteous' man before! Humph!"

She giggled and leered at Shi Yan before moving her hot body out of the room.