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With his dagger, Shi Yan first engraved simple butterfly patterns on two tree trunks, then he climbed onto one of the trees, cut down a branch as thick as his arm, split it into five pieces, sharpened one end of each piece, and roughly wiped the Seven Snake Saliva onto the sharpened ends.

It took him two minutes to do this series of things.

After two minutes, Tumu and Kinmo, the two mercenaries from the Fangs Mercenary Corps, showed up as expected.

Tumu and Kinmo didn't even take Shi Yan and the two women seriously. They were still lustfully discussing how to enjoy Di Yalan later, while shuttling in the woods.

"Shoo! Shoo!"

Sharpened branches went through dense leaves and flew towards Tumu and Kinmo.

Tumu didn't care about it at all. He wielded his axe aimlessly and chopped two tree branches down; then he laughed, "These people are so poor, using tree branches to greet us? Haha, they really underestimate us."

"Poor guy." Kinmo shook his head and sneered.

"Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

Another three tree branches shot over persistently.

Tumu got a little impatient and he drew a semicircle in the air with his arm-length axe, making three tree branches fell on the ground in the silver light.

Shi Yan slowly came from behind the bushes and stared at them coldly, "You two will fight together, or come up one by one?"

Narrowing his eyes, Tumu raised his head and examined Shi Yan. Then he shook his head as if he wasn't interested, "A young inexperienced kid! You've probably just reached the Nascent Realm. Such a bragger you are, but your ability is limited. Sorry, I'm not interested."

After saying that, Tumu turned his eyes away from Shi Yan and walked away immediately, his voice ringing from afar, "Kinmo, I'll leave this to you, take care of him quickly. Catch up to me soon, or I will be f*cking that bitch twice by the time you get there. Hahaha!"

Kinmo snorted, then threw his huge wolf tooth stick onto the ground forcefully, sinking deep in the earth. "Kid, come down, I won't use my weapon, and don't let me climb the tree to catch you. I'm in a hurry. Be quick."

"Yeah, I'm in a hurry too." Shi Yan replied with indifference and calmness in his eyes. Then he jumped down the ancient tree at once, and fiercely threw his dagger out, letting it stick into the earth beside that wolf tooth stick.

"Boom!" Shi Yan stood ten metres away in front of Kinmo and waved his empty hands at Kinmo, "I won't use a weapon either."

"Hey kid, you've got some guts!" Kinmo grinned as all the pimples gathered on his face. With vicious eyes, he rushed toward Shi Yan at once.

Suddenly, Kinmo's hands swelled and blue veins started popping on his fists. After he swung his fist, a loud wind-piercing sound came from the air. One after another, numerous fist prints appeared in mid air, and they kept getting stronger as Kinmo advanced.

After five steps, there appeared dozens of floating fist prints in front of Kinmo.

"Mortal Level Martial Skill, [Star Fist]!"

Shi Yan narrowed his eyes and began to operate his Profound Qi rapidly, clearing his mind of any other thoughts. There were only fist prints in his eyes, and the sole thought of "kill Kinmo" in his mind!


With a sudden shake in his mind, he was brought to some sort of an incredible state of mind.

His sight, hearing, and touch suddenly got much more sensitive than before. All of his surroundings became much clearer. Gazing at Kinmo, he could clearly sense the speed and rate at which Kinmo's Profound Qi circulated in his arm.

The fist images which had pervaded the air disappeared in an instant, and illusions were cleared from the air. Only Kinmo's waving fists were left in his eyes. Furthermore, he could even see the path at which his fists were traversing.

After taking a deep breath, Shi Yan roared and his arms shriveled up at a speed which could be seen by naked eye. Soon his arms were intertwined with wisps of vague, white smoke.

At the same time, starting from his neck, his skin began to petrify into a grey rock substance, which was as hard as iron.

Dim black light oozed from his skin and covered his skinny body.

Kinmo's powerful iron fists struck toward Shi Yan's chest.

After being struck by Kinmo's iron fists, the [Dark Light Shield] warped for a moment and and shattered in an instant as it turned into dark light spots. With its power reduced, Kinmo's fists went through the [Dark Light Shield] and struck Shi Yan's chest heavily.



The sound of impact and bone breaking came at almost the same time.

Kinmo's expression twisted at once.

The nasty pain on his fists made Kinmo realize that the bone-breaking sound did not come from Shi Yan's chest, but from his fist.

Waving his excruciatingly painful arms with a hideous expression, Kinmo fearfully looked at Shi Yan, who was as cold as a rock. He seemed to remember something, and suddenly shouted, "Petrifaction Martial Spirit from the Shi family! You are from the Shi family of the Merchant Union?"

"Brilliant." Shi Yan grinned with an inexplicable coldness.

Realizing his disadvantageous situation, Kinmo tried to run but it was too late since he was very close to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan stretched out his hand with lightning speed and clutched onto Kinmo's neck. The white fog around his arm, containing all the negative emotions of fear, insanity, violence, and despair, seeped into Kinmo's body all at once.

Kinmo was so frightened that he felt as if he was falling into pits of hell. He screamed while trembling all over, "No! No! Nooooo!"

Kinmo kept shrieking and waved his iron fists aimlessly like a blind man, and tried to defend against the frightening ghosts that were approaching him.

Shi Yan had released his hand a long time ago. The white smoke had disappeared and his expression had returned normal. He was quietly calculating the time in his mind.

One, two, three, four, five...

While counting, Shi Yan walked leisurely to where his dagger was struck. He pulled it out and tip-toed over to Kinmo with light steps.

When Shi Yan counted to seventeen, Kinmo seemed to have gotten used to the terrifying scenario, calming down gradually. His eyes were becoming clear and he was about to come around.

Seventeen seconds was far more than enough to kill a person dozens of times.

Nodding his head lightly, Shi Yan felt like it was time. He suddenly moved like lightning and slashed his dagger across Kinmo's neck with precision.

Blood jetted out of his neck as Kinmo finally came back to his senses. He stared at Shi Yan in hatred and fell down with unwillingness.

Squatting down beside Kinmo, Shi Yan wiped off the blood on his dagger with Kinmo's clothes, and started searching Kinmo's body. He found some food, hundreds of purple crystal coins and the two sharp fangs of the Fire Snake.

Without hesitating Shi Yan put these things into his bag and took a deep breath. After he felt all of Kinmo's Profound Qi had went into his own meridians, he finally stood up. He murmured, "Someone at the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm would lose their senses for seventeen seconds under the negative power of [Rampage]. This Martial Skill really is freaky. Maybe, it can become even more stronger if I concentrate more negative power... "

After talking to himself for a while, he pulled himself together, took a deep breath and sprinted in the direction where Tumu ran to.


"Bitch! You're really f*cking sassy! Haha! But I love it!" Tumu laughing loudly as he was fighting Di Yalan with his axe.

Mu Yu Die's eyes were cold. Cuddling her zither, her expression kept shifting and she seemed to be deliberating on a difficult decision.

The heavy axe looked light as a feather fan in Tumu's hand.

As the axe shone now and then, Di Yalan's short sword was at a disadvantage. Whenever the short sword touched the axe, Di Yalan's thin body would tremble. Obviously, Tumu had a much stronger Profound Qi than Di Yalan.

Tumu's axe left shadows in the air as he swung it, and the shadows entangled Di Yalan like rings. While the axe glimmered with light, Di Yalan's long hair flew in the air, and gashes appeared on her short skirt, revealing the skin underneath.

"Bitch, now you know my capability, huh? Don't worry, you will soon know that what I am best at is not my Martial Skill. Hahaha!" Tumu gave a strange laugh. It seemed that he didn't want to take care of Di Yalan too fast. He was teasing her deliberately.

Di Yalan was extremely furious, but she couldn't talk back and could only defend with every effort.

"Sister, need any help?" Shi Yan's casual banter came from the woods all of a sudden.

The next moment, Shi Yan showed up with the dagger in his hand. He wandered his eyes over Di Yalan's revealed body, visible through the cracks on her skirt for a while and praised, "Round and smooth, plump and cute. Amazing! Terrific!"

Di Yalan was very surprised. Since she had no time to banter now, she took a step back and answered loudly, "You bastard! You actually managed to live."

Tumu's face froze and became pale. He didn't continue to chase after Di Yalan, but turned his head to Shi Yan and asked in a low voice, "Is Kinmo dead?"

"What do you think?" Holding his dagger, Shi Yan walked toward him step by step, wearing a smile on his face.

As he was advancing, his arms shriveled up again. The wisps of negative power flowed out from his pores, and intertwined around his arms again.

Kinmo's Profound Qi was not yet purified, but as Shi Yan began to operate [Rampage], Kinmo's despair and hatred before his death suddenly gushed out from his meridians, forming the hideous ferocious shadow image in front of Shi Yan, which looked just the same as Kinmo.

"Kinmo!" Tumu was so astonished that his robust body quivered!

This was the creepiest thing!

In front of Shi Yan, Kinmo's ghostly shadow looked threatening and fierce. The dim eyes which were filled with hatred, seemed as if he wanted to kill all the people in the world.

Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die were astonished too. With their delicate bodies shaking, they couldn't help but scream, "What the hell is that!"

Even Shi Yan himself was astounded. Looking at the ghostly shadow in front of him, he didn't know what to do.

"Kinmo! Kinmo! What happened to you?" Under Kinmo's glance which was full of unforgettable hatred, Tumu stepped back and shouted, "I'm your companion! You enemy is behind you!"

Tumu's cry reminded Shi Yan. His strongly willed to kill Tumu. The negative power wrapped around his arms shot out like a creepy, pale snake towards Tumu.

Kinmo's shadow seemed to be stimulated by the negative power and flew swiftly towards Tumu and brutally pounced at him.

"Kill!" Shi Yan yelled and suddenly dashed out. Surprised, Di Yalan raised her sword and struck toward Tumu too.