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39 Three Types of Flames

The cave brightly lit up as three shiny crystals dropped from the bag.

One of them was rhombus shaped and the other two were oval shaped. They all looked crystal clear and streams of energy could be seen within...

Obviously there was an extraordinary amount of energy hidden within.

"Demon Crystals!"

Di Yalan screamed with joy.


Mu Yu Die shouted after her and said joyfully, "We are truly lucky that we got these crystals! Hehe, if we can get out of the Dark Forest alive, we could spend the rest of our lives in luxury with these three Demon Crystals."

Di Yalan squatted and began to examine the three Demon Crystals carefully. After a long time, she observed, "They must be from Level Six demon beasts, but I can hardly tell which Demon Beasts they are from."

"Sister Lan, I have heard that demon beasts can directly absorb the energy from the Demon Crystals. As the Silver Thunder Wolf owned these Demon Crystals, why didn't it didn't take the energy inside of them to strengthen itself? "

"It is said that the Silver Thunder Wolf has given birth to a pup, and the best way for it to grow up is to absorb the energy of Demon Crystals. If this is true, then I guess the three Demon Crystals from these Level Six demon beasts were prepared by the Silver Thunder Wolf for its pup."

"It could be like that."

"The energy inside the Demon Crystals is the best material for alchemists and blacksmiths. They can easily tell what demon beast the Demon Crystal is from by just one look. Hmm, three Demon Crystals. We can have one each, right?"

"I didn't help so I can't take one."

Mu Yu Die shook her head, and she took a glimpse at Shi Yan who was training with his eyes closed. "I think the two of you should share them. If it hadn't been for me, you wouldn't have gotten into trouble..."

"Let's discuss this after he wakes up." Di Yalan frowned, and continued to examine the bag.


With another exclamation, Di Yalan took out a transparent jade bottle from the bag. She was suddenly lost in thoughts as she stared at the red liquid inside.

The liquid in the jade bottle was like a flame. As Di Yalan shook it gently, the flame also danced to the rhythm.

Di Yalan seemed to recall something as she stared at the liquid in the jade bottle.

After a long time, Di Yalan's thin body trembled and she screamed, "Earth Core Flame Essence!"

"Congratulations, Sister Lan!"

Mu Yu Die was stunned at first, but then she realized something and yelled happily, "Sister Lan, this will benefit you the most! Haha! You have really harvested a lot from this journey. You have not only awoken your Martial Spirit, but you've also gotten this Earth Core Flame Essence."

Di Yalan was so delighted that she couldn't help nodding her head excitedly as she shook the jade bottle in her hand. She babbled incoherently, "I, I never expected that I would be so lucky! Ha! It's the Earth Core Flame Essence!"

Just then, Shi Yan finished doing three Big Circulations after training silently for a long time. He opened his eyes and asked, "This Earth Core Flame Essence? What is it?"

"What? How come you don't know about the Earth Core Flame Essence?" Di Yalan exclaimed in surprise, "It is common sense! Hell! Are you a warrior or not?"

Shi Yan was quite indifferent. "I'm all ears."

"Do you know there are three types of flames? As in Sky, Earth and Human?"

"Not really."

"What? You don't even know about that?"


Di Yalan shook her head bitterly, for she totally had no idea about Shi Yan.

After a short pause, she explained, "The three types of flames refer to Human Flames, Earth Flames and Sky Flames. Human Flames, like my Blue Magic Flame, are the magical flames in human warriors, which is a vital factor for alchemists and blacksmiths to train with. Every high-level alchemist or blacksmith owns a Human Flame, because only it can raise their skill to the highest."

Shi Yan nodded without a reply, and didn't move his eyes away from Di Yalan.

After a short hesitation, Di Yalan added, "Earth Flames and Sky Flames exist between the earth and sky, such as the Earth Core Flame is in the center of the earth, and the Volcano Core Flame at the bottom of a volcano; they are formed naturally. The difference between Earth Flames and Sky Flames is that the latter has a consciousness."

"What does that mean?" Shi Yan was intrigued.

"Natural flames without a consciousness are called Earth Flames, which are regarded as a treasure. As for a Sky Flame, it is sentient, just like humankind. It is immortal and has magical power, and is the most special lifeform in this world. Some Sky Flames were even formed at the beginning of the Grace Mainland."

Though Shi Yan still looked indifferent, however a storm was stirring in his mind.

He was ignorant to this world, and all the knowledge he had from his own world was totally different from that of this world.

Before, he had never thought that these flames could even think and possess wisdom.

Hearing that, Shi Yan got to know the magical charm of this world more profoundly.

In this world, he met many mysterious things which he had never even dreamt of, such as Martial Spirits, demon beasts, and so forth...

"So this Earth Core Flame Essence is an Earth Flame?" After thinking for a long while, Shi Yan finally asked.

"This is the leftover liquid after an Earth Core Flame turned into a Sky Flame. It's neither Earth Flame nor Sky Flame, but something in between them." "

"An Earth Flame can turn into a Sky Flame?" Shi Yan was shocked again.

"Of course, millions of years is a long time. Over time, Earth Flames have the chance to gain consciousnesses and turn into a Sky Flame, but the possibility of it is very small. Not all Earth Flames have the chance for evolution."

Di Yalan was amused, "But this is the liquid left behind before the Earth Core Flame turned into a Sky Flame. This liquid is very precious for people owning Human Flames."

"How precious?"

"It can enhance the Human Flame and improve one's Martial Spirit!" Di Yalan was so joyful that she was almost about to dance. "A Human Flame is from one's body and can't be hotter than the flames in nature. Only top level warriors can make their Flames as hot as those in the natural world after strengthening them several times."

"Got it." Shi Yan nodded, "So this liquid can enhance your Blue Magic Flame and can raise it to that of an Earth Flame?"

"That's it!" Di Yalan nodded vigorously and stared at him with her shining eyes. After a hesitation, she said in shame, "Uhh..."

"Well, don't worry. It's yours."

"I..." Di Yalan was delighted. She felt that she gained some extra advantage and wanted to say something.

Shi Yan replied peacefully, "Earth Core Flame Essence is of no use to me, and I don't even possess a Martial Spirit. What do I need it for? Just take it with you."

"But you can trade this liquid for any valuable medicine you want from the three Medicine Kings of the Medicine Valley ."

"Well, you keep it ." Shi Yan frowned and added casually, "There was a book on the Martial Skills of Spirit Level?"

Hearing Shi Yan's reminder, Di Yalan began to search in the bag again hurriedly.

"This is it." Di Yalan took out a dark yellow ancient book. She glanced at it and said, "I can't read these ancient characters. We need to find some specialist to translate it for us."

"Let me have a look." Shi Yan asked for the book naturally as he stretched out his hand.

The previous owner of Shi Yan's body was a big fan of ancient things. Though he knew nothing about martial arts, he was much better than most so-called scholars in this world when it came to ancient languages and historic sites.

Shi Yan took a glimpse at the ancient letters on the reddish book cover as soon as he got the book and mumbled the word naturally, "Gravitational Field..."